Prevagen Review [2024]: Memory Booster Or Hype?

Key Takeaways

  • Prevagen is said to be the secret to a healthy brain, sharper mind, and clearer thinking. This supplement also promises improved memory, boosting your ability to think more clearly. 
  • Recent studies have uncovered that, while Prevagen appears to be a safe dietary supplement, there is still the need for more evidence confirming its efficacy as it may not fully absorb into our bodies.
  • Prevagen and all other nootropic supplements are not FDA-approved and shouldn’t be used if you have serious brain problems, including Alzheimer’s. 
  • High-quality alternatives include BrainPill, Focus Factor, Neuriva, Qualia Mind, Natrol Cognium, Mind Lab Pro, and other Nootropics.


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Do you want to get good exam scores, be attractive in your presentation and remember names and places?

You likely have heard about Prevagen— a novel over-the-counter dietary supplement claimed to boost your brain performance, improve memory, sharpen the mind, support clearer thinking, and aid with mild memory problems associated with aging.

It is a popular memory-enhancing supplement that has made an incredible impact, evidenced by the staggering 12000+ positive Prevagen reviews on Amazon and over 500 customer testimonials from Walmart. It’s obviously making waves in the nootropic space.

Depending on the variants you purchase, the prices range from $39.95 to $100. Prevagen has something for everyone – from regular strength to extra and even more potent versions. Its latest offering contains 40mg of Apoaequorin per serving, providing the brain with superior support.

The best price for regular strength on Amazon is 39.95$, 50$ for extra strength, and $98.94 for professional strength. The professional formula contains more active ingredients and is more expensive. Here are 4 versions of this nootropic available on the market;

  • Prevagen extra strength 60 capsules
  • Prevagen regular strength 60 capsules
  • Prevagen Professional 40mg
  • Prevagen Chewable Mixed Berry Flavor 10mg.

If you’re considering Prevagen, the cost may be a deciding factor. But is this highly-priced brain supplement really worth the money, or is it just another scam?

Let’s explore whether Prevagen is worth your money or another run-of-the-mill expenses scam supplement. In this buyer’s guide, we will tell you the science behind each ingredient, its use in brain-boosting, and what makes it unique from its competitors, and at the end of this buyer’s guide, I will give my opinion if it’s worth your hard-earned money or not?

Let’s have a quick overview first.

✅ Pros
  • Unique ingredients,
  • cGMP-approved facility,
  • Best Seller,
  • Highly rated,
  • third party tested,
  • Comes with money back guarantee.
❌ Cons
  • There is a lawsuit against the company,
  • it’s expensive.
  • Limited research.
Ingredients Of Prevagen Apoaequorin, Vitamin D3
Best Place to buy
Price Starting $104

Quick Prevagen Review (Updated July 2023)

Full Name: Prevagen Improves Memory

Company Name: Quincy Bioscience

Amazon Rating: 4.5/5 (Reviews: 17800+)

Walmart Rating: 4/5 (Reviews: 500+)

(May change with time)

Prices At Amazon: $85

In Stock

Price At Walmart: $109.90

In Stock

Price At Prevagen Website

In Stock

My Unbiased Buyers Guide

Our research team and tester gave us all the information they found about the brand and its ingredients, their side effects, benefits, studies on Apoaeaquorin and Vitamin D, where to buy Prevagen, and more. Let’s dive deep into this buyer’s guide;

Prevagen reviews
Unbiased and honest Prevagen reviews

What Is Prevagen?

Prevagen is a top seller and high-rated nootropic supplement that harnesses the power of unique ingredients, namely Apoaequorin and Vitamin D, to combat mild memory loss associated with aging and enhance overall brain function.

While the manufacturer claims various benefits, examining the real impact of Prevagen on brain performance is crucial. To provide accurate information, we gathered feedback from genuine customers and our real tester and conducted rigorous testing. Additionally, we will analyze the formulation based on available clinical data for a thorough fact check.

Key Potential Benefits of Prevagen

  • Promotes Healthy Brain Function: Limited research actively supports and nurtures your brain’s optimal functioning, helping maintain its health and vitality.
  • Enhances Mental Clarity: By reducing brain fog, Prevagen facilitates clear thinking, allowing you to focus better and achieve mental clarity.
  • Sharpens Cognitive Abilities: Prevagen’s powerful formulation aims to sharpen your mind and improve cognition, unlocking your brain’s full potential.

While the manufacturer advertises these benefits, we understand the importance of verifying their claims through real-world experiences and scientific evidence. Our team of testers has carefully assessed Prevagen’s effectiveness, and we have critically evaluated the ingredients based on reliable clinical data.

About Quincy Bioscience

Quincy Bioscience, headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, is the visionary company responsible for creating Prevagen. This groundbreaking supplement aims to bolster cognitive function and tackle the everyday health issues associated with aging. Founded in 2004 by Mark Underwood and Michael Beaman, this biotech enterprise is wholly committed to unearthing and advancing innovative technologies that optimize cognitive performance. Notably, Quincy Bioscience has yet to obtain accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, the company proudly maintains an impeccable A+ rating and has garnered an outstanding reputation by receiving zero customer complaints.

Prevagen ingredients

The idea behind Prevagen is calcium regulation in the brain, which is why they have formulated this product from two active constituents that are said to improve calcium levels in the brain. Let’s have a look at the Prevagen ingredients;


Prevagen’s key ingredient is Apoaequorin, a calcium-binding protein derived from jellyfish, which may aid individuals experiencing forgetfulness or recall issues. Although initially discovered in jellyfish, the Apoaequorin present in Prevagen is synthesized through the genetic modification of bacteria. Preliminary studies have suggested that a daily intake of 10 mg of Apoaequorin could enhance mental function, cognition, and sleep quality for some people. Here is what the research says about this particular ingredient;

  • According to a study, Apoaequorin supplementation significantly improved cognitive function among aging adults.
  • Furthermore, a 2013 study on rats suggested that even at the highest dose of 666.7 mg/kg BW/day, Apoaequorin was deemed safe for use with no observed side effects.
  • Other studies on humans also indicated the safety of Apoaequorin, as it did not cause hepatotoxicity or any adverse effects.

However, although early research shows promise and safety, there is no concrete evidence to suggest that this supplement increases intercellular calcium levels in the brain cells, thus making its effectiveness unclear. Therefore, further rigorous research is necessary to assess the efficacy of this ingredient in enhancing brain function and improving sleep quality. Learn more in-depth information about Apoaequorin here.

Vitamin D (As Vitamin D3)

Vitamin D3 is another key ingredient in this brain booster, and it is produced naturally by your body when exposed to sunlight. It plays a vital role in regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorus and aids in maintaining the normal functioning of the immune system. Besides promoting the average growth and development of bones and teeth, vitamin D has also been linked to improving resistance to diseases such as cancer and arthritis.

  • Vitamin D is a neuroprotective vitamin crucial for regulating healthy calcium levels and promoting a robust immune system.
  • Insufficient levels of this essential nutrient have been associated with numerous health issues, including depression, anxiety, dementia, and schizophrenia.
  • However, recent studies suggest that vitamin D supplementation may help to alleviate these symptoms and improve overall mood. In fact, research indicates that taking vitamin D supplements may reduce negative emotions and alleviate symptoms of depression.

Bottom Line

The formulation of Prevagen, a memory supplement, is notably concise, consisting of only two ingredients. It is crucial to highlight that the efficacy of one ingredient in enhancing memory function is still under investigation. Conversely, the second ingredient is a commonly employed component found in various affordable supplements commonly available in stores, typically priced between $2-3.

Company Claims Vs Our Thoughts

Claim #1: Clinically Tested Ingredients

⇒ Our Evaluation

According to the manufacturers, Prevagen’s ingredients have undergone clinical testing and are purported to enhance memory, mental function, and sleep quality. While a recent study supports these claims, it is crucial to consider additional information. Quincy Bioscience, the company behind Prevagen, has faced legal action from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the New York Attorney General for false advertising, alleging a lack of evidence regarding improved memory or cognitive abilities. Furthermore, the FDA has taken a firm stance against erroneous claims made by dietary supplements and has announced plans to regulate these products.

Claim #2: Prevagen is Safe to Use

⇒ Our Evaluation

The manufacturers assert that Prevagen has undergone thorough research and is deemed safe, without any toxic side effects. While specific studies suggest that exceeding the recommended dosage may not result in harm, it is advisable to adhere to the recommended quantity for optimal safety and effectiveness.

Claim #3: Prevagen is the #1 Pharmacist Recommended Brand

⇒ Our Evaluation

After extensive research, we discovered that Prevagen received recommendations from a minority of the surveyed pharmacists. However, it is noteworthy that 72% of pharmacists still recommended this brand, surpassing competitors like Focus Factor and other brands, which only garnered 13% endorsements. The substantial recommendation rate indicates a noteworthy aspect of Prevagen, affirming our initial instincts and suggesting that the product holds promising potential.

Bottom Line

Following a lawsuit by the US Federal Trade Commission, this brand has faced increased scrutiny as potential buyers question its claims. While some studies have found positive effects from consuming their product, independent investigations have revealed no impact on the brain.

Prevagen Vs. Other Brands

  • Prevagen Vs. Neuriva

    Both Prevagen and Neuriva are popular nootropic supplements that harness the power of different ingredients, differentiating them from each other. Prevagen’s formulation incorporates Apoaequorin, a protein, and vitamin D3. On the other hand, Neuriva’s nootropic is centered around Phosphatidylserine and Coffee cherry.

    Quincy Bioscience produces Prevagen, while Schiff Vitamins manufacture Neuriva. The pricing of Neuriva Original stands at $20 for a 30-count pack, while Neuriva Plus is priced at $87 for a 90-count pack. Prevagen is priced at $39.95 for regular strength and $50 for extra strength.

    Both brands claim to enhance learning abilities, boost intelligence, and improve memory and concentration. Please refer to the details below to explore further distinctions between these two nootropic supplements.



Manufacturer: AmazonUs/RBHC7

Manufacturer: Quincy Bioscience

Coffee cherry,
Vitamin B6, B12, and
Folic acid.

Vitamin D (D3)

Daily Dose: 2 capsules per day

Daily Dose: 1 capsule per day

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

You can read more about these two brands in this article→ Prevagen Vs. Neuriva.

  • Prevagen vs. Focus Factor

    While we have already explored Prevagen, let’s now shift our attention to Focus Factor. Unlike Prevagen, Focus Factor is a blend of various nootropics, multivitamins, and herbal extracts.

    The formulation of Focus Factor includes a combination of research-based ingredients with a clinical history and other ingredients lacking significant nootropic value.

    When it comes to dosage, the usual recommendation for Prevagen is one capsule per day. In contrast, one would need to take 4-8 pills to achieve desired results with Focus Factor.

    Please refer to the table below for a more detailed comparison between Prevagen and Focus Factor.


Focus Factor

39.99$/30 servings


2 basic ingredients

A huge List of Ingredients

Quincy Bioscience

Focus Factor

1 Tablet per day

4 tablets per day

Read more about Prevagen Vs. Focus Factor ←Here

How does Prevagen work?

Various chemicals, such as dopamine, serotonin, amyloid beta-protein, and calcium, influence our brain’s and memory’s functioning. According to neurologist Anna, excessive calcium in the brain can harm brain cells. Calmodulin, a protein found in cells, plays a role in regulating calcium levels within the brain. Recent studies suggest that Calmodulin may hold promise in addressing age-related cognitive decline.

Prevagen’s active ingredient bears structural similarities to Calmodulin. This ingredient, Apoaequorin, is believed to bind to excess calcium, thereby safeguarding brain cells.

While in vitro studies have shown encouraging neuroprotective effects of Apoaequorin, there is currently no clinical evidence to support its ability to survive the digestive system and cross the blood-brain barrier, providing benefits to the brain. Digestive enzymes may break down Apoaequorin before reaching the brain, and its large size could hinder it from crossing the blood-brain barrier. Direct injection might be necessary to experience its purported effects.

It is worth noting that experts and pharmacologists consider Apoaequorin safe for oral use as it breaks down into amino acids. However, further comprehensive research is required to ascertain whether Apoaequorin enhances brain function and memory.

My Advice:  Instead of spending money on expensive supplements to improve your cognitive functioning, making simple lifestyle changes can have a greater impact. You can prevent neuron damage and protect your brain by;

  • Reducing and limiting your physiological stress.
  • Managing your blood sugar levels.
  • Regularly exercising.
  • Avoiding social isolation.
  • Getting enough sleep.

However, nutritional supplements can help protect your brain and improve memory. According to published studies, constituents such as L-Tyrosine, Vitamin B6, Fish oil, Folic Acid, Resveratrol, Caffeine, Phosphatidylserine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Ginkgo Biloba, and Bacopa monnieri can be beneficial. BrainPill® contains all of these ingredients and is therefore recommended.

Pros & Cons Of Prevagen

We Like;

  • Prevagen is one of the best-selling supplements in the nootropics space; The average rating is 4.2/5 stars based on over 11900 reviews on Amazon. This number can change with time.

  • There are many positive reviews from customers, and most people who have already used it praised its efficacy. For most people, it works great and is worth the money.

  • The Prevagen pill is small and easy to swallow. You will need to take one capsule in the morning with or without food.

  • It is a third-party tested nootropic—a plus point in favor of this brand. Third-party testing means that an independent organization has reviewed the product and determined that the supplement is safe and effective.

  • It is safe because it contains no harmful or allergic ingredients. Also, a study proves that Apoaequorin is safe to use even in high doses.


Don't Like;

  • The stack is expensive compared to other competitors’ products—The average cost for regular strength 30 capsules is $43.99, while the extra strength is $61.63.

Lacks strong scientific evidence to definitively prove effectiveness for cognitive enhancement.

The mechanism of action of Apoequorin and its relevance to human brain function needs further research.

  • There is a lawsuit against this company. The FTC claims that it made false advertising statements.

How to take it—Prevagen Dosage

To ensure safe and effective usage, it is generally advised to take Prevagen once daily, preferably in the morning. You may take it with or without food, based on personal preference. It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions regarding dosage, as exceeding the recommended amount or combining it with other medications or supplements may lead to potential adverse interactions.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is crucial to consult your healthcare provider before incorporating Prevagen into your routine, considering their specialized guidance for your specific situation. Additionally, it is important to exercise caution and avoid overdosing, as excessive intake of any substance can have detrimental effects.

Is It safe—Prevagen Side effects?

The supplement is generally tolerated well and may not cause any side effects in certain people. When taken orally and as prescribed, the supplement is safe to use.  

Some studies have shown that taking 10 mg of Apoaequorin daily for 90 days is safe. However, this may only be the case for some people. Some people are also searching for Prevagen side effects – mayo clinic, but this product still needs to be covered by Mayo Clinic. 

Here is a list of expected side effects of the Prevagen supplement.

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Skin rashes
  • Insomnia (sleeping problems)
  • Cardiovascular problems like hypertension (High BP), irregular heart rate, and chest pain.
  • Some of the frequently reported side effects were neck pain and GI upset after using it for one month.
  • Some people also experienced dyslexia-type symptoms.

Avoid it if you are allergic to any of the Prevagen ingredients.

It is best to consult your doctor if you have any underlying medical conditions. Also, it is not clear if it can interact with other medications. Consult your doctor if you are already taking other medications and supplements.

Also, ask your doctor and pharmacist if you are a pregnant or breastfeeding woman because Apoaequorin might not be safe for your fetus or newborn baby.

To avoid potential side effects, take one Prevagen pill daily. Don’t exceed the recommended dosage. 

Note: This supplement has not been evaluated for its side effects through clinical research. So, this is not a complete list of Prevagen side effects. If you encounter any side effects other than the above, please consult your GP. 

Why 9 Out Of 10?

Even though the main ingredient used in this supplement is not fully known for memory enhancement, certain studies show that this supplement is safe to use and is not causing any serious side effects.

Does Prevagen work?

When evaluating the efficacy of Prevagen, several factors come into play, including limited clinical studies, positive reviews from loyal customers, and recommendations from pharmacists. This combination of factors has contributed to the widespread appreciation for this product.

Prevagen has garnered positive reviews, as evidenced by its impressive 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, with a substantial total of 11900+ ratings. It’s important to note that Amazon’s rating system does not allow unverified reviewers to rate products, ensuring the authenticity of the ratings. However, ratings may change over time, so checking the Amazon page for updated reviews periodically is advisable.

While customer reviews for Prevagen are generally favorable, the question remains: Does Prevagen truly work and aid memory? The available data supporting Prevagen’s efficacy is limited when addressing age-related cognitive decline or memory loss. As with any dietary supplement, we recommend consulting your healthcare provider before incorporating Prevagen into your routine.

Considering the positive feedback, loyal customer base, and the available but limited research, giving Prevagen a try may be worthwhile. However, if you are seeking a premium nootropic supplement that contains all the necessary ingredients, we recommend considering BrainPill as an alternative.

Having reviewed our buyer’s guide, the decision to try Prevagen or explore other high-quality alternatives such as BrainPill® ultimately rests with you.

Bottom Line

While the mechanism of Prevagen’s action requires further clarification, it is important to note that customers have expressed satisfaction with its effects. However, experts argue that Apoaequorin may degrade before reaching the brain, potentially limiting its impact on mental performance.

If you have made the decision to incorporate a cognitive enhancer into your routine, consider a product that is formulated using proven ingredients and offers a money-back guarantee of at least two months. This ensures both the efficacy of the ingredients and provides you with added confidence in your purchase.

Is Prevagen FDA approved?

Despite the popularity of nootropics, there is not enough evidence to support their claims. According to Harvard health publishing, there are currently no FDA-approved memory supplements on the market. In other words, FDA doesn’t regulate supplements.

According to a new survey, about 25% of adults use some form of natural nootropic to improve brain power, but no concrete evidence supports their claims. 

Where to Buy Prevagen?

This product is available on all online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and many others, but the best place is the company website and Amazon.

  • The Prevagen cost on Amazon for Regular Strength 30 Capsules—is $40.65, and for Prevagen Extra Strength 30 capsules—it is $59.95. 
  • Costco Prevagen— not available.
  • Prevagen Walmart — $39 for a regular strength containing 30 capsules. $59.88 for extra strength.
  • Prevagen Walgreens —$39.99.
  • Prevagen CVS: $60.49 for extra strength.

What Do Other People Think About It? (8 Out Of 10)

The customer feedback is mixed, but the majority praised the efficacy of this nootropic. 

Many different sellers sell the product, but the average global rating for extra strength on Amazon was 4.4/5 stars when the total reviews were 3,651. While the regular strength Prevagen also has 6,920 global ratings, surprisingly, this one also has a 4.3/5 star rating. There are no Prevagen reviews at the mayo clinic because they don’t have any related product page on their website. Here is a look at the Amazon ratings and reviews;

  • Ratings on Amazon: 4.4/5 (Total reviews 11900).
  • Ratings on CVS: 4.3/5 (Total reviews 157)
  • Ratings on Walmart: 4/5 (Total reviews 468)

(Note: These numbers can change with time, so it’s better to visit Amazon product pages more often to know its updated rating).

Let’s look at some of the positive and negative reviews of Prevagen.

Positive Prevagen Reviews

  • For some people, it’s a great product that works as advertised. They think it will help you with quicker memory recall.
Prevagen Reviews
Prevagen Reviews
  • W. B. Phillips on Amazon thinks he is still determining whether it will work, but the price and seller were great. 
  • According to a customer on Amazon that this product works but is expensive. 
  • Another 40-year-old verified purchaser on Amazon says that Prevagen has helped her improve her recall of things, plus it also helped her sleep quality.
Prevagen Review, Prevagen Reviews
Prevagen customer reviews

Prevagen Negative Reviews

  • One negative review was about the product’s side effects. The reviewer mentions that he was experiencing incapacitating dizziness after taking this for three days.
  • David Zahn is another verified purchaser of Prevagen, and he also thinks that this product is a scam and a placebo—Don’t work at all. 
  • This nootropic is super expensive for many customers and is increasing in price monthly.
  • John Hyatt reported that the price was $74 a month ago, and it’s $112 now. 


Prevagen Review, Prevagen Reviews

There are other positive and negative testimonials on Amazon and Walmart.

Tester Jacqueline’s Perspective on Prevagen: A Gradual Transformation

Our dedicated tester, Jacqueline, embarked on a Prevagen journey over three months. She shares her insightful experience, noting that the effects were not immediate but gradual. Throughout the course of 3 bottles, Jacqueline observed some noticeable changes and a potential deceleration of the condition she was addressing.

However, one aspect that raised concern for her was the affordability of Prevagen. Jacqueline found the price less accessible, which hindered the accessibility of the product to a wider audience. Additionally, she perceived the inclusion of a pill holder with every order as unnecessary, contributing to a sense of impracticality.

What do I think about this product?

Considering various factors, including positive and negative aspects, it is important to note that this product has garnered impressive positive reviews and consumer testimonials. While some studies suggest that the ingredient used in the product is safe, its effectiveness may be questionable.

One notable strength of this product is the absence of specific complaints regarding company policies. This indicates a favorable aspect, as buyers who are dissatisfied or do not find the product beneficial can return it without encountering any complications or inquiries.

However, I would like to recommend a different nootropic brand that combines a range of proven ingredients such as Phosphatidylserine, Vitamin B complex, Ginkgo Biloba, Bacopa monnieri, Citicoline, Huperzine A, and L-theanine. This comprehensive formulation can be found in a nootropic called BrainPill, offering a more robust selection of scientifically supported ingredients.

Is Prevagen a scam?

It is important to clarify that Prevagen is not a scam; however, further robust research is required to establish its efficacy definitively. This cognitive-enhancing supplement can potentially provide some, if not all, of the claimed benefits. However, the relatively high cost and the legal dispute with the FTC have created barriers for many prospective buyers who are hesitant to invest in the formula.

Does Prevagen really help memory?

When it comes to enhancing memory, Prevagen may provide benefits for certain individuals.  It is essential to note that the main ingredient in Prevagen, apoaequorin, needs more research to establish its effectiveness conclusively. While numerous customers have reported positive experiences with Prevagen on platforms like Amazon, it is important to remain aware of the need for further research and evidence regarding its main ingredient.

Do pharmacists recommend Prevagen?

When it comes to pharmacists’ recommendations, the views on Prevagen are diverse. While a Pharmacy Times Magazine survey indicates that most pharmacists recommend this brand, it is important to acknowledge that many professionals express skepticism regarding its efficacy.

As a pharmacist, I find it difficult to believe that over 70% of all pharmacists would endorse Prevagen, considering it is primarily based on one ingredient lacking extensive research. The truth of the matter is that Prevagen relies on one relatively unknown component alongside a commonly found vitamin.

Instead, I strongly advise opting for products or supplements containing ingredients that have undergone rigorous clinical testing, demonstrating efficacy and safety. The second most important thing is the third-party testing certificate because products that are third-party tested are mostly checked for harmful substances.

By prioritizing products with clinically tested, proven, and safe ingredients, you can make a more informed choice when selecting supplements.

Prevagen Alternatives—Comparison

It is a unique and new nootropic, and no other product contains Apoaequorin. However, some nootropics in the market contain high-quality and premium brain-boosting ingredients. Some of the products are;

Product Price Quantity/Supply Duration
Prevagen (Apoaequorin) $59.95 (Prevagen Extra Strength) 30-Day Supply
BrainPill $69.95 1 Month Supply
Neuriva plus $31.00 1 Pack (Single Use)
Focus Factor $33.00 120 Counts
Mind Lab Pro $69.00 1 Month Supply
Natrol Cognium $19.00 60 Pills
Cognifen $34.00 1 Month supply
Onnit Alpha Brain $25.51 30 Counts
Nootopia World Domination $700.00 subscribe and save 50% 131 doses and 11 stacks

If you compare it with BrainPill, you will see a vast difference in their formulations. The BrainPill uses many ingredients, some of which are well-researched for improving brain performance, while Prevagen has limited research behind its main ingredient.

Neuriva is also based on 2-3 ingredients, but their primary nutrient (Phosphatidylserine) is well-researched and has proven efficacy in brain-boosting.

The Focus Factor has a massive list of many different nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. According to the company, this product will improve your memory and focus.

What Sets Prevagen apart from its competitors?

When looking for a health supplement to improve your brain functioning, Prevagen stands out from its competitors in a few distinct ways. Firstly, its unique and patented formula may offer superior results to other brands. Secondly, it has garnered over 11000+ positive reviews from customers. What sets it apart even further is its 45-day money-back guarantee for all Prevagen branded products, which promises that unsatisfied people can get their money back without hassle.

Is there any room for improvement?

This product could become even more effective with the addition of top-notch ingredients. Proven vitamins like B6 and B12 can provide excellent nerve support, while herbal extracts such as Ginkgo Biloba, Bacopa monnieri, Phosphatidylserine, Panax ginseng, and Rhodiola Rosea can upgrade its quality further.

Is Prevagen Third party tetsed?

Prevagen is third-party tested and meets the quality standards of NSF International’s Content Certified program, but this certification doesn’t endorse any specific health claims about the product itself.

Verdict—Prevagen Review

This nootropic’s unique ingredient is believed to significantly improve short-term memory. It also helps improve concentration, focus, and thinking skills. 

The customer reviews are great, and the regular strength had got 4.3/5 star ratings when the total reviews on Amazon were more than 11900.  

So—If you are looking for a memory booster, this may help you improve your memory and concentration. But please remember that no solid evidence exists to hold up its claims.

Overall, the product has one unproven ingredient but thousands of outstanding verified customer reviews, making it worth trying.

This stack will work for some people, but it doesn’t provide 100% guaranteed results. This is my view, and I’m not calling it a useless product.

This article is written by a Registered Pharmacist Manzoor Ahmad (Pharm.D) and medically reviewed by Sajid (Ph.D. in Pharmacognosy).

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Prevagen is an over the counter cognitive enhancement supplement that claims to support a healthy brain, sharpen the mind, and improve memory, focus, and attention. However, there is no concrete evidence to support these claims.

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I have used this prevagen and I must say this is a great product

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Prevagen extra strength

Prevagen is a unique nootropic supplement claimed to help improve brain performance and memory.

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