Manzoor Ahmad, Pharm D

Editor, Writer

Manzoor Ahmad is a registered Pharmacist with a long experience in the medical field. By profession, he is a pharmacist, but he is a passionate copywriter with more than 7 years of experience writing medical and supplement-related copies.

He graduated from Abasyn University and has studied Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacognosy, and other subjects related to the pharmacy field.
He has 3 years of experience as a retail pharmacist. Besides writing for DrugsBank, he is also actively writing for other companies' sites.

He also has 6 years of experience in digital marketing, especially Search engine optimization (SEO) and affiliate marketing.

He has been prominently featured in Total Shape Magazine as one of the leading authorities addressing the question, "Can nootropics lead to hair loss?"

Ahmad emphasizes the significance of seeking out third-party testing and certification, or a certification stamp, to guarantee the superior quality of any nootropic product. With his extensive expertise, he highlights the critical role played by these quality assurance measures in ensuring the effectiveness and safety of the nootropics being consumed.

You can connect with him via TwitterFacebook, and Linkedin