Dart Tablet: Uses, Side Effects, Dosage

Dart tablet

Dart Tablet is the brand name of an analgesic and antipyretic medicine prescribed for the treatment of headache, pain and fever. This tablet is manufactured and distributed by Juggat laboratories limited . The active ingredients present in this formulation are: Acetaminophen  (300mg) Propylphenazone – (150mg) Caffeine – (50mg) Acetaminophen Acetaminophen or Paracetamol is an analgesic … Read moreDart Tablet: Uses, Side Effects, Dosage

Top 09 Best Stethoscopes Every Medical Professional Should know

Best stethoscopes

Stethoscope is A tool that’s used to transmit low-volume sounds such as a heartbeat (or intestinal, venous, or fetal sounds) into the ear of the listener. A stethoscope may consist of 2 ear pieces attached by flexible tube into some diaphragm that is placed against the skin of the individual. The stethoscope has become one … Read moreTop 09 Best Stethoscopes Every Medical Professional Should know

Zalcitabine: Uses, Side effects, Dosage


Zalcitabine is an antiretroviral. Antiretrovirals are medications which suppress the activity or replication of retroviruses like HIV. It is a member of some type of medications known as reverse transcriptase inhibitors. This particular antiviral is categorized as a nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor, which means it blocks the enzyme that’s important for the retrovirus to multiply. … Read moreZalcitabine: Uses, Side effects, Dosage

Bacitracin: Uses, Side effects, Dosage

Bacitracin is an anti-bacterial drug. Anti-bacterials are medications which kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria and are therefore helpful in treating minor infections. Uses This medicine can be used to prevent minor skin infections brought on by little cuts, scratches, or burns off . It belongs to a category of medication called antibiotics. This … Read moreBacitracin: Uses, Side effects, Dosage

Pyrazinamide: Uses, Side effects, Dosage


Pyrazinamide is a antitubercular medication which helps to deal with tuberculosis and lessens the spread of disease. It needs to be taken with other medications to protect against the spread of disease. This medication isn’t recommended in patients with liver disease or severe gout. Pyrazinamide is an antibiotic that fights bacteria. It’s an antibiotic also … Read morePyrazinamide: Uses, Side effects, Dosage

Ciplox (Ciprofloxacin): Uses, Side Effects, Dosage


Ciprofloxacin  (Brand Name: Ciplox)belongs to a group of broad-spectrum antimicrobial drugs known as fluoroquinolones. It is the most active second generation fluoroquinolone against a wide range of bacteria that are susceptible to Gram-negative aerobic rods, especially the Enterobacteriaceae Neisseria. Ciplox is manufactured by Cipla Ltd. Ciplox Uses Ciprofloxacin (Ciplox) works against a variety of infections, … Read moreCiplox (Ciprofloxacin): Uses, Side Effects, Dosage

Expert claims that most western men will be infertile by 2060

According to a new study from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem the sperm count in males from Australia, North America, Europe and New Zealand has diminished by 50-60 percent between 1973 and 2011. Interestingly, the latest research , that was conducted in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, analysed sperm traces of 42,935 guys and discovered … Read moreExpert claims that most western men will be infertile by 2060