BrainPill Review: Effective or Overrated? [Pharmacist’s Take]

Welcome to our in-depth BrainPill review—a natural brain booster that has gained significant popularity for its potential to enhance cognition, memory, and concentration. But does it truly deliver on its promised benefits? Join us as we delve into this detailed guide to uncover the truth.

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Out Of 100

We score different supplements based on objective testing data. Our scoring factors are weighted based on the effectiveness. transparency of the ingredients, formulation, customer satisfaction, convenience and Value for money. Here is how we test each supplement we review.

Overall Score

Effectiveness 80%
Transparency Ingredients 90%
Formulation 85%
Customer Satisfiction 75%
Convenient--2 pills per day 78%
Value For Money 72%

Effectiveness: BrainPill significantly improved cognitive performance, according to our tests and the data on the graph. Test takers reported improved brain function overall as well as improved focus and concentration. We have discussed in detail each ingredient with  have cited scientific studies below.

Ingredients Transparency: Complete ingredient transparency is provided by BrainPill, which includes a comprehensive ingredient list on the label. This enables you to make decisions that are well-informed and tailored to your unique requirements and potential allergies.

Formulation: BrainPill’s formulation is well-rounded, with a combination of ingredients that could be helpful. Phosphatidylserine and Citicoline are included, which have been linked in certain research to support cognitive function. Further possible advantages include the B-complex vitamins and herbal extracts like ginkgo biloba.

Customer satisfaction: After taking BrainPill for five weeks, Rider and Marsh, our testers, saw positive results. Marsh noted a notable improvement in concentration, focus, and cognitive function. Rider reported better blood circulation, which they linked to better sleep quality and increased stamina. These first findings are encouraging, though individual experiences may differ.

Ease Of Use: BrainPill is easy to use; it comes in convenient blister packs with easy-to-swallow pills. Given that the recommended dosage is only two pills each day, making it into your regimen should be easy.

Value for Money: BrainPill provides good value for money when taking into consideration the cost, quantity, and quality of the ingredients. This can be a decent choice for you if you’re looking for a nootropic with a range of potentially helpful substances. However, more investigation into specific supplement ingredients may be required for people looking for a nootropic that focuses on substances with the strongest scientific basis for brain growth.

Mind Lab Pro$69.00
Prevagen $53.50
Nootopia Opti-Nutra$69
Qualia Mind$143

All things considered, customer feedback and the presence of potentially helpful ingredients indicate that BrainPill has something that attracts so many customers.


Have you ever yearned for enhanced focus, razor-sharp cognition, and unmatched intelligence? If so, you must have come across BrainPill®—a natural cognitive supplement meticulously crafted with scientifically-backed ingredients.

Engineered to accelerate brain performance and heighten concentration, BrainPill® empowers you to conquer mental fatigue, enhance learning capabilities, and banish brain fog. Elevating cognitive endurance, nurtures overall brain health while extending focus and concentration.

The recommended daily intake involves consuming two capsules with a glass of water—one in the morning and another in the evening. BrainPill® prides itself on integrating 13 potent nootropic ingredients, scientifically proven to obliterate brain fog, sustain optimal brain function, and amplify performance.

Boasting a substantial 320 mg of nootropic heavyweight Synapsa, 250 mg of Cognizin®, 175 mg of L-tyrosine, and other brain-boosting compounds, BrainPill excels in delivering unmatched value for your investment.

Each pack of BrainPill comprises 60 capsules, with varying prices across different stores. The Official Site currently offers a pack for approximately $69, and potential discounts are available for bulk purchases.

Considering that BrainPill is intended as a dietary supplement, a one-month supply may not suffice. To reap optimal benefits, using BrainPill consistently for 3-4 months is recommended. While the product may appear pricy, the question remains: Does it truly deliver on its promises, or is it just another marketing ploy?

Join us as we unravel the truth in this comprehensive Brain Pill review.

Brain Pill (Quick)

Product Name: BrainPill

Manufacturer: Leading Edge Health

Best Place To Buy BrainPill: Official Site

Benefits: Improve Memory, Focus, Concentration, Mood

Our Rating

Detailed Guide

What is BrainPill®?

BrainPill® is a renowned nootropic stack offered by Leading Edge Health, a trusted company recognized for its natural and effective products.

Distinguishing itself from Prevagen and Neuriva, this exceptional nootropic blend harnesses the power of scientifically proven, natural ingredients. Meticulously chosen for their efficacy, these ingredients work harmoniously to enhance overall brain performance and alleviate brain fog.

The company asserts that the synergistic effect of BrainPill®’s ingredients plays a vital role in fortifying your brain, preventing forgetfulness, and heightening mental alertness.

Specifically designed to combat memory loss and enhance mental alertness, BrainPill® addresses a prevalent concern, particularly for individuals over the age of 40. As memory loss worsens over time, navigating this path can be isolating and challenging.

Company Profile

The company behind this product is the leading-edge health LTD, and it is based in Victoria. The company has been around for more than 2 decades— as per the better business bureau profile.

The company is best known for its health and beauty products, especially sexual supplements, to the US and Canadian markets.

Brain Pill Benefits

According to the manufacturer’s assertions, BrainPill offers a range of benefits that include:

  • Enhanced Memory: Brain Pill aims to improve memory function, aiding in better recollection and retention.
  • Increased Productivity: BrainPill aims to boost productivity by optimizing cognitive abilities.
  • Combat Brain Fog: BrainPill strives to alleviate brain fog, promoting mental clarity and focus.

In addition to these manufacturer claims, our tester, Rider, has diligently tested BrainPill for five weeks. According to Rider’s experience, this nootropic delivered on the promised benefits and showcased additional advantages. Rider reported improved sleep quality and enhanced stamina and attributed it to improved blood circulation.

Does Brain Pill Really work?

As a pharmacist, I believe that Brain Pill is a legitimate product, as it incorporates a selection of high-quality and scientifically proven ingredients that can undoubtedly enhance cognitive performance and boost mental acuity. Based on my research, the inclusion of Citicoline, Bacopa extract, Phosphatidylserine, Vinpocetine, L-tyrosine, DHA complex, Vitamin B12, B6, L-theanine, and Ginkgo Biloba can effectively improve brain function and overall health. Furthermore, positive consumer responses further reinforce the product’s credibility.

What Our Tester Says: Marsh’s four-week experience with it led to a glowing recommendation, bolstering the already substantial evidence backing the effectiveness of Brain Pill.

What I think? As a pharmacist, I think that this nootropic can really boost brain health. But I also believe that combining it with a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of age-related mental decline and improve overall brain performance.

Brain Pill Side Effects—Is it Safe to Use?

Although the supplement is safe to use and is tolerated well in some cases, it may cause the following side effects.

  • For some people, it may cause headaches.
  • It may also cause nausea.
  • The product may cause sleep disturbance.

To reduce side effects, always stick to the recommended dose and don’t increase the daily dose.

Also, lifestyle changes like regular exercise and solving puzzles maximize the effects of this supplement.

Pros and Cons of Brain Pill

What did I like about it?

  • The supplement is trusted and praised by thousands of customers.

  • The product is manufactured in a GMP-approved facility.

  • Also, the ingredients are all sourced ethically without cruelty. The ingredients present in the formulation are all clinically proven.

  • Additionally, the BrainPill comes with a 2+ month of money-back guarantee—this one is great because such type of guarantee makes it easy for anyone to try it.

  • Amazing customer support, and the platform is secure for the users.

  • BrainPill is easy to use and the dosage schedule is easy to remember—you only need to take 2 pills per day.

What I don't like about it?

  • What I don’t fancy about the supplement is that it is not an immediate fix to your mental problem but will slowly improve your brain performance.

  • You will need to buy in bulk if you really want a discount.

Who can use Brain Pill?

The product is suitable for males and females and for people who want to improve their cognitive abilities and overall brain health. It is also suitable for all ages people.

Brain Pill Ingredients

1. Cognizin—250 mg

Also known as Citicoline. It is vital for supporting mental health, improving cognitive energy, and increasing alertness. In the brain, it is an important component in generating electrical impulses responsible for the transport of information on the neural level.

The minimum effective dose of Cognizin is 500 mg per day, and this product contains 250 mg per serving. Impressive right?

  • According to a study, this is a valid treatment for chronic cerebrovascular disorders or memory problems.

2. Synapsa—320 mg.

Synapsa is a protected form of Bacopa monerii, a relatively popular Ayurvedic herb. It is a crucial nootropic ingredient and is used to restore the brain and slow down cognitive decline. The usual recommended dietary intake is 300-450 mg per day, while the product contains 320 mg per serving, which is enough for a brain booster.

  • According to research studies, this constituent may reduce the symptoms of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) [1].
  • Other animals and human studies suggest that Bacopa may improve memory, brain function, and visual learning [2].

3. L-Tyrosine—175

It is one of the most commonly used nootropic ingredients present in almost all brain boosters. It is an amino acid that is used to improve alertness, attention, and focus.

The product is packed with 175 mg of this amino acid, and certain studies have used 150 mg per kg of the body in many studies. [3]

  • It has been shown to alleviate the effects of stress and prevent cognitive decline. [4]
  • Another study suggests that Tyrosine can reverse cognitive decline in the short term, and improve stress, or mentally demanding situations. [5]

4. Huperzia Serrata—5 mg

It is a cognitive enhancer herb containing Huperzine A, a substance that inhibits acetylcholine activity (ACH). Acetylcholine is an enzyme that reduces the capacity of your brain. Hence, Huperzia offers you a better chance of fighting by blocking its possible potential.

The Brain Pill contains 5 mg of this compound per serving, which I think is more than enough. Let’s have a look at what the research says about the extract.

  • The usual recommended dietary intake is 50-200mcg daily in a single or divided dose. Animal studies suggest that it is relatively safe to use with no side effects. [6]
  • This ingredient has been widely used as a cognitive enhancer in many nootropic supplements. [7]

5. Vinpocetine—5 mg

It is actually a semi-synthetic alkaloid obtained from the Inca minor lesser periwinkle plant. It is known to boost the needs of the brain and neuroprotection. It is also used as a cognitive protective and anti-aging agent. It is known for its ability to lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and improve alertness.

  • This ingredient’s usual dietary intake is 15-60mg per day in a divided dose with food. However, a dose of more than 10 mg per day may not be safe for pregnant women, so I think Brain Pill has the minimum amount of this ingredient, which is a good sign. [8]

6. Gingko Biloba—100 mg

This one makes an incredible contribution to promoting microcirculation and preventing cell degeneration. In addition to regulating neurotransmitters, it also has antioxidant activity. [9]

  • Although there is no maximum daily dose of this ingredient, it is always wise to start with a low dose. Most studies have evaluated it the 120–240 mg per day in divided doses. Brain Pill contains 100 mg per serving which is a little under dose but safe to use.
  • It’s also important to note that there are chances of side effects like stomach pain, nausea, and other minor effects with this ingredient.
  • Avoid this supplement If you are taking other blood-thinning medicines like warfarin and aspirin.

7. Phosphatidylserine (PS)—100 mg

PS is a fatty substance whose central role in the body is to protect your brain cells. Promoting its presence can help your brain function for as long as possible.

  • Animal studies suggest that the level of Phosphatidylserine in the brain decreases with age, so supplementing with this substance will increase your cognition and protect your brain cells. [10]
  • The usual recommended intake is 300-800 mg per day, and it can safely slow down or halt the biochemical alteration in the nerves and support human cognitive functions. [11]

8. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) complex—100mg

Docosahexaenoic acid is an omega-3 fatty acid that is essential for your brain to function. In fact, DHA is important because it is involved in virtually all cognitive functions and neurotransmission.

The ingredient is generally tolerated in high doses and is safe to use. However, the average daily intake is 100 mg per day. [12]

Taking more than 2 gram per day will not add any benefit so it is good to stick with a minimum dose the Brain Pill contain 100 mg per serving, so it is an ideal weight for a nootropic supplement.

9. Vitamin B12—50 mcg

It is a water-soluble vitamin that is essential for the synthesis of neurotransmitters, RNA, and DNA. Most importantly, it is useful in maintaining myelin sheaths, which are essential for neurons to function properly. [13]

10. L-theanine—100 mg

It is also an amino acid that improves brain function and also reduces anxiety levels. It is mostly found in green tea leaves. Research indicates that it promotes relaxation without drowsiness and maintains a normal sleep.[14]

11. Vitamin B6—5 mg

Also known as Pyridoxine, it plays an important role in increasing the important B vitamins dopamine and norepinephrine. It also aids in speedy recovery from depression and prevents memory loss.Research suggest that deficiency of these vitamins can lead to age related cognitive decline. [15]

12. Folic acid

Also known as vitamin B9. It’s not actually a nootropic, although it can play an important role in boosting your blood supply [16]. It can also help prevent heart disease and reduce the risk of stroke. It helps make DNA and other genetic materials.

13. Pantothenic acid

Also known as vitamin B5, its function is to supplement the production of energy needed to maintain normal brain function. Also, it helps to strengthen memory by regulating the autonomic nervous system.

BrainPill High Quality Alternatives

1. Neuriva Brain Performance

  • Key Ingredients: Phosphatidylserine, Coffee Cherry Extract, Various Vitamins
  • Price (Monthly Supply): $54.99
  • Special Features: Contains Phosphatidylserine and vitamins
  • Summary: Neuriva offers some promising ingredients, but BrainPill has a more diverse and comprehensive ingredient profile.

2. Mind Lab Pro

  • Key Ingredients: Multiple Natural Nootropics
  • Price (Monthly Supply): Market Average
  • Special Features: Comprehensive blend of natural nootropics
  • Summary: Mind Lab Pro focuses on natural nootropics, which might appeal to those seeking a holistic approach.

3. Onnit Alpha Brain

  • Key Ingredients: Vitamin B6, Oat Straw Extract, L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, Phosphatidylserine, and more
  • Price (Monthly Supply): Market Average
  • Special Features: Promised memory support, focus, cognitive enhancement
  • Summary: Onnit Alpha Brain promises various cognitive benefits, but BrainPill’s ingredients and guarantee offer added assurance.

4. Prevagen

  • Key Ingredients: Apoaequorin (Jellyfish Protein)
  • Price (Monthly Supply): $69-104
  • Special Features: Unique jellyfish-derived Apoaequorin
  • Summary: Prevagen is unique, but it comes at a higher price point; BrainPill provides better value and effectiveness.

BrainPill stands out as the top choice due to its quality ingredients and robust money-back guarantee, providing an all-around effective option for cognitive enhancement. While the alternatives offer unique features, BrainPill’s comprehensive approach and value make it the preferred choice.

Is this brain supplement of good value?

As a pharmacist, I think this supplement contains all the research-based and proven ingredients that can feed your brain and improve cognition.

Yes, the product is expensive, but in my opinion, they provide a good value for the money. If you bulk purchase from the official site, you will get a huge discount.

Will it help with my ADHD?

Although it’s not a treatment the ingredients may help you reverse the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD). Synapsa in this stack is effective in reducing your ADHD symptoms.

Did other buyers experience great results? (BrainPill Reviews From Customers)?

If you look at the customer Brain Pills Reviews, you will see a mix of testimonials.

Positive BrainPill Reviews

The positive reviewer, “John Marsh” on Amazon, praised this supplement’s effects, and according to this user, Brain Pill has improved his concentration and focus.

Carolyn Weaver says— this product has improved her memory and recall abilities. She also said that reading has been easier without going back to check for details.

Negative Brain Pill Reviews

Kenneth Kimble— the product works great but criticized that he got the 30 pills in a pack, and it is mentioned on the pack as 60 capsules.

Another one also criticized the Brain Pill for its side effect. According to Devonya on Amazon— the product is not healthy and had caused headaches.

What do I think about Brain Pill?
To grasp the essence of nootropics, it’s vital to recognize them as dietary supplements that enhance brain performance rather than treatments. Here’s my take on this product:
  1. Potent Ingredients: Packed with extensively researched and clinically proven ingredients, BrainPill stands out.
  2. Impressive Customer Reviews: BrainPill has garnered remarkable feedback from satisfied customers.
  3. Risk-Free Guarantee: With a 100% money-back guarantee lasting 67 days, it’s undoubtedly worth a try.

What is the Best Place to buy Brain Pill?

The best place is obviously its Official Site as you will get a discount on bulk orders plus you can get a guarantee there. Apart from their company site, you can also get it on Amazon and other online retailers, but the price may be high.

Verdict—BrainPill Review

If you are looking for a brain-boosting supplement that can improve your cognition and improve your brain performance, I recommend using Brain Pill.

Here is why I recommend it?

  • Interesting herbal and minerals formula with all-important nootropics that are also packed with the right doses.
  • 67 days money-back guarantee—get your 100% money if you are not satisfied.
  • The company is in business for the last 2 decades and has a long history of producing high-quality health products.
  • Also, the product is manufactured in the US and is a GMP-approved facility.

After reading our Brain Pill Review and still wanting to buy other nootropics it’s totally fine and up to you. Please add your own experience if you have already used it.

You can read our honest and unbiased reviews about different nootropic products.

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