Natrol Cognium Vs Prevagen: Who is The Winner & Why?

This is a comparison review between Natrol Cognium Vs Prevagen. In this article, we will see which one is better and worth your money.

Cognium Vs Prevagen



Active Ingredients:
Cera-Q protein

Active Ingredients
Vitamin D

Side Effects
Relatively safe to use

Side Effects
Safe if you use as prescribe

32.75 $

54.99 $

2 Capsules per day.
Morning and evening

1 Capsule in the morning.

Prevagen is one of the most popular brain-boosting supplements on the market. It contains only two ingredients that claim to be improving your brain function and cognition.

Cognium is another popular brain booster from a very well know brand Natrol. Although it’s not as popular as Prevagen, this one also claims to be useful for memory improvement and better word recall.

This Cognium vs Prevagen review is based on the ingredients and their side effects. We will see what the research says about the ingredients and their side effects.

One of the two ingredients present in Prevagen is Vitamin D. This is very common and can be found in any 2-10$ supplement.

The second ingredient, Apoaequorin-which, which is the primary active ingredient of this formulation. It is widely advertised as a memory supplement.

There is limited human data available that show the effect of Apoaequorin protein on cognitive function. However, this study sponsored by the company supports the claim that this protein will improve older people’s cognitive function.

Why do people think it’s a waste of money?

The problem with this ingredient is that experts think that this is an oral supplement, and it is likely to break down in the gut before reaching the brain, raising serious doubts about its potential benefit.

This ingredient is not fully proven to be an effective treatment for memory loss or other brain-related conditions. More research needed to be done in this regard before one can recommend it.

For me, it’s a big NO.

Let’s get into the Natrol Cognium.

Cognium is another nootropic supplement from a well-known brand-Natrol.

The company stated several times that “Cognium is clinically proven” and has shown to be useful for memory improvement.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients and research behind it.

This one also uses a single and novel ingredient, and it’s also, unfortunately, not thoroughly researched and studied.

The ingredient is a protein known as CERA-Q, and it is obtained from the silkworm.

It works by binding to β-sheet portions such as beta-amyloid plaque. This binding prevents the formation of amyloid plaque that affects human neuron membrane receptors and helps promote cognitive function.

Studies show positive brain-boosting results from taking this supplement, but more research should still be done to clarify this protein.

As with Apoaequorin, this one is also not extensively researched for its benefits. Very few studies show the positive effects of this ingredient, but the irritating part is that they have linked to studies designed to support Natrol’s claims for this product.

So what do we think about Cognium?

A big NO. 

Let me explain why.

Why would I spend 40$ on a supplement that is still not proven?

Where is the difference between Cognium Vs Prevagen?

They both used a protein obtain from living organisms.

  • Prevagen used a protein that is obtained from a jellyfish
  • While the Cognium gets it from a silkworm.

However, the difference is in their approach to memory improvement. Cognium works by breaking down the brain plaque and reducing cognitive decline, while Prevagen focuses more on increasing memory and promoting sleep.

What do customers think about Natrol Cognium Vs Prevagen?

While researching these two brands, we have read many online testimonials and reviews from real customers. Here is what they say about Cognium and Prevagen.

Prevagen Reviews

Let’s find out what the customers think about Prevagen first.


  • The overall global rating of Prevagen on Amazon was 4.1/5 (at the time of writing this review)
  • Most people have praised their customer service.
  • The customer feedback about its effects is mixed; some people have praised its beneficial effects while others think it’s a waste of money. 
  • Many think it’s a scam and a total lie: no improvement and no noticeable difference after 30 days of use. 
  • According to one customer, it’s an overpriced supplement with no results because it will degrade in the stomach. 
  • You can read full reviews on Amazon. 

Cognium Reviews

  • The overall global rating of Cognium is the same as Prevagen. It got 4.1/5 stars on Amazon at the time of writing this review. 
  •  The customer reviews are a mix, and many people think it’s not worth the money. 
  • For others, it will give you headaches, nausea, stomach, upset, and diarrhea. 
  • Another 77-year-old customer praised its effects, and he thinks that he can remember things after using this product. 

Now, if you look at the customer feedback and Amazon ratings, it’s surprising because it’s either good marketing or a placebo. We all know these reviews can be manipulated very quickly, so we don’t like to form an opinion based on customer reviews.  

Are They Safe to Use?

They both are tolerated well and may not cause any side effects. Until now, there have been no complaints of adverse effects from using Prevagen or Cognium.

Some customers feel that Cognium has caused them diarrhea and headache.

Please keep in mind that don’t exceed the recommended dose as it will not do any good. Speak to your doctor if you are already taking these supplements.

The Price comparison of Cognium Vs Prevagen?

Each bottle of Cognium contains 30 day’s supply, and it comes for 20$ on Amazon. The price is low, but what if it doesn’t work?

While the price of Prevagen one monthly supply is around 40$, which is a lot more expensive for a supplement that is still not proven. 

As a pharmacist, I will never suggest a supplement that contains ingredients that are still under research, and there is no clear consensus about its health benefits, especially in improving brain performance. 

If you have already decided to buy a nootropic, why not invest in

  • A supplement that contains all the premium and natural ingredients that are important for brain-boosting.  
  • A nootropic that is tested for its safety and efficacy as human health is above all. 
  • A stack where research studies back all the ingredients. 
  • A formulation that provides a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. 

What do I recommend?

I recommend Brain Pill® over Prevagen and Cognium because it contains a list of very premium research-based ingredients lacking in Prevagen and Cognium. 

Brain Pill also provides a money-back guarantee, which is hard to ignore. 

The Cognium and Prevagen may be popular among their users, but Brain Pill® is a clear winner with its extensively researched formulation, improved safety profile, and visible outcomes. 

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