Capillus Vs Theradome: Which Is Better & Why?

When it comes to Capillus Vs Theradome, Capillus comes in a cap and claim to improve your hair growth and reverse hereditary hair loss. At the same time, Theradome is available in Helmet type, and this company is also focused on hair growth at home. 

They both use Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) which is proven to be safe and effective in hereditary hair loss in both men and women. [1]

In this Capillus Vs Theradome, you will learn more about these two brands, such as how they both work, the prices of these devices, Whether they work or not, and should you buy them or other alternatives.  

First a quick overview.



Device Type: Cap

Device Type: Helmet

Power Source
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Power Source
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Number Of Lasers
82, 202 and 272

Number Of Lasers

Wavelength (nanometers)

Wavelength (nanometers)

Satisfiction Guarantee
Limited 1 year, with 25% service fee after 30 days.

Satisfiction Guarantee
Limited 6 months, with 1 month grace period.

FDA clearance

FDA clearance

Let’s have an in-depth look at the Capillus Vs Theradome Review. 

Design—Capillus Vs Theradome

Capillus comes in 3 different versions depending on the number of lasers used. The Capillus82, also known as CapillusUltra is one of the best LLLT devices that work for hereditary hair loss and have weak hairs. 

The company behind this cap is Capillus LLC, a well-known brand in hair care products and is one of the Doctor recommended products in the laser device market. 

The company was founded in 2012, and till now the company has provided thousands of caps worldwide. 

The product is easy to use, and you will need to wear it only for 6 minutes daily on the head to cover the balding area. 

The FDA clears the Capillus82 and all other caps from this company, and it is manufactured in the USA. There is a 1-year warranty for the device and one year for the battery.  

Both men and women can use this product, and the duration of therapy for this cap is 4-6 months, but the company suggests that you should use it for 12 months to evaluate the device’s effectiveness.

You read a full Capillus Review ←Here

Now let’s take a look at the Theradome.

Theradome is a helmet-type LLLT device that is used to grow healthy and shiny hair. The company behind this device is Theradome LLC — a US-based company endorsed by Bosley and the Hair Club.

The device uses 680nm low-level medical-grade lasers in its helmet and is one of the best LLLT on the market. These lasers penetrate deep into the scalp tissues and stimulate the hair follicle.

The device is FDA cleared; that’s why it is relatively safe to use, and you will need to wear this helmet for 20 minutes every day to see the results. The duration of therapy is six months for this helmet. 

The product comes with a six-month guarantee. This type of guarantee allows you to test the device and if it didn’t work, return it. 

Bottom Line:

They both are specially designed for those who are looking for at-home LLLT devices. The products are somehow different from each other in their designs, like Theradome’s emphasis on device comfort. For example, Theradome has cooling outlets at the top of the helmet, making sure that air can properly circulate near the lasers activating your hair follicles.

If you look at the Capillus, they prioritize portability in their device. The Capillus comes in a baseball-type cap but if you don’t like the cap, or it didn’t fit on your head— you can detach the cap from the diodes and fix it on another cap of your choice.  

Capillus Vs Theradome—Which one is easy to use?

They both are super easy to use, but there is a little difference between the daily time. Incase of Capillus you will have to wear it for 6 minutes daily while in the case of Theradome, you will put it on your head for 20 minutes each day.  

The Capillus is like a baseball cap, and you can wear it anywhere you. You can use it while you are watching TV and playing with your kids or outdoor. 

Theradome, on the other hand, is a helmet-type device but is cordless and super easy to use. They both are discreet and make no noise. 

Bottom Line:

If you look at the device’s design, I think Capillus takes a more elegant route when it comes to features. The cap can be used without any hassle, and you don’t need any separate time for the treatment because you can use it in the office, or while doing any other task in the home.

On the other hand, Theradome is not as silent as the Capillus cap. Still, with this device, you can get other benefits like it can be charged from any standard USB port (no need for a special charger). The device also turned off automatically when the duration of therapy ended.

Capillus Vs Theradome—Which one is best in terms of the guarantee?

As discussed earlier, Theradome offers you 6 monthly money-back guarantee— use it test it, and return it if you think it didn’t work.

While in the case of Capillus, they offer you a 1-year limited warranty for the caps and one year warranty for the battery. 

Please keep in mind that the Capillus has a limited warranty with a 25% service fee after 30 days and with Theradome you also have a 30 day grace period.

Theradome Vs Capillus—Prices

The Capillus comes in 3 different caps. The CapillusUltra has 82 lasers while the CapillusPlus has 202 and CapillusPro has 272. 

The price may be different on different platforms, but it is available on Amazon from 849-2999$. The CapillusUltra with 82 lasers has a price tag of $749, while the price of Theradome on Amazon is $895. 

Please note that the prices of the devices may change with time.

Capillus Vs Theradome—Which one is more effective?

This one is the most important for any product. If the comparison is between the Capillus82 and Theradome Pro LH80, I think they both will have similar results. 

According to research, they both use medical-grade lasers that emit 650nm-680nm wavelengths and are the optimal wavelength for growing hair and are safe to use on skin. 

But suppose you compare this Theradome with Capillus 202 and 272. In that case, Capillus is the clear winner in my opinion because Capillus has more medical lasers and will yield better results than Theradome.

Theradome Vs Capillus—Which one has good customer care?

They both are American brands and provide outstanding customer care to the US people. They both offer a warranty on their products, and the official websites have all the necessary information about the products. 

You can contact these companies through email and also through phone calls. There is a Frequently asked question (FAQs) section on both of the product sites so you can read them as well. 

What Customers Think About These 2 Brands?

If you read the customer feedback on Amazon, you will see a mix of some positive and negative reviews.

Theradome has 196 global ratings, and out of that, the product has got 3.9/5 star ratings. While Capillus82 has 157 total ratings and out of that, the product has got 4.1/5 star ratings.

Please note that these can change with time, so it is always recommended to check the customer feedback on Amazon.

What do people think about Capillus?

  • For some people, the product has impressive results while for others, it is a waste of money.
  • Also, some people were concerned about product safety.
  • For some people, the product work, but the size is big to fit the head.

What do people think about Theradome?

Like Capillus, this product has also mixed reviews. For many people, the product didn’t work after a full one year use and that the customer was disappointed.

Many people think that the price is high for minimal benefits. There are also many positive reviews on Amazon.

Verdict—Who is the Winner Capillus Vs Theradome?

Theradome is better for those who are looking for a helmet-type LLLT device while Capillus is available in Cap form so best for people on the go. 

If comfort is your priority we recommend you choose Theradome, but if you are looking for a portable device, Capillus is our #1 recommendation. 

Also, if you are on a tight budget, then Theradome is best, but if the price is not an issue for you then we recommend Capillus because it is one of the best devices  

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