Hairmax Laserband 82 Review: Does It Work & Is It Worth It?

Does the HairMax help you regrow your hair? Read our “HairMax Laserband 82 Review” for features, pros, cons, price, and verified customer Hairmax reviews etc.

Hairmax laserband is a type of hair growth therapy device that involves the use of medical grade lasers to stimulate the hair follicles and promote thicker and healthier hair.

HairMax uses the same technology as it is used in other laser hair growth devices such as the Capillus laser cap and other laser helmets and caps. 

The company offers two different Laserbands, one with 41 lasers while the other uses 82 lasers. Both men and women can use it.

This Laserband comes in 699$—Quite expensive, right? But does hairmax really work and is it worth the price?

In this Hairmax Laserband 82 Review, we will take a more in-depth look at some of the claims and compare them with reality.

We will also add some verified customer reviews for understanding whether they provide any value to the customer or just a scam like other products.

HairMax Laserband Review (Quick)

Full Name: Hairmax Laseraband 82

Company Name: Hairmax

Best Place To Buy: Probably Amazon

Best Price: 699$

Amazon Rating: 3.7/5 (51 customer ratings, May change with time)

My Rating: 7/10

Hairmax is a crescent shape laser therapy device claimed to reverse the hair loss by stimulating and energizing hair follicles.

The band includes a specific number of medical-grade lasers expected to grow hair and stimulate your hair follicles. In This case, the Hairmax Laserband uses 82 lasers.

The LaserBand 82 comes with a device, a power adapter, a rechargeable battery, a user manual, and a quick start guide.

Hairmax (company) was founded in 2000 and is the leading global brand in at-home hair growth technology.

According to the company, Hairmax is dedicated to improving and enriching lives by incorporating the science of hair growth into every product they sell.

Please keep in mind that the statements are based on observation and honest opinion.

Company Claims


The company claims that the device is safe to use as it is FDA cleared. So Is HairMax safe to use?

  • Our Thoughts: Generally, these devices are safe to use. They use the same technology as other laser devices, and according to FDA, they are safe to use.


Another claim The company made is that Hairmax Laserband is one of the fastest laser hair loss treatment. You have to use it for 90 seconds and three days a week for the best results.

  • Our Thoughts: Honestly speaking, don’t expect miracles from this band; at least this is not fast treatment.


They also claim that it is proven to regrow hair with an average increase in hair count of 129 additional new hairs per square inch.

  • Our Thoughts: Hairmax is certified through 8 FDA clearances, seven clinical studies, 14 international medical device licenses, and 6 published medical journals. One such study has concluded that it is safe to use and may be useful for both men and women with pattern hair loss. But for me, the increment of 129 hairs per square may not be the right claim.

HairMax Features

  • Doctor Recommended Laser Band: HairMax Laser Band uses medical-grade 82 lasers. The device is safe and may be used for Androgenetic alopecia, including Hereditary Hair Loss, Male and Female pattern hair loss, age-related hair loss & thinning, and menopause-related hair loss.
  • Beautiful Design: This Laser Band is designed so that it can be used to cover your whole in three sections.
  • Portable & Light Weight: The HairMax laser Band 82 is light, comfortable, portable, and practical for home or travel use. There are no heavy batteries to carry. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a power cord.
  • Trusted Brand: According to the company, HairMax is validated by 8 FDA approvals, seven clinical studies, 14 international medical device licenses, and 6 published medical journals. Since 2000, 1.7 million devices have been sold worldwide. The original HairMax laser device was touted as the invention of Time magazine of the year and has since been reported positively in almost all media.

What I Liked About Hairmax Laserband?

  • The device is FDA cleared, so safe to use.
  • This type of therapy is proven through clinical studies.
  • They do not use LED.
  • Hairmax only use medical grade lasers.
  • It’s easy to use and lightweight.
  • It will makes your hair healthy and shiny if not regrow.
  • The product is relatively safe to use with no side effects reported

What I don't Like about Hairmax Laserband?

  • This type of therapy usually takes times, so the progress is slow.
  • There are many unsatisfied users on Amazon and other platform.
  • They deduct a 20% fee for the return.
  • The price may be an issue for some people.
  • It may not work for all form of hair loss.
  • It is not clinically tested for dark brown and black skin tones

Benefits Of Using HairMax Laser Comb

Following are some of the benefits HairMax offers

  • It activates your Hair Follicles and treats hair loss
  • It also stimulates new hair growth
  • The device has got 7 FDA clearances
  • HairMax can repair damaged hairs
  • Thicken Hair

How Does HairMax Laser Comb work?

Hair Max laser devices work through the photo-biostimulation process.

Photo-biostimulation uses light therapy, including lasers, light-emitting diodes, and broadband light, in the visible (400 – 700 nm) and near-infrared (700 – 1100 nm) electromagnetic spectrum.

Hairmax uses safe and nourishing light in the follicles of your hair to activate it for strong growth. This laser light boosts hair growth, rejuvenates hair follicles, revitalizes, and restores the natural hair growth cycle.

Basically– it works the same way as other laser devices work.

The only thing I don’t like is that it is a band that will not cover the whole area of your head.

That can be pretty uncomfortable— Since you will move the device on your head.

Does Hairmax work?

While researching the HairMax Laserband 82, we read some verified customer Hairmax reviews, and based on that; we come up with some points.

This is a valid question as you are investing a lot of money plus time, and if It didn’t work, all your money would go in vain.

So does HairMax Laserband 82 Work?

They use low-level laser therapy, and we all know that such treatment exists and is safe to use.

They will not reverse the severe loss, and they will not be able to restore the hair follicles that are not currently working.

It only works for mild to moderate hair loss in both men and women.

The HairMax claims that this band is backed by seven clinical studies, 8 FDA clearances, many medical journals, and doctor recommendations.

2014 study found that HairMax LaserComb led to statistically significant hair density improvements and growth rates comparable to short-term clinical trials with Rogaine and Propecia.

Another study published found that laser treatments at 655 nm (HairMax devices deliver 660) for six weeks have led to statistically significant hair growth improvements in men with alopecia.

A more recent study found that wearing laser-fitted caps was an effective hair loss treatment for the 36 men and women assessed. Although they didn’t mention a laser band in their study, the hats and the bands work on the same principle.

However, more in-depth research is required to show the efficacy of these low-level laser devices.

Customer Hairmax Laerband 82 Reviews

If you look at the Hairmax reviews on Amazon you will see a mix of testimonials.

The product has got an overall rating of 3.8/5 stars after more than 52 reviews on Amazon.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at what other people think about HairMax LaserBand 82?

  • 54% of people- 5-star rating.
  • 9% of people- 4-star rating.
  • 14% of people- 3-star ratings.

If you combine these Hairmax reviews, you will understand that many users were delighted with these devices.

They reported seeing significant improvements in the thickness and density of their hair after several months of use.

Hairmax reviews

While many other customers thought they had seen minute improvements to their hairline after regular use; but were not visible or not worth the kit’s cost.

They reported that their scalp photons showed a little less thinning but couldn’t tell the difference daily and were therefore unhappy with the treatment.

Hairmax reviews

Some HairMax users were not satisfied with the quality of the products.

They reported that they had crumbled within a few months of use and that it was a tedious process for the company to resolve the problem, leaving them without a treatment option for several weeks.

Long story short, the HairMax laser devices result in noticeable improvements in hair loss and density for many users.

Hairmax reviews

Still, others don’t notice any difference or think the results are too minute to be worth the cost. You can read more real Hairmax Laserband 82 reviews on Amazon or their company website. 

What have we learned so far from this HairMax Review?

  • First thing HairMax is an excellent product with many positive reviews from verified customers.
  • The second thing this product is FDA cleared, supported by many clinical studies.
  • The third thing is this product is not a cheap one, and you have to pay a lot of money for this little device. However, this is still cheaper than it’s competitors on the market

Our Verdict—Hairmax Laserband 82 Review

To wind up our “HairMax Review,” the company enjoys excellent customer feedback, and proven case studies with success rates above 90% are, in fact, thoughtful for recommending the device.

Many clinical studies have confirmed successful growth rates after using it regularly for six months, and there are cases where patients have promising results after 16 weeks of use.

If you use HairMax as recommended, you are likely to experience some level of hair growth. Please note that the results may be more subtle than desired and that you will have to use the device indefinitely to maintain the results.

Now that you have read our full HairMax Laserband 82 Review and still want to buy this product, it’s totally up to you, and if you don’t want to buy it, there are other options like the use of oral supplements such as Nutrafol For Men & Women.

Keep in mind that this HairMax Laserband 82 Review is based on our honest opinions and research hours.

You can also use a hair growth serum like Folliboost Hair growth serum for topical use.

And if you are looking for another Laser device, we recommend you read our full review of the 5 best Laser hair growth devices cleared by the FDA.

You can tell our reader about your experience in the comment section below if you have already used it.

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