Capillus Laser Cap Review: Does Capillus Work? [2022 Buyer’s Guide]

Does Capillus cap help you regrow your hair? Read our Capillus laser cap review for features, pros, cons, price, and verified customer Capillus reviews.

What If I tell you that there exists a cap that grows hair? I know! It might sound a bit strange to many, but this is absolutely true.

You might have heard about Capillus—a modern laser hair growth cap aimed to reverse hereditary hair loss in both men & women. 

The company claims that this laser cap is doctors #1 recommended, safe to use, clinically tested, and FDA cleared for hereditary hair loss. 

They use low-level laser therapy, and It has been shown that red laser light effectively stimulates and strengthens cells in the hair follicle without causing any damage.

The company (Capillus LLC) is based in Miami, FL, and it was founded in 2012. Till now, it has provided thousands of high-quality medical laser devices worldwide, which maintain its high standards. 

The brand is a leader in laser devices, and it offers three different versions of the same cap, which vary in intensity and number of lasers used.

Capillus devices offer the following three versions.

  • Capillus272—also known as CapillusPro
  • Capillus202 —also known as CapillusPlus
  • The Capillus82 —also known as CapillusUltra

Capillus Review (Quick)

Product Name: Capillus

Best Place to Buy: Official site and Amazon

Best Actual Prices: From 849-2599$

Customer Rating

Capillus Laser Cap Review (Full)

For this Capillus Review, we looked at many verified customer Capillus reviews, talked to consumers, and looked at specifications. 

Let’s take a closer look.

What is Capillus Cap?

Capillus is a specially designed discreet, non invasive and portable laser cap that restores hair follicles and rejuvenates thinning hair.

This modern cap uses medical-grade lasers that stimulate the hair follicle and grows your hair. If you wear this hat daily, the company claims that it encourages and nourishes the cells in your hair strands. It can thicken hair follicles and promote thicker and healthier hair.

The cap comes with a rechargeable battery, a power adapter, and a user manual guide.

In this Capillus review, we will cover all three versions, but please note that the only difference is the number of lasers and intensity used. More lasers mean better coverage and faster results.

Read this comparison Capillus review because we will tell you which one is better for you.

Capillus 82 vs 272

Capillus 82

Capillus 272



Diodes= 82

3.3x Capillus 82

Laser only

Laser only

FDA cleared

FDA cleared

Research About Low-Level Laser Therapy

I guess you are already familiar with low-level laser therapy (LLLT). There are pretty good scientific studies behind low-level laser therapy that prove its efficacy in treating hair loss.

Let see what the research say about the LLLT?

  • A clinical study showed that low-level laser therapy (LLLT) stimulates hair growth in men and women.
  • Another study found that FDA-approved Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) devices are both safe and effective in people who are unresponsive or inaccessible to standard treatment.
  • Another 2019 study suggests that laser therapy has a positive effect on hair regrowth. However, further studies in the form of well-designed, randomized controlled trials are needed.
  • According to a 2018 study, the new helmet-type LLLT device appears to be an effective treatment option for androgenetic alopecia in men and women with minimal side effects. However, the study was small, with no long-term follow-up data.

The question is how to get a laser device that works?

Because finding a suitable laser device is a daunting and painful process. You have to check many different aspects of the cap, such as the wavelength, power, pulse texture, FDA clearance, and other people’s thoughts, because these features can affect how a particular device works.

You can also read our HairMax Laser Band Review ←Click here to read all the important information about this brand.

History Behind The Low-Level Laser Therapy

The low-level laser therapy utilizes red lasers between the frequencies of about 630 to 670 nanometers. A Hungarian doctor in 1970 initially tried to see if these red lasers would help reduce skin cancer but instead, he found that it promoted hair growth.

Company Claims

Before going into the Capillus laser cap review, let me first tell you what the company claims and our opinion? 

⇒Claim#1: 95% Success rate

  • Our Thoughts: Although the device work for many people, the success rate may not be 95%. I know some studies back the claim, but the Capillus company sponsored the study. More research is needed in this regard. If you look at the verified customer Capillus reviews, more than 70% of people have rated it 4+/5. (which is quite impressive)

⇒Claim#2: Clinically Proven and FDA cleared

  • Our Thoughts: Yes, you can check that there are FDA approval documents on the official website. Other than this, they have done several clinical studies to show therapy productiveness in long-term sessions.

⇒Claim#3: Safe & Effective

  • Our Thoughts: Although the Capillus laser cap is safe to use as they work on Low-level laser therapy, we all know that this type of treatment is safe to use. As far as effectiveness is concern, the device will work for certain types of hereditary hair loss.

Our research team ignored their claims and began looking for clinical evidence to support or deny the claims of Capillus laser cap manufacturers.

We were also concerned about the complaints we received regarding Capillus Caps.

Lastly, we summarize all the results of a thorough Capillus review to give you the information you need so that you can make a better decision before trying it out.

Let’s find out if it is possible to regrow hair with Capillus Laser Cap.

How The Laser Therapy Work?

The exact mechanism isn’t fully known, but it works by stimulating hair follicles and then also prolongs the adhesion phase.

These low-level lasers are absorbed by the hair follicles to increase cell metabolism and rejuvenate the follicles that stimulate the hair’s growth phase. It also increases the rate of proliferation and active antigen hair follicles.

Also, evidence suggests that the lasers enhanced gene activity. It also decreases apoptosis by targeting the cytochrome C intracellularly, which increases vascularity in the blood.

Capillus features

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and prominent features of the Capillus laser cap.

  • Warranty: Capillus provides a 1-year limited warranty on the cap and a 1-year limited warranty on the battery pack and AC Adapter.
  • FDA and Clinically cleared: The FDA clearance documents are available on their official site. 
  • Safe and Effective: It is a safe and effective treatment for hereditary hair loss like hair thinning, receding hairline, and pattern baldness.
  • Easy To Use: For thicker and healthy hair, you will need to use it for 6 minutes on your hair which is easy as compare to other such products.
  • Medical grade Lasers: The CapillusUltra uses 82 medical lasers, CapillusPlus uses 202 laser diodes, and CapillusPro uses 272 laser diodes that comfortably treat your scalp with the flexible fitting in a short time.
  • The number of Laser Lights: The more laser lights the cap has, the more beneficial it is. More lights provide a better coverage area.
  • Lightweight: It’s lightweight and sits easily on the head.
  • Timeline: the timeline of therapy is 6-12 months. You will see some positive results after six months of using this cap. 
  • Battery: The cap is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which you can put on your wristband to wear so that you can move freely.
  • Price: The company offers three different versions of the same device, which vary in intensity and number of lasers used. The price for each cap is different, ranging from 850$-3000$.

Do Capillus Laser Cap Really Works?

Low-Level Laser therapy is a reality, and there are many research studies out there that support these claims. 

The question is, does Capillus work?

So, the effects of using Capillus is different from person to person. This device has proven to be more effective in people with moderate hair loss.

Also, it is FDA cleared and we know that the FDA only approve a device after testing it for saftey and efficacy.

One thing to remember is that laser technology does not work to reverse baldness. However, if you have thinning hair problems, you can promote them using a Capillus Cap or any other LLLT device.

Is it safe—Capillus Side effects?

There are no severe side effects recorded, and the device is tested several times in various studies. The FDA also approved it, and we all know that the FDA doesn’t clear a device before trying it for safety.

The Capillus cap uses 650nm of light, which is not harmful to the skin cells or scalp; the lights absorb the skin without discomfort and pain. The temperature emitted by the laser also does not damage the scalp.

Please avoid direct contact with the eyes as it can hurt your eyes.

Pros & Cons Of Capillus Cap


What I Liked About Capillus

  • The cap is simple, easy, and safe to use with no risk to the users.
  • The Capillus cap is portable and comfortable.
  • Some medical studies show that LLLT technology works against hair loss.
  • It is the cordless and wireless cap that grows hair.
  • The AC adaptor is universal, making it an excellent gadget for travelling.
  • The cap uses more laser lights than its competitors.
  • The customer service of this company is good.
  • They offers money-back guarantee

What I Didn't Like About It

  • The product is expensive (Range from 1000-3000$)
  • There are a mixed bag of reviews on effectiveness from customers

How much does the Capillus laser cap cost?

The cost of a Capillus laser cap depends on the number of lasers used inside the hat. The Capillus cap with 82 lasers will cost you around 850$, while the one with 202 and 272 lasers will cost you 1750 and 2600$, respectively.

Also, the Capillus cap cost depends on other factors like where you purchase because the prices may be different from store to store. 

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How to use Capillus Cap?

First, charge the device for 24 hours and then disconnect it from the battery. After that, place it on your hair. There is a red light that will only turn on when the device is on your head.

Let it sit for 6 minutes, then take it off and repeat the procedure every day. At the same time, other competitors of this cap need to be used three times per week.

What to Expect From Capillus?

The company states that the results vary from person to person. However, you can expect your results to meet the standard time limit.

  • 0-3 months: You may notice an increase in hair fall, which signifies that treatment is underway and your scalp makes room for new hair.
  • 3-6 months: Dandruff should be light, and hair may look a bit too thick
  • Twelve months: Your results can be noticeable, especially if you take before and after pictures.
  • Twenty-four months +: You will now see the full effect and keep the results as long as you continue the treatment.

iRestore vs Capillus

If you want to compare iRestore vs Capillus and Capillus vs Theradome, you can check the table below.

If you compare the treatment duration, the Capillus recommended daily usage is 6 minutes daily, while you will need to use the iRestore for 25 minutes 3-4 times a week.

Another difference is that the Capillus use only medical-grade lasers while the iRestore uses a combination of lasers and LED lights. You can compare iRestore Vs Capillus in the table below.

Capillus Laser Cap

iRestore Helmet

Treatment Protocol= 6 Minutes Daily

Treatment Protocol = 24 Minutes Daily

Satisfactory Results= 12 months

Satisfactory Results= 3-6 months

FDA cleared= Yes

FDA cleared= Yes

Therapy Type: Medical Grade Lasers

Therapy type= Lasers+ LEDS

Guarantee: 30 days money back guarantee

Guarantee: 6 months money back guarantee

Customer Capillus Reviews

If you look at the Customer feedback, you will see a mix of testimonials, but there is no clear consensus about the product.

There have been many positive Capillus reviews from satisfied consumers, but they have also complained about the product’s inadequacy.

However, we all know that a product must have some negative points. Still, we believe Capillus is one of the best laser hair growth caps out there, providing thousands of quality medical laser hair growth devices globally.

Positive Capillus Reviews 

  • This product’s Trustpilot profile is pretty awesome and has 4.4/5 stars when the total Capillus reviews were 1100+.
  • If you look at the Capillus 82 reviews, you will see many satisfied and unsatisfied customers, but the ratings are impressive.
  • If you look at the Capillus pro reviews on Amazon, it’s not very impressive-Only 41% of people have rated it 4+ out of 5.
  • While the Capillus Plus Reviews on Amazon are 3.1/5, only 55% of people have rated it 4+ ratings.
Capillus Reviews
Amazon Capillus Reviews


Negative Capillus Reviews

There are some negative reviews on Amazon about this product. Let see what people think about the hat.

  • For some people, it works but is super expensive.
  • For others the cap is not durable enough.
  • Some people think it simply don’t work the way it is advertised.
Capillus Reviews
Amazon capillus Reviews

You can also take a look at the other verified customer Capillus reviews on Amazon.

Biggest Complaints

The biggest complaints were related to the price of the device. Considering the cost of Capillus—I think these complaints are entirely legal. I would never buy (and would not recommend) such an expensive device. For some people, the quality is not good, and it stops working after some time. While for others, it simply didn’t work as advertised.

REMEMBER Patience is the virtue in any Low-level laser therapy— If you use it as directed for 2-3 months, you will notice the results.

Also, If you can afford it, then Capillus might be worth it. Based on our Capillus laser cap review, which one should you choose?

More lasers mean more coverage—so, you should go with the CapillusPro. 

We recommend the CapillusPlus because they use 202 medical-grade lasers, and the price is less than the CapillusPro.

If the budget is not an issue, you can buy The capillusPros, and if you can’t afford these two, the best choice is to buy the one with a lower price (CapillusUltra).

Technically there is no difference among these three caps; if you are looking for a full scalp coverage, Capillus202 or Capillus272 might be a better solution.

Verdict—Capillus Review

To conclude, our “Capillus Laser Cap Review” it’s a bit of a mixed bag. 

Many Capillus Laser cap consumers are happy with this product and claim that it is the only hat that grows hair again. Others didn’t notice much difference or thought the cap was too expensive for that purpose.

But the question is which Capillus device is best?

The company offers three laser caps, and they differ only by the number of lasers they have used. More lasers mean better coverage of the affected area.

The Capillus Pro can cost you 2599$, while CapillusPlus 1749$ and CapillusUltra 849$.

You can buy this product if you agree with our opinion and if you disagree, it’s totally fine; In this case, you can consider one of the five best Laser hair growth devices like caps & helmets.

Compare Prices of CapillusProCapillusPlus, and CapillusUltra

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