How Our Editor Select the Product?

Our health and wellness editors occasionally include links to relevant products that they believe may be useful to our readers. Although all products are selected independently, we would like to point out that DrugsBank can make a small part of its sales by making a purchase within 24 hours of clicking on one of the links we provide on the retailer’s website. If you buy a product, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

Our content is high-quality, evidence base, widely accepted, and based on research. In cases where theories and concepts discussed on DrugsBank do not have consensus support of the scientific community, we present both sides of the problem fairly.

Our articles contain citations that support the information in the articles. Many citations are peer-reviewed scientific articles.

  • Editorial research: Our team conducts research focusing on popularity, design, quality, innovation, value, verified customer reviews, and ease of use. Also, we seek out feedback from experts in relevant fields like doctors, nurses, and pharmacists.
  • Product testing: Our staff and contributors sometimes test products at home with families.
  • Community surveys: We ask real people in the DrugsBank Community to provide insights on the products they’ve used and love the most.