Kiierr vs Capillus: Which Is Better & Why?

Wondering who would win a fight between Kiierr Vs Capillus? This review article will tell you which one is best in terms of its price, efficacy, and safety?

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Capillus LLC is the company behind Capillus caps and it was founded in 2012. Till now this company has provided thousands of laser caps worldwide.

While the Kiierr cap is manufactured by Kiierr LLC a new company involved in the LLLT devices, also guaranteed hair growth in less than 7 months.

Kiierr Cap

Capillus Cap

Manufacturer: Kiierr

Manufacturer: Capillus LLC

Price: $595-$925.
Depending on the number of lasers

Price: $999– $2999
Depending on the number of lasers

Number of Lasers: 148 and 272

Number of lasers 82, 202 and 272

Duration of Therapy: 25 minutes every other day for 6 months

Duration of Therapy: 6 minutes every day for 6-12 months.

No reviews on Amazon and 
on company website 800+ reviews

Amazon Reviews

This article is a comparison between the Kiierr Vs Capillus. So let’s have a look at these two devices.


They both are laser devices aimed to promote healthy hair growth through medical-grade, non-invasive lasers. They both are used to reverse hair loss, balding and thinning problems.

They both come in cap form, and they both use the same low-level laser therapy—so no difference in the mechanism of these devices. They both claim to be FDA cleared.

Low-level laser therapy also known as red light therapy is a modern type of hair growth therapy that illuminate photons into the scalp tissues—these photons are absorbed by the weak cell to promote hair growth.

This type of therapy is safe with no side effects and is effective for both male and female pattern baldness. [1]


Kiierr Vs Capillus—Prices

Since they both use laser technology, which is expensive, don’t expect them to be cheap devices.

The Capillus 272 laser cap contains 272 laser diodes, and this cap comes in 3 different versions depending on the number of lasers used. They sell for $999– $2999. Capillus cap is FDA-cleared and proven to be safe and effective to use for hair growth.

While the price of Kiierr caps is relatively lower than the Capillus, they sell the same number of lasers at $595-$925.

The Capillus cap is really available on Amazon, Walmart, and other well-known e-commerce market place while the Kiierr is only available on their company website only.

Now, if you look at the prices, the prices range of Kiierr on the Official site. Here is how they charge you?

  • You will get a 272 Kiierr lasers cap for $925
  • For 148 lasers, the price is $595

Now let’s take a look at the Capillus prices.

  • The price of Capillus Ultra (82 Lasers) on Amazon is $999.
  • The Capillus Plus (202 Lasers) on Amazon is $1999.
  • Capillus Pro’s price containing 272 lasers is $2999.
Bottom Line

If you compare these devices in terms of their prices, you will see a massive difference between Kiierr Vs Capillus because, for 272 lasers, the Capillus is charging you around $3000, which you can get on $925 in the case of Kiierr. So why waste so much money when you can get in $925.

Kiierr Vs. Capillus —Warranty

The Kiierr laser cap offers a seven-month money-back guarantee, while the Capillus provides a one-year limited warranty on the cap and a 1-year limited warranty on the battery.

Kiierr Vs Capillus—Customer Review

The Capillus laser cap is available on Amazon, and there are many verified customer reviews, while Kiierr is not available on Amazon and other well-known stores. 

The Capillus Ultra has 157 ratings on Amazon, and the product has got 4/5 star ratings while there is no review about the Kiierr.

In my opinion, Capillus is a more trustable brand than Kiierr in terms of customer feedback. Many people do research before purchasing anything online, and their first thing is to check out what other people think about the brand—So Capillus is the winner here.

How To Use—Kiierr Vs Capillus?

The Capillus use is easy than the Kiierr. You will need to wear Kiierr for 25 minutes every other day while the Capillus is easy to use. You can wear Capillus for 6 minutes daily. During treatment, you can watch TV, play with your children, and engage in other activities. 

Are They Safe?

These two products are FDA cleared and are safe to use in most cases, but it is recommended to avoid direct contact with the eyes. 

They both use a low-level laser (650nm), which is safe for the skin. They don’t cause any harm to the cells and scalps tissues.

Do they work —Capillus Vs Kiierr?

If you look at the working mechanism, they both work on the same principle. They use low-level laser therapy, which might work for the growth and thickness of hairs in some cases. However, this is a slow process and may not work for a completely bald head. So results may vary from person to person. 

Verdict—Kiierr Vs Capillus

If you are looking for a well-established brand, then I recommend Capillus, but if budget is an issue for you then, you can go for Kiierr—a cheaper alternative to Capillus. 

Kiierr and Capillus may be similar in laser diodes, but when it comes to getting the best results, the Capillus is the clear winner.

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