Zomee Double Electric Breast Pump Review: Is It A Good Pump?

In this “Zomee double electric breast pump review,” you will learn what it is and how it works. What are the features, pros and cons, FAQs, and some customer Zomee breast pump reviews?

Since we are way past the gender discrimination days, women also tend to work day and night for their families. But that does not stop some women from making and raising a family. There was a time when women could either work or raise kids.

But thankfully, technology and innovation have changed this school of thought, and a woman can do both simultaneously. When it comes to raising a kid, the most critical aspect is making sure that the baby is fed correctly.

The essential food for the newborn baby is the mother’s breast milk. Because mother’s milk has extraordinary and unique antibodies that help the baby fight any disease, it is suggested that babies be fed with breast milk for at least eight months to 1 and a half years.

But when it comes to working women, there is a dilemma of women feeding in public. Some people think of it as a shameful act and believe that women should hide the process. While some women also feel shy about providing their baby openly in public, and that is why there are breast pumps for that.

In this buyer’s guide, we will look at some of the prominent features of this device and will tell you what you can and can’t expect?

Let’s have a quick overview first;

Zomee Breast Pump Review

Product Name: Zomee breast pump

Best Place To Buy: Amazon and company site

Customer Reviews

Total Reviews at the time of writing: 284

Zomee Double Electric Breast Pump Review

You must have read and heard many Unimom Zomee breast pump reviews, but here, you will be reading much more than usual. So, please stick with us and know more about Zomee breast pump.

Zomee is a portable and double electric breast specially designed for moms who want to stimulate their milk production and comfortably express milk anywhere and any time of the day.

So, let’’ start with the features of the Zomee breast pump.

  • Portability with Perplexing Functions: the main affair of using the breast pump is women feeding babies while traveling, either at the park, work, or at the beach. It is easy to carry as it is lightweight, weighing only 3.36 pounds. If you look at the functionality, it has nine natural sucking levels, and you can adjust to whatever level you feel comfortable with.


  • Quiet Operation and LCD Screen: babies sleep most difficulty, and a slight noise might make your night a nightmare. With all the latest innovations added to this breast pump, you can quietly pump milk at any time of night without getting the baby. With a bright LCD screen, you can see all the operational functions.


  • Comfortable Massage Cushion: the manufacturers have added thoughtful/caring features to this breast pump. Ensuring that you pump milk most comfortably gives your breasts a cozy feeling, so sit back and relax while the milk is pumped and stored.


  • Anti-Backflow System: you can change sides, lay high or low, sit or stand, whatever way you want to; with its anti-backflow system, it prevents the milk from going backward. This process is also called backing up the tubing, which is done to maintain the maximum level of hygiene.


  • Highly Functional: you can also call it a multifunctional breast pump because it can be charged in multiple ways. It comes with a USB wire, which means you can even set it in a car, and it also allows you to charge it with an AC adaptor.


  • Easy to Use: We recommend it because it is best for new mommies as it is super easy to use. It comes with two pumping modes: One is massage mode, and in this mode, the milk will be pumped quickly and in short sections. The second one is expression mode: in this mode, the milk will be pumped deeper and for longer suctions. With just one push of a button, you can switch between modes.


  • Durable and Safe: it is made up of hospital-grade material, which means it will be a one-time purchase until the baby learns to feed on a bottle. It is BPA, which means it will not create mold germ build-up or bacteria. This also means the milk will be free from harmful contaminations or pathogens.


  • Double pump: its dual pumping system pumps milk 18 times faster than different breast pumps on the market.

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How Does Zomee Breast Pump Work?

As we said before, using this breast pump is the easiest thing. Even a non-tech-savvy mom will understand how to use the Zomee breast pump.

⇒ Step 1: push the ON/OFF button at the machine’s bottom center.

⇒ Step 2: Select between two modes. Push the button with two teardrops. You can see which mode is currently on the top left side of the display. The two teardrops mean the machine is in Expression mode; a wave symbol will indicate that the machine is in Massage mode.

⇒ Step 3: you can control the suction level with the plus’ +’ and minus ‘-‘ buttons. You can see the level above the timer. The timer is displayed in the center of the display.

You can see the battery indicator above the level indicator. You will see a switch indicator when the machine is on charging.

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Importance of having a breast pump

No baby should ever endure the pain of hunger due to some tapering-minded people. Thankfully, breast pumps are the solution for it.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends human milk for the first six months. Sometimes, women can’t produce enough milk, so pumped milk is a great way to get breast milk.

Over 80% of the world’s women are working, and according to different surveys, more than 50% of them feel shy about feeding their babies in public. The below reasons will show why breast pumps are essential for all kinds of women:

Access To Original Milk

As a working mom, you may have to attend urgent and unforeseen meetings and leave the baby home to the nanny. Having a breast pump and storing the milk means that your baby will always have access to sustaining and healthful milk.

Life-Saving Device

The babies who have to be admitted to the NICU desperately need their mother’s milk, but since they cannot be nursed, a breast pump comes in handy. Breastfeeding is a challenging thing to do. Sometimes, the breasts’ skin can become super sensitive, and it becomes painful to feed the baby. In such a case, a breast pump is a lifesaver.

Prevent Skin Allergies

There are some minimal cases reported where the mom gets pimples on the breasts right after the birth and sometimes before the birth. So, you see why breast pumps are advantageous to prevent the pimples from touching the baby’s skin.


You can store breast milk in special-grade bottles. These bottles usually come with breast pumps. You can keep this milk in the fridge as well.

Customer Zomee Double Electric Breast Pump Reviews

If you look at the product reviews on Amazon and other platforms, you will see a mix of positive and negative Zomee breast pump reviews.

The pump has 284 total ratings, and most of them were overwhelmingly positive—4.3/5 star ratings on Amazon.

The pump is impressive for many people because the suction is excellent, and the price is low compared to other such brands.

For others, it’s comfortable, powerful, and a great companion for traveling.

Some were unhappy with the device and complained about the product and quality.

Overall, if you look at the customer Zomee Double Electric breast pump reviews on Amazon, I think it’s not bad, and most reviews are positive.

FAQs About Zomee Breast Pump

In this well-researched Zomee breast pump review, you will find all the answers to your questions about the awe-inspiring Zomee breast pump.

Q: What is inside the box?

Ans: when you buy it, you get the following things in a box:

  • Motor base.
  • Diaphragm cover cap.
  • Diaphragm.
  • Massage shield.
  • Hygiene cover.
  • 140ml bottle.
  • Nipples and lids.
  • Pump body.
  • Silicone sealant.
  • Breast shield.
  • Standard neck adapter.
  • PVC tube.
  • Valve and membrane.
  • Duckbill valve.
  • Bottle base.
  • PVC connector.
  • PVC adapter.
  • USB cord and AC adapter.
  • User manual.

Q: How to set up and tell about the performance?

Ans: This is a tricky part. You have to be very careful, not that it will damage the whole thing, but assembling it repeatedly can become fatiguing.

Step 1: hold the bottle and insert the membrane.

Step 2: Insert the valve in the membrane and close it to the body.

Step 3: Close the left side of the body with a breast shield and put on top of it with the massager.

Step 4:

  • Close the other opening of the body with a diaphragm.
  • Cover it with a diaphragm cover cap.
  • Close the opening with an air tube.

About the performance, you should and should not be able to feel the below sensations:

  • – Your nipples should not feel pain.
  • – While pumping, your breasts should feel light-weight.
  • – Your nipple should not blanch.
  • – You should not see a white circle around the pump.
  • – Your nipple should move freely inside the pump.

Q: How portable is Zomee?

Ans: it weighs less than 4 pounds, making it very portable.

Q: How effective is this brand?

Ans: It has been Mom’s No.1 Choice for the past decade.

Q: How long does the battery last?

Ans: on a fully charged battery, it can last for up to 2 hours.

Q: Is it easy to clean?

Ans: Cleaning this breast pump is as easy as ABC; you only have to sterilize the BPA-free plastic parts in boiling water for 10 minutes or less.

Q: Things to see before buying a breast pump for the first time.

Ans: Below are some of the crucial things to look out for when buying a breast pump for the first time:

  • Double v/s Single: Always check whether it’s a single pump or double. Usually, the double breast pump is suggested.
  • Durability: As these devices are expensive, the bottles and the machines must be strong enough to work for a long time.
  • Two Phases: opt for the breast pump with massaging and expression phases.
  • Nipple Sizes: the more nipple sizes the breast pump comes with, the better it will be.
  • Power Source: the baby can feel hungry at any time of the day, and having more than one charging option is best for sudden charging.
  • Noise Level and pump size: of course, all moms will look for the quieter version, and some breast pumps also come with different pump capsizes.
  • Customer Care and Spare Parts: sometimes, the entirely new machine doesn’t work, and having customer care that listens to you is a blessing. Spare parts like a second-hand pump and a silicone suction pump are another blessing.

Q: Pros and cons of Zomee breast pump?

Ans: we liked it because it is easy to use, much more comfortable, and comes with more than one type of charging facility. The downside, however, is that its charging time is only two hours.

What do I like About It?

  • It’s hospital-grade with a maximum suction of 280 mm Hg.
  • It’s a closed system pump, and it’s a plus point because such a system prevents germs and bacteria from growing in the milk.
  • The pump has a highly customizable setting to set a mode according to your needs.

What I Don’t Like About It?

  • For some people, the suction is as strong as Spectra.
  • Sometimes, it leaks out when you connect with the tubing.
  • There is no lid on the collection bottle.

Q: Is the Zomee Pump good value for money?

Of course, the pump has all the necessary functions; starting from a slim design to a powerful suction machine, an anti-backflow system, nine suction levels, an LCD screen, multiple charging options, and all the ultra-quiet operations. So, yes, it is worth the money.

Q: What do other people think about Zomee?

Ans: as for the other people, we will include moms. As mentioned above, it has been Mom’s No. 1 choice.

Verdict—In a Nutshell

Mother’s milk is undoubtedly one of the essential parts of the baby’s life and the first food or drink that will make the baby’s body strong and resistant to many diseases. For some women, feeding the kids is not easy, especially for new moms, and using a breast pump, especially the Zomee breast pump, will make your breastfeeding nothing but easy. 

In this Zomee breast pump review, we have answered all the questions and added all the details. If you did not find your answer here or want to tip us about it, let us know in the comments below.

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