Osaki OS 4000CS Massage Chair [Expert & Customer Reviews]

The Osaki Os 4000CS massage chair is an upgraded version of the Osaki OS-4000 and 4000 T models. It is one of the best selling massage chairs available on the market. The brand new design and the absolute innovation of a home massage chair. With the Osaki OS-4000CS, you will feel the incredible massage experience in the comfort and privacy of your home.

This one does have upgraded upholstery and also three levels of adjustment for the shoulder airbags so that if you have broader shoulders, you don’t have to worry about being squeezed, which sometimes occurs with the OS-4000 or the Os-4000 T. This one will allow adjusting in and then pop back out for even the widest of shoulders.

If you think of buying a massage chair, the Osaki OS 4000CS massage chair is the perfect choice for you. Let’s take a look at some of the prominent features of Osaki Os 4000CS massage chairs.

Osaki Os 4000cs Massage Chair Review (Quick)
  • Product Name: Osaki Os 4000 CS massage chair
  • Company: Osaki
  • Best Actual Price: 3295 $
  • Best Place To Buy: Amazon & Official Website



osaki os 4000 cs massage chair
Pic: Amazon

If you are a young or old, the Osaki Os 4000CS massage chair is designed for the ultimate comfort possible, and the user can even do customized massages based on one’s needs.

From the design perspective, the Osaki Os 4000 is economically designed to suit various spine shapes. This is important because it will support your neck, back, and your lumbar area.

Furthermore, this chair is very modern and equipped with the latest technology. In this Osaki OS 4000CS massage chair review, we will take an in-depth look at some of the prominent features, pros and cons, price, and customer experience.


Osaki OS 4000CS Massage Chair Features

  • L & S Track Massage System: You have the L track style of massage on the Osaki OS 4000 CS massage chair. This means that the rollers will go all the way from the back of the head under the seat and then back up again and so you get a medium to deep massage right from the neck. The Osaki 4000 massage chair is also ergonomically designed with an S-Track system to provide optimal comfort and an outline of the spine. The S-Track system is found on all models in the 4000 series.


  • Body Scan Technology: This chair does have a body scan on it, which will provide the chair with the data of where the shoulders are, and it allows for proper placement of the rollers. This chair features full body air compression starting at the shoulders, going to the arms into the calf and the foot.


  • Lumbar Heat Therapy: There are some lumbar airbags as well in this massage chair. They re-engineered the air compression chambers so that you will get full-body air compression. Even though there are only 24 airbags, this chair features six different automatic programs; you have deep tissue relax, you have stretch energy full air manual air, and then the energy massage, which is the most vigorous.


  • Air Bags: Like most massage chairs, the Oki OS-4000CS is built with a full-body airbag system that offers comfort throughout the body. The difference with the OS-4000CS is that it only uses 24 airbags to cover the same surface as the previous version. The Osaki OS-4000CS massage chair offers airbags on the shoulders and armrests to provide a compression massage that helps promote circulation with the arms and hands. Airbags in the hip and waist area inflate to squeeze the hip area while pressing the waist’s back to improve the lower back massage. The Osaki OS 4000CS massage chair offers air pockets in the legs and feet to promote circulation in the lower half of the body and apply foot massage, allowing the feet to accumulate in the pressed part. The pressure is exerted to stimulate acupuncture points on the feet.


  • Modes: This massage chair also features various styles of massage, such as kneading, tapping, rolling, and shiatsu. You also have dual action massage, and also you can select one spot on the back or of the back area and have those manual style massages go in that specific area. Great for tight neck and shoulders.


  • Programs: There are six automatic programs to choose from that combine all the different massage styles in a unique way to relieve the whole body. This includes an exclusive hip balancing function that will help you relax your lower back muscles. Osaki OS 4000CS massage chair includes 4 of the most popular massage styles and the ability to combine them to take your manual massage experience to a whole new level. These massage styles are Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, and Rolling.


  • Zero Gravity Position: This chair does feature zero gravity, which elevates the knees to above the heart, gives you that relaxing feeling with better circulation. This release helps to decompress the joints and muscles around the body, causing a feeling of weight loss throughout the body. Another benefit of relaxation in the joints and muscles is that most of the body weight is on the backstretch, which helps improve the intensity of the back massage without having to work hard with a massage chair.


  • Space-saving Technology: Osaki os 4000cs massage chair has got numerous special features on it like heat and space-saving technology; you need only four inches behind this chair so you can put very close to the wall is excellent for small spaces. There is vibration in the seat as well on this massage chair.


  • USB Port: The new feature in Osaki CS 4000 is the addition of a USB port so you can charge your phone while you’re getting the massage.


  • Wireless Remote Control: This chair also has a wireless remote control for adjusting your preferred settings with ease even when you are on a recline position. The localized back massage button lets you adjust the massage location further or focus on the specific area of the back.


  • Colors and Price: The Osaki CS 4000 comes in 3 different colors like black, brown, cream, and retail for 3295 dollars. Its weight is 250 pounds, and its height is 47 inches while the width is 30 inches.

How much does the Osaki OS 4000 CS massage chair cost?

The Osaki OS 4000 Cs massage chair may cost you up to 3200+ dollars. This price tag may be different for different stores, but at the time of writing this review, the Osaki massage chair was 3295$. (Note: This may change with time)

Pros & Cons

Let’s take a look at some of the Osaki Os 4000 CS massage chair’s pros and cons.


  • Fits a wide range of sizes from 5″ to 6.4″ and up to 235 pounds.
  • Available in 3 different colors, so you have a wide range of colors
  • They use space-saving technology so that you can put it close to the wall.
  • Come with a wireless remote controller.
  • Osaka OS 4000 CS massage chair has a spring-loaded footrest.
  • Shoulder Widths Can Be Adjusted To Accommodate Different Body Types


  • Spine reflexology massage is not available in this model
  • Bulky and large

Osaki OS 4000CS massage chair Reviews From Customers

Unfortunately, the customer reviews at forums and online stores are few. This makes it difficult for potential customers to see if it is the right product for their needs. Because this company does not disclose all the details of its refund policy, customers can contact their customer service team for more information before considering a purchase with this company.

The customer reviews about this products are a mix. Some praise its quality, and some criticize it. Let’s take a look at some reviews.

Positive Review: Nothing to not like!! It’s awesome! Helps to melt the daily stress away and relieve the aches and pains. By Dallas Windham

Another Person review on massage chair site “Our new massage chair works well, and we are delighted with our purchase. Emassagechair was easy to work with, and we highly recommend them!- By Ramona P

Negative Review: Another customer on Amazon complain about the poor quality and the worst customer service.



If you are looking for a massage chair with the above-discussed features and that too at an affordable price, this chair is for you. Osaki OS 4000 CS Massage Chair will be your ideal relaxation partner, whatever the situation. Whether you have a problem with deep or superficial muscles, the Osaki OS-4000CS massage chair will give you a reliable and relaxing massage. Each massage chair offers its benefits. Therefore, be sure to identify the most critical factors for you before choosing a specific massage chair.

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