10 Best Percussion Massagers For Athletes

Before going into the detail of the best percussion massagers for athletes, let me first tell you what actually is a Percussion massager?

A percussion massage device is a portable device that applies pressure concentrated deeply into muscle tissue. This form of deep tissue massage can quickly release knots and muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and improve movement freedom. When used correctly, a percussion massager can reduce recovery time while relieving pain, tension, and pain naturally associated with intense martial arts exercises.

What to look for before buying a percussion massager?

The three most important things are reliability, noise, and battery life. Always check the reviews or verify the device before buying.

Noise And Reliability

Noise and reliability are two important factors because a noisy machine irritates you during operations. It is important to keep this in mind as some devices can be extremely loud, especially when used in a closed room or areas closer to the ears.

Battery Life

The next important thing is the battery life. It is important for portable massage guns because nobody wants to recharge their devices after each use. It is especially important for large users, such as therapists, to have a longer battery so that the device treats its clients during the day.


In addition to the weight mentioned above, this is also a significant factor to consider before buying a percussion massager. Get an idea of ​​the weight of the devices before making a decision. If you are worried about your weight as soon as you take it, you will feel it more than 2 minutes after the start of your message.


A product warranty is provided in case of defect or premature failure. In addition to the warranty coverage period, it is essential to consider the possibility of claiming, especially if the device was purchased abroad.

Cordless design

Wireless percussion massagers are easier to handle, as you can move through different regions of your body without wires that twist around your arm or body. However, it should be borne in mind that drum percussion massagers often lack wired models’ performance. For this reason, you must examine all types of massagers that you want to buy to make sure they meet the required performance standards.


We have spent a lot of time researching and reviewing different brands of Best Percussion massagers for athletes. Hopefully, this will help you in selecting the best percussion massagers for athletes and other people.

Best Percussion Massagers For Athletes

Here is a list of best percussion massager for athletes and other people looking for massager guns.

1. Theragun G3

This brand is a market leader and known for its professional quality products.  One of this model’s main advantages is that it was developed for professional use and is the most advanced model on the market. Working in a muscle group takes less than a minute, which makes it more flexible and stronger. This unit is a true beast because it has about 60 kilos of power. The massager offers two-speed options: a standard option and a lighter one. The first produces up to 40 beats per second.

Since this percussion gun is so powerful, it is not surprising that it works with two rechargeable batteries. Therefore, you don’t have to spend extra money to buy new batteries. Customers greatly appreciate this model, claiming it is a great device that provides instant relief by contracting muscles and cramps. Some of them recommend using the application, which can be used as a good guide. Although this percussion weapon is the most expensive on the list, it is worth buying.

The product comes with six accessories that can be used as needed. Whether you want to treat painful areas, large muscle groups, shoulders, or lower back, you will find a suitable accessory in the kit. The product has a comfortable design with an ergonomic handle, while the arm can be adjusted to 4 angles.



  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable arm to adjust for hard-to-reach places
  • Physician calibrated
  • Battery life up to 60 minutes of continuous use
  • Full-body coverage with adjustable arms
  • 50 percent quieter than the previous version


  • The massager offers two-speed options
  • The price is a bit high, but if you can afford this is the best percussion massager for athletes and other people.
  • Doesn’t offer any pulse settings
best percussion massager for athletes
Pic: Amazon

2. Opove G3 Pro

Opove G3 Pro with 4 applicators works for full-body muscle massage. Ball Shape for bulk muscle groups, like waist, back, buttocks, thighs, calves, Point Shape for deep tissue massage, precise massage; Flat Shape for muscle relaxation, muscle plasticity; Folk Shape for massaging the neck, spine, and Achilles.

The massage gun can awaken your mind, enliven your soul, and leave your body healthier and shapelier than ever. It can also leave your muscles and joints sore, tender, and aching. This neck massager pad has 3-speed strength levels, which allow you to get the right and appropriate amount of pressure to relieve your muscle pain.

With up to 3,200 percussions per minute, it truly feels like a professional massage is medically treating your muscles. The intensity is adjustable. There are three-speed levels, which allow you to change up the pressure and speed as you need.


  • Rechargeable with good battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Come with adjustable intensities
  • Quiet
  • Great carrying case
  • Easy to use.


  • Some customer complain of noise
Best percussion massager for athletes
Pic: Amazon

3. Exerscribe Vybe Pro

The VYBE Pro is a high-speed, high-quality 9-speed machine with a powerful impact vibration that allows you to run from 1,800 to 3,400 rounds per minute, depending on the speed you choose. While similar massage therapists have the impression of vibrating, ours are like real percussions.

With 60 decibels, 33 pounds of power, 12-speed settings, 5 removable massage heads, battery life of 3 hours, and up to 3400 beats per minute, this massage is the perfect combination of all the features of other tall massagers. Level.

At 60 decibels per minute, it is certainly quieter than many massage therapists. So, if noise is a problem for you, it’s fine.

With 12 speed settings, this massager has more variable speeds than other massagers on the list. The minimum speed is 1,800 rpm, and the maximum speed is 3,400 rpm. It is as fast as Plenary 5.0.

Although 33 pounds of force/torque does not exceed this list, give yourself a deep massage that relieves pain in 5 to 10 minutes.


  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Variable speeds


  • Lack of adjustable arm
Best percussion massager for athletes
Pic: Amazon

4. RXgun Super RX

The RXGun is considered one of the best percussion massagers for athletes on the market. In fact, it is made of durable aluminum, not only durable but also resistant to bumps and scratches. The tips are made of 7075er material and ensure a pleasant grip.

Using a proven scientific frequency and amplitude of vibration, the ACTIVE massager can activate the muscles, increase blood flow, dramatically reduce muscle recovery time, relieve pain, and help warm up.

It now has a voltage of 20V that provides an effective and powerful message that hits all the right notes. Basically, the RXGun is well designed, easy to use, and has all the features you would expect from a professional masseuse.


  • Easy to use
  • Made of durable aeronautical aluminum
  • A lifetime warranty covers tips.
  • simple maintenance


  • A bit noisy than the competitors
Best percussion massager for athletes
Pic: Amazon

5. BearMax

The BearMax massage gun is designed to relieve stiff and sore muscles in just a few moments. That’s the reason this is the best percussion massager for athletes. It comes with 4 interchangeable tips to improve blood circulation, restore soft tissue, and relax fascia muscles. It can also shorten athletes’ recovery time by minimizing the amount of lactic acid that muscles produce after exercise. All this is possible thanks to the ultra-low damping technology of BearMax, which is already in its fifth generation.

It comes with a rechargeable 2500 mAh 6 x 24 V battery that can be used continuously for up to 5 hours, thanks to BCT’s dynamic energy-saving technology. Actually, it is a powerful, high-tech, and durable device, safe to use and durable.

This unit is also equipped with a noise damping housing with aerodynamic properties, an acoustic insulation panel, and a rear engine filter. Together, these functions eliminate the risk of the device becoming noisy during use.


  • It comes with 20 adjustable speed levels.
  • Digital screen
  • Work in silence
  • Includes 4 removable massage heads.
  • The battery can last for 5 hours per single charge.


  • Some customer complains of loose handle after using for some time.
Best percussion massager for athletes
Pic: Amazon

6. ARG Massage Gun – Athletic Deep Tissue Massager for Muscle Recovery

As its name indicate, this is the best percussion massager for athletes. The Athlete Recovery Gun has 6-speed levels, an automatic trigger, so you don’t have to keep it pressed all the time, and a 22-inch run length that allows you to dig deep into these heavy knots.

It is also the best percussion massager for athletes on the market. It has a range of 500-2400 strokes per minute. This allows your ARG to be effective for all types of athletic body. The ergonomic handle allows versatile accessibility to all parts of the body.

Your ARG massage gun comes with two quick-charge batteries, three different massage heads, a quick charger, and a sleeping bag.


  • They offer 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Use a powerful machine


  • The handle of the gun heats up after 10 minutes of use.
  • Very loud and noisy
Best percussion massagers for athletes
Pic: Amazon

7. Pleno M3 Massage Gun

If you are looking for the best percussion massagers for athletes or other people,  you might as well get one with powerful capabilities. The Pleno M3 massage gun features a 6-speed adjustment system that allows athletes to adjust the frequency, amplitude, and torque for a customizable percussion massage that suits their needs.

The kit comes with four mounting tips that allow you to access each activation point so you can immediately access that sensitive point and reduce recovery time. The adjustable rotating head of the M3, six adjustable gears, and low weight are just some of the reasons why this percussion massage gun has a high rating and a good rating.


  • Come with 5 Massage Heads
  • Use Food Grade Silicone Protective Cover
  • Easy to use
  • One Year Replacement


  • Loud although they use Noise Reduction Technology


Best percussion massager for athletes
Pic: Amazon

8. TimTam Power Massager V1.5

The TimTam Power Massager V1.5 massager looks like a deep, economical, and mobile massage therapist. It is effortless to use and powerful enough to deliver 2500 RPM.

In the box, there is a massage head; the brand offers the other tests but separately. The included head is soft for the softer parts of the body and can be used for most muscle groups.


  • Threaded Shaft
  • economical
  • It comes with an adjustable head that fits all muscle groups.


  • It has only one massage head.
  • There were complaints about the difficulty of recharging the battery.
Best percussion massager for athlethes
Pic: Amazon

9. Rapid Release RRT-PRO2

The rapid Release RRT-PRO2 is popular with chiropractors, massage therapists, and sports trainers. While this is ideal for athletic and competitive athletes, it could be equally effective for people with chronic conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

Rapid Release operates at a frequency two or three times faster than other vibration processors. The high frequency combined with a tiny stroke provides enough energy, while the treatments remain soft enough to treat various minor pains.

Use Rapid Release to relax the contracted muscles and relieve minor pain in searching for your daily routine. It can make you more fit, relaxed, and ready for action.

The quick-release treatment sessions last only a few minutes and can incorporate pain control at any busy time. Rapid Release Pro2 is preferred by chiropractors, athletic trainers, massage therapists, and other professionals.

Rapid Release technology offers all this and more with Pro2. It is a patented high-speed vibrating device that resolves stiff and stiff muscles in minutes. The Pro2 is a welcome addition to the other modalities you are currently using. These features make it one of the best percussion massagers for athletes.


  • Operates at 10000 rpm
  • Gentle stroke helps minor injuries
  • Can use over clothing without snags


  • Expensive than other competitor products, but this is the most popular massage gun with athletes and chiropractors.
Best percussion massager for athletes
Pic: Amazon

10. DMS Professional

DMS Professional is not really for casual users. It is better for those who face migraines, sciatica, temporomandibular joint, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and bursitis.

It increases muscle metabolism and increases the lactic acid cycle to relieve pain. Deep, fast, and short drums are the key to pain relief. DMS can be used to treat acute and chronic pain effectively, but not only for migraine, sciatica, temporomandibular joint, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, bursitis, edema, myofascial pain, and frozen joints.

It is known that deep muscle stimulator increases blood flow and lymph flow. The direct mechanical action of rhythmic pressure and movement used in DMS can dramatically increase blood flow. Stimulation of nerve receptors causes the expansion of blood vessels, which also promotes blood circulation.


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