Keranique Review: Do they work? [Pharmacist’s Guide]

Are Keranique legitimate products or just another money-grabbing scam? Have you ever read some of the real Keranique reviews online?

Keranique is a set of popular hair treatment products specially designed to improve your hair growth, and combat thinning hair problems and female pattern baldness.

Quick Review

  • Full Name: Keranique Hair Growth Treatment.
  • Best Actual Price: $49. You can also get a discount if you buy it in bulk.
  • Cheapest Place To Buy: Amazon & The company’s Official site.
  • My Rating: 7.0 out of 10
  • Recommended?: 100%– as long as you can afford:
    • The product is packed with 1 FDA-approved medicine + a blend of some other ingredients.
    • Thousands of satisfied users swear by it. 

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We Like

  • The texture of the shampoo and conditioner is really nice.

  • The supplement contains an FDA approved medicine for alopecia- Minoxidil.

  • Keranique is readily available in several online and offline pharmacies.

  • There are many positive Keranique Reviews on Amazon and other well-known platforms.

  • This hair growth product is free from toxic chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

  • One of the ingredient is FDA approved and may help you thicken your hair follicles.

  • Keranique system comes with a three months money-back guarantee.


We Don't Like

  • Some customers reported hair loss after using this hair growth system.

  • You will need to purchase the whole system, but only one product contains the FDA-approved ingredient.

  • The auto shipping option is also very irritating because they will automatically send you the product every month.

  • Lots of negative customer feedback on the Amazon product page.

Keranique Review (Full)


Keranique is a line of hair growth products specially formulated to tackle hair loss and improve hair growth, promote new hairs, and fight thinning hair problems in women.

The active ingredient in this topical hair treatment is 2% minoxidil, effective at growing lashes and shrinking follicles for those suffering from baldness.

However, most of the Keranique reviews are somehow positive. Still, some people think that it’s too risky because of how quickly their skin becomes inflamed after application.

Others say it’s nothing but one big marketing ploy designed by “shark tank” style companies who prey on vulnerable customers desperate enough to look elsewhere when faced with losing all their confidence.

With all the negative press about hair loss, you might be thinking there is no way to battle it. 

Keranique is a low-cost product that will help grow your locks in just months – not years of trial and error like other treatments can take. Plus, their line includes products for thinning spots or female pattern baldness, too.

In this Keranique review, you will learn each and everything related to this brand from its ingredients, side effects, dosage, its line of hair loss supplements, and some genuine customer Keranique reviews.

What is Keranque?

Keranique is a company that markets itself as being very confident in its product, like when it boasts about being America’s #1 Selling Hair Regrowth System for Women. This infomercial proudly displays all of the shiny features and benefits offered by this 4-part system, including how easy it will be to maintain healthy-looking scalps with just one simple treatment each day.

Keranique is a popular brand for women who want to grow their hair and get rid of signs of thinning. The shampoo promises thicker, stronger locks with its special scalp stimulating formula that helps eliminate DHT buildup on your head while moisturizing the follicles from inside out, leaving you feeling refreshed in more ways than one.

Keranique’s Shampoo & Conditioner combo pack comes equipped with quality ingredients and features proprietary technology designed by an internationally renowned dermatologist specifically formulated without harsh chemicals or additives.

Keranique is a hair regrowth treatment system. It has been known to produce good results, but there are some complaints and negative Keranique reviews from consumers that you should consider before purchasing it.

Keranique shampoo reviews show what people have experienced when using this product; we will also look at Keraniqe complaints about their products, so users know exactly how things go if they choose not to purchase them outright (or even worse: get scammed). 

Keranque Products

Keranique is a three-step system for women to help them regrow their hair.

Keranque consists of the following product;

  • Scalp stimulating shampoo
  • Volumizing Keratin Conditioner
  • Lift & Repair Spray
  • Hair Regrowth Treatment
  • Regrowth system (30 days)


  1. Shampoo & Conditioner: The first part of the process includes shampooing and conditioning your locks, then using an all-natural volumizing conditioner containing 2% Minoxidil to target areas where you want new hair growth.
  2. Regrowth Treatment: This one comes in a spray form, with its clinically proven and FDA-approved ingredient, the Keranique® Hair Regrowth Treatment is a great way for women experiencing thinning locks. The active ingredients of this product target area where new growth should occur, which helps make it more effective than other treatments like Rogaine or Propecia in rebuilding your hair loss due to baldness.
  3. Lift & Repair Treatment: If you want smooth, silky hair and no split ends, then the Keranique® Lift & Repair Treatment Spray is your best option. It’s designed for all types of hairs, including thick or thin wigs that need extra help restoring shine.

How do they work?

The Keranique treatment system uses different products to stop hair loss and repair the damage: 

Cleanse with a shampoo that stimulates blood flow, removes excess oils from the scalp, and a buildup of dirt or makeup. Cleanse & Protect is a sulfate-free shampoo that’s free from parabens and dyes; protects your scalp to prevent breakage while giving more volume than ever before.

Conditioner thickens your locks while revitalizing follicle stem cells at a rejuvenating time. Keratin conditioner will leave you looking like a sexy celebrity without any damage done by harsh chemicals found in other brands’ products.

Apply serum made specifically from generic ingredients, including Human Progesterone (HPG) and Jojoba Oil – essential ingredients found naturally in women’s hormonal levels before ovulation when they’re most receptive sexually.

Finally, use an emollient spray for maximum hydration. This will leave you feeling refreshed without looking shiny. 

For the best results, try using their full hair regrowth system for four months or 120 days. 

The benefits of the Keranique program are endless. You can order products online or by phone at 1-800-504-4753 and get everything from 10% off your purchase to an extra 30 days with no interest. They also offer savings through their auto-ship delivery system, so you never have any worries about running out again.

Signing up is easy; it takes three months’ worth of supply every 90 days on a monthly payment schedule. This means they will be shipped straight away without filling each month while saving money in shipping costs along the way, too, because let’s face it: nobody likes paying more than necessary, right?

Does Keranique Really Work?

Yes, it will work up to some extent and in some people. But, whether it is because of the recently FDA-approved ingredient or not, there are many reasons why people want to try out Keranique. 

One thing that makes them unique? They offer a 120-day money-back guarantee on their product. This type of guarantee allows any customer who isn’t satisfied with the results at any time – no questions asked. 

But there are a lot of complaints about the guarantee from the real customers which make it doubtful claim. So, in my opinion, this product looks great, but there are some major issues like many unsatisfied customers, a high price tag, and an auto shipping policy. 

Cost and Where To Buy?

The complete package costs $49, including all four products and a bonus item: the detangling comb, a four-piece travel kit with a travel bag, and a volumizing brush.

Shipping on your order also comes with free returns so you can get back what’s left in bottles after using up their contents or shipping charges — no need for full price if they’re empty thanks to their 120-day money-back guarantee policy (less return shipping). 

Once signed up, they will automatically send out 90 days’ worth of treatments through monthly subscriptions that fit into most people’s lives seamlessly without disrupting work/school schedules like some other companies require before providing service discounts. 

Keranique is a great product, but it does require you to sign up for a subscription. The good news? They offer different options so that your costs don’t skyrocket.

You can purchase individual products through Amazon or find them at lower price points on eBay sometimes, too, if they go out of stock in certain areas.

But overall, I recommend grabbing this great hair loss remedy while still saving some dough by ordering more than one bottle at once.

Keranique Hair Regrowth System Side Effects

All of the products are topical and the chances of side effects are low but like many other products, this one also comes with some side effects.

Let’s have a look;

The hair regrowth system contains 2% of minoxidil which might cause skin irritation, eczema, abnormal hair growth on the body, burning sensation, and sometimes respiratory infections.

Oral biotin can cause skin rashes, digestive upset, and kidney problems but it is generally safe in topical form.

Stop using Keranique product if it causes dizziness, heartbeat, and chest pain. The product is also not recommended in case of abrupt weight gain, redness, and irritation of the scalp.

Keranique products may also cause unwanted hair growth on the facial areas as well as other body parts.

Please note that these products are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It may be harmful to the mother and baby.

What Do Other People Think About It—Keranique Reviews?

Keranique is a hair growth supplement that customers have positively reviewed. They reported thicker, fuller hair and the ability to combat stress-related or autoimmune-related loss of scalp hairs due to their regular use of Keranique’s product over many years.

Some users suffer disappointment when using it because it does not produce results like this for everyone. However, most people still think highly enough about what these pills can do for them in battling thinning hair caused by hormonal imbalance (including mini bouts during menopause) and various other factors outside your control.

If you look at the customer Keranique reviews on Amazon, you will see that the product had a 3.7/5 star rating when the total reviews were 263.

So let’s have a quick look at some of the positive and negative Keranique Reviews.

Positive Keranique Reviews

  • For most people on Amazon, the product work great and improve hair density.
  • For others, it’s a miracle and works against the hair thinning problem.
  • Some customers noted that their hair is growing and becoming fuller after using this product.
  • According to one customer, this product is easy to use.

Negative Keranique Reviews

Please note that this supplement has a lot of negative feedback too on Amazon. Here is a look at some of the negative Keranique reviews.

  • One customer complained that the product is terrible and has bald spots all over her head after using these supplements.
  • For others, the cost is going up and is not worth the money.

Let’s be honest, every product has some positive and negative points, but overall this is not a bad supplement but not outstanding. 

Keranique Alternatives

There are hundreds of hair growth supplements for women and men and almost all of them claim to improve your hair volume. Here are some of the most popular and similar brands;

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Keranique good for hair regrowth?

Keranique’s Hair Regrowth Treatment helps women overcome their thin, unreachable hair with the only FDA-approved ingredient clinically proven to help them regrow. Use twice a day and every day for healthy fuller-looking locks of lustrous tresses. 

How effective is Keranique?

Keranique, the company specializing in hair growth treatments, has finally created a product to make your split ends disappear for good! The Lift and Repair Treatment is clinically proven as It contains minoxidil which repairs the damage done by styling tools or chemicals like bleach. It also prevents breakage by soothing inflammation on top of revitalizing existing cells with every use.

How much minoxidil is in Keranique?

Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment is a hair treatment that helps women regrow their hairs and comes with 2% minoxidil -the only FDA-approved ingredient clinically proven to do so.

Is Keranique worth the money?

In my opinion, yes, it is worth the money because of its proven ingredient. Also, Keranique reviews on different sites are relatively positive, with 61% of 5-star reviews saying they would recommend Keranique products to a friend. Many people noticed measurable results within one month after using the product for a while. Please note, that the products may not work for all. 

Is Keranique safe to use?

Yes, generally, it is safe. All of the ingredients are used topically, and we all know they have no serious side effects. However, there are some Keranique side effects like eczema, skin redness, and abnormal body hair. 

Verdict—Keranique Review

I am always on the lookout for a good product to help me grow my hair. I wanted something that would be natural, without any side effects, and most importantly, affordable.

So when I came across Keranique — With scientifically proven (FDA approved ingredient), as one of America’s leading brands in terms of health products. 

What did you think?

I immediately jumped at this opportunity because it contains Minoxidil (a well-known ingredient known for its property with thickening) and Biotin, which helps promote healthier-looking locks while maintaining an overall healthy head/face appearance. 

So, the bottom line is, that the product will help you improve your weak hair follicle plus strengthen your hair, nails, and skin because of biotin and other herbal ingredients. 

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