Umzu Redwood Review By a Pharmacist [2022 Expert’s Opinion]

If you are looking for an honest Umzu Redwood Review, this article is for you.

Umzu Redwood is another dietary supplement aimed at boosting your nitric oxide level for better circulatory support, improving your erectile dysfunction and sexual performance.

The product is not advertised as a sexual booster. Instead, they claim it will boost your N.O levels, which is good for blood flow support and heart health.

Sexual performance can be improved either by boosting the level of Testosterone or nitric oxide.

Many people face ED because of the insufficient blood supply to the penile tissues, while in many aging males, the problem can also be due to the deficiency of testosterone level.

That’s the reason many supplements in the market are offering to boost your N.O level. One such supplement is Umzu Redwood.

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In this Umzu Redwood Review, we will see whether it’s worth the price and whether it works or another scam?

Umzu Redwood Review (Quick)

Manufactured By: Umzu

Product Full Name: Redwood

Best Place To Buy: Amazon and Official Site

Customer Reviews

Total Review: 3500+

Umzu Redwood Review (Full)

Redwood is a natural product developed by a chemists team, led by the founder and Duke University graduate in Neuroscience named Christopher walker.

Like other sexual products, this one also claims to improve your sexual health through naturally boosting nitric oxide production in the body.

The product is a mixture of plant-based ingredients such as Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid), Horse Chestnut Extract (Seed), Odorless Garlic Powder (Bulb), Pine Bark Extract, Casein Hydrolysate (VasoDrive-AP), L-Leucine, Rice Powder, and Gelatin (Capsule). [We will discuss these ingredients one by one in the article]

According to the company, all the ingredients are clinically proven to be effective in nitric oxide production and support a healthy blood flow.

It comes in a 180 capsules bottle, and you will need to take 3 capsules of Redwood 2 times a day with food. 

Redwood Benefits

Based on the ingredients present in this formulation, the product has clinically shown to be effective in;

  • Boost the blood flow and improve cardiovascular health. 
  • It may also increase stamina and energy.
  • The effect is also beneficial for immune health.
  • It can also boost sexual performance.

Redwood Ingredients: Do they work?

Here is a list of ingredients used in the Redwood supplement.

  • Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid),
  • Odorless Garlic Powder (Bulb),
  • Horse Chestnut Extract (Seed),
  • Pine Bark Extract,
  • Casein Hydrolysate (VasoDrive-AP),
  • L-Leucine, Rice Powder, and
  • Gelatin (Capsule)

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and is most commonly found in citrus fruits like orange, lemons, limes, grapes, etc.

Research suggests that Vitamin C can boost nitric oxide by increasing its bioavailability and maximizing its absorption. 

Studies also report that vitamin c may also maximize an enzyme known as nitric oxide synthase—an enzyme necessary for nitric oxide production. 

Garlic Powder

Another ingredient present in the Redwood supplement is odorless Garlic powder. The enzyme (Nitric oxide synthase) can also be activated by using garlic powder, as per some studies. Nitrix oxide synthase is responsible for the conversion of L arginine to nitric oxide. 

Horse chestnut Extract

The Redwood has also included horse chestnut in their formulation, which is useful in vein health and reduces inflammation.

The ingredient in Horse chestnut is aescin, and this constituent has many proven health benefits. It may treat varicose veins, male infertility, can fight cancer cells, may also relieve hemorrhoids, and has potent anti-inflammatory effects. 

Pine Bark extract

Pine bark extract has too many health benefits including its effect as a blood flow enhancer. It is also working to increase your nitric oxide level in the body which persuades positive cardiovascular effects that help improve vascular health.

Casein Hydrolysate

It is the protein most commonly found in dairy products. This protein is derived from milk and is slow digesting.

Casein is very effective for muscle growth that’s why athletes and bodybuilders most commonly used it. According to a study, it provides a high amount of leucine, which starts muscle protein synthesis.

Pros and Cons of Redwood

What Do I Like About It?
  • The product comes in a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • There is no filler, binder, and other toxic chemicals, so anyone can safely use the product.
  • Many customers praise the product.
  • It helps in circulation and blood flow.
  • It may also boost your energy and stamina and also work for erectile dysfunction.
What I Don't Like About It
  • It may cause side effects in combination with other blood pressure medications.
  • The serving size is 3 capsules, which is hard to swallow.
  • The price may be an issue for some people.

Umzu Redwood Side Effects—Is Redwood safe to use?

The company said that its product is free from toxins and chemicals. They also claim that the product is 100% natural and organic, so the chances of side effects are low. Still, you may experience some minor side effects while taking this supplement. 

  • One customer noted a bitter taste and shortness of breath.
  • For some, it may cause vertigo. 
  • The pine bark extract may cause stomach upset and dizziness.
  • It may cause lower blood pressure, especially if you are already taking other BP medications.
  • The horse chestnut present in the supplement may also cause nausea and other digestive issues.
  • If you are allergic to any of the above ingredients, stop taking them immediately.

Please note that these are not full side effects. If you experience any other side effects after taking this product, please add it in the comment so that others can see it.

Where to buy Umzu Redwood?

The product is readily available on many online and offline retailers, but the best place to buy this product is their official website. Other places to purchase this product are Amazon, Walmart, and many other such stores. 

The product is available in different offers on the company website.

One time purchase bundles include:

  • 1-month supply for $39.95—1 pack
  • 3-month supply for $107.88—3 packs

 If you subscribe to the monthly offers, you can save some bucks;

  • One month supply for $33.96
  • 3-months supply for $91.70

Is it worth the price?

The Redwood supplement contains some natural ingredients that may help people with blood circulatory issues or people having varicose veins and erectile dysfunction. 

Customer Umzu Redwood Reviews

If you look at the customer reviews on Amazon, you will see many positive and negative redwood reviews.

The product had 4.3/5 when the total global ratings were more than 3500.

Positive Umzu Redwood Reviews 

Most of the consumers who used the product were praising its efficacy and potency.

According to Paul R Wilcox—This is an excellent product for painting a healthy blood pressure.

Adrian said This is a healthier pre-workout solution as it makes me energized, alert, focused, clear-minded, and adds a significant pump.

For Stacy R, this is an excellent product, and she and her husband are already using it. It has improved their circulation and blood health, but the only downside to this product is that they use gelatin, and they are vegetarian.

Negative Umzu Redwood Reviews

Although the redwood reviews are mostly positive, some people have criticized its potential side effects.

According to one customer, the product has caused him asthma side effects, shortness of breath, and bitter taste.

For others, it is useless with no benefits and causes terrible side effects like vertigo, stomach upset, and dizziness.

What have we learned so far from this Redwood Review?

This is an excellent product with clinically dosed ingredients proven to be effective in clinical studies, but strong clinical support is still not available.

Also, the product is natural, but natural doesn’t mean safe. It may cause serious side effects if used along with other blood pressure medications. 

Verdict—Redwood Review

Based on the ingredients and customer feedback, we think Redwood will work for some people and may not work for all. 

It may help you improve your blood pressure and varicose vein, but it may also be dangerous to take with other blood thinner and blood pressure medications. 

Always consult your doctor before using this supplement if you are already taking other medicines and or suffering from other conditions.  

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