Ageless Male Max Review By A Pharmacist: Legit Or Scam?

It’s time for Ageless Male Max Review – which is a natural remedy for boosting testosterone levels.

  • So Is it safe to use and does this supplement really work?
  • Is it any more special than other such products on the market?

Let’s find out more in detail in this comprehensive guide. 

You may have low testosterone if you have a low sex drive, fatigue, weight gain, and muscle loss.

Testosterone is a hormone that plays many essential roles throughout the body. It’s primarily male sex hormones, known as androgens, and it helps maintain reproductive tissue like testicles. Testosterones also support muscle strength for both sexual functions (ejaculating) but even more so during daily life activities such as exercise.

Men produce less testosterone as they age, leading to several issues, including erectile dysfunction and decreased sex drive. Additionally, low levels could contribute to weight Gain/Loss problems due to sexual stimulation while affecting bone strength.

According to a review study, testosterone’s average level is between 280 and 1100 nanograms in deciliter. [1] Anything less than the normal value is considered a low testosterone level. 

In most cases, the testosterone level drops after the 40s. But the question is, is there any way to increase it to the normal level?

The condition is mostly treated using different prescription methods like testosterone replacement therapy, transdermal patches, gels, oral capsules, tablets, and injections. 

However, there are also hundreds of natural testosterone boosters on the market, and most of them claim to improve your test level naturally. One such supplement is Ageless Male Max— a self-proclaimed but popular testosterone booster.

The question is, do these supplements work? Would you mind reading our Ageless Male Max review to find out more about this brand? 

Let’s have a quick overview first.

Ageless Male Max Review (Quick)

Manufacture By: New Vitality

Product Full Name: Ageless Male Max

Customer reviews

Total Ratings: 1255

Ageless Male Max Review (Full)

What is Ageless Male Max?

Ageless Male Max is total testosterone & nitric oxide booster specially designed for men with low testosterone.

New Vitality manufactures it. The company is well known in the market for other male and female health supplements.

Ageless Male Max is a mixture of ingredients that may aid male health and fight some common aging symptoms like poor sex drive, weight gain, muscle loss, and lack of energy. 

It is the advance and more updated version of other Ageless male products.

The price of this supplement is around 49.95$/60 capsule, and you will need to take two capsules per day to last for 30 days—one in the morning and one in the evening.

It works by increasing nitric oxide levels in the blood, reducing body fats, supporting healthy sleep, and improving sex drive.

According to the company’s claims, this product will increase your TOTAL testosterone while most market products boost FREE testosterone, which is only 3% of the total testosterone.

The company also claims that Ageless male max contains KSM-66 that has proven to be effective in Total testosterone boosting, reduction in body fats, and greater muscle mass.

The product is marketed as a life-changing, most potent, safe, and proven ingredient with no harmful chemicals in its formula.

While these are all marketing tricks, we will see whether it’s worth the price and it is safe to use or not?

Does Ageless male max work, and is it worth the price?

In this Ageless Male Max Review, we will dig more information and tell you what it is and what you should expect?

Let’s have a look at the ingredients first.

Ageless Male Max Ingredients

The Ageless male max formula has a powerful and proprietary blend of natural ingredients.

Here is a list of Ageless Male Max Ingredients. One serving contains the following vitamins and minerals.

  • Vitamin D3— 41.7mcg,
  • Niacin— 8mg,
  • Vitamin B6— 1mg,
  • Vitamin B12 —1.2mg,
  • Zinc —15mg,
  • Ashwagandha Root Extract— 388mg,
  • “SPECTRA” Proprietary Blend —100mg

This SPECTRA blend includes Coffee Bean Extract, Broccoli Sprout Extract, Green Tea Extract, Onion Bulb Extract, Acerola Fruit Extract, Quercetin, Apple Extract, Tomato Fruit Powder, Camu Camu Fruit Powder, Broccoli Powder, Acai Berry Powder, Tumeric Root Powder, Garlic Bulb Powder, Basil Leaf Powder, Cassia Bark Powder, Carrot Root Powder, Oregano Leaf Powder, European Elder Fruit Powder, Black Current Fruit Extract, Mangosteen Fruit Powder, Raspberry Fruit Extract, Sprout Powder.

One of the core components of this formula is Ashwagandha, a herb most commonly used in stress, anxiety, and improving sperm quality[2]. It can also increase your muscle mass and strength. [3]

If you look at the other ingredients in ageless male max, they help normal body functioning and energy production. For example, vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamins B6, and Vitamin B12 help the body metabolize and release energy.

Niacin can help convert food into energy. It’s also crucial for making DNA that repairs itself and protects against inflammation-causing agents like free radicals that lead to heart disease or stroke risks reduction in men with high cholesterol levels.

Vitamin B6 is another essential ingredient in Ageless Male Max. It’s also known as pyridoxine, and it helps create hemoglobin which carries oxygen around your body to help you get rid of any waste products through cellular respiration (energy production). Vitamin B6 also has other essential functions like regulating moods with serotonin – something we all need daily.

The body also needs a steady supply of vitamin B-12 to stay healthy. Without it, you might experience severe symptoms, including memory loss or an inability for the brain to function.

Zinc is also one of the most crucial elements in our body, and its deficiency has been linked to erectile dysfunction. If your diet lacks protein or vegetarian intake, then it’s likely possible for deficiency to arise. Ageless Male Max contains 15mg of Zinc which is more than enough to produce its effects.

The SPECTRA blend is somehow a new addition and is a combination of 23 ingredients, and the total quantity of this blend is around 100mg per serving. The ingredients are natural herbs extracts and will promote health and well-being, but I am sure they dusted them in the formulation. They are underdosed.

Unlike their competitors, they think their formula is well crafted and has high-quality ingredients. According to this product’s makers, Ageless Male Max is free from Caffeine and harmful chemicals.

How Does Ageless Male Max Work?

The supplement is a mixture of different ingredients and claims to work on other ways to improve your test levels.

The ingredients in Ageless Male Max may increase nitric oxide levels by as much as 64%, leading to better blood flow throughout your body.

The supplement also includes KSM-66, a mood booster that can lower cortisol and produce healthy energy production from the brain’s hippocampus region for men who have low testosterone or suffer from age-related decline in this hormone with time.

Does Ageless Male Max Work?

The formula is a combination of 6 ingredients and one propriety blend. The core ingredient is Ashwagandha KSM-66, and a proprietary blend is SPECTRA.

Ashwagandha KSM-66—an ingredient with clinically proven effects on stress reduction and improving cognitions, but only when used in the proper dosage.

Ashwagandha per serving is 388, underdose from the usual recommended dietary intake—450-600. It is 500-600 mg per day for 6 12 weeks to reduce anxiety and stress in some studies. [4]

The SPECTRA proprietary blend is 100mg for 23 ingredients—which is, I think same as dusting the ingredients and is very underdose.

However, the SPECTRA ingredients are all sourced from different fruits and vegetables, and it is claimed to be clinically tested for nitric oxide increase.

The problem with the propriety blend is that you have no idea of the ingredient dosage per serving.

Like different vitamins, the other ingredients will also improve your health and testosterone up to some extent.

According to the manufacturer, when Zinc is added to Ageless Male Max, they increase libido and sexual desire. However, while the mineral does increase testosterone levels, this formula contains very weak doses of 15mg.

Overall this is an excellent dietary supplement for test boosting, but as It is a supplement so don’t expect miraculous results from the product. You can check the Ageless Male Max Reviews below and also on Amazon and Walmart.

Is It Safe To Use—Ageless Male Max Side Effects

Based on the ingredients and the customer’s feedback, Here is a list of potential Ageless male max side effects.

Please keep in mind that the product, in general, is tolerated well, and in most cases, it doesn’t cause side effects.

  • It may cause low blood pressure, according to one customer complaint.
  • The overdose may cause dizziness and headache.
  • If you are allergic to any of the above ingredients, it may cause an allergy—if that’s the case, avoid it.

Avoid it and consult your doctor, If you are already taking other medications or underlining medical conditions.

Note: This may not be a complete list of Ageless Male Max Side Effects, so if you experience any other side effects, you can add it in the comments so that others can see it.

Ageless Male Max Reviews From Customers

If you look at the Ageless Male Max Reviews on Amazon and the official site, you will see many customer feedback.

The official site’s feedback is mostly positive because it can be easily manipulated. At the same time, if you look at the Ageless male max reviews on Amazon, you will see a mix of reviews.

The product had got 3.9/5 stars on Amazon when the total reviews were 1255.

Positive Ageless Male Max Reviews

According to George Williams, a 65-year-old customer, the old “Ageless male” didn’t have any effects while this one is great, and he is having less pain, better feeling, and high functioning.

Another positive reviewer also praised its effects on Amazon, and he said he had not had an erection in the whole year, but after using this product, he now has a full erection.

Negative Ageless male Max Reviews

According to Ron Rottler, this is a waste of money, and he is disappointed with the overprice and results.

John. M Williams said, Don’t mislead people with false advertisements.

Kathy Hillman reports that the only thing that happened to him after using this product was low blood pressure.

You can read other reviews on Amazon and other platforms.

Ageless Male Max Dose

The usual recommended dose is two capsules per day with a glass of water; You will need to take one in the morning and one in the evening.

It comes in a 60 capsules bottle so that it will last for 30 days. However, for better results, you need to use this product consistently for 2-3 months.

Where To Buy Ageless Male Max?

The best place to buy Ageless male max is their official website because you will get a good deal on the product price and the full 30 days to try it.

You can return the bottle if you are not satisfied with the results.

You may also get some discounts and coupons on bulk purchases from the official site.

Official Site

  • One pack’s price is $49.95,
  • Three bottles at $129.95 and
  • Six bottles at $239.70.

You will have to pay for the shipping, which is 6$.

Amazon Offer

  • One pack containing 60 capsules is $33.95
  • Three packs price is $93.48
  • Buy three and Save 5% now and up to 10% on repeat deliveries.

Other places to buy the product are Walgreens and other well-known online and offline retailers.

Ageless Male Max Pros and Cons

What Do I Like About It?

  • It helps improve your total testosterone.
  • Ashwagandha root extract in this product has a proven effect on low libido.
  • It will help you boost your nitric oxide level, which is important for erectile dysfunction.
  • It is free from toxins and other harmful chemicals.
  • Most of the ingredients are clinically proven and effective.

What I Don't Like About It?

  • Only one ingredient has proven effective, and all others are common, and the proprietary blend is underdosed.
  • It can cause hypotension (low blood pressure) in some people.
  • Price is high as compared to other competitors.
  • Many unsatisfied customers.

Ageless Male Max Alternatives

There are hundreds of Ageless Male Max alternatives on the market, and most of them don’t work.

Here we will list some of the high-quality alternatives to this product.

Verdict—Ageless Male Max Review

What have we learned so far?

In my opinion, the product is good, but the problem is with the dosage of each ingredient used. Most of the ingredients are underdosed and will not match the advertised claims.

Feedback on its safety and efficacy vary from customer to customer. For some people, it works, while it does nothing for some.

For most people, the biggest problem was the ineffectiveness of products and auto shipping policy.

To wind up this Ageless Male Max Review, I do not need to take Ageless Male Max only to consume Ashwagandha. Instead, why not take a supplement that has already been tested and has clinically proven ingredients like TestRx.

As a pharmacist, I recommend TestRx.

Here is Why I Recommend It?

  • TestRx is packed with high-quality ingredients like Fenugreek, D-aspartic acid, Zinc, Vitamin D3, K2, and magnesium.
  • They are manufactured in a cGMP-compliant facility in the USA.
  • And Last but not least they offer you a free 67 days money-back guarantee.

So what else do you want? Go and Grab Your First Order Before The Stock Runout.

Always do your research before buying any product related to health to avoid getting caught in scams.

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