Ka’Chava Review: Is This Meal Replacement Worth It [2021 Expert Reviews]

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Is Ka’Chava really a meal replacement? Read our review to find out more about what the product is, and its ingredients, pros and cons, side effects, real customer Ka’Chava reviews and many more.

Ka’Chava is a supplement that will fit right in with your busy lifestyle. Sip anywhere you go, anytime you want with their convenient single-serve packets. Ka’Chava tastes incredibly great and has the highest organic ingredients of any meal replacement powder on the market.

To find out whether this multi-ingredient shake can help users boost their health, we took a closer look at the formula and investigated its taste as well as the research behind ingredients. If you want to learn more about it or if Kachava is worth trying for yourself, then make sure to keep reading our Ka’chava Review. 

Fast Facts from Our Ka’Chava Review

  1. Product Name: Ka’Chava Meal Replacement Shake
  2. Manufacturer: Tribal Nutrition LLC is the parent company of Ka’Chava
  3. Recommended dose: Use it twice daily for weight loss and once daily for weight maintenance. Take two scoops of the shake dissolved or blended in 12- 14 oz of water once a day.
  4. Ka’Chava Costs: 1 bag =15-day supply, which can cost you $69.95. You can get a discount of $10 if you subscribe to a monthly collection of 2 bags for a cost of $120.
  5. Active ingredients: Different blends of Protein, Vitamins, omega EFA, fiber, folic acid, probiotics, prebiotics, adaptogen, minerals, and digestive enzymes.
  6. Best Place To Buy: You can order through their website or Amazon and other online retailers.
  7. Who can take this: Everyone can use it, but it’s better to ask your healthcare provider before using it. 

What is Ka’Chava?

Ka’Chava is a delicious meal replacement powder made from a mixture of 70 different plant-based superfoods that claims to improve immunity, boost energy level, help digestion, manage a healthy weight and support a healthy brain performance.  

The all-in meal replacements shake, ‘Ka’Chava has an abundance of vitamins and minerals. It also contains protein to keep you feeling full longer than your typical meals or snacks with enzymes that help digest food better than ever before.

The probiotics in this supplement work hard at making sure our guts stay healthy by fighting off harmful bacteria while antioxidants fight damage caused by free radicals ensuring everything inside us stays fresh for years on end (or decades).

With so much goodness packed into one delicious drink – there’s no reason not to give it a try today.

Their delicious vegan, gluten-free shakes are hit because they started getting mentions on websites like Forbes, The Daily Beast, and business Wire. Their vanilla and chocolate flavors have no filler ingredients, so they taste great while performing well in nutrition.

We Like;

  • This superfood drink is made from natural sources and is the best meal alternatives.

  • The product is free from all kinds of allergens and gluten.

  • Ka’Chava also comes with a money-back guarantee which is good if you are not satisfied with the results.

  • The majority of Ka’Chava Reviews are surprisingly positive on Amazon.

  • The company website doesn’t look like a scam and is very clean and professionally built.
We Don't Like;

  • Although this is a good product, there is still no third-party testing on their website.

  • It is not as cheap as you think, you will need to pay a considerable amount of bucks.

  • You will need to use it consistently to see your desired results.

  • This product comes in only two flavors which in my opinion should be more than that.

  • This energy drink is only available for US citizens. They don’t ship it outside the US.

  • There are many negative Ka’chava reviews about the cost of the product, but the positive reviews are more.

Ka’Chava Benefits

The shake is packed with over 70 plant-based superfoods & nutrients that provide the following health benefits.

  • Manage a healthy weight: As the manufacturer claims, the supplement will help you control your craving with 240 calories that keep you full for hours. The makers recommend taking this shake two times a day for weight loss and one time a day for weight maintenance.  
  • Boost your Nutrients: All of the ingredients present in this shake will help get all the required nutrients.
  • Other Benefits: The product is supposed to boost the immune system, increase energy levels, aid digestion, and reduce bloating. Some of the nutrition elements in this shake will help you improve your immune function properly.

Ka’Chava Ingredients

As discussed earlier, it is a blend of 70 different ingredients like proteins, vitamins, and plant-based constituents. So we can’t analyze all of the ingredients in this Ka’chava review; we will try to explain these things based on each blend this product contains.

Let’s have a look at the supplement facts;

Protein Blend—27.75 g

Protein is an essential part of anybody’s diet. When eaten, proteins bind with other nutrients to form repair molecules that help the body grow more robust and more resilient in its fight against illness or aging process – which can be fought by eating good quality protein foods.

A study found out that men who took pea powder supplements had higher levels than before taking them. At the same time, another study showed rice protein was also quite beneficial for muscle building even among adult males.

Omega EFA / Fiber Blend— 9.62 g

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the brain, but omega-6s can also have a role. Chia seeds and flaxseeds contain both types of fats, which makes this blend so special. These healthy oils help your body function at its best by promoting mood swings or even depression while giving you energy on demand when needed most during those busy days with schoolwork piling up – all without feeling hungry because fiber helps keep us full longer than any other food does. Fiber has been shown in studies to reduce weight and minimize the risk of many other diseases. 

Antioxidant blend- 6.1 g

The antioxidant blend includes acai, camu, maqui berries, tart cherries, and other fruits. Antioxidant vitamin C is abundant in many foods of this blend which helps protect skin from harmful environmental factors like UV rays and plays an essential role in protein collagen production that keeps our bodies solid and youthful.

Anthocyanins, also known to be produced by blueberries, have been shown protection against cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis or Alzheimer’s disease because they offer anti-inflammatory benefits when ingested orally. 

Adaptongen Blend—1020mg

Another blend in the KaChava is Adaptogens, which are plant foods that help the body adapt to stress. This blend includes mushrooms like shiitake, maitake, reishi, and cordyceps used in other cultures for centuries as they boost immunity with anti-cancer effects or just general wellness. The ginger present in this shake also work as an antioxidant and can help the body fight inflammation. 

Super Green Blend—500mg

This is my favorite type of vegetable mixture because they’re so healthy! It makes up less than 1% weight in this product, though – about half a gram per serving (I know not all that much).

This blend is excellent, but unfortunately, each ingredient is unknown, and they are only dusted, so we can’t talk about their benefits.

Digestive Enzymes—50mg

Enzymes help speed chemical reactions in our bodies, and without them, we wouldn’t be able to break down food. So if you want a better digestive experience or need more enzymes for some other reason, then this is the product for you. It includes amylase (which helps digest carbohydrates), protease(protein digestion), cellulases which work on fats cells, etc.

You might think that lactase, the enzyme that breaks down sugar from milk and other dairy products, is a useless add-on ingredient for vegan supplements. But if you were planning on mixing this product with your morning beverage instead of water, then I’ll forgive its inclusion!

In addition, there are also varieties of different types of enzymes. After taking these supplements, make sure that follow up with your doctor because sometimes people have pancreas issues where having too much enzyme can lead to diarrhea.

Probiotics & Prebiotics—50mg

Then we have probiotics Lactobacillus rhamnoses and Lactobacillus acidophilus. These two strains are known for helping digestive health and managing weight loss. This product also has inulin in their prebiotics mixture that supports digestive health by feeding good gut bacteria.

Multivitamins & Minerals

When you look at the label of this juice, what are some of the ingredients that jump out? Chances are good for me, and mine has Vitamin C and potassium. But if I were to analyze more closely, there might be 25 essential vitamins, including A through K.

You can’t have good health without vitamins and minerals. So if you want to be healthy, your body needs to get enough of them! Vitamins help boost immunity and improve appearance, while minerals are essential in supporting mental wellness.

Bottom Line

Overall, if you look at the ingredients list, you will find that all of them will help you in one way or another. For example, some of its ingredients will boost your immunity; others will provide energy, Some aid digestion and manage a healthy weight. In short, this energy shake will help improve your overall health.

Is it safe to use—Ka’Chava Side Effects?

The side effects of this product are unknown, but it is made up mostly of natural ingredients. While researching customer opinions on the matter, I couldn’t find many who complained about adverse effects from taking this product either so that it may be safe in some cases.  

However, it’s always better to consult your healthcare provider and avoid it if you have superfood allergies or other sensitivities to foods like chia seeds, etc.

Although the chances of getting side effects are low, still some of the rare side effects include;

  • Nausea,
  • Gas,
  • Diarrhea.
  • Mild abdominal discomfort may occur.
  • Some people have reported pains.
  • Cramping, and
  • Rare allergic reaction.

Consult with your doctor before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as it may have harmful side effects on future pregnancies and nursing sessions depending upon how much of the product was ingested during that period regarding dosage recommendations listed by manufacturer’s instructions printed clearly across each label.

The shake is packed with 6grams of sugar per serving which is very high for those who have diabetes, plus it may not be a good choice for those looking for weight loss through this shake.

So is it safe to take Ka’Chava?

Some users would even feed this product to their young children. Ka’Chava is safe for kids as long as you speak to your child’s doctor first and ask about any possible side effects that may occur from using it.

Other than this, the product is safe to use because the shake is packed with some exceptional quality natural ingredients, plus it is high in protein and low on carbs. This also makes it one of the best products for weight loss.

How to take it—Ka’Chava Dosage?

It’s always a great idea to start your day with plenty of energy. That’s why the company offers the Ka’chava meal replacement, which contains all-natural ingredients designed for optimal health.

This powerful shake can be taken in any form— dissolved or blended–and offers up an incredible boost when it’s time for you to get things done at work or school. 

The usual recommended intake of Ka’chava meal replacement is two scoops dissolved or blended with 12-14 oz of water once a day (at any time).

Ka’Chava Price & Where To Buy?

The product is readily available on their official company website and other retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

They offer one 15-serving bag that costs $69.95, which works out at about 4 cents per serving or 3 pence less than the price of other companies’ comparable products without discounts when you subscribe.

In my opinion, this product is excellent but comes off as being too expensive due to the lack of third-party testing seal authenticity.

Many people have subscriptions for food but don’t know the actual cost. For example, a Ka’Chava subscription will provide you with one meal per day at the expense of $4 per serving – if this is below your daily meals, then it should work out well.

Apart from the purchases, the company also offers a money-back guarantee for one bag of each flavor. If you don’t like the product, they will pay your money back without asking questions.

Ka’Chava Alternatives

So this is the best meal replacement shake, but other brands offer great value for money. These Ka’chava alternatives are packed with some high-quality ingredients, plus they are made in USDA-cleared facilities; other than this, they are best sellers in the meal replacement niche.

Here is a list of some high-quality Ka’Chava alternatives;

  • Garden Of Life Meal Replacement
  • Orgain Organic Meal Replacement
  • Purely Inspired All in one meal replacement

Garden Of Life Meal Replacement is one of the best shakes containing vitamins, proteins, and other organic ingredients. It can be purchased from Amazon for about $37.75, while the listed price is $59.95, which is about half the price of Ka’Chava.

Orgain Organic Meal has less than half the calories, is certified organic supplement, and provides 20 grams of protein for just $2.19 per serving.

Another Ka’Chava alternative is Purely Inspired Organic shake. It has been designed with higher protein content in 2 scoops, similar to any other carbohydrates or fats when it comes down to carbs/fats ratio on a nutritional label.

What do Other People think about this shake-Ka'Chava Reviews?

People seem to have a lot of positive things to say about the Ka’chava supplement. However, with mixed Ka Chava reviews from customers, it’s clear that this product doesn’t offer any guarantee when using it to aid weight loss in general. However, many still believe they’ve seen results while taking one daily dose before breakfast and lunchtime only- what do you think?

Some customer Kachava responses ranged from “this was very good” throughout 4 and 5 stars. Here is the overall ratings of this product;

  • Overall Ratings at the time of writing this review: 4.5/5 stars.
  • Total global ratings at the time of writing this review: 4460.
  • 72% five-star ratings.

Please note that this may change with time. Let’s take a look at some of the positive and negative reviews from the customer on Amazon.

Positive Ka’Chava Reviews

  • Donnatryba thinks this is an excellent product and worth the money. Others believe the ingredients are great, but the effect is too sweet.
  • Lindsey also says some people are way too picky, but this is an excellent product.
  • For others, it’s an excellent, creamy, and tasty shake for instant craving.
Ka'chava reviews
Ka’chava reviews

Negative Ka’Chava Reviews

  • Most of the criticism was about the price and taste of the product. For some, the taste is horrible, while for others, it’s not worth the price.
  • Some people also reported some allergic reactions and other side effects.
  • While for others, there is too much sugar in per serving that people with diabetes can’t even try.
Ka'chava reviews
Ka’chava reviews

You can also read more such Ka Chava reviews on Amazon and other such well known online retailers.

Verdict—Ka’Chava Review

Kachava is an extremely popular and affordable, plant-based shake that can be beneficial for health. The ingredients are formulated with more than 70 superfoods and combined with supporting one’s body or mind while fighting diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

There isn’t much research showing these kinds of products work when it comes to losing fat, but Kachava still offers many health benefits, which makes them worth trying out if you’re looking into holistic solutions. You can get this product on Amazon

You can also buy a mixture of fruits, vegetable and spices like Balance Of Nature and Other such supplements on Amazon.