Omega XL Review [2024]: A Game Changer or Money Drain?

Does Omega Xl work? Please read our article for Omega XL Ingredients, Side Effects, Dosage, Cost, Best Place To Buy, Real Omega XL reviews, and many more.

Natural health supplements can be an excellent option for those who suffer from joint pain. They provide relief and support to your joints, which will help improve your quality of life.

Hundreds of natural supplements have flooded the market, and most claim to relieve joint pain and improve quality of life.

One such product is Omega XL—a natural anti-inflammatory remedy based on Omega 3 fatty acids. The supplement is specially designed to help ease joint discomfort, muscle soreness, and inflammation.

Omega XL is a popular supplement featured in many articles and blogs. 

We will find out more about this product in our Omega XL review. Here, you will learn its pros and cons and a quick summary of whether we recommend it and if it is safe. Our readers will know if it is worth the money or just another marketing trick.

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Out Of 100

We score different supplements based on objective testing data. Our scoring factors are weighted based on the effectiveness. transparency of the ingredients, formulation, customer satisfaction, convenience and Value for money. Here is how we test each supplement we review.

Overall Score

Effectiveness 78%
Transparency Ingredients 60%
Formulation 74%
Customer Satisfiction 87%
Convenient 82%
Value For Money 70%

Effectiveness: We approach three techniques to assess efficacy: personal testing, ingredient analysis, and validated customer feedback. Although our tester (name: Adrienne) was happy with the results, and personal experience is crucial, deeper studies should also be considered. Research is needed, but limited studies indicate that the ingredients in Omega XL may help reduce inflammation and joint pain.

Ingredients Transparency: Omega XL’s ingredients include vitamin E, extra virgin olive oil, omega fatty acids, and green-lipped mussel extract. Although some data support the benefits of these compounds for joint health, the proprietary blend is a significant disadvantage. It cannot be easy to evaluate the exact potency and transparency of the formulation because the doses for each ingredient are not disclosed.

Formulation: Extra virgin olive oil, vitamin E, green-lipped mussel extract, and omega-3 fatty acids offer a potentially advantageous combination for joint health. But keep in mind that supplements cannot take the place of prescription drugs.

Customer satisfaction: Based on over 29,000 reviews on Amazon, Omega XL has an outstanding 4.2 out of 5-star rating. This platform’s emphasis on verified reviews increases users’ favorable feedback. After using Omega XL for eight weeks, Adrienne Williams, our tester, reported good results and thought it was a helpful supplement.

Value for Money: At $44, Omega XL offers fair value for money, considering the quality ingredients. However, compared to other Omega-3 supplements, it falls on the pricier end. Other solutions may be available if high-concentration, reasonably priced Omega-3s are your top priority. Omega XL can be a good option if you’re looking for specific ingredients and don’t mind the price point.

Easy to Use: Omega XL is simple to include in your routine thanks to its soft capsules in a handy jar and twice-daily dosage.

All things considered, Omega XL has favorable customer feedback and a formulation that may be good for joint health. However, it’s important to consider the proprietary blend’s secret dosages and higher price point in comparison to several other Omega-3 supplements. 

Quick Overview

  • Product Name: Omega XL
  • Manufactured By: Great HealthWorks
  • Ingredients: Fatty acids combination (Read below)
  • Benefits: The product is designed for joint pain caused by inflammation.
  • Omega xl phone number: 1-800-488-8082
  • Price: Starting at $75/60 pills
  • Do we Recommend It?: Yes- if you can afford it because the product is not cheap.

We Like;

  • The supplement contains at least 30 types of omega fatty acids.
  • Research (although) limited suggests that it reduces joint pain and inflammation.
  • There is no burping and a fishy taste in using this supplement.
  • All of the ingredients are natural and obtained from New Zealand mussels.
  • The product has no allergens, dairy, corn, and other such things.
  • OmegaXL soft gels are easy to swallow because the pills are small.
  • Thousands of authentic OmegaXL reviews are available on Amazon and other such stores.
  • The dose of DHA and EPA in this supplement is well enough to show the results.

We Don't Like;

  • All ingredients are packed in one proprietary blend, making it challenging to know the exact doses of each component.
  • The company’s official website has no third-party testing.
  • The auto shipping program is inconvenient for some people.
  • You will need to take six soft gels to get your expected results.
  • Last but not least, the product is expensive.

Short Summary

Omega XL is a popular joint supplement that can help you with your arthritis. It contains DHA and EPA, which work to improve the health of joints by eliminating complaints like pain or inflammation in them – it even promises restoration for a physiological range of motion.

The best part?

You get all this great stuff without having any adverse side effects on healthy tissue where there shouldn’t be any problems, simply because it’s only made from natural ingredients. So, if you can afford it, it it’s a great product and may improve your joint health and overall health.

In this section, you will learn more in-depth about the product, its ingredients and what the research says about it, its side effects based on the clinical studies and customer feedback, the best place to buy Omega XL and the price comparison, what other people think about it and many more.

What Is Omega XL?

OmegaXL is a powerful essential fatty acid combination from the pristine water of New Zealand. The supplement is designed to alleviate joint discomfort, muscle soreness, and inflammation. It’s an alternative for people who can’t eat fish or want to avoid the taste of oily seafood every day.

OmegaXL is a unique Omega 3 supplement containing 30 different fatty acids. The most important are Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). They both provide potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to protect against disease in the body’s cells and tissues.

Omega 3s also help make eicosanoids – signaling molecules that work within our immune, endocrine, (which includes hormones), and pulmonary systems and are responsible for transporting blood through your lungs while regulating airflow across cell membranes inside our bodies’ organs.

The supplement has Vitamin E added for antioxidant protection against rancidity risk while still rich in MUFA oils like alpha-linolenic acid, which is naturally occurring within all types of meats but is most frequently found in whale meat. This type offers some excellent anti-aging properties if consumed appropriately.


If you look at the official website, you will see that the company claims to be better than standard fish oil. Let’s look at some of the prominent claims from the company.

  • Omega XL is a fish oil supplement containing 22x more Omega 3 acids and in smaller pills.
  • The product is made from 30 different fatty acids.
  • It has been around for over 30 years, with the help of extensive research behind it.
  • The company promises you can get all your daily needs from one pill instead of many small ones, which makes this product better than most others on today’s market. 

Now, every company has made such tall claims, and Omega XL might be the best fish oil supplement out there. The supplement has received many positive reviews, and most people who have purchased this product are happy.

However, the lack of information on how much and what ingredients go into each capsule makes me hesitant to recommend OmegaXL to those interested in taking supplements like these regularly. But still, it’s not the wrong product, and the results may vary from person to person. 

Omega XL Reviews Complaints

There are several complaints against the company and some of its products, starting with the FDA issuing a warning letter to Great Healthworks, Inc. due to drug claims about Omega XL supplements. OmegaXL has been marketed to relieve joint pain due to inflammation and is sold as a “highly concentrated Omega-3 ‘super oil’ supplement.”

A class-action lawsuit was also filed against the company after it came to light that customers were being enrolled in monthly subscriptions without their knowledge or consent. 

Despite many positive customer reviews on Amazon, Walmart, and other online stores, there are still claims that the product needs to deliver on its promises. It remains up to the consumer to make their cautious judgment when buying this product.

How does OmegaXL work?

Omega-3 fatty acids work at the cellular level to stop inflammation and pain. The enzymes called lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase initiate an inflammatory response by generating prostaglandin. It has been observed that omega 3s inhibit these metabolic pathways in our cells, and the prostaglandin levels diminish – reducing inflammation and discomfort. EPA and DHA benefit the body by promoting the reduction of inflammation in joints.

Who Manufacture OmegaXL?

Great HealthWorks is a global wellness brand that produces supplements and provides excellent customer service. They are open Mondays through Fridays, with offices in Fort Lauderdale, FL, where they offer great deals for customers who purchase directly from them, as well as a 60-day refund policy if you’re not satisfied within the US or Canada borders. 

The company manufactures many other vitamins and supplements, but the OmegaXL is the most popular and best-rated product. 

Besides this, it is a legal and trusted company in terms of payment and shipping, and the website layout is also very professional and clean. 

Omega XL

Omega XL Ingredients

The relationship between EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids and inflammation in the body’s joints can benefit those struggling with Osteoarthritis symptoms.

Many recent studies indicate how consuming more fish oil may offer relief from pain as effective or even superior to nonprescription medications such as Ibuprofen or NSAIDs.

There is a wealth of scientific research supporting omega 3s as well in terms of pain relief from osteoarthritis symptoms that could rival ibuprofen or NSAIDs–all without any side effects; too, it’s worth considering adding more fish oil into your diet if you’re currently not getting enough from food sources alone.

OmegaXL is a new supplement on the market, but there are some things you should know before purchasing it. For starters, when I visited their website and clicked through to read more about what this product contains – none of which were listed in detail or dosage instructions (only containing vague mention that 300 mg per serving), There was also no information available for how much green-lipped mussel extract we’re talking here?

Here is a list of some ingredients used in OmegaXL.

  • The product is made from OmegaXL Proprietary Blend – 300mg 
  • Green-lipped mussel extract (PCSO-524)
      • Omega fatty acids
      • Extra virgin olive oil
    • Vitamin E

Perna Canaliculus Proprietary Oil Extract

Also known as New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel (GLM), it is a potent anti-inflammatory used to treat joint problems. Scientists have found that green-lipped mussels are more effective than fish oils in alleviating osteoarthritis pain.

According to a study published in the Journal of Alternative Medicine, It’s excellent for treating arthritis and other forms of painful inflammation.

The dogs in this study were given a diet enhanced with green-lipped mussels. The omega-3 fats helped treat their osteoarthritis, and by improving mobility, they could walk better than before.

Another 2012 study investigated how high-dose GLM extract works on humans with knee arthritis over the course of eight weeks. They concluded it significantly improved joint mobility and stiffness among 21 subjects who took this daily 3000 mg dosage for twelve weeks or more.

Another 2013 test conducted by researchers thinks the GLM is more effective than standard fish oil in relieving osteoarthritis-related joint pain over 12 weeks.

The green-lipped mussel extract supports joint health, mobility, and muscle recovery. However, the only clinical study I could find was for 20 people with asthma, where it helped relieve hyperpnea-induced bronchoconstriction.

Overall, Green-lipped mussel extract is a fantastic omega-3 source. It reduced joint pain in the small study, relieved soreness after exercise, and helped with other symptoms such as inflammation that you may be experiencing. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough evidence about green-lipped mussels being better than what’s currently on the market, so we can’t 100% say yes. Still, I recommend giving them a go if you’re looking into fish oils because they seem promising.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a popular cooking and cosmetic ingredient, but does it work for joint pain relief? The research shows that the answer varies.

The most comprehensive studies show olive oil to be an effective treatment option when ingested or applied topically, which would also mean adding extra taste to your meals.

For those who want something more portable than fish oil supplements (or if you don’t like taking pills), there’s good news: one 2005 clinical trial found participants with osteoarthritis reported a significant decrease in symptoms due to combined supplementation, including both Fish Oil/Olive Squeeze blends AND Vitamin E capsules taken twice daily alongside their prescribed medications.

This oil has many health benefits and can lower your risk of heart disease or cholesterol levels. There’s evidence that it helps treat rheumatoid arthritis, too – one study showed the effectiveness of this kinder alternative to medicinal pain relief for women with chronic joint problems. 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can help spur cartilage generation and regeneration in those with osteoarthritis. It may also be helpful for some humans who have rheumatoid arthritis, but the evidence needs to be clarified at this time.

How has Omega XL evolved from the previous version?

Omega XL has made great strides since its original formulation. While the primary formulation has remained the same, the company now offers two other supplements, Turmeric XL and Vitamin D3 XL, that work synergistically with Omega XL to produce even more outstanding results in controlling inflammation and relieving joint pain. This trio of products provides users with a comprehensive solution for managing discomfort due to arthritis and similar conditions. Each supplement also offers unique benefits to enhance the overall effect of reducing inflammation and soothing muscular aches. With Omega XL’s improved line of products, users now have an enhanced opportunity to significantly improve their quality of life without relying on pharmaceuticals and their potentially harmful side effects.

OmegaXL Side Effects

Although OmegaXL is safe in most cases and may not cause any serious adverse events. However, like any other supplement on the market, this one may also cause minor and less frequent side effects. Here is a list of some commonly occurring OmegaXL Side Effects;

It contains molluscan shellfish oil, potentially leading to allergies in some people.

There were shallow complaints about the side effects, but stomach cramps and indigestion were the most frequent side effects. Some of the OmegaXL side effects include;

  • Nausea/vomiting
  • Anorexia
  • Weight loss
  • Headache
  • Constipation
  • Stomach pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Vitamin E in high doses can cause blood thinning.
  • Liver inflammation in some cases.

The product can interact with other medications like blood thinners like warfarin, immunosuppressant drugs like cyclosporine, and hormonal therapy medicines like Tamoxifen—avoid concurrent use. 

Please note that these side effects are infrequent and may not occur in most consumers. Also, this is not a complete list, so if you experience any other side effects other than the above, contact your healthcare provider and stop using OmegaXL.

You can experience short-term and long-term side effects from taking fish oil supplements. However, in most cases, the adverse reactions lessen as your body gets accustomed to the increased consumption of healthy fats.

In some cases, you might also have more difficulty digesting it due to its high concentration in Omega 3s, which feeds good human bacteria.

So, Is OmegaXL safe to use?

The short answer is yes; this product is generally safe because the company claims the supplement is free from allergens, gluten, corn, artificial ingredients, and other harmful substances. Although the company thinks the product is free of shellfish, one of its ingredients is derived from seafood, so it’s better to avoid it if you are allergic. 

If you are already taking other medications and supplements, avoid them and consult your doctor because they may interact. 

Also, consult your healthcare provider if you have an existing medical condition. 

Cost & Where To Buy OmegaXL?

Omega XL is a fantastic supplement that can help you reach all your health and wellness goals.

It’s always available on Amazon, with the standard price of $75 per bottle, but discounts usually mean it’ll be around 50$. Shipping for this product to US citizens is free as well.

Considering its quality and value, the price tag is too much for what you get in return. Simply, it’s an overpriced product.

Omega XL is available in 60 and 300-capsule bottles on Amazon and other stores. However, we recommend the official site for any product because you can get the original product at some discount.

This supplement comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so if you are unsatisfied, you can return it and get back your money.

What’s the return policy?

If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, contact them within 60 days of the original date, and they’ll give you a full refund. In addition, they offer an easy-to-use return policy that allows for both returns in unused portions and cancellations without penalty up until 30 days after purchase.

You can also find Omega XL at Walmart, Walgreens, and Costco.

How to take it—OmegaXL Dosage?

The supplement comes in soft gel form and is designed smaller for ease of use. The best thing is that this product has no fishy taste or burps.  

The company recommends four capsules a day for two months. After that, you will need to take 2 in the morning and another two at night, or however many work best with your schedule – it’s all up to you. 

The minimum dose is two capsules daily, but you should consume two soft gels three times daily for the best results. Honestly, six pills a day is not comfortable for many people. 

You’ll start feeling better after two days of use but notice maximum results by Week 8; until then, remember these tremendous soft gels (which are tastier).

What Do Other People Think About It—Omega XL Reviews?

The Official company website has good reviews, but some consumer health sites contain independent appraisals that are more mixed. Positive comments about the product include mild symptoms and making joints feel better; however, there were also complaints of problems with it breaking down or having insufficient information on ingredients.

At first glance, you might think this supplement is perfect because its official site contains only 5-star ratings from users across social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram.

OmegaXL is also extremely popular on Amazon, and the product has received over 16000 reviews from many users. Out of 24000 reviews, over 60% of consumers have rated it 5-star ratings, and the overall rating is 4.3/5 stars.

The Omega XL reviews are a mixed bag. Some say it’s great, while others need to be more sure about their experience with this product and share some reasons why they didn’t like it in an attempt for you to make up your mind on whether or not it’s worth buying.

The majority (or at least most) seemed optimistic, but plenty weren’t too happy. Here, we’ll discuss both sides in case one side seems more convincing than the other. But first, let’s look at what other people think about OmegaXL.

Positive OmegaXL Reviews

  • Wcary thinks the product helps your body, but you must change your eating habits.
  • Another customer named Ed Montesano also thinks that the supplement is excellent and works well for arthritis and shoulder pain, but it also creates bad breath.
  • According to Melissa Lynn, she bought this product for her mother, and it works great for her pain after her knee surgery.
  • Rara thinks that she used this product for 30 days and noticed a significant improvement in the relief of joint pain.
Omega XL Reviews
Amazon Omega XL Reviews

Negative OmegaXL Reviews

  • According to Jacqueline Thomas, you need to read the negative Omega XL reviews first because this product wastes money and doesn’t even work.
  • Another Amazon customer thought the product didn’t work after using it for 30 days.
  • Kathy criticizes the product price and says that the product is expensive and has no different effect than the Alaskan omega 3.
Omega XL Reviews
Amazon Omega XL Reviews

You can read more positive and negative testimonials on Amazon and other such stores.

OmegaXL Alternatives

You can consider the following products If you are looking for some of the high-quality OmegaXL alternatives;

  • Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega, Lemon Flavor
  • Dr. Tobias Omega-3 Fish Oil
  • Arazo Nutrition Omega 3 Fish Oil.

While these are all from the fish oil niche our #1 Rated Joint Health product is Performance Lab Flex, it provides significant improvement in joint pain and inflammation because of its high-quality ingredients and money-back guarantee. 

What Sets Omega XL Apart From Its Competitors?

Omega XL offers an edge over competing products because of its powerful essential fatty acid combination, sourced directly from New Zealand’s pristine waters. The resultant supplements reduce inflammation and improve joint and muscle health, not to mention that these small soft gels are easy to swallow. Moreover, if you’re still unconvinced that Omega XL is the right choice, a 60-day money-back guarantee is available with your first order. You won’t get that with most other brands in this category.

Verdict—Omega XL Review

As you can see, Omega XL is a popular supplement with many positive reviews. The product is specially designed to ease the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.

At the same time, it is pretty expensive. One of the reasons for this may be that all ingredients are natural and obtained from New Zealand mussels.

The supplement is missing some ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin; however, it does well without them.

So, if you want to try an omega-3 supplement without any side effects or risks, give OmegaXL a shot.

You will get a 60-day money-back guarantee, so there’s nothing to lose by trying it yourself. It might just become your favorite omega-three supplement — click here to buy on Amazon now.

Learn more about different joint supplements ←Here.


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Omega XL is a natural anti-inflammatory remedy based on Omega 3 fatty acids. The supplement is specially designed to help ease joint discomfort, muscle soreness, and inflammation.

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