2024 It Works Thermofight X Reviews & 3 Best Alternatives

In this “It Works Thermofight X review,” You will learn how it works, why you should use it, what the ingredients are, side effects, and verified customer Thermofight X reviews. 

Thermofight X (formerly known as Thermofit) is a natural thermogenic weight loss formula that helps you burn fat and speed up your metabolism. Thermofight X is supposed to be a thermogenic alternative to the “It Works Fat Fighter” weight loss supplement.

What does thermogenic mean?

Thermogenic is “something that generates heat.” When your body burns calories, it generates heat. For this reason, weight loss supplements that burn fat or increase metabolism are called “thermogenic.”

The company behind this supplement claims that Thermofight X is a clinically proven supplement.

One bottle contains 60 pills, and you will need to take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening. So, in that bottle, you’re going to get a 30-day supply.

This formula will boost your metabolism and accelerate your ketone production with a fat-burning thermal fight X.

The best thing about this brand is it is GMO-free, dairy-free, vegan, and keto-friendly.

In this Thermofight X Review, we will look at some of the prominent features plus their pros & cons, side effects, Thermofight X reviews from customers, and our thoughts.

Thermofight X Review (Quick)

Thermofight X Review (Quick)

  • Product Name: It works Thermofight X
  • Best Price: £42.00 for a one-month supply (Loyal customers)
  • Best Place To Buy: Official Website & Amazon Amazon
  • Ratings: 3.4/5 (May change with time)

⇒But wait, before buying this product, read the full “It works Thermofight x reviews” below. We have included some best-selling thermogenic alternatives to this brand (keep reading).

It works Thermofight X
Pic: Amazon

Thermofight is the combination of caffeine, vitamins, and minerals (among other active ingredients). The company describes these weight loss pills as a “next-gen fat burner” that helps to “kickstart your body’s metabolic rate without exercise.”

You have to take two capsules per day. A full month’s supply of 60 pills can cost you around £42.00 for a loyal customer, but the retail Price is £70.00.

So is it worth the Price, and does it work, or is it a scam like many other fat burners on the market?

What are the Ingredients of Thermofight X?

The ingredients present in this weight loss product are different from other fat burners such as Slimvance and many other such supplements.

The manufacturer claims that these ingredients allow you to burn 250% more fat than ready to diet and exercise alone. Here is a list of ingredients present in “It Works Thermofight X.”

Thermofight X Ingredients

  • Vitamin B12
  • Chromium
  • Capsicum fruit extract
  • Acai fruit extract
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Caffeine

Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 has many roles in your body. It is compatible with the normal functioning of nerve cells and is necessary to form red blood cells and DNA synthesis. 

Vitamin B-12 has recently been linked to weight loss and increased energy, but no authentic research supports this. 

The recommended daily allowance (RDI) is 2.4 µg for most adults, but it is higher for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Capsicum fruit extract: The active ingredient present in red chili and cayenne pepper is capsicum, which is considered thermogenic [01]

study revealed that capsicum could temporarily decrease hunger, but more research is needed in this regard.

Chromium: It is an essential trace element found in various foods. Lack of chromium can affect your ability to lose weight. 

Chromium is a mineral that increases insulin, a hormone that is important for converting food into energy. Therefore, there are claims that chromium supplements can reduce appetite, help you burn more calories, reduce body fat, and increase muscle mass. 

study concluded that the use of chromium in overweight women reduced their cravings, food intake, and hunger.

Acai fruit extract: Acai fruit extract is another ingredient present in “it works Thermofight X” and is considered helpful in weight loss. 

Acai has other benefits that range from skin improvement to weight loss, but not all of these claims are supported by evidence.

Raspberry ketone: It is used for many diseases, but there is no evidence that raspberry ketone supplements can cause weight loss in humans.

Caffeine: The caffeine in “It Works Thermofight X” provides an energy boost that helps dieters overcome the terrible lack of energy that many of us endure when dieting for weight loss.

What does the “It Works Thermofight X” Manufacturer claim?

The company claims the following statements regarding this Thermofight X: It works.

  • It helps you lose 31 pounds in 90 days.
  • It contains clinically proven weight loss ingredients.
  • This product will “activate” thermogenesis and will also boost your energy.
  • It’s dairy-free and Keto-friendly.
  • Thermofight X is also soy-free.
  • Thermofight x is a Vegan and Non-GMO.

Thermofight X Side Effects

Keep in mind that this may not be the complete list of side effects as everyone’s body makeup is different and may respond differently. Based on the ingredients in this supplement, you may experience the following side effects.

  • Nervousness
  • Headache
  • Sleep problems
  • Heartburn
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Tremor
  • Irregular heartbeat.



  • It is not indicated in people with caffeine sensitivity.
  • Consult your GP if you are pregnant or a nursing mom.
  • Also, avoid it if you are already taking other medications.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Pros And Cons Of “It Works Thermofight X” 


  • This formula will boost energy levels.
  • It contains chromium, which can help regulate blood sugar levels.
  • It may help improve cognitive performance.
  • It contains ingredients useful for general health.



  • The product doesn’t contain any officially-recognized “fat-burning” ingredients.
  • It may not suppress user appetite levels.
  • Potentially negative side effects.
  • Pregnant women should not use it because it is not suitable for those under 18 years

Suggested Use Of Thermofight X It Works

The supplement comes in the form of 60 green capsules per month. Take only two pills a day with food. Many consumers take one capsule at breakfast and another at lunch.

Some users find the capsule large enough, so divide them in half so they are easier to swallow. Manufacturers recommend proper hydration and, therefore, recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water a day.

As “it works, Thermofight X” contains caffeine. Therefore, it is better to use it during the day, not at night.

It Works Thermofight X Reviews (Customers)

If you look at the customer reviews on different platforms, you will see a mixed bag of positive and negative Thermofight X reviews. 

Some people think it works for them, while others think it’s a scam and doesn’t work. However, we all know everyone responds differently, and some people use the product in the wrong way. 

At the time of writing this article, the total number of verified Thermofight X Reviews on Amazon was 146.

Here are the ratings

  • 43% of people added 5-star review
  • 26% of people added a 1-star review.

Let’s take a look at the verified customer Thermofight X reviews on Amazon.

5 Stars Thermofight X Reviews

I’ve been taking the product for 50 days now, and I’ve dropped 12 pounds. 155 down to 143! It reduces my cravings for sugar and has curbed my appetite. I purchased it from an independent distributor for It Works, and it’s cheaper with their loyal customer program. By Working Mom

This product really works on my cravings- Angie

1 Star Thermofight X Reviews

The product didn’t work for me- By Angela V


Another reviewer said that after using this product for several days, I didn’t feel any change in my body, and according to her, it’s a total waste of money and a scam product.

Bottom Line- Thermofight X Review

After reading “It works Thermofight x reviews,” and you still want to buy this product, it’s totally fine and up to you because no single product is 100% effective. Overall, Thermofight X does contain ingredients that may help you lose weight.

Here is our verdict;

We don’t recommend this product because of the following reasons;

  • We have received several negative reviews for this product, which may be an issue with its reputation.
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, If you accidentally subscribe to the automatic shipping program, you may not cancel your subscription. Also, customer service is challenging to achieve.
  • There are also some side effects to consider. We do not recommend a product that involves our loyal readers in any auto-shipping program and, in addition to possible side effects, receives them without their permission.

Then what do we recommend?

We suggest using a supplement containing medically tested ingredients that can help you quickly reach your weight loss goals.

If you are looking for the best weight loss supplement, we recommend you buy Burn Lab Pro. It is a premium weight loss formula without any severe side effects.


(Our #1 Recommendation) is 

#1. Burn Lab Pro


This supplement combines 5 of the most researched base ingredients that work together to increase your metabolism, decrease your fats, and increase your muscle goals.

Also, it is vegan and 100% natural, and the capsules are prebiotics infused and made from pullulan.

You can check the Price of Burn Lab Pro on the Official site.

#2. Vintage Burn Fat Burner

The “Vintage Burn Fat Burner” is the world’s first male and female-friendly fat burner. Its unique thermogenic weight loss formula helps burn fat while maintaining muscle and improves mental focus, mood, and energy before training. We recommend “Vintage Burn Fat Burner.” This is the best-selling amazon brand with 9000+ positive reviews from customers.

The Vintage Burn Fat Burner is available in different packs and formulations and has essential features.


  • It is a premium fat burner
  • Preserves muscle
  • Improve focus and mood

Genius Fat Burner

Suppose you have already used the Vintage Fat Burner and want to try another product. In that case, Our Genius Fat Burner’s recommendation is also one of the best products available on the market. It contains medically proven ingredients that will help you lose weight and improve your cognitive performance and overall health so that you become slim and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

The Genius Fat Burner is a third-party tested product and features nine research-backed ingredients in efficacious doses that support both brain health & fat loss. Some of the prominent features of this product are;


  • It can burn fats
  • It improves focus and mood
  • It also improves memory, stress, and clarity



If you have read the above “It works Thermofight X Reviews,” and If you take your weight loss goals seriously, you should consider a high-quality alternative like “Vintage Burn Fat Burner” and Genius Fat Burners.

They offer you all the benefits of weight loss in addition to better physical and mental health conditions.

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