Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump Reviews & Buyer Guide

You will learn about the Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump in this article. How it works, Its pros and cons, Features, and verified customer Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump reviews.

After having your baby, you produce a lot of milk for a few weeks, but if you want to establish a good milk flow, you will need a powerful breast pump that can extract a constant supply of milk for your kid.

For that reason, the market is flooded with a vast number of breast pumps. Some of them are manual, while others are electric.

The conventional electric breast pumps include Spectra Medela (Various models), while the more modern and wearable pumps are Elvie, Willow, and Freemie.

This guide will review the Freemie breast pump, a hands-free and electronic pump with a huge fan base.

In this Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump review, you will learn more about the product specs, positives, and negatives; we will also guide you on whether it’s suitable for you.

Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump Review (Quick)

Product Full Name: Freemie Independence Pump

Manufacturer: Freemie

Best Place To Buy Freemie Independence: Official Site

Customer Reviews

Total Reviews: 29

What Is Freemie Independence?

Freemie Independence is a double electric, hands-free, hospital-grade, completely mobile, wearable breast pump.

The pump is divided into two main parts: the milk-collecting cup and the main pump machine. You will need to place the cup in your nursing bra and clip the device to your pants so that you can do other tasks like watching TV, driving, and playing with your kids.

This machine’s total weight is around 4.34 pounds, while the empty cup weighs 2.5 ounces each, so a total of 5 ounces. A 120-volt AC 64-inch adaptor and cord power the device.

The pump is easy to assemble, and you don’t need manual instruction to tell you how to wash your Freemie Independence pump.

The box includes the Freemie pump, one power cord, two funnels, two collection cups, and the connection kit with all the tubing and valves you need.

  • The pump is a small hexagon, and It weighs about half an ounce, can easily fit in the palm of your hand, and can be clipped to your pants. It has a battery (a USB rechargeable) that usually lasts for 50-60 minutes. It’s very silent but makes a slight beep; the clock frequency is 50 dB if compared to the Medela pump style, which is 60DB.
  • The milk collection is designed so that it can be easily fit inside the nursing bra. The milk extracted from the breasts is collected in these cups for later use. Each cup can hold up to 8 ounces of milk and is more than other competitors on the market.
  • The Freemie Independence breast pump has an auto-shutoff button that helps you while working or doing other tasks.

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Freemie Important Features

  • Settings

The pump has three different customizable settings that help you control the speed and suction of the machine. Use the settings that are more comfortable for you and save them for later use. You can change it any time if you don’t want the settings.

  • USB charger

The pump is designed to be charged from the laptop and is compatible with many USB phone chargers.

  • LCD screen

The Freemie Independence is slightly different from Freemie Liberty because the Independence model has no LCD screen.

Pros And Cons Of Freemie Independence

What Do I Like About It?

  • The pump is quiet but not 100% silent. It is designed in such a way that you can express milk while clothed.
  • It is comfortable and compatible with other pumps.
  • The cup does hold 8 ounces of milk which is great for exclusive pumping.
  • The Freemie cups can be used with traditional pumps like Spectra and Medela.
  • You can purchase the cup separately for use with other pumps.
  • The Freemie is $50 cheaper than the Freemie Liberty.

What I Don't Like About It?

  • The pump can sometimes leak out.
  • The Freemie Independence does not have that power like its other competitors.
  • The mobility range is limited.
  • There is no LCD on the Independence model.
  • The cups are not dishwasher safe.

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What’s the difference between Freemie liberty and independence?

The Freemie Independence and Liberty are the same pumps, but there are two main differences; the Independence model has no LCD screen, while there is an auto-shutoff button on the Liberty to help you set up the time. 

Is the Freemie pump hospital-grade?

This pump’s suction power is 280mm, and the company advertised it as a hospital-grade pump. If you compare it with other well-known brands, you will find a minute difference between this pump’s suction and other brands. The suction power of Spectra is 300mm—So this pump has a weaker suction than the Spectra. 

Which is better, Freemie vs. Willow vs. Elvie?

If you are on a tight budget, Freemie is better than the two brands, but if you prefer an actual wearable, cordless, tubeless pump that can fit inside your nursing bra, then the Elvie and Willow have no match. They both are super luxurious, convenient, and comfortable to use. 

Customer Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump Reviews

What Other People Think About This Pump?
The customer feedback is the official website is excellent, and most of the consumers love the pump. However, we all know that such reviews are not 100% unbiased.

The product is unavailable on Amazon, so there are no reviews about the Independence model, while the Freemie Freedom pump has positive feedback on Amazon.

On the “Aeroflowbreastpumps” website, the total reviews of this brand were 29, and the pump has 3/5 star ratings.

Let’s check what other people think about Freemie Independence.

Positive Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump Reviews 

  • For some people, it is a super convenient and excellent choice.
  • The pump is hands-free for others, but we can’t compare it with Spectra, a powerful and already-established brand.
  • Few think this is easy to use and mobile, which makes it one of the best pumps.


freemie independence mobile breast pump reviews
Freemie independence mobile breast pump reviews

Negative Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump Reviews

  • Some people think the device suction is weak.
  • Others think it is good but only for use in homes—no privacy.
Freemie independence mobile breast pump reviews
Freemie independence mobile breast pump reviews (Customers)


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Verdict—Freemie Independence Mobile Breast Pump Review

This is a great breast pump with many good features, from comfort to customization and price. However, if you are looking for a powerful pump, try Spectra S1  or Medela Pump In Style. If discretion and privacy are paramount, and you are okay with spending $500, give Elvie or Willow a chance. 

Why do we recommend Elvie and Willow?

  • Elvie and Willow are wearable, tubeless, wireless, and discreet pumps. 
  • You can express milk anywhere and anytime—playing with kids, watching TV, or doing other jobs.
  • The downside is they are not cheap, and you must spend $500.

After reading our guide and customer Freemie independence mobile breast pump reviews, you still want to buy this pump; it’s okay and up to you. 

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