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15 Best Power Wheelchair Brands For Outdoor Use (A Helpful Guide)

If you are looking for the best power wheelchair brands you are in the right place. We will discuss this topic in detail in our article.

An electric wheelchair is an automatic wheelchair that works with an electric motor or a battery system. The only difference between an electric wheelchair and mobility scooter is that a mobility scooter is configured like a motor-scooter.

Many people depend on a wheelchair for their daily trip. People with a higher degree of physical disability may find a manual wheelchair too tired to operate. That’s why we have compiled a list of best power wheelchairs brands. Hopefully, this guide will help you in selecting one for you or your relatives.

15 Best Power Wheelchair Brands (Folding power wheelchair reviews)

1. Forza D09 by Sentire Med

Forza D09 is one of the best brands of electric wheelchairs. It is not easy to find an easy, sturdy, solid and reliable wheelchair, but they have managed to combine these three essential features into a reliable electric wheelchair.

Easy to store and transport, the Forza D09 is the ideal chair for planes, trains, cars, hotels and homes with a lightweight aluminum body.

Forza D09 offers ample storage space under the seats, a removable cushion, a backrest (washable at 95 ° C) and a foldable footrest for comfort. These things make him the best electric wheelchair for outdoor use as well as for indoor events.


  • Convenient for transport
  • Intelligent electromagnetic brake to ensure passenger safety
  • Lightweight motorized wheelchair.
  • Smooth Ride

Pic: Amazon

2. Innuovo N5513A Lightweight Foldable Electrical Wheelchair

It is a lightweight electric wheelchair with a sturdy and robust model. This is one of the best Power wheelchair brands. They managed to combine these three important functions in a reliable electric chair.


  • Easily Foldable
  • Smart Touch joystick, good for both right and left-handed users
  • Lightweight high-grade aluminum alloy frame
  • Dual Lithium batteries
  • Dual Mode control can be ‘Electric’ or ‘Manual’
  • Safely support up to 265 lbs
  • Two 250-watt motors with the power needed for inclines.
  • Solid tyres – no more punctures and wear-resistant
Pic: Amazon

3. All-Terrain Folding Electric Wheelchair By Forcemech

This high-quality and one of the best power wheelchair brands. It weighs only 13 kg (43 lbs) without batteries. Therefore, it is light. Reinforced metal alloy frame with a lifting capacity of 265 lb. It comes standard with two 200 watt brushless motors and two 6.6 Ah lithium batteries for a maximum range of 16 kilometers.

The new Voyager R2 electric wheelchair has an ergonomic design for maximum comfort. All wheels are equipped with a metal alloy core for increased structural integrity. Buffer springs have been added to further improve driving. In addition to our highly visible Forcemech yellow paint, reflective lamps have been added for better visibility. These features are part of the list of the best Power wheelchair brands.


  • FDA certified for traveling in an airplane
  • Long traveling distance: 16 Miles
  • Lightweight (53 lbs)
  • Intelligent Electromagnetic Brake for safety
Pic: Amazon

4. ComfyGO By New Model 2019

It is FDA approved lightweight power wheelchair, This electric wheelchair is Easy for the airline Travel. Apply to all different road types such as grass, ramp, deceleration strip, brick, muddy, snow, bumpy road.

The seats and Back Cushions are breathable. It can Fit in car trunks equal or bigger than a Honda Civic / Ford Focus / Chevy Cruze. In short, this is also one of Best Power Wheelchair Brands for those who need it.


  • Lightweight
  • Bluetooth Remote Controller
  • intelligent Electromagnetic Brake
  • Detachable All-Direction Joystick
Pic: Amazon

5. EZ Lite Cruiser – Standard Model

The standard model of the EZ Lite Cruiser, made of light and heavy aluminum alloy, weighs only 30 kg (without battery) but can carry a passenger up to 250 kg.

This new collapsible and updated electric wheelchair model now features 8-inch gray rubber rear wheels for excellent traction and 250 watts brushless motor for driving. In short, it is also one of the best brands of electric wheelchairs with the following features.


  • Easily foldable lightweight mobility scooter
  • Beautiful design
  • Durable
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Removable seat for easy cleaning
  • You can add a secondary battery
Pic: Amazon

6. Voyager R2- Ultra Portable Folding Power Wheelchair by Forcemech

The Forcemech Voyager R2 is of high quality and is one of the best Power wheelchair brands. It weighs only 43 pounds without batteries. Reinforced metal alloy frame with a lifting capacity of 265 lb.

It comes standard with two 200 watt brushless motors and two 6.6 Ah lithium batteries for a maximum driving distance of 16 km.

The new Voyager R2 electric wheelchair has an ergonomic design for maximum comfort. All wheels are equipped with a metal alloy for greater structural integrity. Shock-absorbing springs have been added to the front to further improve driving. It’s one of the best lightweight electric wheelchairs.


  • FDA Approved
  • Safe And comfortable
  • Unique design
  • Adjustable seat
  • Weight 43 lbs
  • Drive range: 16 mile
Pic: Amazon

7. Pride Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair, Blue

The new Go-Chair has been completely redesigned to offer a new elegant and attractive style, available in a range of contemporary colors. It is one of the best power Wheelchair Brands which has Improved performance and comfort, as well as spring disassembly, allow you to travel lightly and be on the move. With a greater weight capacity of 300 pounds. The new Go-Chair is elegant and bold and makes the trip much easier.


  • Available in 6 different colors
  • Comes with 1 years warranty
  • Faster speed – up to 3.7 mph
  • compact turning radius 25.4″
Pic: Amazon

8. F KD FoldLite Electric Wheelchair Deluxe Stable Power Compact Wheelchair

The electric wheelchair KD FoldLite KD2010-1 is one of the most comfortable and durable seats on the market. It is a sturdy wheelchair with a carrying capacity of up to 330 pounds.

The 4-way adjustable backrest allows you to find a comfortable position over a long period of time without having to tire yourself. This also facilitates the folding and unfolding of the electric wheelchair.

The distance between the footrest and the seat is adjustable so that you can adjust it according to the length of your legs to find a comfortable position.

The electric wheelchair has the function of charging smartphones. If your phone runs out of power, you can stop the wheelchair to charge it. At the same time, you can surf the net or chat with someone on social networks, so you do not get bored when you go out alone. All these qualities make it to the list of the best Power Wheelchair Brands.


  • The armrest is very safe with a big loading capacity
  • USB Charging Port for Mobile Phone
  • Charging port
  • LED display screen
  • Max Load Capacity: 330.7 lbs
  • 1 Year warranty for battery
Pic: Amazon

9. 2019 New Comfy Go Electric Wheelchair – Foldable Lightweight Heavy Duty Lithium Battery Electric Power Wheelchair

This high-quality wheelchair incorporates many important safety features. With a joystick, more stable rear wheels, ultra-stable footrest, and very durable construction.

With the superior design joystick, it is easy to use even in the most difficult situations. Then you have a free hand to stop quickly. We have also incorporated an anti-backrest design that makes this electric wheelchair remarkably stable, lightweight and easy to fold.

Only 62 pounds with battery thanks to the aluminum alloy, which is super strong and very light. We use it for the front and rear wheels to make them stronger. This wheelchair can be easily loaded into your vehicle for transport or storage.  All parts are equipped with high-quality welds for durability and reliability.


  • Easy to use and fold
  • Lightweight
  • Elegant design
  • Stable and comfortable
Pic: Amazon

10. LiteRider Envy Lightweight Electric Power Wheelchair

Designed for the end-user and his caregivers, LiteRider Envy can be disassembled in seconds to easily fit into the trunk of virtually any car. The heaviest piece weighs only 15 kg and must be easily lifted at the rear of a vehicle.

LiteRider Envy offers a comfortable full-day journey, with a seat in the stadium and a generous platform, as well as 22-amp batteries larger per hour so you can go further than ever. This unit also includes a one-year home support contract at no additional cost.


  • Portable
  • Tight turning radius of 26” for narrow spaces and tight corners
  • Unique design
Pic: Amazon

11. Zinger Chair, Ultra-Portable Motorized Mobility Chair

This is Lightweight, compact, powerful, easy to transport  Folding Electric Mobility Chair. This is one of the best power wheelchair brands and is Compatible with airline travel.

Zinger wheelchair weighs only 47 lbs (including battery) and can carry up to 265 pounds.

It can travel up to 8 miles distance on a single charge. Their Lithium-Ion battery provides powerful energy at a fraction of the weight of most batteries.


  • Ultra-portable and airline compliant
  • Long-range (8 miles per one battery charge)
  • Lightweight
Best power wheelchair brands

12. Porto Power wheelchair

A beautifully designed, lightweight, powerful, and extremely well-crafted frame for comfortable driving, so users weighing up to 40 kg not only meet the growing demands and expectations of users related to mobility and comfort.

It is designed for internal and external navigation in confined spaces with excellent roundabouts and outboard with 8-inch front and 12-inch rear anti-breakdown wheels for easy riding on uncoated surfaces.

This easy foldable wheelchair gets Up to 13 Miles Driving Distance per one battery charge and this is airline friendly model.


  • Removable seat cushion and backrest (washable) and
  • Flip-up footrest for added comfort
  • Comfortable
  • Warranty: 5 years for Frame, 1 Year for Motor and Joystick Controller, 6 Months for Battery
  • Under Seat Storage Bag
  • Longer Battery Life: up to 13 Miles (24V10AH)
Pic: Amazon

13. Porto Mobility Ranger D09 XL World’s Widest Electric Wheelchair

Very strong portable wheelchair, foldable in seconds, tested in air transport. You do not need to install a lift in your car or SUV for transportation. Suitable for a car trunk that is equivalent to or greater than those of a Honda Civic / Toyota Prius / Chevrolet Cruze.

Porto Mobility is an American company dedicated to providing the best mobility products. All products, parts, and accessories are compatible with Porto Mobility Standard 24×7 customer service.

Convenient for storage and transport, foldable and easy to facilitate transport. This electric wheelchair is equipped with storage space under the seat and has a removable seat and a seat cover for easy cleaning.

Small turning radius of only 33 inches: facilitates movement in a confined space. Cheaper than previous models and much heavier electric wheelchairs.


  • Weight 50 lbs (without batteries)
  • Travel Speed: 5 MPH (Adjustable)
  • Intelligent Electromagnetic Brake
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 years for Frame,  6 Months for Battery, 1 Year for Motor and Joystick Controller.
Pic: Amazon

14. Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair

This is a foldable and lightweight power wheelchair, ideal for transport. It is available in an attractive and lightweight carbon steel frame with a silver finish that is easy to maintain.

This electric chair comes standard with a safety belt, seat cushions and a storage bag for easy storage. The footrests with calf and heel straps, padded brakes and tension adjustment and the padded backrest increase comfort and safety.

The built-in programmable controller and adjustable length joystick support are suitable for most users. The EC Cirrus Plus electric folding chair has been tested and meets the requirements of the ANSI RESNA test, which ensures greater safety for our consumers.


  • Programmable controller with adjustable length mount
  • foldable and lightweight for easy portability
  • Armrests are adjustable and removable.
Pic: Amazon

15. Heavy-Duty Electric Wheelchair With Headrest

This electric wheelchair is made of sturdy carbon steel and weighs 150 kg. It folds easily in 5 seconds. It is very compact and clean after folding. It weighs only 34 kg + each battery weighs only 3 kg. It can be easily stored in the trunk of most vehicles.

This electric wheelchair has two powerful and silent 500 W motors and 12 A lithium-ion batteries. The 8-hour charge can take about 10-15 km. The battery can be recharged in the electric wheelchair or simply removed and recharged outboard. The chair can also be used as a manual wheelchair when the battery is low.

With the smart joystick (360 ° waterproof / against radio interference), the joystick can be placed to the left or right of the armrest. It adapts to different groups of people. This wheelchair offers smooth operation and a hand for quick glides, anti-roll wheels, and puncture-resistant tires. With an adjustable safety belt, recoil warning, high horn, and automatic brake. It keeps you safe, stable and comfortable.

Adjustable backrest and adjustable headrest (adjustable from 90 ° to 180 °) for comfort. The armrests on both sides can be raised to allow users to enter and exit, eat, etc. They are also equipped with a removable and breathable seat and backrest, which are not wet for a long time and are easy to clean, which means good personal hygiene. Very important is / The design of the back pocket for easy storage / In addition, our specially designed and wider disassembly pedal allows you to be closer to the wheelchair when you lift.


  • One-button folding,
  • Easy to put into the trunk of the car
  • Dual-mode, electric or manual
  • Breathable seat and backrest can be removed for cleaning
Pic: Amazon

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