Best NAD Supplements: Top 3 NMN & NR Boosters

Are you looking to increase your NAD+ levels? Check out our list of the best NAD supplements to find the right one for you. With so many options available, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn more about NAD+ supplements and find the perfect one for you.

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Quick Overview

In case you are in a hurry, read our quick overview;

NAD+ is a coenzyme essential for life but as we age, our levels of NAD+ decline. This can lead to several problems, including decreased energy, poor sleep quality, and weight gain. Some research even suggests that it may hold the key to longevity. So, increasing this molecule is also essential for energy production in the body and plays a crucial role in cell metabolism. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of NAD supplements based on research and how they can help improve your health. We will also discuss some of the best NAD and scientifically proven anti aging supplements available on the market.

First, what is NAD?

NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which is imperative to metabolism and cellular health. It is a coenzyme that is naturally produced in the body & is responsible for many functions; it can help support cell metabolism and other reactions in the body. In particular, NAD also helps produce energy in our cells, which is crucial for overall health and well-being. 

Our bodies naturally age as we go through life, and we become less able to produce adequate amounts of this coenzyme, leading to decreased energy levels. This can make it harder for us to maintain healthy muscles, manage a healthy weight and feel our best overall.

Lower level of NAD+ can negatively impact the body’s ability to work effectively and result in many age-related health problems like diabetes, heart diseases, cancers, depression, back pain, dementia, and Alzheimer among others. It is also said to cause problems in the mitochondria and cellular levels, which results in lower energy production. 

Some studies have shown that low levels of NAD+ can also lead to poor sleep quality and insomnia. With the support of this coenzyme, you can get the restorative sleep your body needs for healthy aging, optimal health, and well-being.

NAD is also essential if you’re struggling with weight gain or difficulty maintaining a healthy weight. By increasing your levels of NAD+, you can support healthy weight loss and maintain healthy body composition.

Many people take NAD+ supplements to slow down the aging process. You will need to take Nicotinamide Mono nucleotide (NMN) or NR supplements to restore your lost NAD+.

The question is, how do these supplements work?

It’s important to understand that the body can naturally make its NAD+ from tryptophan, aspartic acid, and Niacin (vitamin B3). As I said before, Our NAD level naturally drops with natural aging, so we need to boost our level using different products.

There are two types of supplements; one is NMN, while the other is NR. They both are called NAD boosters or precursors.  

Supplementing with nicotinamide riboside (NR) will not directly make NAD+ available to your cells – it must first be converted into NMN, which then must be converted back into NAD+ inside the cells and show its results.

So, should you take NMN or NR?

If NR is converting again into NMN in the body, why not take NMN directly? They both are very similar, with only a few additions that make them different. One of these is an extra phosphate group on the side chain for NMNs, which makes it larger than its counterpart in cellular membranes—this also means more difficulty crossing over to cytoplasm. However, recent research suggests a high-affinity transporter is present for NMN on the cell members, which allows the NMN to enter cells quickly without becoming NR. 

Overall, they both can increase your levels of NAD+. The choice may come down to how much either improves the body’s ability to absorb it. However, based on observation and expert analysis, the NMN works well compared to NR. 

Health Benefits Of NMN & NR supplements

Nicotinamide Mono Nucleotide (NMN) and Nicotinamide riboside (NR) boost NAD+ production, which activates certain enzymes and proteins to promote healthy aging.

  • According to some animal studies, one such protein is sirtuins which can repair damaged DNA, boost stress resistance, improve life span and overall health. 
  • These two precursors are also said to promote a healthy level of NAD+, which may also help protect brain cells against oxidative stress and reduced mitochondrial function. 
  • Some animal studies also suggest that supplementing with NMN and NR can help reduce the risks of heart diseases by reversing vascular dysfunction and oxidative stress.  
  • A healthy level of NAD+ can have many other benefits, like a healthy weight and fighting against oxidative stress, which can help protect against cancer. It promotes healthy muscles and may help with jet lag and other circadian rhythm disorders.
  • Although more research is needed to determine the efficacy of NMN and NR supplements, early studies suggest that these supplements may offer some health benefits related to aging. For example, one study showed that taking NMN increased insulin sensitivity in postmenopausal women with prediabetes. Another study showed that oral NMN supplements had improved sleep quality.

Experts suggest that taking NMN & NR supplements may provide a variety of health benefits. While animal studies have found the supplement reversed many age-related effects, human studies also show promising results. More studies needs to be done before we can make any conclusions about its use in humans as an alternative or additional treatment option for older adults.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your energy, cellular, and overall health, consider taking natural NAD booster. These powerful supplements deliver key benefits like improved cell metabolism, better sleep quality, and healthy weight loss.

However, please note that not all NAD+ supplement brands are created equal. Some are more effective than others, and some have potential side effects.

So which NAD booster should you take? To find out what worked and what didn’t, we compare the top contenders and best NAD supplements on the market. We look at factors like potency, price, customer NAD+ supplement reviews, and safety to help you make an informed decision. 

Top 3 Best NAD Supplements

Liposomal NMN+

Liposomal NMN+ supplement promises to help boost your NAD levels naturally. GenF20, a well-known anti-aging company, makes the supplement.

Liposomal NMN+ is a doctor-formulated, scientifically proven anti aging supplement that helps to support healthy NAD+ levels. Expert believes that it is a critical molecule that helps to regulate over 400 biological functions in your body. Research shows that NAD+ levels naturally decline with age, leading to mitochondrial “decay” and aging-associated symptoms.

Liposomal NMN+ is designed to help boost NAD levels, recharging your mitochondria and allowing you to feel younger and live longer.

People who take NMN report more physical energy, better sleep, and improved memory. Additionally, increased levels of NAD+ also play a critical role in DNA repair and gene expression. The youthful, vibrant health flooding your BRAIN and BODY is why many call NMN “life-changing and fountain of youth.” 

Liposomal NMN+ is one of the most popular NMN supplements on the market. It comes in a convenient pill, and each bottle contains 60 capsules. Each capsule contains 250mg of NMN, and the recommended dose is two daily capsules.

Why Do We Recommend This One?

  • Supplementing with Liposomal NMN+ has been shown to significantly increase NAD levels in the body, which may offer various benefits, including improved energy production, better DNA repair, and enhanced cell signaling.
  • GenF20 NMN+ is formulated using liposomal technology that make it the most bioavailable form of NMN on the market.
  • Liposomal NMN+ is backed by a 67-day money-back guarantee. Order Liposomal NMN+ today and start feeling the difference.
  • The next best thing about Liposomal NMN+ is its cost. It is one of the most affordable options, and bulk purchases can save you more money.
  • David Sinclair, a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School and a longevity expert, thinks that NMN works better than the NR.

Liposomal NMN+

Peak Performance NMN+Resveratrol

Peak Performance NMN+ Resveratrol is designed to support the body’s natural ability to produce NAD+, resulting in increased energy levels, improved cellular function, and reduced inflammation. 

Peak Performance NMN+ Resveratrol supplements can help to prevent cellular degeneration and keep us feeling young and healthy. This supplement contains NMN, a compound shown to slow the aging process, and Resveratrol, an antioxidant that helps accelerate the benefits of NMN. 

The Peak Performance NMN+ Resveratrol is a vegan and allergy-free supplement that promises to be a great source of antioxidants, provide powerful anti-aging benefits, support healthy NAD levels, and be completely free of GMOs and other additives. 

With so many features, Peak Performance NMN+ Resveratrol seems like it could be the perfect NAD supplement for those looking for an all-natural option.

Why Should You Buy This One?

  • Peak Performance NMN+ Resveratrol is a unique supplement that combines two potent anti-aging compounds. NMN is a precursor to NAD+, a key molecule in energy production, cellular repair, and gene expression. Resveratrol is an antioxidant that can help speed up the absorption of NMN and promote a more healthy aging process.
  • Peak Performance NMN+ Resveratrol is a safe and effective way to support optimal health and longevity. Research suggests that it is safe and doesn’t cause serious side effects.
  • Peak Performance NMN+ Resveratrol is third-party tested for effectiveness, manufactured in the USA in a GMP-certified facility, and backed by a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Tru Niagen—NR Supplement

Tru Niagen is a supplement that has been making waves in the anti-aging community. The supplement claims to increase NAD+ levels in the body, an essential coenzyme responsible for cellular health.

This supplement has been clinically shown to increase NAD levels. It is made from nicotinamide riboside (NR), a precursor to NAD. NR is a naturally occurring compound found in milk, whole grain, yeast, mushrooms, and green vegetable. Tru Niagen is made by ChromaDex and is the first and only supplement clinically shown to increase NAD levels in humans.

This supplement is the most popular on sale because it boosts energy levels and promotes cellular repair. This NAD+ supplement reviews from customers show that it can have an effect within minutes, making you feel healthier.

The product (Tru Niagen) has gained a following of 18.7k on Instagram and 27.9k on Facebook. The brand has also been featured in well-known media outlets such as the Daily Mail, Forbes, GQ, and Goop because of their impressive results.

If you’re looking for a way to fight the physical side effects of aging, Tru Niagen is worth checking out.

Why Should You Buy Tru Niagen?

  • Studies prove that Tru Niagen is effective in boosting NAD levels.
  • The FDA also found that this NAD+ booster is safe with no severe side effects. This is good news for those who want to try this new supplement.
  • This supplement is very affordable when compared to others on the market. Similar products can often be expensive, making this an excellent option for those on a budget. The quality is still very high, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing effectiveness for cost.
  • This product contains none of the following: nuts, gluten, caffeine, animal byproducts, or artificial colors or flavors.
  • Save up to 30% on Tru Niagen by signing up for repeat delivery. It’s easy to set up, and you’ll never have to worry about running out of your essentials again. Plus, you can change or cancel your subscriptions at any time.

Why Should You Avoid It?

  • Further research is needed to determine the potential benefits of NAD supplements. At this point, the proven benefits are not sufficient. However, research continues to explore this treatment option’s possible advantages.
  • No money-back guarantee! Their return policy is strictly enforced. So be sure to choose wisely when making your purchase.

Best NAD Supplements
Best NAD Supplements

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do we use precursors instead of the actual ingredient? 

Direct consumption of NAD is not stable and the bioavailability can’t be compared with NMN and NR.

Is NAD the same as Vitamin B3?

Nicotinamide riboside is an alternative form of vitamin B3, which is also called niacin. Vitamin B3 is not NAD but a precursor and can boost your body’s NAD production. It has been proposed as a way to fight age because it increases the amount in our cells, which helps us live longer and look younger than ever before.

Do NAD supplements work?

The idea that NMN can reverse aging and improve cognitive health is exciting, but we need more research to determine whether or not it works in humans. Until now, animal studies clearly indicate that supplementing with NMN or NR can dramatically improve age-related conditions, but the research on humans is still limited.

How Can I Increase My NAD Naturally?

Here are some tips for boosting this vital nutrient. Exercise is one of the easiest ways; limiting sun exposure can help too. If you have a high-energy like most people, try fasting or eating a ketosis diet while avoiding sugar as much as possible to maintain optimal health.

Add foods that naturally contain vitamin B like avocados, peanuts, fish, and cow milk should be part of your diet. These food can improve your NAD level naturally.

Bottom Line Comparison—Which is the best NAD supplement?

To wind up our buyer’s guide, we would like to tell our reader that Liposoma NMN+ is our #1 recommendation, followed by Peak Performance and Tru Niagen. Here is the comparison; 

  • GenF20 NMN+ is formulated based on liposomal technology, which allows the molecule to absorb better in the body and show its effects. 
  • According to David Sinclair, the NMN is more effective than NR based on observations and experiments. 
  • Liposomal NMN+ comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee. This also allows a user to test the product, and if it doesn’t work well, return the empty box and get your money back. 

Our second recommendation is Peak performance because it is one of the most effective and safer products for boosting NAD+. It has been shown to increase nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) levels in cells involved in energy production, cell maintenance, and DNA repair. It is also packed with an antioxidant that helps protect your body from cell damage. 

Our third product is Tru Niagen: The FDA has acknowledged the safety of Tru Niagen, and many clinical studies have shown its efficacy. The product is also well tolerated, with no serious adverse events reported. It is rapidly absorbed and metabolized, and there are no known drug interactions. Clinical studies in humans are ongoing, but the available data suggest that Tru Niagen is safe and effective at increasing NAD levels.

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