Ristela Review: Does It Really Work In 2024?

Looking for ways to increase your arousal and orgasms? You might have heard about Ristela—a hormone-free supplement that claims to support sexual activity in women. The potent blends help increase blood flow to the vaginal area, making it easier for women to become physically aroused and experience orgasm. But does it boost sexual pleasure in women? In this Ristela review, I’ll share my thoughts on this natural supplement based on my research and clients’ experience.

Ristela Pros And Cons

We Like;

  • Several clinical studies have been published on some of the Ristela ingredients. These studies have undergone rigorous peer review and provide valuable insights into the potential benefits of this supplement.
  • Ristela provides much-needed nutrition without the worry of major allergens or gluten. The supplement is tailored to those with specific dietary needs, ensuring everyone can enjoy a well-balanced meal.
  • This unique formula is designed to help users feel more desire and pleasure. Some ingredients may help improve the blood supply to sex organs, and you may experience a better climax.

Don't Like;

  • The results may be slow but don’t give up. Consistency is key. You may need months to see the results, but it’ll be worth it.
  • The supplement is not cheap. The price of one month’s supply is about $60, which is expensive compared to other such products on the market.
  • Some ingredients have no clinical backing, specifically in boosting libido and women’s sexual pleasure.

Quick Ristela Review

  • Product Name: Ristela
  • Manufacturer: Hello Bonafide
  • Best Place To Buy Ristela: Company Website
  • Other High-Quality Alternatives: Provestra

Honest & Unbiased Ristela Review

Learn more about the brand, ingredients, side effects, how it works, dosage, the best place to buy, and much more in this Ristela review.


What is Ristela?

Ristela is a dietary supplement that can help with increasing the level of sexual pleasure in women. Bonafide Health is the company that makes Ristela support women through all stages of life. They take pride in creating hormone-free natural supplements that enhance libido and sexual satisfaction without harmful side effects.

Bonafide Health is an innovative company that produces high-quality supplements for women’s health. They have been featured on notable news platforms such as The New York Times, Allure magazine, and Good Morning America, to name just a few of their many accomplishments.

Mike Satow, a health advocate, entrepreneur, founder of Bonafide Health, and a team that includes a group of experts in medicine and nutrition science, is focused on developing safe, effective products to address various women-related issues.

Ristela is one such product that contains proprietary ingredients such as a patented proprietary blend known as Lady Prelox and Pycnogenol extract from Pine Trees. The supplement is also packed with Rosavita rose hips to increase blood flow while containing amino acids like L-arginine and Citrulline Malate (which increases nitrogen intake) for a more natural feeling process.

The combined effect of these ingredients increases blood flow to the vagina and other sex organs, which makes it easier for physical arousal or orgasm.

The daily recommended dose is two tablets, taken with a glass of water. You can take Ristela with or after meals to reduce any possible stomach upset. Some people may see results from taking this supplement in as little as one month, but for most people, it takes at least two months of consistent use to see significant improvements in their arousal and sexual health.

Ristela is a costly supplement, costing about $62 on Amazon and $55 on the company website for a one-month supply. This is much more expensive than other female libido supplements on the market.

Overall, Ristela may be effective for some women, but solid scientific evidence does not support its claims. Additionally, its high cost may be a deterrent for some women.

Ristela Ingredients

Below is a list of all the active constituents used in this natural formula. Please note that in this Ristela review, we’ve added many clinical studies to tell you what works and what doesn’t. Let’s have a look at the ingredients;

Lady Prelox Blend

Lady Prelox is a mixture of potent natural ingredients like Pycnogenol pine bark extract, L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and Rosavita rose hip extracts that have been proven to help postmenopausal women with problems in the bedroom. Let’s see what the research says about it;

  • study revealed that after only four weeks of taking it, they experienced improved sexual arousal and other factors like arousal, lubrication, orgasm, and satisfaction associated with successful intimate relationships.
  • Incorporating this blend into a woman’s reproductive cycle has improved female sexual function and reduced oxidative stress. There were no reported side effects, either.
  • In another clinical study, women who had moderate sexual dysfunction saw improvement when they took Lady Prelox in addition to following an integrated lifestyle management program.
  • The higher doses of the Lady Prelox formulation in Ristela have proven to reduce oxidative stress and improve the female sexual function of women of reproductive age.


The product is also packed with 800mg of L-Arginine —an amino acid found naturally in foods like red meat, fish, and dairy.

  • This amino acid is converted into nitric oxide, which helps regulate cardiovascular function by promoting vasodilation of blood vessels and helping support the health of endothelial cells within your sexual organs or vagina.
  • L- L-arginine may also help women who want to desire pregnancy.
  • A 2021 review from researchers found it could help treat hypoactive sexual desire disorder for women when taken alongside other supplements.

More research is needed to prove its efficacy in boosting female sexual desire.

L citrulline

L-Citrulline is a natural amino acid found in many different types of produce, including watermelons and pumpkins. When ingested by the body, it’s converted into L Arginine, which increases plasma levels for Nitric Oxide production.

Pycnogenol French Maritime Pine Bark

Pycnogenol is a standardized extract from maritime pine tree bark containing 70% procyanidin, which has been shown in clinical trials to reduce blood pressure. This supplement was especially effective for hypertension or at-risk individuals because it increased nitric oxide production, reduced oxidative stress, and decreased inflammation.

Pycnogenol, a powerful antioxidant found in the bark of pine trees, is being studied for its ability to dilate blood vessels and increase nitric oxide release. The evidence suggests that this natural supplement can help boost your body’s production of these crucial hormones, which regulate heart health and muscle strength.

  • Studies suggest that supplementing with Pycnogenol can improve quality of life by significantly reducing the signs and symptoms of menopausal transitions.
  • Pycnogenol and L arginine may be effective options for restoring sexual dysfunction, boosting libido, and improving performance. 

Rosvita Rose Hip Extract

The fruit (or seed pods) of the Rose plant is a popular natural remedy for many ailments. It contains cardio-protective properties that may help prevent diseases such as heart disease and artery plaque leading to female sexual dysfunction. It relieves stress on blood flow near these areas; this includes everything from pelvic arteries down into your vaginal canal. Consuming rose hips provides you with vitamin C and antioxidants, including carotenoids, which protect against free radicals.

Bottom Line On The Ingredients

Overall, there is not a lot of strong scientific evidence to support the claims made by Ristela about its ability to improve female libido. Most of the research conducted on the ingredients in Ristela is either animal research or funded by the manufacturer. There have only been a few human studies that could have been more extensive and better designed.

If you look at the formulation, you will see that the hype created behind this supplement is to increase nitric oxide levels in the body and increase blood to the sexual organs. However, we think it’s too early to consider it a treatment for women’s low libido and low sex drive. You can also read about other female enhancement products.

Ristela review
Ristela Review

Ristela Side Effects

The side effects of Ristela are minimal. But as we know, it’s a health product and may cause some unwanted side effects;

You can experience no hormonal responses but only rare side effects like 

  • Insomnia at higher doses when used with other medications.
  • Pycnogenol increases the heart rate of some people.
  • L – Arginine caused nausea & vomiting, headache, and itching. Still, since it contains less than 1g per serving, these symptoms would be significantly reduced if not absent from consumption.
  • Avoid it if you are already taking other blood pressure-lowering drugs.

Ristela Cost/Price

The Bonafide website offers a one-time purchase of their Ristela product for $55. However, they also mention that you can save 18% by subscribing and paying $45/per month. It’s important to note that Bonafide does not allow refunds or returns. For me, this is a huge turn-off. I would be much more likely to try a product if I knew I could get my money back if it didn’t work. With Hellobonafide, you have to use the product for up to two months before seeing any beneficial effects – and even then, there’s no guarantee that it will work for you. In my opinion, the no-return policy makes Bonafide a risky investment. That’s why we recommend Provestra—a female sex enhancement product that offers more than two months of a money-back guarantee. 

Ristela Dosage—How To Take It?

Ristela needs to be taken twice daily, one tablet per serving. The best results come from consistent use, and users will notice them after two months of constant consumption; however, they can also help if you start by ordering through Bonafide’s monthly subscription service, which sends your order straight home (or wherever) every month with no strings attached.

Where To Buy Ristela?

The product is available on the company’s official website and on Amazon, among other well-known e-commerce platforms. However, we always recommend purchasing the product from the company website to avoid scams and counterfeit supplements.

  • Single box price—$55
  • Monthly Plan—$45/month
  • 3 Months Plan—$40/month

Is Ristela Worth It?

Overall, we believe that Ristela is a product worth considering if you struggle with sexual dysfunction. The customer Ristela reviews are primarily positive, and many women report improving their sexual function and satisfaction. Additionally, the ingredients used in the formula have some scientific backing for their ability to enhance sexual function. However, there are a few downsides to keep in mind.

  • First, the brand needs to be more transparent about its history and how the product was developed. There is no third-party testing on their website. 
  • Additionally, the formula is relatively expensive compared to similar products.
  • Third, they don’t provide any money-back guarantee. 

If you are looking for a product that may improve your sexual function and satisfaction, Ristela is worth considering. However, if you are concerned about transparency or cost, other options may be better for you.

Who is this product for?

Ristela is a product specifically for women experiencing discomfort or lack of satisfaction during sexual attachment. In addition, older ladies who are going through menopause may find that this supplement helps them feel more satisfied in their relationships with lovers and partners. It is made from a mixture that enhances your satisfaction and has been shown to increase arousal & orgasm.

Is Ristela over the counter?

Ristela is like other over-the-counter supplements made from natural ingredients and doesn’t require any doctor’s prescription.

Customer Ristela Reviews

Many products on the market claim to improve sexual health, but it can be hard to know which ones are worth trying. That’s why reading reviews before purchasing is always a good idea.

For this Ristela review, we searched the internet for customer feedback so you can decide whether this product is right for you. Overall, we found that Ristela is a popular product with mostly positive hello bonafide reviews. Customers report that it’s easy to use and helps to improve sexual performance. However, some customers did mention that they didn’t see any results after using the product.

Overall, Ristela seems like a good option if you’re looking for a sexual health supplement, but be aware that results may vary from person to person. Here is what we found;

  • Amazon: 4.4/5 stars based on 120+ ratings
  • Bonafide Health: 3.5/5 stars with over 229 reviews

Positive Ristela Reviews

Ristela has been getting a lot of positive feedback from customers who have left reviews. Most people seem happy with their results, although it took them a couple of months to start seeing a difference. One customer left a 5-star review saying that Ristela “definitely works” and that they had been using it for two months before seeing results.

Another customer said that Ristela was “well worth the wait” and gave it four stars. Overall, customers seem to be happy with the product and would recommend it to others.

Reading many positive reviews about a product before purchasing is one thing. But it’s entirely different to experience the results for yourself. That’s precisely what happened with one reviewer of the Ristela. They noticed an improvement in their sex life after just one week of using the supplement. In other words, this reviewer was thoroughly satisfied with the results.

Negative Ristela Reviews

While most feedback looks positive, some prefer something else to the product. They think it didn’t work the way it was advertised. Jean C didn’t see any apparent changes after taking this supplement for a specific period. Let’s see what people think;

  • Joy Erodes thinks that it did nothing, no change at all. While for another customer, Ristela caused her cramping after using it.
  • Marry also says it didn’t work, and she still suffers from menopause symptoms like hot flashes, etc.

High-Quality Ristela Alternatives

Ristela vs Provestra

If you compare Ristela with Provestra, you will see a lot of differences in the ingredients list. Provestra is made from vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and herbal ingredients. All of these ingredients work together with each other and increase female libido.

  • Provestra comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee.
  • It is #1 rated, and doctors recommend female libido boosters.
  • They provide free shipping in the US. You can check prices and offers here.

Revaree and Ristela

Ravaree is an entirely different dosage form. It is a vaginal suppository that is used to provide relief from vaginal dryness related to menopause. This product is based on hyaluronic acid, proven to retain moisture, and could be a practical option for vaginal dryness and infection. This may also help improve comfort during sexual intimacy.

  • Many clinical studies support the ingredients used in this formulation.
  • This product is free from all types of hormones and is available over the counter.

Ristela Vs. Hersolution

Hersolution is another natural formula for triggering female libido. The best part is it comes with an arousal gel that can reduce vaginal dryness. Hersolution also comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee.

Some commonly used ingredients in Hersolution are Ginkgo biloba, Niacin, hops, mucuna pruriens, epimedium sagitattum, and cayenne. These ingredients will help you correct the hormonal and nutritional imbalance and improve your desire for sexual intimacy.

Olly Lovin Vs Ristela

Olly Lovin is the perfect way to boost the desire for women. The clinically studied Ashwagandha will help you stay stimulated, while Damiana has long been celebrated as a potent little plant that can improve women’s libido.

Bottomline—Ristela Review

Based on the above comparison, I think Ristela could be a promising supplement for improving female sexual function and libido, but it’s not worth the cost compared to its competition.

To be honest, Ristela’s proprietary blend has some clinical backing, but I don’t see the point in using Ristela as it does not have enough research to back up its claims that female sexual function will improve with use. There are many other supplements out there that contain similar plus added ingredients and show more promise for improving your libido than this one product does. So if you’re looking into natural alternatives, try Provestra.

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