Ardo Calypso Essentials Breast Pump Reviews By Expert & Customers

In this Buyer Guide, you will learn what Ardo Calypso is, How it works, and whether it really works. Also, you know about its features, pros and cons, and customer Ardo Calypso Essentials breast pump reviews.

Ardo Calypso is another double electric pump specially designed for mothers at home, at work, or even for daily purposes. The company claims it is the quietest operational breast pump available on the market and is best to use when your baby sleeps.

It is a portable and lightweight design, ensuring usability everywhere you go. Plus, it even features the different sizes of the breast flanges and has individually adjustable suction strength with the frequency settings.

Also, It is extra comfortable due to the Optiflow breast shell inserts, which massage your breasts while pumping. It also helps to relieve pain and any discomfort.

What is the Ardo Calypso?

Being the easy-to-use and compact one, the Ardo Calypso double plus breast pump offers pumping without making the mother uncomfortable. Plus, you will also find it noticeably quieter than the average pump. Like Motif Luna, the Ardo is a double electric pump that can be used as a single when needed. According to a study, a quiet revolution has been taking place in the feeding of US infants in the form of women using electric breast pumps.

There is no such surprise that the pumping testers of the Ardo are yet easy to use, and they also

achieve the airtight seal for good suction.

Compared to many other double electric breast pumps, this fantastic Calypso’s mid-range price point will never hurt other women. No doubt that it is the quietest breast pump available in the market. The whole operation of the pump is intuitive and straightforward to use. The hospital-grade technology used in this pump assures a gentle touch. It is also available with a unique line & lock mechanism that somehow secures lids on top of the breast flange, all against accidental pull-off.

Suction strength can be adjusted individually. The whole pump is based on flexible settings for the individual letdown and the expression settings. This would lead to comfortable pumping with the maximum milk expression.

The closed system provides complete protection from contamination and pathogenic agents. No milk is in the tubes, thanks to the vacuum seal technology. A new mother will have a comfortable and efficient pumping experience. Its compact design and reduced sound level even allow discreet expression. Also, the device is 100% BPA-free.

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What is inside the box?

  • Calypso Ardo breast pump
  • The main set of adapter
  • Two sets of connectors
  • Two sets of tubes
  • Two sets of 150ml milk collection bottles
  • Two sets of bottle cap/cap liner
  • One bottle holder
  • Compact Cleaning brush
  • Two sets of pump sets, including valves
  • Two sets of 26mm breast shell
  • Two sets of 28mm breast shell
  • Two sets of 31mm breast shell
  • Two sets of Optiflow massage insert

How does it work?

It has a clear digital display, and you can easily adjust the settings for the suction and speed when pumping. In addition, the machine is available in 64 combinations to pick the right setting according to your body and age. Hence, it doesn’t sound very easy, but all those adjustments ensure the pump works properly. The overall transition from the single to double pump and then back again is simple, easy, and quick.

Ardo is a battery-operated breast pump. So, as you start pumping, you are connected with the hub and yet will have limited movement. The pump is discreet and can be used at work or home. You can make use of Ardo Calypso at work in the dual mode if you feel that it might overexpose your breasts. However, using it as a single electric pump could be a better option.

Overall, the pump is surprisingly quiet and, hence, one of the quietest we have tested.


The Ardo Calypso consists of six pieces per pump set, and while they come pre-assembled, a 10-minute boiling is required earlier than used to sterilize the pump.

Once they are cool and dry, reassembling the components and connecting them to the unit using the tubing is automatic, whether or not you are placing it up for single or double pumping. Our parent testers and editors determined the Calypso was effortless to bring together, and no one had trouble connecting each section securely.

The guidelines were clear and beneficial about beginning with an excessive cadence and low suction.

I like the simplicity of the pump and the intuitive controls. It has a straightforward appearance—it wasn’t intimidating to analyze how to use it. And I additionally like that it comes with spare valves and a couple of sizes of breast shells.” —Elizabeth, mother of one.

Pros and Cons Of Ardo Calypso

What Do We Like About It?

  • Quiet operation of the pump motor
  • Various options in the upgraded bundle
  • It can be used as a manual pump
  • Easy to clean
  • It is portable
  • Optiflow massage inserts with different size breast shields
  • Closed system pump
  • 100% BPA free parts

What We Don’t Like About It?

  • Lacks in letdown feature
  • Complicated suction or cycle settings
  • Instructions are available in 14 languages and include two booklets, which are not easy and
  • difficult to read.
  • The pump motor is less strong when using the batteries.

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Ardo Calypso Features

Breast shells

The Ardo Calypso breast pump has three different sizes of breast shells, so you can pick the correct unit size according to your requirements. Any breast shell that cannot fit correctly can even prevent efficient pumping cau, cause pain, and often give rise to sore nipples.

It is vital to choose the right breast shell, and the correct breast shell is the one if your nipple is moving freely in the funnel and does not even follow the rhythmic movements of the breast pump. Hence, very little or none of the areola tissue is in the funnel. This way, fresh milk will flow out, and the breast will turn soft everywhere after pumping.

Mumsnet Best

This amazing Calypso Breastpump has been awarded the Mumsnet Best for over five years and is currently the breast pump of the year. Mumsnet hence tests the products through six criteria:

1. Safety and 100% stability

2. Easy assembly

3. Day-to-Day use of the product

4. Cleanliness and 100% hygiene

5. Great aesthetics

6. Affordable

Vacuum Sealed Pumpsets

There are around two pump sets included with this Calypso Double plus Breastpump. Hence, all the materials are made from premium-quality Bisphenol-A (BPA) free materials and are 100% FDA tested. The independent testing laboratory has verified that all the pump sets have a closed collection system that is impermeable in both directions. The silicone membrane pot is integrated within the pump sets, ensuring a 100% barrier. This barrier is settled between breast milk and any pathogenic agents.

In addition, it has the latest vacuum seal technology that protects both the sides of breast milk and even the breast pump from contamination and guarantees optimal hygiene.

Expressing Tips

This great Calypso double plus has two pump sets for the single or the double pumping. Double pumping helps improve breast milk, increasing the Prolactin and reducing the pumping time by half. Positive emotions will also help to trigger the letdown reflex.

You should perform some massage before expressing yourself to encourage it to let you down. After the massage, it is also helpful for increasing the supply! To get the milk and start the flow, you should always set the cycle high and the vacuum low. Once the milk begins to flow, you should set the entire vacuum high and the suction low.

Ardo Calypso Essentials Breast Pump Reviews

Mary Charles

“Well, I decided it gives a short try to this great pump, and I was so impressed by its quietness and the weight and portable sizing it has. This pump has significantly expressed the milk for one feed in just 15 minutes. The exciting fact is that this Argo has been all under control with excellent suction and speed, unlike my previous Medela Swing Pump. The whole pump set is easy to use and put together, saving me so much of my time during the cleaning. It is painless and gentle. Try it now”.

Amanda Williams

“First, I was using Ameda Mya, and then one of my friends recommended me with the Ardo Calypso. This breast pump greatly increased my output level using the flange inserts. This is so interesting to note that you can easily increase or even decrease the whole suction and hence the cycle according to your comfort level. It is also easy to clean and install, a big plus point. You can use the pump with the batteries or power cord based on your needs. Overall, I will give 10/10 on its quality and results”.

Sia James

“It was such a fantastic experience to use the Ardo Calypso, which was great. It is not just quiet but is affordable in comparison with other pumps. I have tried it first and love using it all the time. It was so comfortable to use and did not give me any pain at the time of breastfeeding. Most of the pumps, which I have tested many times, are not up to the mark, and they do give you a sort of pinch feeling when breastfeeding. But this Ardo product wins the competition, and I will also recommend it to my friends”.


Verdict—Ardo Calypso Essentials Breast Pump Review

To summarize the discussion, we will state that the ARDO Calypso Breast Pump philosophy offers each mother outstanding and optimum performance. This is all made possible with the individual phases technology that ensures pleasant and easy pumping.

Ardo Breast Pump vacuum strength and its excellent speed interval are easy easily adjusted and used according toendenyourtly according tusedour requirementsn even mimic the sucking conditions of the pump according to the patterns of the baby. It is available in various breast shell sizes to match your nipple size.

Overall, this is an excellent pump with so many positive points— it’s discreet, it is not expensive, and above all, it’s powerful. You can buy it if you like it, and if you don’t like it, check our list of 10 best breast pumps.

My #1 recommended wearable and hands-free breast pump is Elvie.

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