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10 Best Portable X rays Machines (A Helpful Buyer Guide)

Are you looking for the best portable x rays machines if yes you are in the right place as we are going to discuss this topic in detail?

Let me tell you what is an X-ray and why it is used?

X-rays are electromagnetic radiation that penetrates differently into body structures and creates images of these structures on a photographic film or a fluorescent screen. These images are called diagnostic x-rays.

Studies have shown that “Portable X rays machines are useful tools for the diagnosis and follow-up of patients in intensive care units, prisons, nursing homes, and shelters for the homeless, where transfer to the hospital’s radiology department can be an obstacle”.

According to a clinical trial, “The image quality for X-rays made with Nomad (a portable x rays machine) and a wall-mounted X-ray device appears to be similar in various clinical situations”.

Why Portable X rays Machine is a better option?

  • Portable X rays machine is technically feasible,
  • Good image quality,
  • The device is good for tiny space
  • No need for transportation,
  • The comfort of patients,
  • Can be helpful in detecting pulmonary TB for homeless populations and prisoners.
  • Can be operational with little to no construction costs.

Best Portable X rays machines

Here is a List of Best Portable X rays machines.

1. APHRODITE portable X-ray machine

It can be controlled by a centralized server, a steering tube or remote control. The basic internal structure guarantees easy activity and support. It allows high reaction rates and high precision performance rates. These features make this model one of the best Portable X rays machines in this list.

The small point of diffusion of X-rays associated with the weakening of protein assemblies has become a recognized and rapidly evolving scientific system. There is data on the general dimensions and shape of proteins, collapse and deployment, cluster behavior, strength, and atomic weight.


  • Adjustable KV (RPM) and MA adjustable
  • Includes a 0.3×0.3 spherical microfocus tube from Toshiba, which guarantees sharp images
  • Fast reactions rates and high precision performance.
Pic: Amazon

2. NSKI Lab Mobile Digital X-Ray Machine

This Toshiba 0.3mm x 0.3mm micro-focus tube is also the best portable x rays machine. This device doesn’t require a protective operation room when installing the complete machine.

This is the Compact design, light in weight, convenient for carrying portable x rays machine. Apart from this the time is adjustable, provide high contrast of the picture, with Imaging in focus.

NSKI Lab is a small edge portable x rays machine, which can be used to determine the distribution of nanoparticle measurements, solve the size and condition of the macromolecules (monodisperse), determine the size of the pores, separate the label from partially requested materials and much more.


  • Charger: 220V/110V, 50Hz
  • Power: 24V 8000MA
  • Rating: 60W
  • Frequency: 30 kHz
  • Tube current: 0.1mA
  • Leak radiation: < 20μgy/h(12lb)
  • Focus Skin Distance: >20cm
  • Tube voltage: 60KV
  • Exposure time: 1-9 seconds optional
  • Relative Humidity(RH) < 80%
  • Storage conditions: 5-40 degrees Celsius, relative Humidity
  • Dimension: 47 x 42 x 19 cm
  • Net weight: 5.5 kg
Pic: Amazon

3. SoHome Handheld Digital X RAY Mobile Machine

The high-frequency design makes the device portable and compact and saves space. This device is compact, lightweight, easy to carry. It is also the adjustable time, high image contrast, and focused images.

The simple internal structure facilitates operation and maintenance. Flexible adjustment of the position and angle of the handpiece, simple and easy to handle. This machine uses parts from established vendors, which enables us to deliver a high-quality result to our customers.


  • 110v/220V power supply voltage of plus or minus 10% of Pathology
  • Tube voltage: 60Kv
  • Tube current: 0.1MA
  • Rated power: 60W
  • Time of Exposure: 0.5-9S
  • Frequency: 30Khz
  • Radiation leakage: 20ngy/h
Pic: Amazon

4. DEX iRay D3 Portable Dental X-Ray

DEX iRay is the most complete, portable and unprocessed equipment of modern radiography equipment currently completely isolated. This advanced low battery structure transmits the predominant image performance for your training or in the field. This portable dental x ray machine is using by dentists around the world.


  • Lightweight,
  • Sturdy and
  • Easy to use.
  • This is the portable x rays machine for veterinary use.
  • Excellent image quality.
Pic: Amazon

5. Poskom PXP-40 HF Battery Powered X-ray Unit

The PXP-40HF is the most compact, ultralight and powerful portable X-ray machine in this category. It has been specifically designed for veterinary professionals, as well as for internal use in a clinic and hospital.

For optimum image quality, economical and easy to use, PXP-40 HF offers a KVP range of 40 to 100 KVP, variable in mA from 16 mA to 35 mA and weighing less than 27 kg Ultralight. The PXP-40 HF offers great penetration for C-shaped images of the shoulders, neck and even the spine, as well as a good contrast for all X-ray images. Therefore, PXP-40HF is the unit Perfect portable X-ray, ideal for small, large animals and mixed professionals.


  • Inverter output (kW): 2.4kW, 30mA@80kV
  • kV Range : 40-100kV, 1kV increment
  • mA Range: 16 to 35 mA, Variable
  • Generator Type: Battery powers HF Generator microprocessor controller
  • Console & Display : kV & mAs LED Display, Ready &Exp. LED indicator, Collimator & Laser SW, Preset technique SW, Reversible LED readout SW
Pic: Amazon

6. Super Portable Wireless X-Ray Machine BLX-10 Digital High-Frequency Imaging Unit

The frequency of this machine’s tube is 30 kHz and the tube current is 0.2 MA. The radiation range is an angle of 24 degrees, located at a distance of 1.2 meters ahead.

It has a Flexible adjustment of the position and angle of the handpiece and it requires no protective operating room during the complete machine installation.

It is compact in volume, lightweight, easy to carry and it comes with a Toshiba micro focusing tube 0.3 mm x 0.3 mm.


  • Power: 24V 8000MA
  • Voltage: 110v±10% and 220V±10%
  • Charger: 220V/110V, 50Hz
  • Rating: 60W
  • Frequency: 30 Hz
  • Tube current: 0.1mA
  • Exposure time: 1-9 seconds optional
  • Humidity Net weight: 6.5 kg
  • Focus Skin Distance: >20cm
  • Leak radiation: < 20μgy/h(12lb)
  • Tube voltage: 70KV Relative Humidity(RH) < 80%
  • Storage conditions: 5-40 degrees Celsius, relative
Pic: Amazon

7. SPOX High Frequency Battery Powered UltimaX 60 Portable X-Ray Machine

This Portable x rays machine is designed in such a way that it can easily be carried, the model is a touch screen with 7 Inches capacitive display. It is Waterproof, long service life and low maintenance costs.

This device is one of the lightweight and best portable x rays machines that can be used in homes, medical care and emergencies.

It supports battery-powered and 220 VAC and is the ideal choice for indoor shooting and emergency.


  • Touch screen
  • Portable Battery
  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance
Pic: Amazon

8. Aprodite Digital X-Ray Imaging System Mobile Machine Unit BLX-8Plus

Aprodite Digital X-Ray Imaging System Mobile Machine Unit BLX-8Plus is the portable x rays machine which works on the same way other radiology device works.

This device has a Screen (LCD Display) with a 60kV Tube Voltage and a 30 kHz DC High-pressure generator. The Exposure time is 1-9 seconds continuously adjustable. And it comes with an Aluminum Alloy Box.


  • Tube Current:1mA
  • Time Exposure:19s
  • Tube Voltage:60kV
  • Rated Power:60w
  • Focal Spot To Skin Distance:>20CM
  • Focus Spot Size:0.3mm(TOSHIBA)
  • Charger Input Voltage: AC110V~220V
  • Supply Frequency:50Hz±1%
  • Focal length: > 20cm
  • Battery:24V DC 8000MA
  • Weight:2KG
  • Screen: LCD Display
  • Tube Voltage:60kV
  • High-pressure generator:30kHz DC
  • Exposure time: 1-9 seconds continuously adjustable
  • Aluminum Alloy Box
Pic: Amazon

9. Portable Floor Stand X-Ray System Machine JYF-10D

This device is most commonly used for the digital imaging system of the mouth. It can be controlled with a microcomputer, only press one button to select the exposure parameter, fast and accurately. The button is a light touch.

Developing in lightroom, the image in one minute, the doctor can diagnose conveniently for maximum. This device has Low leak radiation outside one meter is ≤0.02mGy/h, while the national standard is 0.25mGy/h.

In short, It is one of the most convenient and most comfortable and one of the portable X rays machines with a pneumatic up-down seat.


  • Power supply AC220V±10%,50hz,1kva
  • Tube current 8ma
  • Tube voltage 60kvp
  • Focus size 1.5mm
  • Exposure time0.2-4s
  • Leak radiation Outside one meter≤0.02mGy/h
  • Total filtration 2.5mmAL
  • Tube current 0.5mA
Pic: Amazon

10. Aries Outlets Portable Digital X-Ray Camera Machine Included Table BLX-10 Smart Plus

This Portable X rays machine is simple and easy to use with flexible adjustment positions and angles. It is Compact, low weight and is suitable for transport. The time is adjustable and high contrast of picture imaging in focus.

It is not necessary to use protective operating rooms when installing the complete machine. The Radiation leaks of this device comply with international standards. These features make it one of the best portable x rays machines in the list.


  • Tube Voltage: 70Kv
  • Tube Current: 2mA
  • Rated Power: 60W
  • Power: DC16.8V
  • Weight: 3.0KG
  • Focal Spot: 0.3MM
  • Frequency: 80 kHz
  • Time of Exposure: 0.1s-1.8s
  • Radiation Leakage :< 20μ gy/h
  • Total filtration: 1.3mmal
Pic: Amazon

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