Ercefuryl (Nifuroxazide): Uses, Side Effects, Dosage

The active ingredient present in ercefuryl is Nifuroxazide which belongs to a group of oral Nitrofuran antibiotics  and is used in intestinal infection, Colitis,  enteric infection and diarrhea.

It is manufactured by Synthelabo Groupe among other companies in different Countries.

Ercefuryl slows down a hyperactive gut that is irritated by bacteria, such as Staphylococcus pyogenes, E. coli, Salmonella, Shigellae, Enterobacter, Clostridium perfringens and others.


It  is composed of the following active ingredients

  • Nifurantoin 200 mg

Ercefuryl Uses

Ercefuryl is used in different medical Conditions such as;

  • Colitis
  • Diarrhea
  • Intestinal infections
  • Enteric Infection.


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Avoid Ercefuryl If You

  • Are allergic to Nifuroxazide, or any of the other ingredients of this medicine
  • Avoid in Children under 2 years old age
  • Avoid In Pregnant and breastfeeding Women (Consult Your GP)
  • If You have intolerance to some sugars (consult Your GP)
  • Stop Taking This medicine and consult your Doctor if your stool contains Blood.
  • Nifuroxazide interacts with other medicines such as herbal supplements that you are currently taking. It is most important to consult your doctor.

Side Effects

Like Any other medicine Ercefuryl can cause some side effects.Most of them are rarely occurring and do not need any  treatment. However, it is always important for you to consult your doctor if you have any problem after taking this medicine. Following are some of the Side Effects associated with the use of this drug are;

  • Allergic reactions such as rash, urticaria, angioedema
  • Anaphylactic shock.
  • Immune system disorders


  • The Usual recommended adult dose is 800 mg of nifuroxazide (4 capsules of Ercefuryl 200 mg) per day divided into 2-4 intakes.
  • Usual Recommended dose for Children over 6 years is 600 to 800 mg of nifuroxazide (3-4 capsules of Ercefuryl 200 mg) per day, divided into 2-4 intakes.
  • The duration of therapy should be limited to 7 days.
  • If you miss a dose of Ercefuryl, take it as soon as possible. However, if it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and take your regular dose as scheduled. Do not take a double dose.
  • Do not use more than prescribed dose. Taking more medication will not improve your symptoms; rather they may cause poisoning or serious side-effects.


Store at room temperature away from heat and direct light.Store under desiccating conditions. The product can be stored for up to 12 months.

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