Boston Brain Science Cerebra Review: Does It Work? [Expert Reviews]

It’s time for the Boston Brain Science Cerebra Review—a relatively new addition to the nootropic market. In this article, you will learn;

  • What is Cerebra, and how does it work?
  • Does Cerebra work?
  • What are the Cerebra Side Effects?
  • What do other people think—Cerebra Reviews?
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Do you want to be super intelligent, focused, sharp, and entertaining? I know we all want to remember everything, be more eloquent, and be attractive in conversations.

But the question is how?

Various nootropics supplements claim to sharpen your mind, improve your focus and concentration, and overall mental health. One such product is Boston Brain Science Cerebra.

It is a potent nootropic supplement for optimal brain performance. Cerebra is claimed to improve your brain performance by improving blood circulation, supporting memory recall, improving mental clarity, and sharpening your mind.

The question is, does it really work, and is it safe to use? Read our Boston Brain Science Cereba Review to learn more.

Boston Brain Science Cerebra Review

Cerebra Review (Fast Facts)

Product Full Name: Boston Brain Science Cerebra

Manufactured By: Boston Brain Science

Active Ingredients: Phosphatidylserine, Bacopa Monnieri and Citicoline.

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What Is Cerebra?

Cerebra is made from a combination of Citacholine (Xerenoos® Citicholine), Bacopa Monnieri (Bacognize® extract), and Phosphatidylserine (Sharp PS Green®). These are the trademark ingredient that provides your brain with the nutrients it needs.

These 3 ingredients in combination with each other may synergistically improve your mental fatigue, improve your thinking, and your overall brain performance.

The company claims that all of the ingredients are clinically tested and have undergone multiple clinical trials to prove their brain-boosting efficacy and safety. 

In this Cerebra Review, you will learn more about its ingredients in detail.

Cerebra Ingredients

The product is composed of 3 trademark constituents that claim to improve your cognitive performance and make your super focused. Here is a list of Cerebra Ingredients;

  • Citicoline (Xerenoos® Citicholine)—500mg
  • Bacopa Monnieri (Bacognize® extract)—300mg
  • Phosphatidylserine (Sharp PS Green®)—167mg including 100mg of PS

Citicoline (Xerenoos® Citicholine)

Citicoline is a naturally occurring chemical in your brain, but it is also commonly used orally or parenterally as a dietary supplement to improve memory and thinking.

Citicoline work as a precursor to acetylcholine— which promotes alertness, sharpness, attention, and learning abilities. Citicoline also increases the level of other neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine [1].

Any imbalance or disturbance in the acetylcholine function is connected with memory problems such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The usual recommended dose is 250 to 2,000 mg per day, but you can also use 100mg in two divided doses. 

The Cerebra contains 500mg, which means that the supplement contains enough of this ingredient to improve brain performance. 

Bacopa Monnieri (Bacognize® extract)

Bacopa Monnieri, AKA Brahmi, is an indigenous plant, and it has been used for centuries for different purposes like epilepsy treatment, memory enhancement, and reducing anxiety[2]. This ingredient is currently promoted as a brain tonic in many other nootropic supplements[3].  

According to a study, taking 300-600mg of Bacopa monnieri extract can improve memory, learning rate, and the ability to process information [4]

The Boston Brain Science Cerebra contains 300mg of Bacopa extract, which is enough to show its effects. 

Sharp PS Green®—Phosphatidylserine

Another well-known nootropic ingredient in the Cerebra is Phosphatidylserine. It is a phospholipid that protects the brain cells and plays a vital role in cognitive function.

The usual recommended dietary intake of PS is 100mg 3 times a day (Total 300mg per day), but you can also use 100mg as a single dose[5].

Phosphatidylserine supplements appear to protect memory, support healthy sleep, improve mood and reduce anxiety and stress.

How do Cerebra work?

As discussed above, the product is a mixture of 3 constituents. The research around these particular ingredients shows they can prevent age-related mental decline and improve cognitive abilities, improve response time, and learning. 

  • Citicoline works as a precursor to acetylcholine and it is responsible for mental sharpness and alertness.
  • Phosphatidylserine work as a neuroprotective and helps protect the brain cells.
  • According to research studies, Bacopa extract can inhibit acetylcholinesterase, activate choline acetyltransferase, reduced the β-amyloid, and increased cerebral blood flow.

All of these ingredients work synergistically to improve your overall brain health.

Pros and Cons of Cerebra

What Do I Like About It?
  • The ingredients are well known for improving focus and concentration.
  • Some of the elements can also support normal brain function.
  • The formula may also fight free radicals.
  • The company offers a 90 days money-back guarantee.
What I Don't Like About It?
  • The product has only a few ingredients.
  • It may cause allergies if you are allergic to any of the active and inactive constituents.
  • The product is only available online.
  • It may cause side effects.

Cerebra Dosage

The usual manufacturer-recommended dose is two capsules per day with a glass of water, preferably in the morning. One bottle of Cerebra contains 60 capsules and will last for at least one month for most people.

It is always the best idea to consult your healthcare provider if you are already taking other medications or supplements. 

The product is also not recommended for a pregnant and lactating woman until your doctor prescribes it for you.

Where to buy Boston Brain Science Cerebra?

This supplement is only available on their official company website. You can get some extra discounts on bulk purchases. Here is what it look like;

  • Price of 1 bottle—$49.95
  • Cost of 3 bottles— $44.95 per bottle + free shipping (Save:$5)
  • Cost of 6 bottles — $39.95 per bottle + free shipping (Save:$10)

The company doesn’t offer any free trial, but they offer a 90 day money-back guarantee. 

Boston Brain Science Cerebra Side Effects

This supplement is generally tolerated well, and the onset of side effects may be rare. However, as we all know, every product contain some active and inactive ingredients that might cause side effects;

  • The Cerebra contains Phosphatidylserine, which may cause stomach upset and sleep disorders like insomnia.
  • The Bacopa Monnieri present in this formulation may cause nausea, bloating, cramps, and fatigue.
  • Citicoline is possibly safe if you take it orally, but rarely does it cause trouble sleeping, stomach upset/pain, constipation, headache, diarrhea, nausea, blurred vision, and sometimes chest pains.

Please note that these are not complete lists of Cerebra side effects. If you experience any other unwanted effects after using this supplement—consult your GP.

Cerebra Alternatives

There are many different nootropic supplements online and offline pharmacies that improve your cognitive abilities and brain performance. Some of the popular brands are;

Verdict—Boston Brain Science Cerebra Review

Overall this is a great product having the primary goal to support a healthy brain function.

It is free from stimulants like caffeine which may cause addiction.

The 3 main ingredients are research-based and proven to be effective in brain-boosting and improving focus, concentration, and learning abilities. 

But to make an informed decision, you should have enough information about the product you are buying. 

So, in my opinion, this supplement has proven ingredients, but the manufacturer’s website doesn’t explain certain features of the Cerebra, like how they source and process the ingredients?

Another drawback of this product was that there are no verified customer Cerebra reviews on other sites because it is only available on the company website. As a customer, it’s always advisable to look at reviews on independent sites before purchasing decisions.

As a pharmacist, I think Cerebra is a good product, but there are other nootropic supplements on the market that are targeted towards mental health and are better rated than this one. Some of those supplements are BrainPill, and Alpha Brain, among others.

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