20 Research Based & Best Supplements For Cortisol Reduction

Before going into the detail of the best supplements for cortisol reduction, we should first understand what cortisol is, its purpose, and its average level.

What is Cortisol?

Cortisol is a hormone released by the adrenal glands, which are located in the kidneys. Cortisol plays a vital role in the body’s response to stress. It also regulates various crucial processes throughout the body, including metabolism, reducing inflammation, controlling blood pressure, and immune response. Its level increases when we experience intense stress or anxiety, and its level is reduced when we are relaxed.

What Happens if my cortisol levels are high for too long?

If the levels of cortisol are too high for a long time, it can cause problems.

According to a study published in the journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism, high levels of cortisol can cause serious complications such as high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and type 2 diabetes.

Another study mentioned that high levels of cortisol increase appetite and signal the body to shift metabolism to store fat which in turn causes weight gain.

Too much cortisol can also hinder the immune system, making you more prone to infections.

Cortisol also interferes with memory, contributing to mental cloudiness.

Another study suggests that high levels of cortisol can rarely cause cushion syndrome.

How to lower cortisol naturally?

Here are some lifestyle changes and home remedies that will help you block cortisol and maintain a calm state of mind.

  • Sleep Well: Getting the right amount of sleep should be your top priority to cope with the high cortisol level. Studies suggest that sleep problems have been associated with the high level of this hormone. Insomnia is the prime culprit in sleep issues, and research suggests that this can increase cortisol.
  • Exercise Regularly: Working out can also reduce the level of this hormone but please remember that too much heavy exercise may increase its level. However, many studies have revealed that doing regular exercise help improve sleep quality and reduce stress and cortisol level.
  • Eat cortisol-lowering Foods: Green tea and cloves contain polyphenols and eugenols that thicken the intestinal mucus and make it hard to penetrate the gastrointestinal system. Peppers, strawberries, and citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, engage the adrenal gland and keep your level balanced. Besides that, bananas, broccoli, oranges, etc., can also help balance your depleted potassium level while having high cortisol levels.
  • Laughter Therapy: Another best way to fight too much cortisol is to laugh and have fun because It crushes stress hormones such as cortisol and is responsible for the release of endorphins.
  • You can also add some high-quality supplements already proven and made by well-known brands. We will discuss different dietary supplements for cortisol reduction below.

Best supplements for cortisol reduction

Luckily we have compiled a list of the best supplements to reduce cortisol (Supplements that reduce cortisol). Studies have proven that fish oil, Ashwagandha, L-theanine, lemon balm, and Rhodiola extract are the best supplements for lowering cortisol. However, there is a dire need for more research to examine their benefits for cortisol management further.

Let’s look at some evidence-based supplements to reduce cortisol and belly fat; plus, we will also take a look at some industry-leading supplements for cortisol reduction.

Ashwagandha— is an adaptogenic herb that has been proven to reduce the level of serum cortisol, also cause a significant reduction of stress, and improve the overall quality of life. Other studies also show that this herb exhibits anti-anxiety and anti-stress activity in animal and human studies.

Fish oil— is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids called eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Clinical studies suggest that a high dose of omega-3 fatty acid can significantly reduce the cortisol level throughout the stressor.

L theanine— is an amino acid that some research shows, this amino acid can decrease anxiety and depression and improve cognitive functions. Another study revealed that green tea containing L theanine promotes calm and soothes feelings. However, more clinical trials are needed to prove its efficacy in reducing cortisol levels.

Lemon balm—containing foods also exhibit anti-stress effects, and some studies recommend that Lemon balm can have positive behavioral effects on mood and performance. In addition, another animal study suggests that taking Lemon balm, fish oil, and L tryptophan can significantly reduce cortisol.

Rhodiola extract— is another adaptogenic herb used mainly by people for anxiety, fatigue, and depression. It may also help decrease stress and help you in managing stressful conditions.

Probiotics & Prebiotics—Probiotics are healthy living bacteria and yeast essential for your health, especially for your digestive system. While on the other side, prebiotics is not bacteria and yeast but fuel to help bacteria grow.

Based on the above dietary supplement ingredients, we recommend Cortisync—a product that contains all the above ingredients in a balance dose format.

Our #1 Recommended Supplements To Reduce Cortisol

#1 CortiSync

This supplement is formulated using seven clinically proven ingredients like ashwagandha, lemon balm, L theanine, and Rhodiola, among others. As discussed above, these ingredients have been shown to reduce cortisol and manage stressful conditions. 

With the regular use of this supplement, you can get an adequate amount of sleep, meditate and exercise. The recommended daily dose is two capsules per day with a glass of water after a meal. 

This product is halal, kosher-free, vegan, Non-GMO, organic, and manufactured in an FDA-approved facility. 

The best part is that Cortisync is backed by 2+ months of the money-back guarantee. This guarantee allows customers to test the product before using it in the long term. So try it risk-free with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

2. Only Ashwagandha Based Supplements That reduce Cortisol

Derived from the Sanskrit word Ashva (horse) and Gandha (smell), it is known that the roots of this plant have a strong “horse” odor. This ingredient is a combination of whole root powder and extracts that contains the precious essence of the plant and relaxes the mind and body to improve the body’s resistance to stress.

Ashwagandha can be used under the following conditions;

  • Ashwagandha has been shown to enhance memory and support healthy cognitive function.
  • Withanolides are essential constituents of this herb and play an important role in ashwagandha’s overall ability to promote physical and mental health,
  • It helps to counteract the effects of occasional stress.
  • Relieve anxiety and insomnia
  • Relieve back pain and joint pain.
  • Ashwagandha is also one of the best supplements for cortisol reduction.

Here is a list of the best supplements for cortisol reduction available on the market.

1. Organic India Ashwagandha

A powerful adaptogenic formula provides a quick and natural way to relieve anxiety and insomnia. It improves thyroid function and supports the reproductive health of men and women. This rejuvenating tonic stabilizes blood sugar and promotes adrenal health. In addition, this preparation has strong antioxidant properties that relieve back pain and joint pain.

The product is made from USDA-certified organic pastures and grown on organic farmland. You will need to take 1-2 capsules two times a day with food and water or as directed by your doctor.


Best supplements for cortisol reduction
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2. Himalaya Organic Ashwagandha

Himalaya’s Ashwagandha is the #1 selling Stress and Mood Support Supplement. Himalaya Organic Ashwagandha helps you rejuvenate your adrenal function. It is USDA Certified Organic, NON-GMO Verified, and does not contain ingredients of animal origin. Each caplet is additive, gluten, wheat, corn, soy, and dairy, and has no artificial fillers, binders, or excipients.

Each Himalaya Organic Ashwagandha caplet is equivalent to 4,630 mg of powder. In addition, Himalaya Organic Ashwagandha uses a combination of organic Ashwagandha root powder, organic Ashwagandha root extract, and organic Ashwagandha supercritical C02 extract instead of just the simple crushed Ashwagandha you may find on its own in other supplements.


Best supplements for cortisol reduction
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3. Planetary Ayurvedics Full Spectrum Ashwagandha

Full Spectrum Ashwagandha 570 mg – 120 Tablets by Planetary Ayurvedics can help your body adapt to mental and physiological stress. Researchers believe that Ashwagandha could help the body deal with stress. Ashwagandha is used in the old tradition as a general tonic and powerful adaptogen.

The content of Ashwagandha in this supplement from Planetary® Ayurvedics can even help people with insomnia. In addition, some scientists believe that Ashwagandha root extracts and leaves can improve people’s thinking abilities.

Some scientists believe that Ashwagandha can play an essential role in reducing inflammation and stress. Give Your Body the Benefits of Full Spectrum Ashwagandha 570 mg – 120 Tablets Planetary Ayurvedics that rejuvenate the body and relax the mind.

Best supplements for cortisol reduction
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4. Pure Encapsulations – Ashwagandha

It is known that Ashwagandha Pure Encapsulations counteract the effects of occasional physical and psychological stress and supports cognitive and memory functions. Ashwagandha is a plant belonging to the pepper family and has been widely used for more than 4,000 years to promote health and longevity in general.

Pure Encapsulations products are free of wheat, gluten, egg, peanuts, magnesium stearate, hydrogenated fat, artificial sweeteners and dyes, and other unnecessary additives. All products containing allergenic ingredients such as soy, dairy, or shellfish are clearly labeled. The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. Please note that this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


Best supplements for cortisol reduction
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5. NOW Supplements, Ashwagandha

Like other Ashwagandha supplements described above, it can be used for everyday stress, supports a healthy immune system, relieves anxiety and insomnia, and relieves back pain and joint pain. It is also one of the Best supplements for cortisol reduction.

It is not recommended for pregnant/nursing women. Consult a doctor if you take any medications or have health problems (mainly gastrointestinal complaints, including ulcers). This product may cause indigestion in some sensitive individuals. If you experience gastrointestinal symptoms after using this product, discontinue use. Keep out of the reach of children.

Best supplements for cortisol reduction
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6. NutriGold Organic Ashwagandha Gold

NutriGold organic Ashwagandha Gold contains Ashwagandha KSM-66, an award-winning, patented, compromised, and clinically proven Ashwagandha root extract, standardized to include the full range of its natural compounds and synergistically formulated with whole-grain powder.

NutriGold Ashwagandha has the highest proportion of root-derived withanolides (5% according to HPLC), and clinical and preclinical studies confirm its safety and efficacy.

Ashwagandha Gold is manufactured in the United States according to industry-standard quality standards and tested by independent laboratories that meet the requirements of purity, identity, and durability.

Best supplements for cortisol reduction
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7. Gaia Herbs Ashwagandha Root

Gaia Herbs uses certified organic Ashwagandha roots with guaranteed withanolides content.
It is one of the best supplements for cortisol reduction, stress, immunodeficiency, and nervousness. In addition, it helps promote and restore the health of the nervous system and the immune system by normalizing mood, energy level, and immune function in general.


Best supplements for cortisol reduction
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8. Solaray Ashwagandha Extract

Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen that helps the body adapt to physical, environmental, and emotional stressors. It is also one of the Best supplements for cortisol reduction.

With hundreds of high-quality formulas, Solaray was founded in 1973 and is the symbol of quality, service, innovation, and purity. Discover the difference if you choose vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, probiotics, fatty acids, and other functional formulations of Solaray that adapt to your healthy lifestyle.


Best supplements for cortisol reduction
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9. Organic Ashwagandha 2,100 mg 

It provides 1050 mg of Ashwagandha root powder and 1050 mg of Ashwagandha root extract per serving, making it the most potent formula available today.

This Ashwagandha extract maximizes the results and protects your stomach. They also add black pepper extract to increase its effectiveness by improving the bioavailability and benefits of Ashwagandha.
Their 100 vegan capsules dissolve quickly, do not contain gelatin (dead cow), and are absorbed much better.


Best supplements for cortisol reduction
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10. Ashwagandha 1950mg Organic 

This organic ashwagandha contains 1950 mg of pure organic ashwagandha root. We use this trial because many studies and scientific journals show that Ashwagandha root powder is more effective in 1500 to 2000 mg.

This ashwagandha root is safe for vegans, without GMO, tested by third parties, and without filler or binder. This is one of the best supplements for cortisol reduction and anxiety. Ashwagandha root powder extract provides maximum relief from cortisol and adrenal glands and helps maintain thyroid homeostasis.


Best supplements for cortisol reduction
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3. Fish Oil Supplements To Lower Cortisol

Fish oil is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids that are believed to be one of the best supplements for lowering cortisol. In addition, fish and shellfish omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce the risk of heart disease, relieve the symptoms of some forms of arthritis, and reduce the risk of dementia.

A study published in Molecular Nutrition and Food Research showed that fish oil supplements reduce cortisol in response to a stressful task compared to a placebo.

Here is a list of the best fish oil supplements available on Amazon;

Dr. Tobias Omega 3 Fish Oil Triple strength.

It is a triple fish oil supplement with 2,000 mg of fish oil and a good dose of fatty acids. 800 mg of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and 600 mg of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) per portion (2 capsules).

Each capsule also has an enteric coating to increase absorption and maximize the health benefits of the heart, brain, joints, mood and mood, skin, and hair.

This is the best-selling amazon fish oil and one of the best supplements to reduce cortisol and above indications, with more than 12000 positive reviews.

Take two capsules daily with food as a supplement or as directed by a doctor.


Best supplements for cortisol reduction
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2. Nutrigold Triple Strength Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement

Nutrigold Omega-3 triple-strength fish oil supplement is packaged in a bottle with 180 soft gels. Each serving of this dietary supplement contains 1,060 mg of omega-3 fatty acids. This product promotes heart health, joint health, and cognitive functions. The formula consists of ingredients without GMO, soy, or gluten.

This American-made Nutrigold supplement contains fish oil of responsible origin and is certified as sustainable. The supplement has a high absorption rate, so you can take full advantage of fish oil. These features make it to the list of Best supplements for cortisol reduction.

Best supplements for cortisol reduction
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3. Omega 3 Supreme Strength 1400 mg

This product contains 1050 mg of omega-3 fish oil, at least 664 mg of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and 336 mg of docosahexaenoic acid(DHA). This guarantees 75% of pharmaceutical-grade omega-3 fatty acids (with EPA / DHA) that pass Labdoor quality controls and GOED standards and are derived from IFOS raw materials. Alaska Wild Pollock is a fully sustainable MSC-certified operation.

Distilled molecular capsules, clean, refined, and thoroughly tested to ensure that the product contains the lowest levels of PCBs and mercury on the market. Soft gelatin capsules and soft swallow with enteric coating for maximum fatty acid intake and no attack.

Omega-3 Supreme fish oil supports heart health, helps maintain and balance cholesterol, helps build and maintain joints and bones, maintains healthy brain function, supports mood and energy levels, helps improve vision, and promotes good health, growth, repair, and development of muscles and tissues, highly concentrated and pure levels of EPA / DHA (over 75% omega-3) pharmaceutical grade (according to GOED standards).

Best supplements for cortisol reduction
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4. Wiley’s Finest Peak

Wiley’s EPA Finest Peak capsules are all-natural and concentrated, giving you four times more omega-3 than regular fish oil in a single dose per day. Soft gelatin from tilapia jelly makes this product suitable for fishermen and people with religious or dietary restrictions.

No fish oil contains 100% burpless, but the manufacturer claims that the exclusive patented distillation process keeps the oil cold to reduce or eliminate fish belching, unpleasant taste, fishy smell, or persistence of fishing.

All ingredients are of the highest quality, without GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, cereal-free, tasteless, artificial colors, and preservatives. A third party tests our products, NSF Contents, Tested & Certified, which contain heavy metals such as mercury, PCB, lead, cadmium, and arsenic. These features make it to the list of the best cortisol-reduction supplements.

Best supplements for cortisol reduction
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5. Nordic Naturals Pro – ProOmega

ProOmega Lemon 1000 mg, a supplement developed with a cleansing process that produces omega-3 fatty acids with a purity of 70%, a high standard. The rotation occurs at the molecular level and ensures that each capsule is free of mercury, PCB, and other heavy metals. Users of different omega-3 supplements are familiar with the “fish” taste often associated with omega-3 products. Pro Omega soft gels, however, are characterized by a pleasant lemon flavor, which is the perfect alternative.

It is known that a balance between omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is crucial for maintaining good health. Unfortunately, most Americans get a lot more omega-6s and very few omega-3s. This can cause harmful inflammation. Adding ProOmega to your diet can correct this imbalance and improve your overall health. Each bottle of ProOmega Lemon contains 120 soft gels.

EPA and DHA supplements can promote cardiovascular health. In addition to the support of your heart, ProOmega can also reduce inflammation that can cause joint pain and stiffness, increase immunity, and Promote increased brain performance and concentration.


Best supplements for cortisol reduction
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6. Dr. Emil – Omega 3 Fish Oil (3600mg)

This formula is rich in omega-3 fatty acids with 2160 mg per serving (1296 mg of EPA and 864 mg of ADH). This represents 50% more fish oil and almost double the EPA and DHA levels compared to most powerful brands advertised as “triple strength.” omega 3 is the best supplement for cortisol reduction.
The capsules are designed for regular consumption and superior absorption. They contain more bioavailable omega-3 without aftertaste or burps.

It is derived from pelagic fish oil captured in nature and distilled for purity and extraction to ensure undetectable levels of mercury, PCBs, and other toxins.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids can promote cardiovascular health by supporting healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels while combating the accumulation of arterial plaque. In addition, it has been clinically proven that omega-3 contributes to brain function and healthy joints and bones.


Best supplements for cortisol reduction
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7. WHC – UnoCardio X2

The WHC UnoCardio 1000 supplement comes in a bottle with 60 soft gels. The highest SuperCritical Omega-3 Triglyceride Potency UnoCardio X2 provides a unique, powerful 1150 mg Omega-3 from only 1270 mg of fish oil and as high as 622 mg EPA and 420 mg DHA per serving.

The highest unbeatable omega concentrate and exceptional purity are now available. The fish oil in this supplement has been sourced from sustainable fisheries to protect endangered species.


Best supplements for cortisol
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8. Dr. Sinatra’s Omega Q Plus

A cardiologist developed this formula with healthy DHA from CalaMarine Omega-3 oil and 50 mg absorbable Hydro-Q-Sorb CoQ10 plus Crominex 3+ chromium. Two small, soft red gels only help keep cholesterol, blood pressure, C-reactive protein (CRP), triglycerides, HDL, LDL, and inflammatory markers healthy. * Also, it helps you keep your blood vessels healthy.

Best supplements for cortisol reduction
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9. Green Pasture Blue Ice Royal Capsules

Your Blue Ice fermented cod liver oil is made in small quantities with exceptional care. They ferment the livers of fish caught in the wild only in the Bering/Aleutian Sea region.

Cod liver oil fermented with blue ice returns us to a time when cod liver oil was a sacred dish. Blue Ice fermented cod liver oil is fermented with Lacto and extracted without heat. Fish are caught in the wild in the Arctic. Combining these attributes gives our church pure, clean, nutritious sacred food.

Blue Ice Royal offers our community a nutrient-rich blend of butter oil high in vitamin X Gold and 2/3 of Blue Ice fermented cod liver oil. These things make it one of the best supplements for lowering cortisol.


Best supplements for cortisol reduction
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10. Natures Bounty – Fish Oil 1290 mg

High-quality coated mini fish oil is highly concentrated and purified fish oil selected from the best deep and cold-water fish. It is one of the best supplements to lower cortisol, providing excellent omega-3 EPA and DHA absorption throughout the body. Omega-3 fatty acids promote cardiovascular health, eliminating mercury, PCBs, and dioxins.

This soft mini gel is coated so that the active ingredients prevent the stomach and are digested in the small intestine, which can minimize the aftertaste and regurgitation of the fish.

Ingredients of 2 Softgels:

  • Fish Oil 1290 mg (Provides 900 mg of Omega-3 Fatty Acids Comprising of EPA [Eicosapentaenoic Acid], Calories 15 (Calories from Fat 10);
  • Total Fat 1.5 g (Polyunsaturated Fat 1 g);
  • DHA [Docosahexaenoic Acid]);
  • Food Glaze;
  • Gelatin; Vegetable Glycerin;
  • Ethylcellulose;
  • Contains < 2% of Enteric Coating (Sodium Alginate, Stearic Acid) ;
  • Lemon Oil;
  • Mixed Natural Tocopherols;
  • Polysorbate 80.
Best supplements for cortisol reduction
Pic: Amazon

11. LES Labs Cortisol Health

This is a natural dietary supplement and one of the best supplements for cortisol reduction (Adrenal Support), Stress Relief, Balanced Cortisol Response & Adrenal Fatigue.

It is Formulated to promote a balanced cortisol response, a powerful hormone released during times of mental and physical stress.


  • Support healthy adrenal function
  • Promote healthy cortisol levels
  • Support relaxation and help reduce stress
  • Money-back guarantee


Best supplements for cortisol reduction
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Bottom Line—Best Supplements For Cortisol Reduction

Managing stress is important for keeping your cortisol levels in check. Cortisol is a hormone that helps conduct the all-important stress response. While there are many supplements on the market that can help you manage a healthy level of cortisol hormone, our #1 recommendation is Cortisync. This product is backed by science and has been proven to be effective in managing stress hormones. Plus, the product comes with 2+ months of a money-back guarantee. If you’re looking for a reliable supplement to help you stay calm and focused, we recommend giving Cortysync a try.

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