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Coronavirus (Covid-19): Daily Updates, Precautions, Signs & Symptoms

Overview Coronaviruses have been known to mankind for years and they cause a wide range of illnesses from mild flu to serious infections like severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). This novel form of coronavirus was first identified in Wuhan city, China in December 2019. This novel form of coronavirus is named severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS CoV-2) and the disease that it causes is called coronavirus disease 2019 or Covid-19. It’s an infectious disease that mostly affects the respiratory tract and lungs. The virus has an ability to spread very quickly and since December 2019 when it was first identified it has reached almost every part of the world. In fact, according to John Hopkin’s university count the virus has infected more than 5.5 million across the world and the number is increasing exponentially. Keeping the unprecedented spread of the virus in view and the overwhelming impact that it had across the world, WHO declared it a global pandemic in March 2020. If you are looking for live coronavirus updates and statistics please scroll down. What are the sign and symptoms of Coronavirus (Covid-19)? According to WHO, the incubation period for Covid-19 is 2-14 days. However, most people develop the first signs of the disease on the 5th or 6th days of infection. Symptoms for COVID-19 can be vague and manifest differently for different patients. There are many patients who are asymptomatic and still carry the infection. However, in general, the most common coronavirus symptoms are, Fever Dry Cough fatigue Other less common symptoms are, Body aches Headache Sore throat Diarrhea Conjunctivitis Loss of smell and taste Skin rashes Discoloration of fingers and toes Most patients (about 80%) do not develop serious complications and recover on their own within a couple of weeks. Yet, there are some patients who experience life-threatening complications (usually after two weeks) and manifest severe symptoms. These are, Breathlessness Chest pain Loss of mobility and speech The question is how dangerous is coronavirus? The virus may cause severe respiratory symptoms and can cause death in some cases. Please WHO guidelines for the prevention of COVID-19 because there is no treatment available. What is the incubation period for coronavirus? According to WHO, the incubation period for Covid-19 is 2-14 days but the signs and symptoms may appear on the 5th or 6th days of the infection. You can check the signs and symptoms of coronavirus disease above. Who are at the most risk? It is true that anyone can have the infection, some people are more at risk to contract the infection than others. These are, People have recent travels history especially to places where the virus is more prevalent People who are in direct contact with infected individuals or have someone in their families or surrounding areas with the virus Healthcare professionals are at the front line of the Covid-19 fight and thus it makes them vulnerable to have an infection because of continuous exposure. Those employees who work in businesses that have to remain open across the clock like grocery stores People who share the same living spaces in correctional centers, shelter homes, prisons, old age homes, etc People who live in the congested area Homeless people. Who is more likely to develop serious complications? Covid-19 is a novel illness and we do not have enough information on its risk factors. However, thus far, it has been seen that most aged people and patients with existing health conditions are likely to develop serious illness. Some of the known risk factors are, According to the center for disease control and prevention (CDC), 59% of the infected with age 65 or above requires hospitalization and the mortality rates are almost 11% which is significantly higher than in any other age group People with compromised immune systems are more prone to develop serious life-threatening complications. Also, the duration of the infection may be longer in such patients than in others. Immunity is weakened by chemotherapy, HIV, organs transplant, bone marrow transplant, use of medications such as corticosteroids and hereditary factors. Patients with pulmonary problems such as asthma and COPD are advised to take extra care as COVID-19 can manifest severe complications in such patients People with heart problems could be at greater risk from COVID-19 as it affects lung function which in turn puts extra pressure on the heart to supply enough oxygen to all parts of the body. There is not sufficient test data to support the claim but generally diabetic patients find it difficult to fight viral infections. High blood glucose levels make it an ideal environment for viral proliferation. Severe obesity is another pre-existing risk factor that could increase mortality rates. How is coronavirus transmitted?  Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 ) is a highly contagious virus that can spread from person-to-person in a number of ways. Droplets transmission: Infected people have a significant load of viruses in their bodies and they cough, sneeze, or talk they release droplets. Healthy people in the nearby (approximately 6 feet) can inhale these virus-laden mucus drops through their mouth or nose and thus develop the infection. According to CDC this the major form of virus transmission and thus the social distancing of at least 6 feet is so much emphasized. Aerosol transmission: Smaller virus-laden respiratory droplets (<5 micrometers) can remain suspended in the air for hours and can disperse nearby within closed premises by the air current. These suspended droplets are when inhaled lead infection. Transfer from contaminated surfaces and objects: People can also get infected by touching surfaces and objected that are contaminated with the virus by people carrying the virus. People when touching their face after coming in contact with a contaminated object like a doorknob, they transfer the virus to their bodies either through mouth, nose, or eyes. A study at Nebraska University finds that 76% of personal belongings of people at the university were contaminated with the SARS-CoV-2. Oro-fecal transmission: This is not yet certain that feces can

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Relief Factor Review: Legit Or A Waste? 3 Must-Know Facts

If you suffer from chronic pain, chances are you’ve heard of Relief Factor. This dietary supplement aims to relieve users of the symptoms of various health problems, including joint pain and inflammation. But does the Relief Factor work for joint pain and inflammation? Read this article for features, pros and cons, price, ingredients, genuine customer Relief Factor reviews, and many more.? We will discuss why people may turn to Relief Factor as an alternative treatment option and whether its effects are backed by science. Relief Factor is the natural way to boost your well-being by targeting and reducing pain in common problem areas like knees, hips, and back. With three powerful ingredients, including Curcumin, Resveratrol, and fish oil, clinically proven to reduce inflammation – it’s easy to get relief without harsh chemicals or additives. Relief Factor’s price is around $93.95 for a monthly supply, and you can buy it on the official company website—not available on Amazon and other online stores. A monthly supply is available on their official website, so check it out and get your much-needed reprieve.  You will need to take two capsules of Relief Factor per day; one bottle contains 60 capsules, equivalent to a one-month supply, and costs around 94 dollars, which is a costly product. Quite an expensive product…right? But the question is, is Relief Factor any good, or is it a scam like many other brands? Let’s have a deep look at this supplement. Why Should You Trust Us? With over seven years of experience, Drugs Bank is here to help you make smart and healthy choices. Our team of experts uses rigorous testing methods and the latest medical evidence to review health products & services carefully – so you get unbiased advice free from misleading marketing spin. Millions have relied on our trusted evaluation process, which ensures that only recommended items meet strict quality standards. How We Tested Relief Factor? Our team took great care to evaluate the Relief Factor from all angles – its quality, value for money, key components, and unavoidable safety considerations. After thoroughly examining the facts, we have concluded our final verdict on this much-discussed product; join us as we reveal what it is. Cost—5/10: The Relief Factor is undoubtedly worth considering – though the monthly supply has an extravagant price tag. Plenty of savvy ways to save on your purchase include subscribing and taking advantage of free trial offers. Overall, the product is costly. Effectiveness—8/10: This product offers relief from joint pain and inflammation. Containing natural extracts that need further research to support their efficacy, it could still be worth a try if you’re searching for a solution. Safety—8.5/10: Relief Factor takes no shortcuts in providing its customers with top-notch wellness support. Their production facility meets the highest standards set by the FDA, while they remain steadfastly dedicated to cGMP guidelines for maximum customer satisfaction and safety.     Please remember that this buyer’s guide is based on our research, personal testing, and honest opinion. We also want to tell our readers that statements on this site are reasonably comment-based and on observation. Let’s start with the following; What Is Relief Factor? Relief Factor is a joint health and anti-inflammatory supplement that combines natural organic ingredients claimed to treat pains associated with aging and exercise effectively.  The ingredients included in this supplement are individually renowned for their incredible health benefits. The product is mainly based on fish oil, Icariin, Turmeric, and Resveratrol. The company claims its product can reduce inflammation, allowing the body to fight muscle pain. They also claim that the supplement will relieve muscle and joint pain due to aging, exercise, and other factors.  Where is Relief Factor Manufactured? The product is manufactured by Promedev LLC, which produces several healthcare products and is based in Kirkland, Washington – USA. The product is designed by two entrepreneurs—Pete and Seth Talbot- but they have no medical expertise.  Per the manufacturer’s claims, it has been formulated by a team of doctors, chiropractors, and researchers for over 15 years. However, it is not endorsed by any renowned health organization.   Now, obviously, this is attractive to many older people. However, these people can often be easily fooled, so a product that has the potential to reduce chronic pain clearly shows that it will have a powerful attraction. What are the ingredients in the Relief factor? The supplement is drug-free and contains all organic ingredients. Most of the Relief Factor ingredients are clinically proven to be effective in inflammation and pain.  Like many available supplements on the market, it combines multiple active substances. These ingredients have their effects; they also support and enhance the impact of other components for a better therapeutic outcome. As discussed earlier, the products come in two different dosage forms: capsules and soft gels. These pills have three main components, while soft gels mainly have omega-3 fatty acids.  Here is a list of essential ingredients present in the Relief Factor.  Icariin The compound is a naturally occurring flavonoid extracted from the herb Epimedium, more commonly known as horny goat weed. For quite some time, it has been used as a sex tonic in traditional medicine. The epimedium extracts contain icariin in a concentration of 20%. It is said that icariin aids in transmitting intracellular nitric oxide (NO) in the body, which improves blood perfusion, helps wear down tissue damage, and promotes joint health.  The notion of icariin working as regenerative tissue needs more solid grounds and research to affirm its efficacy.  However, a study [1] suggests that icariin could be a potential candidate to promote bone and tissue health, particularly in aged people. Unfortunately, since then, icariin has not been studied intensively for its therapeutic uses in joint health and is mainly practiced as an aphrodisiac in Chinese medicine.   Other studies also revealed that Icariin could help prevent Osteoarthritis inflammation. Another recent research indicates that it possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects. According to a clinical study, Icariin prevents cartilage and bone degradation. These results are promising, but more clinical studies must prove

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8 Best Gifts For Doctors (#3 is Our Top Pick)

We all cherish the idea of celebrating special occasions of our friends or loved ones with something extraordinary. At times, it gets so tricky to select a gift that is appealing and has considerable utility for recipients. If your friend is a health professional, a doctor, or a pharmacist, it often gets hard to come by something that suits their taste and need. Why not? These saviors are the ones who help us in our desperate times and deserve all the massive appreciation and gratitude. Luckily, we have piled up a list of the top 8 best gifts for doctors and pharmacists which they are absolutely going to love. 8 Best Gifts For Doctors Below, we’re sharing with you some really best gifts for doctors that every doctor will surely be happy to receive. Here they are, #1. Professional Lab Coat One of the striking aspects of any health professional outlook is white overall. It distinguishes doctors and pharmacists from all the other support staff and helps them carry out their duties with ease with minimal damage to their clothes. Any healthcare professional wouldn’t mind multiple sets of lab coats in his wardrobe. Dickies Lab Coats are favored by most doctors with their best quality and elegant designs. These cotton made coats are available in various style and sizes. You can always give it a personal touch by embroidering names or logos over. It is a must-have thing and one of the Best Gifts For Doctors. Positives Multiple Pockets to easily hold gadgets and other work accessories. Available in different size and shapes High cotton percentage Durability Back strip to adjust the size for customary use Tailored by skilled workers using the highest quality machinery #2. Fancy Pen It’s no secret that doctors and pharmacists use pens quite often to write down patients’ history and medications. Ask any doctor, and they will tell you they could use a pair of extra pens. And what if it’s as graceful as Ren Handcraft Pen set. The trio of pens is made with wood covering and packed inside a beautiful wooden case, which gives it a perfect presentation for a present. The color combination of golden and wooden brown is what makes it a lot more classy and aesthetic. While these pens can be used as one in the pocket, they also come with a desktop stand to place it over the table. It provides a variety of fountain and ballpoint pens which satisfy the likings of different individuals. Positives: Long-lasting use as refills is available. Fine and clear lines with 0.5 mm Already in aesthetic packaging Made up of eco-friendly material #3. Littmann Stethoscope Doctors diagnose patients for their pathologies, and they almost always use their trademark stethoscopes to go through the diagnostic process. It’s because of the very fact that doctors take pride in hanging these acoustic diagnostic tools around their neck. Hence, it won’t be a bad idea to surprise your Doctor’s friend with a high-quality stethoscope. Several brands are available in the market, but Littmann stethoscopes are time tested and the most reliable among them all. 3M Littmann classic III stethoscopes is a new design and high-performance stethoscopes with additional desirable features. It offers the best acoustic sensitivity any Doctor could ask for and could be used for both geriatric and pediatric patients equally. Simply put, this is one of the best gifts for doctors. Positives: Easy to use and clean High sensitivity Available in various colors and designs Stain resistible The tunable design makes it ideal for both old and young patients. Long lasting warranty #4. Coffee Mug Doctors and pharmacists’ profession demands to work around the clock, and at times, their duty gets relentless for hours with no real break. Lethargic bodies and tired minds need something to keep them active and going. What is better than a good cup of coffee to offer some relief in exhausting work hours. Thus, it makes a coffee mug so valuable for most doctors. This coffee mug is one of the Best Gifts For Doctors as it is easy to carry around in the hospital, which helps doctors move around during their duty. Positives: Can hold up to 30oz of coffee Available with cleaning brush to facilitate washing Hygienic stainless steel interior Portable Available with the lid to prevent spillage Insulation keeps the coffee hot for half a day. Provided with stainless steel multi-use straw #5. Leather Bag Like any other professional, humanity’s saviors need to carry their work accessories and other documents along with them almost always. AmeriLeather bags with their vintage and classic black look provide that spacious inner space that can easily hold everything that a doctor or a Pharmacist need. There are different compartments inside allows users to designate each one for different sorts of items. Also, it has room for electronic gadgets with its special zipped pocket. It’s made from cow leather and is available in black and brown color. Along with its usefulness, it brings style and grace to their personality. Positives. Compartmental and elegant design Best leather quality Pen, business card, and cellphone holder Can be used as hand carry or shoulder strap #6. Wireless headphones In the hospital’s chaotic workdays, doctors rarely have some time for themselves to relax and have a breather. Most doctors in their little in-between breaks like to hear soothing music or make calls to friends or family. It often seems difficult to make calls or enjoy music without headphones in the crowd of the hospital. Obviously, Presenting them with some quality headphones will bring more to their work life. They can listen to their favorite songs or answer calls on the go without holding their phones. LETSCOM Bluetooth headphones are silicone made which hold up so perfectly that it hardly displaces on its own. It can be used while working out in the gym or jogging in parks. They are available in various colors and designs with lightweight, which makes them suitable for extended use. This

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