What Is Difference Among Cold,Flu And Allergy ?

You’re feeling Unwell. You have wheezes, sniffling, and a sore throat. Is it a chilly (Cold), influenza (Flu), or Allergy (sensitivities)?

It can be difficult to let them know separated in light of the fact that they share such a variety of symptoms. Be that as it may, understanding the differences will help you pick the best treatment.

Cold, influenza (Flu), and Allergy all influence your respiratory framework, which can make it difficult to relax. Every condition has key indications that set them apart.


A cold is a mild viral infection of the nose, throat, sinuses and Respiratory Airways. It’s very common and usually clears up on its own within 7-14 Day.

Once a cold Virus gets inside you, your immune System, the body’s safeguard against germs, dispatches a counter-Attack. It’s this reaction that brings on the great side effects like a hack or stuffed up nose.


Flu (otherwise called seasonal influenza) is an infectious respiratory sickness brought on by influenza infections. It can make gentle serious disease, and now and again can prompt to death. This season’s flu virus is not the same as a cold. This season’s flu virus, as a rule, goes ahead abruptly.


It’s an alternate story with hypersensitivities. They’re brought on by an overactive immune System. For reasons unknown, your body mistake safe things, for example, clean or dust, for germs and Attack them.
The Most examples Are Hay Fever,Eczema,Allergic Conjunctivitis,(Allergic eyes),Asthma,Hives And Allergic Shock.
Kindly Check The Table Below For difference Among Cold ,Flu,And Allergy

Signs and Symptoms Cold Flu Allergy
Runny,Stuffy Nose Common Sometimes Often
Fever Rare Usual, high (100-102 °F),
sometimes higher, especially in young children);
lasts 3-4 days
Pain Some Times Usual,Some Time Sever No Pain
Cough Often Common,Can Become Sever Some Times
Sneezing Often Some times Often
Weakness Some times Usual,Can Last Upto 20 Days Some Times
Head ache Uncommon Common Uncommon
Sore Throat Common Some Times Common


Cold Vs Flu

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