Life Saving Drugs

According To WHO “A Drug May Be Defined As Any Substance Which Is Used Or Intended to Be used For Modifying Or Exploring Physiological System Or Pathological States For the Benefits Of Recipient” So Life Saving Drugs Are Those Drugs Which Save Lives In Case Of Emergency. These Drugs Have The Capability To Hold Life Or Prevent Further Damage And Complications.These Drugs Are Used In Emergency Situation, Intensive Care units, These Drugs Help Patient Close To Life.The List Of Life Saving Drugs Are Not Small But some Of the Agents are Listed Below

(1) Drugs Used In Severe Bleeding

(a)Vitamin -k



(2)Drugs Used In Hypertensive Emergency

(a)Nitric Oxide
(3)Drugs Used In Myocardial Infarction (MI)

(a)Nifedipine (Capsule)

(b)Digoxin (Inj)

(c)Isoprenaline (Inj)

(d)Calcium Chloride (Inj)

(e)Meperidine Hydrochloride (Inj)

(f)Heparin (Inj)

(g)Nitroglycerine (Inj)

(h)Streptokinase (Inj)

(i)Propranolol (Inj)

(j)Protamine Sulphate (Inj)

(k)Dopamine Hydrochloride (Inj)

(l)Aminocaproic Acid (Inj)

(m)Lignocaine Hydrochloride

(4)Drugs Used In Respiratory Failure

(a)Oxygen Gas   I.P/B.P

(b)Nikenamide (Inj)

(5)Drugs Used In Anaphylactic Shock

(a)Epinephrine hydrochloride (Adrenaline) (Inj)

(b)Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate (Inj)

(c)Sodabicarb (Inj)

(6)Drugs Used In status Epilepticus

(a)Phenobarbitone (Inj)

(b)Phenytoin Sodium (Inj)

(c) Carbamazepine (Inj)

(7)Drugs Used In Peripheral Circulatory Collapse

(a)Oxygen Gas   I.P/B.P

(b)Glucose 25% (Inj)

(c)Dopamine Hydrochloride (Inj)

(d)Normal Saline (I.V)

(e)Ringer Solution (I.V)

(8)Drugs Used In Treatment Of Hypoglycemia: (In Adult And In Childrens)

a)Glucagon (I.M) Or S.C Inj

(9)Drug Used In Treatment Of Sever Angina Attack In Adult:

(a)Glyceryl Trinitrate  (Sublingual Spray)

(10)Drug Used In Pain relief in emergency rescue situations (adults and children):

(a)A medical gas mixture of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen  (Inhalational form)

(11)Drugs Used In Treatment of acute asthmatic attack (adults and children):

(a)Salbutamol (Inhaler)

(12)Antisnake venom inj  polyvalent Injection

(13)Rabies vaccine Injection

(14)Tetanus Toxoid Injection.

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