Total Body Enhancement Planet Fitness: [Complete Guide]

Total body enhancement planet fitness is a machine or a cabin that uses a red light therapy combined with body vibrations to reshape the body, improve skin conditions, and burn body fat. 

In this article, you will learn what is Planet fitness total body enhancement machine, how it works, and whether it is worth the membership or another trick to generate more fees?

The machine uses red light therapy —which is a method that exposes the skin to red light to activate ATP, also known as adenosine triphosphate. When ATP is released, your muscles gain more energy and allow you to train longer or harder. Red light therapy reduces cellulite and is also used to treat wounds faster and reduce the prevalence of acne.

Planet fitness total body enhancement machine is also known as the Beauty angel.

If you are a regular Planet Fitness member, you have probably used the Total body enhancement planet fitness machine several times to improve your body.

Please remember that red light therapy is different from low-level laser therapy (LLLT) because planet fitness uses red light. In contrast, LLLT devices use medical-grade lasers to stimulate the hair follicles and promote thicker and healthier hair growth.

So what is the total body enhancement at a planet fitness?

It is a machine used by Planet fitness to improve skin conditions, reshape the body, and burn fats. This machine uses red light therapy along with Vibration. 

Red Light Tan Therapy is the latest craze in the tanning salon. The Vibration helps relieve tension in your muscles joints, and the levels of vibration help with cellulite. 

The red light Increases the collagen in the skin, reducing cellulite and wrinkles in the body. The vibrating plate helps improve circulation and strengthen your core. The Total body enhancement machine is also called the beautiful angel.

But the question is…!!!

Is it safe to use a total body enhancement planet fitness machine?

Yes, it uses red light therapy with non-damaging, non-UV rays, which means you don’t need to worry about hurting your skin or increasing your risk of skin cancer when using the Total Body Enhancement machine.

According to a study, Light therapy doesn’t cause any harmful effects on tumor growth. This study suggests that cancer patients should not retain Low-level light therapy on an empirical basis.

Planet fitness total body enhancement machines

About The Company

Planet Fitness is one of the largest and well known American gym franchise systems based in Hampton, New Hampshire. The company has over 2000 franchises across the US, Canada, Panama, and Mexico.

  • Founded in 1992 by
  • Founders: Michael Grondahl and Marc Grondahl
  • Current CEO: Chris Rondeau
  • Total Numbers of locations: 2039
  • Headquarter: Hampton, New Hampshire, USA

How do Planet fitness total body enhancement machines work?

Planet Fitness is one of the most popular gyms, with the right attitude and a friendly and non-critical attitude. It is an excellent place for people who want to lose weight or improve their tone. Planet Fitness requires registration at different levels. You will have access to various sports equipment, free physical training, hydro massage chairs, tanning beds, and your light therapy cabin.

This machine uses red light and vibration therapy. The vibrating base plate shakes your entire body with slight vibrations, resulting in an alternative muscle contraction and relaxation several times per second. This helps speed up metabolism, burn excess fat, and strain the body. 

This machine is also known as the angel of beauty, and is a relatively new addition to the Planet Fitness gyms. It looks like a simple tanning booth, but the similarities stop there. Instead of UV lamps, it uses infrared lamps that affect the entire body. Red light uses low wavelengths to treat skin problems such as wrinkles, scars and permanent wounds, and other conditions.

Health Benefits Of Red Light Therapy

The Planet Fitness machine can help your body in many different ways like;

  • The machines increase blood flow to tissues and cells, which allow your body to break down fat cells and help maintain a healthy weight. 
  • The second benefit of using Planet fitness total body enhancement machine is increasing overall energy reducing fatigue and drowsiness by producing more serotonin. 
  • Total Body enhancement by Planet Fitness is one of the ideal machines for reducing signs of aging like wrinkles by producing more collagen and elastin protein. 
  • The planet fitness machines are said to work as an anti-inflammatory and reduce chronic pain, plus it also reduces acne and post-acne scars.  

Planet Fitness

How often can you use total body enhancement fitness to improve health?

You can use it whenever you like. The manufacturers recommend using this 2-3 times, for 12 minutes over 90 days and leave 24 hours between the sessions.

Total Body Enhancement Pros and Cons

Here is a list of total body enhancement pros and cons. If you are thinking of joining the planet fitness gym, you should read this first.

What I Like About Total Body Enhancement Planet Fitness?

Below are some pros of using the planet fitness total body enhancement machine.

  • Total Body Enhancement Planet Fitness helps to reduce stress

When you’re stressed, your muscles tend to get tired. Physical or emotional stress interferes with cellular energy pathways. You should know that the whole body’s improvement takes into account your entire body to activate it for better functioning. Therefore, it is better to relieve stress by relaxing the muscles and calming the mind.

  • Helps increase skin elasticity by producing collagen.

Collagen is a structural protein that plays a role in the elasticity and firmness of the skin. But with age, collagen naturally decreases, causing wrinkles, marks, and wrinkles more noticeable on the face.

Red light therapy makes the skin more elastic by increasing collagen levels in the body. Therefore, collagen increases are likely to produce an anti-aging effect, reducing wrinkles, stretch marks, fine lines, acne spots, and scars. This machine deserves your time and attention because it helps you get better, fresh, and radiant skin.

  • Reduce the weight by decreasing cellulite

The Total Body Enhancement Planet Fitness machine’s vibrating plate serves to rejuvenate your body by sending energy everywhere. It helps you work your legs, abs, arms, and buttocks (hip muscles). Cellulite is an irregular and stuffed meat, especially in the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. This unwanted cellulite is very frustrating.

Red light therapy extends its benefits by reducing cellulite around the waist, hips, and thighs. This is because the fat cells overflow with their content, and the body processes the expelled fat. Therefore, this therapy is ideal for reducing body circumference measurements significantly.

  • Total Body Enhancement Planet Fitness helps improve metabolic rate and energy levels.

Total body enhancement accelerates the body’s metabolism by stimulating mitochondrial ATP production (adenosine triphosphate, the cell’s energy currency). It also allows you to gain more energy before training. The improved metabolism releases the fat stored by the cells (adipocytes). Washing unnecessary fat will make a promising breakthrough.

  • It reduces inflammation of the joints and muscles.

It has been shown that Red Light Therapy heats a joint to improve the body in general, making it more flexible, mobile, and easy to use. Improving blood circulation also relieves joint pain by significantly reducing inflammation. This suggests that it is a powerful method for rapid wound healing.

What I Don't Like About Total Body Enhancement Planet Fitness?

  • Need Membership Black Card

You must be a black card member to take full advantage of the benefits of improving your body and your pleasure. To get the most out of the Planet gym and improve your training experience, you’ll need a $ 21.99 card per month. 

  • Allergies

You can’t use the total body enhancement planet fitness machines if you are allergic. Allergic reactions like skin rashes, itching, nausea, etc., may occur, so avoid if you are allergic. 

  • May Cause Health Problems

Due to its high intensity, you may feel nauseated; your BP may drop and cause vertigo. Vibration and light can sometimes cause coughing.

How do you use Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness?

Here are some tips you should keep in mind before using Total body enhancement at the planet fitness machine.

These are the steps to apply Total Body Enhancement correctly:

  • First, press the start button on the remote control.
  • Activate the vibrating pad (symbolized by an icon in the upper left of the remote control) by pressing the white button to the remote control left (one of the four white buttons). Be sure to press the button twice, and you will notice that the foot icon is flashing.
  • So it’s time to choose the vibration intensity program. There are four programs to choose from. Press the upper white button (with a +) to scroll through the options.
  • After selecting the vibration setting for the foot, release the LED display to clear.
  • Now is the time to focus on the fan and the icon in the remote control’s upper right corner.
  • Double-tap the white button on the right side of the remote control until the fan light comes on.
  • As soon as the light comes on, you can use the white button at the top (with the + sign) to adjust the fan speed. If it goes up around 11, keep calm on the whole body strengthening machine.

After learning them, the instructions for using the Total Body Enhancement device are pretty simple. Knowing them beforehand, you will surely get into the machine and enjoy the benefits.

How often should you use total body enhancement?

It depends on various factors, as everyone reacts differently according to age and skin condition. In general, the best results are obtained in 8 to 12 weeks.

It is recommended to start 3 to 5 times per week for the first 1 to 4 weeks with a contact time of 15 minutes, and it is the maximum exposure duration in our red light therapy bed. Subsequently, it is necessary to use the red light therapy bed at least 2-3 times per week for 4-12 weeks and finally 1-2 times per week to obtain the skin’s desired results.

Total Body Enhancement Programs

The client can choose between 4 different programs. The intensity and duration of each program can be adapted for individual needs.

Program No. 1

  • Low intensity: This is the “Feel Great” program. This one improves flexibility relaxes muscles with smooth movements with low vibration frequency. 

Program No. 2

  • Medium intensity: This is called the “New You” program. This program is for beginners. Program number 2 is ideal for people who want to start or return with their fitness program. This medium intensity program uses medium frequency vibrations and massages to improve muscle tone through alternate controlled movements.

Program No. 3

  • High intensity: This program is at the “Cross Training” level. Program number 3 uses intense vibrations in combination with high-frequency interval training. It is a balanced program that strengthens muscles with powerful movements. This program is perfect for athletes or sports enthusiasts.

Program 4

  • Mixed Intensity: This mixed frequency cycle is aimed at specific muscle groups of arms, legs, abdomen, and buttocks. It helps tone and tone the muscles and provides stimulating training.


It would be best to use Total Body Enhancement at planet fitness frequently and consistently to achieve long-term benefits and achieve the desired results. Do not be discouraged if you do not notice anything after a single use. As you continue to use the unit over time, you will see gradual changes in different ways.

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