New Research:Cancer Cure Is Possible With a Single Injection

New Cancer Cure technique from Stanford University uses two agents that, when combined, provokes the body’s immune system to the presence of cancer to eliminate it. Current therapies against cancer have terrible side effects and are not always effective. And with things like radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the amount of treatments you have to endure makes the side effects get worse over time.

Only one injection can be effective for a solid tumor. Such a specific approach could limit unpleasant side effects and even be more effective than current therapies. This Cancer Cure News were published in  the journal Science Translational Medicine & Dr.Ronald Levy was the lead author of the study.

Dr. Levy and his colleagues injected small amounts of two “immunostimulatory agents” into malignant solid tumors in mice. Most notably, he not only treated the tumor in which he injected, but also the distant neoplasms in other parts of the body. The researchers believe that it will be able to treat all types of cancer. The use of T cells to kill cancer has long been a major focus of immunotherapy.

Although T cells already have incredibly powerful anticancer properties, cancer cells have certain “tricks” to bypass them until they multiply enough to completely crush the immune system. Immunotherapy is designed to strengthen the immune system’s capabilities to detect and neutralize cancer.

Clinical trials are currently under way to see if the same effect occurs in humans. 15 patients, all with low-grade lymphoma, are taking part. Those with this particular type of cancer were selected because lymphoma is essentially a disease of the immune system and, therefore, must show the strongest response to therapy.

One of the active ingredients has already been approved by the FDA, while the other is part of an ongoing clinical trial in the treatment of lymphoma. This has helped to simplify the process a bit. It is also exciting that the agents are not only effective but also profitable. “This method can teach immune cells to fight against this specific type of cancer,” said Dr. Levy, “which then allows them to migrate and destroy all other existing tumors.”

There are several methods of immunotherapy today. Some activate the immune system throughout the body. Others remove the patient’s own immune cells and genetically manipulate them to kill the cancer. And still others turn off the switches in the immune cells that limit their capabilities against cancer.

Disadvantages Of This Cancer Cure Therapy 

The disadvantages of this New Cancer Treatment With a Single Injection is that many of these experimental therapies are expensive or take a long time or cause terrible side effects. Dr. Levy: “This approach avoids the need to identify specific tumor-specific immune targets and does not require extensive activation of the immune system or adaptation of a patient’s immune cells.” Double injection involves only one microgram (one millionth of a gram) of each substance.

How This Works

The composition of the injection comprises a small synthetic piece of DNA called CpG oligonucleotide. This binds to the OX40 receptor, which is found on the surface of T cells. The other is an antibody that binds and activates a T cell. Once they reduce the work of the tumor, these energized T cells travel to other parts of the body. body and eliminate all the same type of cancer cells.

Cancer Cure Experiment 

To test the New Cancer Cure With a Single Injection, the researchers injected 90 mice that had lymphoma with the mixture. 87 of 90 became completely cancer free. When the tumors reappeared in the remaining three cases, they were completely eliminated with a second injection without recurrence. The mouse models with breast, skin and colon cancer showed similar results.

T cells can only attack the type of cancer they experienced for the first time. Mouse models with lymphoma and colon cancer only eliminated lymphoma. T cells are trained to eliminate a certain type of cancer and focus on it.

If this New Cancer Cure Technique is successful in humans, Dr. Levy and colleagues report that it is injected after the surgical removal of a solid tumor to ensure that the cancer does not recur. It could even eliminate any budding tumor that occurs due to a genetic mutation. Dr. Levy said there is no cancer that can not be treated unless the immune system can infiltrate it.

The team is currently preparing a clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of this treatment in patients with low-grade lymphoma. Dr. Levy hopes that if the clinical trial is successful, he will be able to extend this therapy to almost all types of cancer in humans.This could be a Big Cancer cure news in the recent years.

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