Daivobet: The Best Medicine For Psoriasis

Daivobet is a prescription gel and ointment formulation used for skin conditions like psoriasis, a condition that causes flaky patches on the skin.

Psoriasis affects about 2-4% of the population.

Daivobet is the combination of two active ingredients: calcipotriol (related to vitamin D) and betametasone dipropionate (corticosteroid).

  • Daivobet is used in psoriasis.
  • It helps to reduce the redness,
  • Thickening and peeling of the skin that occurs with this condition.
  • Healthy skin reduces the risk of infection and protects it from the environment.

Mechanism of action of Daivobet

The mechanism of calcipotriol in remitting psoriasis is not well understood. However, it has been shown to have a comparable affinity to calcitriol for the vitamin D receptor, while it is less than 1% more active than calcitriol in the regulation of calcium metabolism. It is believed that the binding of calcipotriol to the vitamin D receptor modulates transcription of the T cell gene of genes associated with cell differentiation and proliferation (T cells are responsible for the development of psoriasis).

Betamethasone binds to cytoplasmic glucocorticoid receptors and then rapidly translocates to the nucleus where it stimulates or inhibits the genes that regulate inflammation. Corticosteroids improve multiple inflammatory markers (infiltrate, erythema, edema and hyperproliferation) in psoriasis vulgaris without compromising terminal differentiation.


  • Daivobet is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to glucocorticoids or vitamin D or calcium metabolism disorders.
  • This medicine is also contraindicated for patients with erythrodermic, exfoliative or pustular psoriasis.


  • Avoid Daivobet if you are allergic to betamethasone or calcipotriene; or if you have any other allergies.
  • Before taking this medicine, tell your doctor or pharmacist about your medical history, in particular about: a specific mineral imbalance (high blood calcium level), thin skin in the areas to be treated.
  • Betamethasone and other corticosteroid medications can reduce your body’s response to antibiotics and make it harder to get rid of an infection.

Side effects

Daivobet is generally well tolerated, but there are some rare side effects that affect less than 1% of people, side effects include:

  • Irritation,
  • itching
  • Folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicles)
  • Hypopigmentation of the skin (loss of skin color)
  • Hypercalcaemia (increased calcium levels in the blood),
  • urticaria

Long-term local side effects of continuous exposure to steroids may include

  • Stretch marks
  • Atrophy
  • Spider veins
  • Local infections
  • Dryness

Daivobet in pregnancy and lactation:

This medicine should only be used if clearly needed during pregnancy. Discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor. It is not known if this drug passes into breast milk. Consult your doctor before breast-feeding.

Direction for use

Read the leaflet of your pharmacist before using the product and every time you receive a refill. This medicine should only be used on the skin.

  • Press the gel on a clean finger.
  • Apply enough gel with your finger to completely cover the psoriasis plaque and gently rub.

Do not use this medicine for more than 4 weeks unless recommended by your doctor. Because of the increased risk of side effects, adults should not take more than 100 grams of this product per week unless instructed and closely monitored by the doctor. Do not cover, cover, or cover the treated area unless your doctor tells you. , Do not apply this medication to large areas of damaged skin or use on skin folds.

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