Cozzia Massage Chair Review: Should You Buy It In 2024?

Cozzia massage chair is a fantastic, top-end product offering several innovations that will satisfy even the most discerning customer with chronic back pain. The massage technology provides comfort and relief for those who can afford it.

The Cozzia Massage chair weighs 300 lbs, and the product comes with 3 years of in-home and 3 years of part dimension warranty. They also offer an in-home repair service to figure out and fix anything, and if they can’t repair it, they will replace the whole chair.

These chairs come in 5 different colors—burgundy and pearl black, black, espresso and pearl black, espresso and pearl white, cappuccino and pearl white.

The Cozzia massage chair has been designed to provide relief for chronic pain. It includes loads of therapeutic features in the form of automated messages. Still, it lacks certain aspects, and you need our detailed Cozzia massage chair review on how this product can benefit your health today. This product has plenty of features that help ease your aches and pains, but it lacks some essential functions you would expect in an average massager–such as heat settings.

The good news? This incredibly useful piece can provide much-needed soothing guidance in many other ways, such as automatic messages about how long each session should last or what position may be most comfortable during treatment. Let’s start with our detailed buyer’s guide.

  • Product Full Name: Cozzia Massage Chair, including many different models.
  • Manufacturer: Cozzia USA
  • Best Place To Buy: Amazon & Company Website
  • Best Price: Range From $1800-17000/piece.
  • Designed for: All those who want to massage and relax their body.
  • Is It Worth It? This is an excellent tool for relaxing your body and relieving pain and body aches if you can afford it.


Cozzia Massage Chair
Massage Chair (Not Cozzia)


Unbiased Cozzia Massage Chair Review

When it comes to the features of Cozzia massage chairs, they are best known for packing a whole lot within an affordable price range. However, what good are all these nice touches if they don’t work together and provide you with your unique, relaxing experience?

Let’s see how things go from here to know whether investing in one would make sense.

S-Track System

Cozzia is a line of massage chairs that come with different features. The S-Track system’s advanced technology makes you feel like a true luxury client. The quad-rollers of the 16027 model will follow your spine perfectly and hit all relevant points with just enough pressure to make any massage experience soothing for both body AND mind.

3D Body Scan

Let’s be honest; even the best massage chair is no good if its rollers don’t hit exactly where you need them to. That’s why I prefer 3D body scan technology in this particular model. Once seated, it scans your entire frame with pinpoint accuracy. It adjusts each roller accordingly so that they all land on sensitive areas such as knots or tight muscles—leaving us feeling rejuvenated without any pain at all.

The 3D Body Scan of Cozzia is a technology that has existed for some time. However, this chair takes it to the next level with its adjustable button controls on your remote so you can have more precise positioning and field size during massages.

4D technology

This chair is the talk of the town! It’s no wonder why, with 4D technology and a deep massage, this Cozzia Qi will have you feeling relaxed in no time. The 4D technology of the chair enhances your massage experience by extension. The additional 3-inch movement away from the track allows for a more profound and more penetrating touch that can be customized to suit any individual’s needs with adjustable rollers on each side.

The Cozzia Qi massage chair offers more value for your money with its 4D deep tissue treatment. The rollers extend 5 inches off the track, providing a stronger pressure that will have you feeling relief in no time. This innovative feature enhances the massage experience significantly and sets it apart from other models in today’s market.

Zero gravity

The zero-gravity seating and compression massage technology are excellent for relieving your back. The airbags provide an extra layer of protection while also helping to increase blood circulation and blood flow through it, allowing for deep penetrating massages from rollers embedded into this exquisite massage chair. 

Air Bags

The Cozzia Qi CZ-710 also features 64 airbags for a better, more accurate, and more effective massage. These airbags help pressurize the body part the rollers can’t reach. There are also some heating therapy systems in the leg areas.

Cozzia Massage Chair Pros & Cons

We Like;
  • There are heated rollers in some of its models, like Cozzia QI SE—This feature helps properly massage your body through heating therapy.
  • Then, there is an instant control on the armrest for better access. The remote control is also present for better body scan control.
  • There are touchscreens with connected Alexa control for maximum ease of use.
  • There are also two levels of shiatsu foot rolling for deep tissue massage.
  • They also feature Bluetooth speakers for listening to music.
  • With the Cozzia Qi, you can control your massage chair exclusively through an app on your iPad. This is great for people looking to take their experience up a notch! If you have no iPad, you will receive one mini iPad with this purchase.

Don't Like;

  • We tried to find a warranty on their website for the products; they only provide you with a repair service.
  • The Cozzia massage chair is expensive compared to some of the available brands. But if money is not an issue, you will probably love this gadget.

List Of Top Cozzia Massage Chairs

We’ve got you covered with this brand’s best massage chairs. We know which is perfect for your needs, so scroll down and discover more.

#1 Cozzia CZ Qi-710 SE

The Cozzia flagship massage chair is a luxurious way to unwind and recover from stressful workdays. The 4D roller technology provides accurate massaging, which seniors or those with physical limitations will enjoy. This top-of-the-line model also has Amazon Alexa compatibility, so you can stream your favorite tunes while getting comfy in this fantastic machine.

The Cozzia Qi is the best massage chair for pain relief and relaxation. It comes packed with technology with innovative features you won’t find anywhere else, such as a cooling pad! If you are willing to pay top dollar, look no further than this fantastic machine.

Why Should You Buy?

  • The heated 4D rollers provide a more pleasurable massage experience than real human hands can. With no better technology available, it’s hard to beat this chair for accuracy and pleasing effects on your body! The heated surfaces will warm you up from within while improving circulation simultaneously – all without harming sore muscles or joints, so they don’t worsen due to lack of use over time.
  • This massage chair also features 64 airbags. This is an integral part of the massage chair experience. They provide pressure that rollers cannot reach, making them a more effective massage chair for those who spend their day on their feet. 
  • There are 15 massage programs and a touchscreen connected with Alexa control for maximum ease of use. 
  • The Cozzia Qi massage chair also comes with zero gravity. These chairs are perfect for relaxing in style. The zero gravity position takes the pressure off your body, allowing you to enjoy a full massage without tension or worry about weightlessness.

Reasons To Avoid

  • The only problem with these chairs is that they are expensive–But if you can afford them, it’s worth it.

#2 Cozzia EC -618

The luxurious EC-618 3D massage chair has been designed to offer a soothing, light touch. It excels at Shiatsu and Swedish massages, some of the most popular types in this industry, because they’re refreshingly gentle yet still effective! If your experience with other chairs was rough or even painful, don’t worry because the EC 618 has everything needed with luxurious features like kneading nodes that offer intense touch while still being safe retirement age people live comfortably together.

Why Should You Buy This One?

  • This chair comes with a 3D massage system. With their ability to move in three different directions, 3D massage rollers provide an even pressure down your back that is gentle and effective.
  • The Cozzia EC-618 has special Rollers that will provide soothing relief by stimulating this area deeply enough so they feel good when touched gently – even if there’s no physical injury happening at any given time.
  • The machine has been designed with a unique scanning system that ensures massage therapists get a natural, comfortable experience in their work.

#3 Cozzia CZ-715 Qi XE

With cutting-edge technology, this massage chair provides a luxurious experience that can be continuously tailored to your needs. The speed and quietness are unparalleled in the industry as well. A new version has been released with even more features for increased comfort – perfect if you’re looking for a refreshing treatment at home or school (it works great during finals week).

  • This chair is more luxurious than most other models of this company. It has 64 total airbags, similar to many different brands, but with pressure sensors that control the intensity of each bag- ensuring you never experience an awkward or uncomfortable massage by either being too weak or too strong for your taste! You can adjust on-screen through a touchscreen panel, which will respond accordingly.
  • This chair has a microprocessor that runs faster than other chairs, making the body scanning and adjustment more accurate. This makes for better massages as well.
  • The heating elements and advanced technology in the back provide a more precise massage.

#4 Cozzia EC-360D

This affordable massage chair offers many features for its price, even though it lacks some industry-leading technology. The EC 360D is an excellent entry-level model with great relaxation methods and treatments to help you get back on your feet after being sore from work or exercise! It’s perfect if this will be used in smaller rooms with tall users who can fit into the seat comfortably (up to 6’8″).

Why Should You Buy This?

  • Users of all heights can enjoy the EC-360D! It’s a comfortable fit for people up to 6’8″, so if you’ve felt discomfort or pain while using an oversized massage chair – this one might be right.
  • Who wants the same old massage therapist giving them a brief, contrived session? That’s why this chair has body-scanning technology, providing personalized care based on your unique needs. You’ll be able to get an accurate representation of what type or style would best suit YOU – not just someone else.
  • The chair is beautiful and specially designed for small spaces. 

What Do Other People Think About It—Cozzia Massage Chair Reviews?

We review different products based on our testing and verified customer reviews. So, The overall rating on Amazon for Cozzia 16027 was 3/5 stars when the total reviews were only 6. The product has got a mix of positive and negative feedback. For many, it’s a fantastic product; for some, it’s a waste of money.

While the Amazon rating for Cz-629 is pretty good, the Cozzia Qi SI massage Chair has only two reviews, but both were 5/5 star ratings.

Here are some positive & negative Cozzia Massage Chairs Reviews on Amazon.

  • According to Adam, This is a fantastic chair with accurate manual control and intuitive buttons. The touchscreen control navigation could be more detailed, but this is a good massage chair overall.
  • Robert Boynton also thinks the Cozzia Qi Si massage chair is fantastic, very well built, and more than he expected.
  • For Cozzia 16027, Jay G thinks this is a nice chair, but it broke after three weeks. The company has sent him parts but is still waiting for changing body parts.
  • Marie K. Knelange also thinks about the 16027 massage chair and that he loves it. He believes the company provides a beautiful, high-quality product at an affordable price.
  • Many other positive and negative Cozzia Massage Chair Reviews are available on Amazon and other social platforms.

Who Makes Cozzia Massage Chairs?

Cozzia—a US-based subsidiary of Chinese parent company Xiamen Comfort Science and Technology, has been the global leader in wellness furniture for years, headquartered out of Los Angeles with over twenty (20) years of experience. Cozzia’s mission is to provide design solutions that increase living space while improving blood circulation through optional comfort science technologies like massage functions or therapeutic lighting effects, customized according to individual needs.

This company specializes in making massage and zero gravity chairs and building wellness brand furniture—many positive Cozzia massage chair reviews on Amazon, Google, and other social media sites.

What Are Cozzia Massage Chairs Prices?

The prices of these chairs are different for different models. The prices start from $1800 to $17,999. For example, the cost of CZ-322 and EC-360D is $1,800, while that of the medium range is CZ-388, which is listed at $3,800.

If you look at the high end, the most expensive and luxurious massage chair is Qi XE CZ-715, which can cost about $9,000. The recent version is QI, which can cost you around $17,999.99, but you can find similar value in chairs like the Slabway, Tebo, and Ogawa Smart 3D, which range from $6999.99 – to $8490.These massage chairs are not cheap, but they are worth it if you can afford them.

Why Should You Buy Cozzia?

If you look at the Tebo massage chair, you will find that people were unhappy with the customer service, but that’s different from the Cozzia massage chairs.

Then the second thing is they provide you with a home service for repairing and fine-tuning your chair. If they can’t fix it, they will replace your chair.

What Is The Best Place To Buy Cozzia Massage Chairs?

These chairs are available on Amazon and Walmart, but their official company website is the best place. Some of the models are also available on Amazon and Wayfair. The CZ-629—is one of the most popular massage chairs in this line of products on Amazon.

You can also visit their official showrooms to test them before deciding. There are over 50 showrooms across the United States to choose from.

Bottom Line—Cozzia Massage Chair Review

Cozzia is a high-quality massage chair brand specializing in personalized massages and customer service. They have only the best furniture for your wellness needs, with products tested to ensure they improve your quality of life. But personally speaking, these chairs are way more expensive than the conventional massage chairs available on the market.

If you are looking for a massage chair to help you relax your body, the Cozzia is an excellent option. It is expensive, but it can provide many hours of relaxation.

You can read our 10 best massage chairs for under $2000. If you want more such reviews, please read our Slabway massage chairTebo Massage Chair, and Osaki Massage Chair.

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Cozzia Massage Chair

Cozzia massage chair is a fantastic, top-end product that offers several innovations that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning customer with chronic back pain. The massage technology provides comfort and relief for those who can afford it.

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