5 Best Women’s Multivitamins Over 50

Are you looking for the best women’s multivitamins over 50? If yes, you are in the right place.

You don’t need any external supplementation if you follow a balanced diet.

But that’s not the case here because we all know that no one can get a complete nutritional diet, especially if you are over the 50s.

The reasons for not getting enough vitamins at 50s or above are poor digestion and hormonal imbalance.

In the 50s, vitamins like vitamins D and K, nutritional supplements like omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), magnesium, calcium, bioactive folate 5-MTHF, and antioxidants can support hormonal, digestive, and immune health.

Vitamin D is the most appropriate option for treating old age people. The usual recommended daily vitamin D intake in people aged 1-70 is 600IU, and for people above 70 is 800IU. [1]

Vitamin K is also a fundamental constituent. Still, unfortunately, most of our diets contain an adequate amount of vitamin K.

The usual recommended intake of Vitamin K from food is 66mcg for 2-19-year-old people. For people above 20, the usual recommended food intake is 122mcg for women and 138 for men. When taken with supplements, it should be 164mcg for women and 182 for men. [2]

Calcium is also a vital nutrient in the body responsible for many functions. 99% of calcium is found in bones and teeth. Too little calcium can cause osteoporosis.

Women’s recommended calcium intake is 50 mg or younger, and men aged 70 or younger should take 1000 mg of calcium daily. Men and women older than that should get 1,200 mg per day. [3]

Now, the question is how to get these minerals and vitamins.

You should try natural remedies and obtain your nutrients from food. 

  • Milk and yogurt can promote calcium and vitamin D.
  • Fruits and vegetables contain potassium and fiber.
  • Lean meat, fortified cereals, and some fish and seafood contain vitamin B12.

Top 5 Best Women’s Multivitamins Over 50

Here is a list of the best women’s multivitamins for those over 50; please remember that these supplement brands can also be used for other ages, both women and men.

1. Centrum Silver Multivitamins For Women 50 Plus

Centrum silver is a mix of minerals and vitamins like Vitamin B complex, Vitamin D3, calcium, and antioxidants.

It can be used for different purposes, such as supporting the heart, eyes, brain, and overall health of women aged 50+.

It also contains other ingredients that will help you promote your overall health.

The Vitamin D3 in this formulation will help you support your immunity, muscle, and bone health.

You must take one of these easy-to-swallow capsules daily to get the full benefits.

Why do we recommend it?

  • If you look at the customer feedback on Amazon, you will see excellent reviews. The product has over 10,000 positive reviews from real customers.
  • It contains ingredients that can help you revitalize and nourish your cells.
  • Centrum Silver Plus is genuinely gluten-free and has a non-GMO formula.
  • Although the FDA does not fully regulate the supplements, they are still manufactured in an FDA-approved facility.


best vitamins for 50 year old woman
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2. One A Day Women’s 50+

One a Day Women 50+ is a specially designed nutrient and multivitamin formula to help you support critical aging concerns like joint, bone, and heart health.

It also promotes eye health, immune health, and physical energy by helping convert food to fuel. It contains seven cell-protecting antioxidants to help support cells and overall well-being.

You will need to take 1 “one A day women’s 50+” pill per day with food.

Why do we recommend it?

  • First and most importantly, the company provides a 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • It is one of the best-selling vitamins for 50-year-old women.
  • The product has received excellent customer feedback, with over 2000 positive reviews on Amazon and other e-commerce stores.
  • Besides, Bayer Healthcare, one of the world’s most trusted pharmaceutical companies, covers it. 


best vitamins for 50 year old woman
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3.MegaFood, Women Over 55 One Daily

This vegetarian dietary supplement is one of the best vitamins for over 60 females. It will help your body in many ways, like promoting healthy bones and a healthy nervous system and improving your immunity and overall health and well-being.

This is one of the best vitamins for 50-year-olds because it contains all the ingredients beneficial for 50+ women’s health. It contains vitamin B complex, vitamin D, beta carotene, vitamins C and E to promote healthy immune health.

Why do we recommend it?

  • The pill inside this bottle is easy to swallow and easily digestible.
  • You will need to take one pill daily with or without food. It’s easy to carry and remember.
  • Other than this, it is GMO-free, dairy-free, soy-free, herbicide/pesticide-free, glyphosate residue-free, and certified kosher.
  • It’s made from natural foods and is free from allergens.


best vitamins for 50 year old woman
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4. Wellwoman 70+

Wellwoman 70+ is one of the vitamins for 70-year-old women as it helps maintain their health and vitality by improving their heart and nervous system, brain function, skin health, immune health, and overall health and well-being. 

It provides a full spectrum of 26 vitamins and nutrients, trace elements, and specialist advanced nutrients specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of 60+ women.

It also contains iron, zinc, and iodine, which contribute to normal cognitive function.

You will need to take one capsule per day with food, and it’s essential not to exceed the recommended intake as it contains iron, so the chances of side effects are higher if taken in an overdose.

Why do I recommend it?

  • It’s the first-ever multivitamins manufactured for a 70+-year-old woman.
  • Like all others, it’s gluten-free with no artificial colors and flavors.
  • Wellwoman 70+ has an outstanding reputation and excellent customer feedback.
  • The ingredients are well-researched and tested for safety and efficacy.


best vitamins for 50 year old woman
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5. Vitanica Senior Symmetry 65+

This company mixed premium-grade vitamins and minerals tailored to women’s bodies in the late 70s and 80s.

This senior multivitamin is one of the best vitamins for 65-year-old women as it contains some ingredients primarily required in old age people.

Please remember that Ginkgo present in this formulation may cause blood thinking; that’s why it’s essential to discontinue this supplement two weeks before any surgery.

The usual recommended intake of this dietary supplement is 1-2 capsules per day with meals. Your doctor can still prescribe up to 5-6 capsules per day if you need high-potency supplementation for your chronic illness.

Why do we recommend it?

  • It contains plant-based digestive enzymes that promote digestion and absorption of the constituents present in the formulation.
  • It is the only multivitamin for over 65
  • It contains more vitamins than its competitors.
  • Also, they use a more digestible form of its ingredients, like folate, instead of folic acid.
  • Customer feedback is also pretty good.


best vitamins For 50 Year Old Woman
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So which one is the best women’s multivitamin for over 50 and which one we recommend?

To my knowledge, if you are over 50, Centrum Silver is one of the best-selling vitamins for 50-year-old women and men. You can also use One A Day Woman’s 50+ as this is one of the best vitamins for 50-year-old women.

If you are over 65, you should go to “Vatinca Senior Symmetry,” specially designed for people aged 65 or above.

If you are over 70, I recommend attending “Wellwoman 70+”. This is also one of the best vitamins for 80 year old women.

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