10 Best Portable ECG Monitors (Heart Monitoring At Home)

An ECG monitor is a life-saving device used to measure your heart’s electrical activity to show whether your heart works normally or not. There are different types of personal heart monitoring devices, but finding the best portable ECG monitors and home ECG monitors can be challenging because you want something portable, reliable, and that shows accurate readings.

What is ECG?

An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a test that measures the electrical activity of the heart to show whether it is functioning properly or not.

An electrocardiogram can be a useful way to determine if hypertension has damaged the heart or blood vessels. For this reason, taking an ECG may be required at the first hypertension diagnosis.

An ECG detects heart rate and cardiac activity on paper or moves the line on a screen. The doctor can read and interpret peaks and dips on paper or a screen to determine abnormal or unusual activities.

An ECG reading can detect some of the following conditions;

  • When cholesterol blocks the flow of blood to your heart.
  • When the heart rhythms are abnormal and in case of a heart attack.
  • If there is an expansion of one side of the heart.

Top 10 Best Portable ECG Monitors/Home ECG Monitors

[Updated 2024]

According to a study, these portable ECG devices, through a remote assistance system, can help with clinical diagnosis, therapeutic interventions, or patient referral for cardiac arrhythmias.

Here is a list of the best portable ECG monitors/portable EKG monitors. These machines make heart monitoring at home easy and comfortable. 

1. Alivecor Kardia Mobile ECG monitor

The Alivecor Kardia Mobile is an FDA-cleared at home heart monitor for tracking your heart rate and atrial fibrillation. It is one of the best portable ECG monitors with an outstanding design that you can take anywhere. This device itself has no screen because it is designed for use with a smartphone app.

You can perform the ECG anywhere you are, and you can also share it with your physician and monitor your blood pressure.

A premium package gives you unlimited ECG cloud storage, monthly print reports, and the ability to keep track of medications (with reminders).

Regardless of packaging, speed is one of the best features of this ECG monitor. Once the application starts and your fingers are on the device, an accurate ECG takes only 30 seconds.

The company claims that the product has over 1 million customers, and till now, this device has recorded over 90 million ECGs. They also claim that Alivecor Kardia is the doctor’s recommended and clinically tested portable ECG machine on the market.

Looking at the verified customer feedback, you will see that Alivecor has got 4.6/5 star ratings when the total global ratings were 34,803. So I think it’s impressive.

What Do We Like About It?

  • Alivecor Kardia is an FDA-cleared portable EKG monitor. This means that the device is safe to use and will benefit those suffering from cardiovascular diseases. 
  • There is a dedicated smartphone app that can track your data. You can use this data for your future readings. The app has shareable data so that you can use it later. 
  • As it is FDA-cleared, you will get accurate readings with this portable ECG monitor.
  • The design of this portable ECG monitor is compact and beautiful. You can easily transport it in your bag. 
  • It is easy to use– place your fingers on the sensors for 30 seconds, and the device will show you the readings.
  • You don’t need a subscription to Alivecor Kardia; you can use it anywhere and any time of the day.
  • The product comes with 30 days of warranty. Only a product that is 100% legit provides such a warranty.

What Don’t We Like About It?

  • You will need a smartphone to use it. Still, we think it’s not as uncomfortable as it looks because everyone uses smartphones nowadays. 
  • The machine is wireless, but the device has no entire screen.
Best Portable ECG Monitors
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You can check the Alivecor® KardiaBand for Apple Watch. It is also FDA Cleared Wearable wristband 30-second EKG watch. It works with an apple watch to evaluate EKG. It also helps detect Afib anytime.

Best portable ecg monitors
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2. Emay portable EKG

The Emay is one of the most accurate and best portable ECG monitors, allowing you to quickly and reliably read in seconds. In addition, the fact that it is user-friendly software with support for EMAY makes this ECG device the best choice. Patients with heart problems should choose this device to ease their lives.

The EMAY Portable ECG/EKG monitor is one of the best office and home ECG monitors. In 30 seconds, you get accurate results and calculations to save time when you need fast and precise results.

It’s quite simple and therefore very portable. The added advantage is that no cable is needed to operate the unit, and it is not necessary to carry much of it, which increases portability.

What Do We Like About It?

  • There is a dedicated computer app. 
  • This one provides quick results in 30 seconds.
  • The design is compact, beautiful, and easy to use.
  • You can check the history of every session.
  • The device also has a Li-ion battery. 
  • It is wireless, and no cables are required. 

What Don’t We Like About It?

  • It is not FDA-cleared, which might be an issue. 
  • The memory is limited.


Best portable ecg monitors
Pic: Amazon

3. CONTEC Handheld Portable ECG Monitor

This portable ECG monitor is FDA-approved and has an LCD that displays color measurements. In addition to the same ECG, it also shows time, battery life, and heart rate.

Just upload the posts to the dedicated cloud platform for analysis and review. This device is equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

You can hold the device in your hands or place it on your heart, leg, or forearm and recover the ECG within 10 seconds. Contec PM10 also allows you to store all the stored data that can be printed.

What Do We Like About It?

  • Contec ECG device is FDA-approved with accurate readings.
  • It is user-friendly with great screen size. 
  • The design is compact and beautiful.
  • There is an option for history lookup.
  • The device is quick, and you will get ECG in 10-seconds.
  • There is a Bluetooth connectivity option. 

What Don’t We Like About It?

  • The brand could be more well-known and popular.
  • There is no warranty associated with the product.


best portable ecg monitors
Pic: Amazon

4. Omron Complete Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG

The unique features of the Omron Complete Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG/ECG monitor make it the best portable ECG monitor for physicians and common people. The Wireless operation and direct on-screen viewing allow fast scanning of heart disease. In addition, ECG analysis provides information on heart rate, rhythm, and ECG waveform.

What Do We Like About It?

  • Like the other devices, this one has a compact design and an easy-to-use interface.
  • It also comes with a high-definition and medical-grade screen.
  • There is an inbuilt software that shows all the data on the screen.
  • It tracks systolic, diastolic, tachycardia, bradycardia, pulse, and atrial fibrillation.

What Don’t We Like About It?

  • A bit expensive, but this is the best portable ECG monitor for blood pressure monitoring.
  • It’s a bit bulkier than the other models.


best portable ECG monitors
Pic: Amazon

5. ViATOM ECG/EKG Heart Health Tracker

It is also one of the best portable ECG monitors; it can be used to find early arrhythmia, oxygen measurement, and blood pressure.

Viatom Checkme Lite is a small vital sign monitor with a high-definition touch screen that allows you to control health in the palm anytime and anywhere with medical precision.

It can be used for the ECG, heart rate, QRS duration, ST segment, QT / QTc interval, systolic (upper) blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, and infusion.

What Do We Like About It?

  • It comes with an HD screen and easy-to-use functionality.
  • The Viatom is a reliable machine and gives results in 30 seconds.
  • Along with reading cardiac ECG, It can also measure your blood pressure.
  • The device comes with a USB (Micro D), ECG cable, ECG electrodes, and a user manual guide.
  • The company offers easy-to-reach tech support.

What Don’t We Like About It?

  • There is no FDA approval for this machine.


best portable ECG monitors
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6. Facelake FL20 Portable ECG/EKG Monitor

Facelake FL20 is designed specifically for personal use; this home ECG monitors cardiac activity at home, work, or during the journey to check for heart problems. It is one of the best portable ECG monitors used for the immediate recording and evaluation of electrocardiograms.

This device is a perfect companion for everyone who needs to monitor or detect heart disease, especially coronary heart disease, chest pain, palpitations, myocarditis, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, dyspnea, and a family history of heart disease.

Stored cardiograms can be used as a reference for the clinical ECG exam. Recognize your heart; know your health.

What Do We Like About It?

  • Facelake gives you accurate ECG readings.
  • It’s also very beautiful with a compact design.
  • The ECG machine also works on a wireless operation.

What Don’t We Like About It?

  • Some customers are complaining of device beef with each heartbeat.


Best portable ecg monitors
Pic: Amazon

7. Heal Force

This ECG monitor is FDA and EU-certified. In addition, the Heal Force brand is a cost-effective alternative to the Omron ECG HCG 801.

There are several variations of this portable ECG monitor. We have listed the details for 180B and 80A.

  • The 180B uses a USB cable for data extraction and performs a 30-second ECG recording.
  • The PC-80A is equipped with Bluetooth to exchange data wirelessly and automatically record 30 seconds (like 180B) and 10 hours (via cable).

These ECG monitors can provide you and your doctor with relevant information on the latest cardiac conditions when used at home. The 180B (PC-80A) is used in a health center or other medical center and can measure data in real-time to provide the patient’s current status and monitor transient and record cardiac events.

What Do We Like About It?

  • There is a color HD display for readings and other stats.
  • The machine is quick, with 30 second reading time.
  • Heal force also comes illustrated manual.
  • It is FDA approved ECG machine. 
  • There is enough memory for recording readings–about 300 records.

What Don’t We Like About It?

  • Some customers complain about the lead not working properly, but this is the best portable ECG monitor overall.
  • The device is a little bulkier than the above listing.


best portable ecg monitors
Pic: Amazon

8. Healthwood Portable ECG monitor

This Portable ECG monitor is specially designed for personal use to track heart activity at home, at work, or on a trip in case of a cardiac situation that needs immediate EKG recording and evaluation.

It records heartbeats & up to a 30 seconds single-channel EKG and allows you to share the report with your doctor for further review. Also, the immediate result will be displayed on the screen within one minute, giving you peace of mind.

This ECG monitor captures your cardiac condition whenever it occurs; also used for chronic diseases, especially coronary heart disease, chest pain, palpitations, myocarditis, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, dyspnea, etc.

What Do We Like About It?

  • The device is beautiful, compact, and portable.
  • There is an HD screen that shows you the data of reading.
  • The device is made sturdy, sleek, and lightweight.
  • It is a wireless-operated machine.

What Don’t We Like About It?

  • Some customers are complaining about the language used in the software.


best portable ecg monitors
Pic: Amazon

9. BodiMetrics Portable ECG Monitor

BodiMetrics is one of the best portable ECG monitors. It synchronizes wirelessly with your Android or iPhone to share statistics and relationships with family members, coaches, and trusted advisors.

It is easy to use, can fit your palm, and captures your vital organs in less than 20 seconds. Then, the device is placed in the bag to walk or walk.

BodiMetrics follows the treatment schedule by date and time. Memories help you keep track of your prescription and vitamin program, so you get all critical doses.

The BodiMetrics monitor saves important health settings in your palm in 20 seconds.

What Do We Like About?

  • It’s extremely easy to use, and the whole operation is wireless.
  • It is quick and fast, and you will get reading in 20 seconds. 
  • The battery life is extended and lightweight.
  • Customers have mixed reviews, but most were positive.

What Don’t We Like About It?

  • This is not FDA cleared EKG device.
  • Not as good as the Lead EKG machine, but still a great gadget for the price.
  • The screen is small, which makes it hard for people to read.


Best portable ecg monitors
Pic: Amazon

10. OXPROVO Portable ECG Monitor

This is one of the Best Portable ECG Monitors. It is a convenient monitor for your pocket; you can record your heart rate and waveform anytime, anywhere. So in a cardiac situation or an A-FIB that needs to register an ECG curve in real-time, OXPROVO always has a free backup. With this device, you will get a medically accurate ECG record to better understand your heart’s health with the innovative OXPROVO technology. 

The FDA validated the OXPROVO wireless ECG monitor with revolutionary sensor technology to accurately record and analyze the user’s full cardiac output in real-time so that doctors and healthcare providers can better understand the patient.

What do We like About It?

  • It is user-friendly and comes with a screen.
  • The device is compatible with the software.
  • This machine will give you accurate results.
  • The built-in memory is great for saving data.
  • Oxprovo is wireless and can be used anywhere. 
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.

What Don’t We Like About It?

  • The screen is small and simple but is a great machine for measuring your heart health.


Best portable ecg monitors
Pic: Amazon

Final Thoughts–Best Portable ECG monitors

All portable ECG monitors in this article provide reliable and accurate results. However, Each Portable ECG monitor offers its own set of utilities. Therefore, be sure to identify your most important factors before choosing a specific device.

Alivecor® KardiaMobile has all the features needed for continuous ECG monitoring and analysis and is our first pick. This is the best Portable ECG monitor—It’s fast, accurate, and wireless. On the other hand, if you need an integrated screen, the other options may be better for you.

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