Vitamins Health Benefits & Their Deficiencies

1. Vitamin A

Helth benefits:

Essential for immune system
Maintenance of normal vision and night vision
Necessary for growth; induces differentiation of cells

Causes night blindness,xerosis,Corneal Ulcer

2. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

Health Benefits:
Vital for healthy nervous system and nerve transmission.
Essential in converting glucose to energy

Cause koraskoff syndrome,wet beri beri,wernicke encephalopathy.

3. Vitamin B2( Riboflavin)

Helth Benefits:

Essential for metabolizing carbohydrates, fats, and lipids and for the degradation of fatty acids and the synthesis of ATP

Acts as an intermediary in the transfer of electrons in oxidation-reduction reactions

Necessary for the function of vitamins B-6, folic acid, and niacin

Involved in formation of red blood cells and maintenance of body tissues, particularly the skin and eyes

Stomatitis ,cheilosis,seborrheic dermatitis.

4. Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

Health benefits:

Significant decrease in heart disease.
It helps lower the level of bad cholesterol.
Other health benefits of vitamin B3 include a reduction in the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, cataracts, osteoarthritis, and type-1 diabetes.
It is beneficial for a healthy nervous system and a well-functioning digestive system. The minimum amount of vitamin B3 required for healthy living varies with age.


5. Vitamin B6 

Health Benefits:
Necessary for immune system function, hormone modulation, gluconeogenesis

Essential in making certain amino acids and turning others into hormones

Involved in metabolizing polyunsaturated fats and proteins

Used to build red blood cells and maintain nerve tissue

Formation of niacin


6. Vitamin B12

Health Benefits:
Works with folic acid to
produce red blood cells
Helps build and maintain protective nerve sheaths
Needed for RNA and DNA synthesis

Deficiencies: Megaloblastic anemia,Pernicious Anemia

7. Vitamin C 

Health Benefits:
Inhibits formation of carcinogenic compounds
Activates liver-detoxifying systems
Enhances function of key white blood cells involved in the destruction of bacteria
Antioxidant to inactivate highly reactive oxygen species; protects against damage to lipids and other molecules
Protects cellular functions
Protects vitamin E
Integral to maintenance and building of collagen, a protein that holds the body’s cells in place
Vital to bones and teeth, blood vessels, healing of wounds, and iron absorption
Helps metabolize several amino acids and hormones

Deficiencies:Coagulopathy,poor wound healing.

8. Folate

Health benefits:
Great for the Heart

Promotes Sperm Viability

Supports Normal Fetal Development

May Reduce the Risk of Stroke

Provides Neurological Support

Encourages Normal Cholesterol Level

Helps Perinatal Mood Management

Great for Colon Health

Deficiency:Megaloblastic anemia.

9. Vitamin D

Health Benefits:
Helps to maintain constant levels of calcium in the blood

Important in insulin and prolactin secretion, muscle function, immune and stress response, melanin synthesis, and cellular differentiation

Vital for kidney and parathyroid gland function

Necessary for healthy bones

Deficiencies: Osteomalacia in adult,Rickets in children.

10. Vitamin E

Health benefits:
Protects vitamin A from oxidation during digestion

Enhances immune response

Inhibits carcinogens from reaching target sites

Can stop neurological problems associated with cystic fibrosis, liver disease early in disease process

Detoxifies free radicals, prevents damage to cell membranes

Prevents LDL cholesterol from turning into damaging oxidized LDL, which initiates buildup of arterial plaque which can lead to heart disease .

Deficiencies: Gait disturbances,Opthalmoplegia.

11. Vitamin K

Health benefits:
Helps blood coagulate

In conjunction with vitamins A and D helps body build bone protein

Given as injection to newborns to help blood clot, sometimes to women before labor or to patients before and after surgery

Deficiency: Coagulopathy.


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