Tula Skincare Review: Legit Or Scam? [2024 Pharmacist Analysis]

The Tula skincare line of products has harnessed the power of Probiotics by using different bacterial strains to provide a variety of benefits for your skin. There are also many positive Tula Skincare reviews with overall ratings of 4.3/5 on Amazon. So, does this line of products help you improve your skin and reduce the fine lines and under-eye bags? Let’s find more in this Tula Skincare review;

Fast Facts;

  • Manufacturer: Tula Skincare
  • Founder: Dr Roshni Raj in 2014
  • Best Place To Buy Tula Skincare Products?: The best place to buy these skin products is the official company site, but you can get them on Amazon and Walmart.
  • Best Price: price range from $28-36 per small bottle. You can check the updated price list for each product on their official site.
  • Key Ingredients in Tula Products: Probiotics and Superfoods.
  • Designed For: Most of these products are designed for women of all ages who want to restore, nourish and hydrate their skin.
  • Amazon Tula Skincare Reviews: ★★★★★ (4.3/5) Total ratings 229.
  • DrugsBank Ratings: ★★★★★★★★★★

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What is Tula Skincare?

Tula Skincare is a line of products made with natural ingredients to restore your skin’s health. The cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreens, and more in the Tula range are designed for those who want to clean their skin without chemicals. Their line of probiotic products provides a clean and natural skincare solution with superfoods and potent extracts from bacteria that are good for your skin health.

Tula Skincare was founded by Dr Roshni in 2014, who had seen firsthand the effects that probiotics can have on both your internal health and skin tone- leaving you with a more glowing complexion than ever before. Dr Roshni is a board-certified gastroenterologist.

Some people might be wondering how Tula skincare can help the skin if a dermatologist does not make it. The answer is that probiotics—which are found in all of their products- have been shown to improve digestion and your complexion.

Tula makes a wide range of skincare products, including cleansers to help keep your skin clean and toning lotions for an extra boost on dry days. It also carries moisturizers that will soothe any irritation or inflammation in the winter months when you need it most! Even masks are explicitly made to hydrate without adding too much oiliness to one’s life.

In this Tula Skincare review, we will discuss all these products in detail: their ingredients, side effects, how they work, and what other people think about this brand. Let’s dive deep into this article;

Pros And Cons Of Tula Skincare

Let’s discuss some of the positive and negative points of this line of products in our Tula review;

We like;

  • The brand has a variety of skincare products, including creams, moisturizers, sunscreens, face cleansers, and many more.
  • The products are primarily formulated using clinically proven ingredients like probiotics, antioxidants, salicylic acids, and other superfoods.
  • There are thousands of verified customer Tula Skincare reviews on Amazon, company site, and other third-party eCommerce stores.
  • As I discussed earlier, the mind behind this brand is a board-certified medical practitioner with extensive experience in studying probiotics.
  • The most important for any product to show in the market is third-party testing, so these products are tested for safety, potency, and effectiveness.
  • You can avail of a discount if you purchase these items through their online store.

Don't like;

  • These products are primarily available in the USA only.
  • There is no international shipping. There are some complaints from customers about skin side effects like irritation and allergies.

Tula Skincare Products

Tula Skincare has been a trusted name in the beauty world for years and is a brand that prioritizes natural ingredients in its products. Their lab-tested formulas are formulated with no irritation, so users can finally enjoy healthy glowing skin without worrying about breakouts or redness after using it for years.

Find out how they can help you achieve your natural glow with this review of some of our favourite Tula products:

Tula Skincare Review
Tula Skincare Review

1. Tula Skincare Purifying Face Cleanser

With the help of probiotics, prebiotics, and turmeric, this Tula face wash will feed your skin’s resilience to everyday stressors. For $28 or 24 with auto-shipping, you can get a product that improves both textures AND nourishes your facial skin.

The Tula cleanser gently washes away dirt, oil, and other impurities to reveal a healthier, brighter complexion. The Tula purifying face cleanser also includes both prebiotics (chicory root) & probiotics(Bifida ferment lysate), which help nourish your skin while exfoliating it for you to have youthful-looking complexions with fewer wrinkles. The formula also includes surfactants such as Cocamidopropyl betaine that help remove dirt from your pores while not over-drying out skin with lauryl glucoside.

It’s formulated without fragrances, so you can wear any fragrance during the days when clean feel too greasy or icky. You will need to use this purifying cleanser twice daily.

The customer Tula reviews on Amazon and other websites are also satisfied, but we recommend doing your research before buying any product.

2. Tula Glow and Get It Eye Balm

With Tula Glow and Get It Eye Balm, you can instantly brighten your eyes with a combination of ingredients that provide long-term benefits. The formula includes synthetic fluorphlogopite to add scintillating effects—and it will reflect light from the face for more extended periods than natural minerals like zinc or copper do.

The caffeine in this serum will help wake up your skin, act as a diuretic (aid in relieving water retention), and give you that youthful glow. The formula also contains hydrating ingredients like aloe vera, xylitol (a natural sweetener), glycerin & hyaluronic acid, which draws moisture deep into the upper layers of our epidermis while plumping outlines/wrinkles.

Tula Glow and Get It Eye Balm is one of the best products we have tried in a while; its formula contains many skin-friendly ingredients that will help you feel awake, refreshed, hydrated. Your eyes are sure going be happy with this product.

3. Tula Skincare Acne Foam Cleanser

Are you tired of acne? Tula for acne— the Acne Foam Cleanser’s latest product is the first-step necessity for anyone struggling with acne. With 2% salicylic acid and other powerful ingredients like probiotic extracts (which help calm inflammation), ginger root extract to brighten dark areas of pores leftover from past blemishes or uneven textures on your face; this cleanser will leave you looking soft & glowing without any worries about clogged pore openings.

The scrubbing properties combined with other ingredients like azelaic acid or tea tree oil ensure your face feels clean without being too harsh on sensitive areas around the nose area.

The Price of Tula Skincare Acne Foam Cleanser on the company website is $34, but you can save some money by subscribing to their auto delivery program.

4. Tula Skincare Smoothing Primer Gel Review

The Tula primers are designed to smooth out skin imperfections and lines drawn on your face. The formula contains high concentrations of several types of silicones that create a breathable film while spreading it around evenly, making you forget all about those wrinkles.

With a unique blend of probiotic extracts and yuzu, willowherb is the crucial ingredient in this formula that helps to brighten dull skin. This smooth primer gel can be used by all types, from oily complicated acne-prone skins! For $34, you get one jar or auto-delivery for less than $30 at your convenience.

5. Tula Skincare Hydrating Day & Night Cream

The Hydrating Day & Night Cream is a 24/7 moisturizer that deeply hydrates your skin both day and night. It has ingredients to help give you an even tone while also calming any wrinkles or imperfections with its potent mix of probiotics and prebiotics for beautiful looking healthy cells.

This Tula moisturizer is a lightweight, fast-absorbing formula that provides long-lasting hydration thanks to plenty of emollients and probiotics. There’s also prebiotics for extra benefit.

However, we don’t love the inclusion of fragrance in this product as it can be pretty intense at times, but other than these few cons, there are no complaints from our side when using this product available out on store shelves nowadays.

The Hydrating Day & Night Cream is the perfect way to start your day right. This 1.5oz jar will set you back $52, but you can save $7 if you subscribe to their auto-shipping program. Bulk purchases can save plenty on shipping costs, too – because who doesn’t like saving money wherever possible, right?

6. Tula Mineral Magic Sunscreen

Tula’s new sunscreen was designed to make the application process is straightforward for you. The peach-hued fluid transforms into a smooth, satin finish that doesn’t interfere with your makeup routine — even though it provides broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection from both zinc oxide AND titanium dioxide.

You’ll also find a blend of six prebiotics/probiotics (S6Pro Complex), which help maintain skin balance in addition to improving elasticity, all without leaving behind any tint or odor like other products do when they contain chemicals.

You can get this product from the company website for $36, but you can save 22% if you subscribe to their auto-shipping program. Tula Mineral Magic Sunscreen might be available on third-party eCommerce websites like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. 

7. Tula So Polished Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

The Tula Sugar Scrub is a gentle yet effective way to exfoliate your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. It features sugar sourced from 100% pure crystals that have been processed thoroughly for maximum results in just one use.

The lactic acid found within this scrub functions both physically and chemically as an agent capable of removing dead cells on our bodies while also providing Brightening properties thanks primarily due to the papaya enzymes present within its formula. This works their magical transforming powers only upon contact with bodily residue – leaving you feeling refreshed.

8. Tula Skincare Cooling & Brightening Hydrogel Face Mask

This eye pad is specially formulated to help relieve dark circles and tiredness, using probiotic extracts along with hyaluronic acid. The formula also includes caffeine-infused blueberry juice for a refreshing energy boost that will have you ready to take on your day.

This affordable face mask comes in four-packs (for $22), so there’s no need to worry about running out or forgetting one at home – order it when convenient.

The company also offers other products and a combination of products in kits.  You can visit their company website for more details.

Tula Skincare Ingredients

Although every product in this range may have different ingredients, probiotics and superfoods’ two main constituents. Probiotics include Bifida Ferment Lysate and Lactococcus Ferment Lysate. Here is a detail of these probiotics;


Lactococcus Ferment Lysate: is a beneficial ingredient for acne-prone skin. It moisturizes and rebalances your complexion without clogging pores while speeding up the turnover rate of cells to keep you looking youthful.

Bifida Ferment Lysate: This strain can help protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays and repair damage done to it. In addition, these lysates are known for decreasing sensitivity as well.


  • Vaccinium Angustifolium or blueberry fruit extract is a natural skin care ingredient that helps improve the look and feel of your complexion.
  • Curcuma longa, or turmeric, has been used as an ingredient in Indian cuisine and medicine since 500 AD. Curcumins are the most potent antioxidant found on Earth with anti-inflammatory properties that can protect your skin from UV rays which cause aging effects such as acne breakouts, sebum production, excess oiliness, etc. It even helps regulate what’s going on under there.
  • Citrullus lanatus or watermelon fruit extract has been shown in clinical trials to aid the body’s natural restoration process. The high levels of vitamins and minerals found within this antioxidant-rich food help your skin stay hydrated by promoting cellular repair, which helps reduce signs of aging like wrinkles on one’s face.
  • Rosehip is a natural moisturizer that can help relieve symptoms of dry skin, such as peeling and flaking. It’s rich in vitamin C for resilient, healthy cells to prevent damage from environmental factors like pollution or UV rays on your face.

Are They Safe To Use—Tula Skincare Side Effects?

In most cases, these products don’t cause any side effects because third-party testing laboratories test them for their safety, potency, and efficacy. However, as we know, everybody responds differently, so it may cause a few low-intensity side effects in some people. Let’s have a look at some of the Tula Skincare side effects;

  • Skin irritation and allergies. 
  • Although some of its products are anti-acne, one customer reported huge cystic acne on the face.
  • Painful under-eye reactions

What Do Other People Think About This Brand—Tula Skincare Reviews?

Tula Skincare is a skincare product line that promises to provide clean, nourishing, and balancing effects. In this Tula review, we will go through feedback from the company website and thoughts on Amazon and Walmart to see what customers think about these high-quality items.

In general, people liked how lightweight yet practical their Hydrating Day & Night Cream was with 4 out 5 stars based 2900+ ratings amongst consumers who also appreciated its 2-in1 convenience, making it easy for mornings when you’re unsure which way your face should turn up first.

Lets have a quick look at some of the positive and negative Tula Skincare reviews on Amazon;

Positive Tula Skincare Reviews

  • For some people, this product reduces sunspots, and the entire face looks more refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • For others, this is a fantastic brand for acne skin.
  • Some people think that Tula can make your face clean and feel clean.

Negative Tula Skincare Reviews

  • Some complaints were about the delivery of expired packs, while others were not happy with the smell of Tula skincare.
  • For others, these products are expensive for the value they provide.

No product is 100% perfect, but if you look at the overall rating of Tula Skincare acne foam, you will see 4.7/5 star ratings when the total reviews were more than 320. While the TULA Skin Care The Cult Classic Purifying Face Cleanser also has some 4+ ratings and the total reviews were more than 600.

Prices & Where To Buy?

The best place to buy these skincare supplements is their company website, but it can also be available on Amazon and other well-known third-party stores. 

By visiting their online store or Ulta beauty, Amazon, and Walmart, you can see their entire collection. 

Here is a look at updated prices on company store;

  • Tula Skincare Filter Primer: $36
  • Tula moisturizer: $52. 
  • Tula Protect+ Glow sunscreen: $36
  • Tula Purifying face cleanser: $28
  • Tula Hydrating Day & Night Cream: $52

The company has some promotions and subscriptions for discounts; Here is how it looks like:

You can get a 15% flat discount if you subscribe to their newsletter and notifications and a 15% discount for those who subscribe for auto-delivery. You can signup for your friend and get a 20% discount on their first purchase. 

If you order over $40, you will get free shipping, but you will need to pay an extra $7 for shipping below that amount. 

Tula Skincare Alternatives

Although this skincare collection is recommended and made from clinically tested ingredients, some people might not tolerate it. That’s why we would like to add a few high-quality alternatives to our Tula Skincare review. Here is a quick list;

Skinception: This is our #1 recommended skincare brand for obvious reasons. These products are also made from some proven and high-quality ingredients. This brand also offers a 67-day money-back guarantee for most products. You can check their updated prices on the Company official website

CeraVe Hydrating cream to foam cleanser: Another brand that helps promote healthy and glowing skin is CeraVe. This one is the best seller among cleaners, with over 11000 positive reviews on Amazon. The price of this product is also very reasonable—you will only need to pay $16 for a 19 FL OZ bottle.

Bio-Oil: This skincare oil can help reduce scars and stretch marks, and other spots from your body. A group of dermatologists recommends the product for all skin types. The main ingredients are Vitamin A and E that help nourish the body and reduce scars and stretch marks. Learn more


Verdict—Is Tula Skincare Worth It?

Let’s be honest with the readers and the brand. These products have essential features; number one uses clinically proven ingredients, and the second is thousands of satisfied customers.

However, some drawbacks like; some products that can cause irritation and skin allergies—so everyone reacts differently.

So the bottom line of this Tula Skincare review is, these skincare products are worth the money because of their safety profile, clinically proven ingredients, low to moderate prices, after-pay plans, and discounts on bulk purchases.

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