Top 50 Important Drugs and Their Side Effects

Drugs And Their Side Effects

Nearly All Drugs Both OTC And Prescription Drugs Have Some Kind Of Undesirable Side effects From simple Muscle Pain to Death .Whether they are the simple drug like aspirin to the most sophisticated drugs In the Market , All Drugs Come With Some Minor Or serious Side Effects.Nearly All Drugs Can cause Nausea,Vomiting And For Drugs Used On Skin Will Cause Irritation.

Following Are Some Of The Most Commonly Used Drugs And Their Side Effects .

1.Ampicillin- Hypersensitivity
2. Amphotericin.B- Nephrotoxicity
3. Androgen- Virilization
4. Antipsychotics- Sedation, Orthostatic hypotension, Tardive dyskinesia
5. Anti- TB- Hepatotoxicity
6. Aspirin (cox-I Inhibitors)- Hepatotoxicity
7. ACE Inhibitors- Dry Cough
8. Atropine – Dryness of mouth, Blurred vision, Constipation
9. Chlorambucil- Alopecia
10.Celecoxib,Valdecoxib (cox-II Inhibitors)-cardio and Hepatotoxicity
11.Chloroquine – Phototoxicity
12.Chloramphenicol- Grey baby syndrome, Bone   marrow depression
13. Ciprofloxacin – Phototoxicity
14. Clofazimine- Pigmentation of skin, Discoloration of Urine
15. Clozapine – Agranulocytosis
16. Erythromyicin- Cholestatic Juandice
17. Ethambutol – Optic Neuritis, Retrobulbular Neuritis
18. Hydrochlorthiazide- Hypokalamia
19. Isoniazid – Peripheral Neurtis
20. Metronidazole- Disulfiram like reaction
21. Minoxidil- Hirsutism
22. Morphine- Constipation
23. Nimesulide – Hepatotoxicity
24. Nitrogen Mustard- Bone marrow depression
25. Nitroglycerin- Palpitation
26. Penicillin. G- Jarisch Heximer Reaction
27. Phenformin- Lactic acidosis, GI disturbance, Metalic taste
28. Phenytoin- Hirsutism
29. Quinidine- Cinchonism
30. Quinine Sulphate- Black Water Fever
31. Repaglinide- Althralgia
32. Rosaglitazone- Anemia,Weight gain
33. Sitagliptin- Coldness
34. Spironolactone- Hyperkalamia
35. Cimetidine- Gynacomastia
37. Sulfonyl Ureas derivatives- Bone marrow depression
38. Terfenadine- Type-I arrhythmia
39. Tetracyclines- Discoloration of teeth
40. Thalidomide- Phocomelia

41.Impotericin B – injection site reactions (pain, swelling, irritation),fever,shaking,chills,flushing, shortness of breat.

42.Lipitor-Joint Pain

43.Benzodiazepines – Drowsiness.,Confusion.,Dizziness.,Blurred vision.

44.Beta Blockers – Shortness of breath,Stomach Upset, Fatigue .Erectile Dysfunction.

45.Paracetamol-Liver Toxicity

46.Glucophage (Metformin)-Megaloblastic Anemia and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.

47.Albuterol-Tremors,Chest Pain ,Bronchospasm.

48.Clonidine -Drowsiness.

49.Esomeprazole-Stomach Cramps, Gas, Diarrhea.

50.Insulin Glargin-Low Blood Sugar

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