Skinnytabs Review—10 Facts & Claims Vs Reality [Pharmacist Reviews]

It’s time for the Skinnytabs Review—are natural effervescent tablets made from 15 superfoods claimed to burn excess body fats, flush toxins, reduce weight and boost energy. Sounds great, but is there any proof to support these claims?

We scoured the Internet for information about this product. We read many studies, talked to experts in research, asked consumers, and studied how Skinnytabs work from both an ethical standpoint and a physiological one. Finally, after weeks of rigorous analysis, we have come up with our final take on whether or not these supplements will help you lose weight—The final take will surprise you. Check out the verdict at the end of this article.

Let’s find out more in detail in this buyer’s guide.

10 Fast Facts

  1. Product Full Name: SkinnyTabs Superfood Tabs
  2. Manufacturer: Apptivi LLC Sizes
  3. Dosage Form: This product comes in a single pack of 2 bottles containing 30 effervescent tablets.
  4. Best Place To Buy: Superfood Tabs are readily available on their official website and most online eCommerce platforms like Amazon & eBay, but the best place is their company website.
  5. Best Actual Price: $79.95 on Amazon. You can save 10% on subscriptions and even 15% on bulk purchases.
  6. Customer Service: You can send your queries to
  7. Designed For: According to the label, it will lose weight, flush toxins, burn fats, and boost energy.
  8. Customer Superfood Tabs Reviews: 3.9/5 star ratings when the total reviews on Amazon were 5,516.
  9. Our Ratings: 7/10
  10. Worth Buying?: Not really but only because of its price. Other than this, if you can afford we think you should give it a try because it contains some proven ingredients that may help you lose weight and improve overall health.

We Like;
  • Most of the ingredients used in this superfood tab can lose weight and burn calories.
  • The caffeine present in SkinnyTabs can improve focus and improve metabolism.
  • Skinnytabs is sugar-free, non-GMO, keto-friendly, gluten-free, safe to use, and made from natural ingredients.
  • Skinnytabs is easy to use and easy to carry in a purse or handbag.
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee backs the supplement on initial purchase.
  • There are many positive Superfoods tabs reviews on various online platforms.
Don't Like;
  • You will need to pay $79.95 per bottle—personally speaking, this is extremely expensive for only 30 tablets.
  • The taste is not good, and many have reported it in the Amazon customer review section.
  • The money-back-guarantee is only applicable for the initial purchases.
  • The caffeine present may also cause some adverse side effects.

Full Skinnytabs Review

In this section of the review, we will tell you what Skinnytabs is, how does it work, do Skinnytabs works? its ingredients, side effects, real customer Superfood Tabs reviews.

What is Superfood Tabs?

The Superfood tabs detox tablets, previously known as Skinnytabs— is a mixture of 15 powerful superfoods that the company claims will help you manage a healthy weight, speed up fat burning, flush toxins, and boost overall energy.

These tablets give your metabolism an energy boost, reduce cravings for salty foods or high sugar intake while also helping flatten that pesky stomach fat. The best part? It only takes one tab per day, so you can enjoy these benefits without feeling over-taxed on the GI tract, either financially or physically, in terms of its effects.

The company has issued a refund for any unsatisfied customers within one week of purchase. They offer an unconditional guarantee to make sure that you are happy with your purchase, regardless of whether they have made false claims or promises regarding it in advertising materials.

They’re also designed with the ultimate goal of helping rid your body of toxins, which make you less bloated, healthier skin and hair— even increase energy levels. The pill works by targeting both colon cleansing and liver function so that you’re getting all this help in one easy step – without having diarrhea.

The company behind this product is Apptivi LLC, founded in 2018 by Chrissy Stecher and Dylan Ralston. This new dietary supplement business has received an “F” rating from Better Business Bureau (BBB) with a non-BBB accredited badge, meaning it’s one to watch out for.

Skinnytabs—Claims Vs. Reality

In this section of our buyer’s guide, we will take a close look at what the company claims and what is the reality.

Claim#1: 15 natural superfoods per tablet

Yes,  the supplement labels mentioned 15 ingredients packed in a proprietary blend. The 15 ingredients in Skinnytabs are only extracted from the original plant and not as strong as it was tested in some studies. This means that you get fewer nutrients with each tablet than if it was a whole-plant extract because there is no fiber or phytonutrients to balance things out — but these small doses still provide some health benefits.

Most of the ingredients used in SkinnyTabs have some proven benefits, but please keep in mind that the doses used in this brand are less than those used in clinical studies. 

So, It is challenging to say if Skinnytabs will work as well for you, but I have not seen any published independent clinical research that objectively tests its effectiveness.

Please read the ingredients section below to know more about its ingredients and the research behind each.

Claim#2: It will lose weight, flush toxins, burn fats, reduce bloating and boost overall energy.

While reviewing this product, we read many clinical studies and talked to experts. We found that most of the ingredients have proven effective in losing weight and boosting metabolism. However, there is no concrete evidence to support these constituents’ role in flushing toxins. More research is needed to find out its hidden benefits for weight management.

Claim#3: The product is safe, nut-free, keto-friendly, egg-free, soy-free, sugar-free, non-GMO, and fat-free.

The company claims that the product is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility, made from natural and Non-GMO ingredients. They also claim that the Skinnytabs are safe to use without causing major side effects. Upon checking, we also think that the supplement is generally considered safe, with no severe side effects reported. However, if you experience any unwanted effects, please consult your doctor and add your side effects in the comment section of this review. This will help people who want to add Superfood tabs to their day-to-day routine.

Skinnytabs Ingredients

Upon looking at the supplement facts, I have found that the product is a mixture of potassium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate plus a proprietary blend of Elderberry extract, Goji Berry, Lemon balm extract, Beetroot, Green tea leaf extract, Burdock root, Ginger root, Matcha tea leaf, Dandelion extract, Milk thistle seed, Ginseng, Aloe vera powder, Wheatgrass, Pomegranate fruit, and Chlorella algae.

  • Beetroot

This one is a dietary supplement noted to increase the production of nitric oxide in men. This NO can lead to improved exercise performance and blood flow and tissue oxygenation, which all contribute towards an increased sense of well-being for those who eat it regularly. This vegetable extract can also help you manage healthy blood pressure and contain antioxidants that fight off inflammation and defend your body against cancer.

  • Green Tea extract

If you want to lose weight, green tea extract is one of the most popular and effective herbal formulas. It can be found in many different forms like tablets or supplements containing caffeine alongside antioxidants that help with metabolism. Green tea is a popular weight loss supplement because of its ability to prevent metabolic syndrome.

  • Goji Berries

There are many health benefits to goji berries, including better blood sugar and insulin control for people with diabetes. They can also improve mood as well as eye-sight. It’s been proven that this extract can help you lose weight and boost your metabolism.

  • Elderberry Extract

Studies suggest that elderberry can help improve your cold duration and symptoms. We found nothing about weight loss with this supplement, though — so if you want a magic pill that will help slim down your body immediately, then, unfortunately, there is nothing in elderberry that can do it.

  • Ginseng

It is a powerful plant that can aid weight loss. One study found that it reduced body fat and altered gut microbiota composition in only eight weeks. Still, more research needs to be done on how this affects humans over time before any conclusions about its effectiveness for long-term use.

  • Matcha

Like traditional green tea is a delicious and healthy drink. The fantastic thing about matcha’s is that they contain the same potential benefits as other teas and have some added perks, such as comprising an amino acid called L-theanine, which helps reduce stress hormones.

  • Ginger

Ginger is a natural healing herb that has been shown to relieve some gastrointestinal symptoms. Studies have shown that ginger could be helpful for weight loss. One small study found men who consumed it stayed fuller longer. A meta-analysis suggests people should consider taking some to help their shedding pounds more quickly than otherwise possible.

How Does Skinnytabs work?

When toxins build up in our body, they can lead to various health problems. One issue that may occur as a result is oxidative stress linked with early aging and slow metabolism – two factors leading straight back into losing weight.

Most of the ingredients discussed above work synergistically—increase metabolism rate and reduce weight, but there is no concrete evidence to support these claims. So,  more research is needed to clear the picture. 

Is It Safe To Use—Superfoodtabs Side effects?

The supplement is safe in general and may not cause any severe side effects. So it is a healthy option for anyone who wants to lose weight.

Skinnytabs is one of the most popular weight loss supplements on Amazon. We analyzed Skinnytabs reviews, but there were surprisingly few complaints about side effects in general- though some users did report superfood allergies. Here is a list of some commonly occurring side effects of using this product.

  • Skin problems such as Itching
  • It may also cause headaches
  • GI issues such as stomach cramps, nausea, and vomiting
  • Constipation and Bloating may also occur.
  • Jitters-as it contains 40mg of caffeine in one tablet.
  • Frequent urination.
  • In some cases, it may also cause Insomnia.
  • Allergies may also happen if you are allergic to any ingredients present in Superfood tabs.

It’s always a great idea to consult your doctor before using this superfood supplement or any other medicine or supplement, especially if you are suffering from other medical conditions.

The product may also not be safe to use in pregnancy & breastfeeding, so ask your gynecologist or pharmacist.

How To Use It—Skinnytabs Dosage?

The usual recommended dose is 1 effervescent tablet. Manufacturers also initially recommend one tablet per day, but you can also gradually increase the quantity to 3 tablets per day.

Drop one SkinnyTab in a 20 ounce of cold or warm water and let it dissolve. This may take up to 2-8 minutes, depending on the temperature of the water.

The manufacturer recommends using it for at least three months to see the results for best results.

Cost & Best Place To Buy

The price of Skinnytabs is around $80, but if you purchase it in bulk, you may get a discount. The supplement is available in many online and offline pharmacies.

However,  the best place is always the company website because you will get an original product and some offers.

Here is a look at the price per bottle;

  • The cost of 1 box=$79.95 plus free shipping.
  • The cost of 2 boxes=$129.95 ($159)—18% OFF
  • The cost of 3 boxes=$169.95 ($239.85)—29% OFF

What Do Other People Think About It—Skinnytabs Reviews?

The product is top-rated on Amazon, and It’s been awarded 3.9 out of 5 stars by 5,520 customers, and it appears that many people love their results.

According to the Superfood tabs reviews, some users are satisfied. In contrast, others state that they haven’t felt any effects from using this product and reported bloating and increased gas in their stomach area after taking it for an extended time.

Additionally, people have said it’s helpful when used before eating because then you will feel less hungry during meals, leading them to eat more slowly without feeling like all calories must go into burning off those extra pounds.

However, some Superfood tabs reviews were also very negative, and most of them were not happy with this Skinnytabs supplement. Let’s take a look at some of the superfood tablets reviews on Amazon.

Positive SkinnyTabs Reviews

  • Angelika Long, a verified customer on Amazon, thinks that the Superfood tabs work great as she lost about 5 lbs of weight after using this for a week.
  • Maria is another customer who also thinks that where these have been all my life because this thing works perfectly and have a delightful taste.
  • Angela S thanked Skinnytabs for solving her stomach problems.
  • There are many other Superfood tabs reviews on Amazon and the company website.

Negative SkinnyTabs Reviews

  • Some people have reported allergic reactions after using this one.
  • Debra Aruanno reviewed the product and said that it tastes good but doesn’t work for weight loss and appetite.

Verdict—Skinnytabs Review

I took a look at Skinnytabs ingredients and found that most of them are proven to lose weight, but the doses used in this supplement are relatively lower than normal. 

So, Is Skinnytabs worth it?

The caffeine could boost your energy but at a price that is too high for some people and not better than other stimulants with diuretics in them.

Long story short, the product is excellent, but the price is outrageous. If you can afford it, we recommend giving it a try.

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