2024 Nugenix GH Boost Review: Legit or Hype?

In this Nugenix GH Boost Review, you will learn;

  • What is Nugenix GH-Boost, and how does it work?
  • Does Nugenix GH Boost work, or is it a scam?
  • Is it safe to use—Nugenix GH Boost side effects?
  • What do other people think about it—Nugenix GH boost reviews?
  • What do we think about this supplement?

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What is Nugenix GH Boost?

Nugenix GH Boost is another anti-aging supplement designed to enhance your body’s growth hormone production and help you improve your sleep quality, muscle mass, and overall energy.

Nugenix GH-boost is a combination of 6 different natural ingredients that work together to encourage the pituitary gland so you can let go of your inner beast.

The company claims the supplement is packed with clinically proven ingredients like gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), Glutamine, Arginine, Lysine, and Ornithine. (we will discuss these ingredients in detail below).

The company also claims it can safely boost your growth hormone levels by over 100% in 90 minutes.

Nugenix GH boost comes in only one flavor: a tea-berry blast. Mix one pack of this supplement in a water glass and take it on an empty stomach before sleep.

According to experts and reviewers, Nugenix GH Boost is a great supplement, but it needs to include some core ingredients. Currently, GenF20 Plus is leading the race for natural anti-aging supplements.

About The Company

The company “Adaptive Health, formerly known as Direct Digital” manufactures it—It is the same company that manufactures Nugenix Total T and Nugenix Ultimate test boosters.

Direct Digital And Adaptive Health was founded in 2014 in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States. There are offices in Charlotte, NC, Boston, MA, and Bethesda, with over 150 employees. You can contact them at info@adaptivehealth.com.

The company is known for other popular brands like Instaflex, Peptiva, Lumiday, Dr. Sinatra, Dr. Williams, Dr. Whitaker, Sleep Answer, and Trilane.

Before going into the details of this product, let’s first take a quick look at it. Then, we will add more explanation below.

Nugenix GH Boost Review (Quick)

Product Full Name: Nugenix GH Boost

Product Price: $65.99

Best Place To Buy Nugenix GH Boost: Official Site And Amazon

Customer Reviews at the time of writing this article

Total reviews: 713

Nugenix GH Boost Ingredients

The product is a mixture of 6 growth hormone releases. According to the company, its formula is one of a kind and unbeatable on the market.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the Nugenix GH Boost Ingredients;

  • Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)—3000mg
  • L-Glutamine—2000mg
  • L-Lysine—1500mg
  • L-Arginine—1500mg
  • L-Ornithine—400mg
  • Glycine—100mg
  • Mucuna pruriens Extract—50mg


1. Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)

It is one of the most potent amino acids used to naturally improve the growth hormone level. This ingredient is effective in boosting growth hormone levels, but there is no concrete evidence to support its effects on muscle growth.

The results from a study indicate that pharmacological doses of GABA affect growth hormone secretion in men.

Another study suggests that taking GABA can increase HGH levels by up to 400% at rest and 200% following exercise.

2. L-Glutamine

It is another amino acid that helps synthesize protein in your body and protects the system, digestion, and muscles from fatigue. According to the American Journal of Physicians, taking 2000mg of Glutamine may increase HGH levels to 78%.

3. L- Lysine

Like L-glutamine, this one is also an amino acid most commonly found in your food. It is the building block for protein and an essential amino your body can’t produce. Some studies suggest that using L-lysine and other amino acids can boost your HGH levels. 

This amino acid may also reduce anxiety by blocking stress response receptors. Lysine is also crucial for wound healing and collagen formation. 

4. L-Ornithine

It is an amino acid naturally made in the body but can also be made in the laboratory for medical purposes. People use it for many health benefits, such as improving athletic performance, weight loss, wound healing, and sleep quality.

5. Glycine

Unlike the other amino acids, this one has multiple studies indicating that taking at least 3000 mg of Glycine can improve sleep quality.

Although this ingredient has some proven benefits, the dose in the Nugenix GH boost is very low. Only 100 mg of Glycine is added to the supplement.

6. Mucuna pruriens Extract

This Extract contains 40% L-dopa—which can help boost your body’s dopamine levels and help lower cortisol (which is also called the stress hormone). A 1986 study found that the L-dopa restores the release of growth hormones. 

Bottom Line: 

If you look at the label, you will understand that the formula comprises five amino acids and one herbal Mucuna pruriens extract.

Overall, this product’s GABA and other amino acids will improve your growth hormone production and sleep quality. Try home remedies like exercise, better sleep, and physical activity to enhance your GH level.

How Does Nugenix GH Boost Work?

Your body naturally produces the growth hormone responsible for maintaining your masculinity, helping you support energy levels, balancing moods, and strengthening your body.

However, as you age, your pituitary gland stops working, you lose your muscle mass, your testosterone level drops, and you feel fatigued constantly.

The company claims that the ingredients present in the Nugenix GH boost will trigger your pituitary gland to release more growth hormones into your bloodstream. More growth hormone in your blood means healthy muscles, better quality sleep, and overall energy.

Nugenix GH boost

Is Nugenix GH Boost Safe To Use—Nugenix GH Boost Side Effects?

Although these supplements are generally safe to use and don’t cause any adverse events in most cases, they may cause some side effects ranging from minor to severe.

  • The GABA in this supplement may also cause sleepiness, muscle weakness, stomach upset, and headache.
  • L glutamine can cause cough, headache, constipation, abdominal pain, and nausea.
  • L-arginine’s common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, cramps, and low blood pressure.
  • Some prominent side effects of glycine are stool softening, nausea, vomiting, and upset stomach.
  • Other reported side effects were nerve and joint pain.
  • Some users also reported numbness and tingling.
  • If you are prone to allergies, we recommend you talk with your healthcare provider before using Nugenix or any other supplement.

So, the key takeaway is that abdominal cramps, stomach upset, and diarrhea are common adverse effects of all amino acids.

Where to buy Nugenix GH Boost?

This GH booster is available on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and other well-known eCommerce stores. The best place is their official site because you can get extra discounts and coupons there.

The average cost of this product on the official site and Amazon is $65.99. you can return it if you buy it from the official site.

A Nugenix GH boost costs $79.99 for a single bottle. However, if you do bulk purchases, the monthly price may decrease to around $70.

The price of the Nugenix GH boost is within the upper range of similar products on the market. You can purchase it directly from the Nugenix online store, GNC, or Amazon at a comparable price.

If you choose to buy, purchase directly from the company website, as they may offer a discount plus other perks compared to third-party sites.

Other Supplements From This Company

The company is a well-known brand in the natural supplement market. Here is a list of some of the most popular products from Nugenix.

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  • Estro-Regulator
  • Free Testosterone Booster
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Nugenix GH Boost Dosage

The usual recommended intake of this supplement is one pack per day. Mix it with water and take it on an empty stomach, preferably before bedtime.

It is essential to follow the manufacturer-recommended dose because high doses may also cause side effects.

Avoid it if you take other supplements or medicine for other medical conditions.

Nugenix GH Boost Alternatives

Nugenix GH boost is at a higher rate point than some alternatives. This is because it does include loads of ingredients; however, more components aren’t always better. Most GH boosters include various ingredients, including amino acids, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and ashwagandha.

Other products, like Nugenix GH boost, are GenF20 Plus, Serovital, GF9, and many others. The imperative claims for these products are to reverse aging symptoms, grow physical and stamina energy, and enhance body composition.

Many growth hormone supplements are on the market, and nearly all claim to improve your quality of life and your stamina, skin tone, and muscle mass.

Some of the high-quality Nugenix GH Boost alternatives are;

While the claims are similar, the components vary. Some common elements amongst those products are amino acids and herbs like ashwagandha ginseng. At the same time, others comprise different nutrients and minerals like Mucuna pruriens Extract.

Nugenix GH Boost

GenF20 Plus

Serovital HGH

GF9 (Growth Factor)


Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)—3000mg
Mucuna pruriens Extract—50mg


L-Arginine HCl,
L-Tyrosine Pwd,
Colostrum (10%),
GTF Chromium,
Tribulus Terrestris,
Astragalus (Root),
Acetylated Monoglycerides,
Deer velvet antler,
Phosphatidyl Choline,


L-Lysine HCL
L-Arginine HCl
Schizonepeta Powder


Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)
N-acetyl L-cysteine:

Money Back Guarantee

No Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

67 day money back

Money Back Guarantee

90 Days risk free guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

90 Days risk free guarantee










1pack per day


4 pills per day


4 Capsules Per day


4 Capsules per day

You can also read our top 3 best HGH brands available online.

Our #1 Recommendation —GenF20

Of all those products, GenF20 Plus’s ingredients have the most powerful proof to back its claims, including amino acids like L-Arginine HCl, L-Glutamine, and L-Glycine, L-Tyrosine Pwd, L-Lysine, L-Valine, L-Ornithine, herbs like Tribulus, and GABA, etc. Nugenix GH boost is also the most similar rate to GF9, while Serovital is considerably more expensive.

Why GenF20 Plus is a better choice than Nugenix GH Boost?

  • The product is clinically tested in 3 3-month, double-masked, placebo-controlled study.
  • Most ingredients like amino acids (L Glutamine), herbs, vitamins, and minerals work as antiaging that help you improve GH levels naturally.
  • Some of its known benefits are Improving sleep, muscle strength, and energy and increasing growth hormones.
  • It is made in an FDA-registered facility that adheres to the strictest cGMP standards.
  • A 67-day money-back guarantee backs GenF20.

Nugenix GH Boost Reviews

The customer feedback on this product is pretty good; the supplement has a 4/5 star rating, and the number of reviews is more than 700 at the time of this review.

Look at the positive and negative Nugenix GH boost reviews from real customers.

Positive Nugenix GH Boost Reviews 

  • For some people, it works great as advertised.
  • Meanwhile, the product helps others improve their sleep and stamina.
  • Some people were happy with the results but wanted more flavors and artificial sweeteners.
Nugenix GH Boost Review
Nugenix GH Boost Bad Review

Negative Nugenix GH Boost Reviews

  • Some people think it didn’t help them improve their condition.
  • Others believe the product can cause tingling and crawling.
  • It has caused adverse effects like exhaustion, Trouble breathing, and high heart rate.
Nugenix GH Boost Review
Nugenix GH Boost Review

Biggest Complaints

The biggest complaints were about the product’s safety and efficacy. Some people wanted to be happier with the price of GH Boost. You can read more positive and negative GH boost reviews on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc.

Pros and Cons Of Nugenix GH Boost

We Like

  • A well-known and trusted company manufactures the product. This company is known for other best-selling and highly rated products like Nugenix Total T and Nugenix Vitality Booster.

  • There are thousands of verified Nugenix GH boost reviews online. The overall rating on Amazon is 4/5 stars based on 919 reviews.

  • Some ingredients have proven benefits, and their dosage is shown on the label. This can be improved.

  • The Nugenix GH boost formula doesn’t contain any dangerous or harmful hormones or other banned chemicals, so it is generally safe.

  • This product may help improve your HGH production and support endocrine balance.

Don't Like

  • Nugenix GH Boost is a costly supplement. You will need to pay around $80 per bottle, which is not affordable.

  • The formula misses core ingredients like deer antler, chromium, tribulus, phospholipids, choline, and colostrum.

So, Does Nugenix GH Boost Work?

It depends on many other factors, but the results will vary from person to person. Everyone has a different metabolic rate and responds differently. 

This GH booster will improve your growth hormone production, work against stress, and revitalize the endocrine system.

The combination formula present in this product will work to some degree, but the Nugenix GH boost is not the ultimate formula you are looking for. 

But is It safe to use?

Nugenix GH boost is generally considered safe but does have some unexpected adverse effects, such as sleepiness, muscle weakness, stomach upset, cramps, headache, abdominal pain, etc. It can also interact with other medications and supplements you are already taking.

Verdict—Nugenix GH Boost Review

The company is well known for making high-quality supplements like Nugenix Total T and Ultimate. 

  • Nugenix GH Boost has amazing customer reviews on Amazon and other third-party stores. The overall rating was 3.9/5 stars when the total reviews were more than 850. 
  • Some ingredients are backed by research, but the product lacks the critical ingredients required for an antiaging formula.

However, in my opinion, the formula is good but not outstanding. Other GH supplements, such as GenF20 Plus, contain premium quality and clinically proven ingredients for improving GH.

This product offers a 67-day money-back guarantee; if unsatisfied with the results, return the package and receive your total refund.

What do you think about it? Please let us know in the customer feedback section below. If you have used this product and want to add your review, write your honest and unbiased review below.

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