New Antibiotic That is 1000 Times More Powerful Than its Predecessor

Scientists re-engineered an old version of antibiotic into a life saving drug that is more effective against all those bacteria which were resistant to previous one.because resistance of certain bacteria against antibioics is the major problem to the world health these days.

The World Health Organisation warns antibiotic resistance is one in all the most important threats to international health, food security and development, with major diseases becoming harder to treat as a result of the medication used on them are getting less effective.

The antibiotic, vancomycin, has been prescribed by physcians for 60 years and bacterium are only currently becoming resistant to it.The New Antibiotic That is 1000 times more powerful against bacterial resistance is the newer version of vancomycin .


Researchers at The Scripps research Institute (TSRI) in America have made some changes in Vancomycin and build it 1000 time more powerful than the prevailing one .This antibiotic attack the microorganism from three different sites making it a lot of harder for them to develop resistance.
According to Researchers this version of antibiotic will be ready within the next 5 years.
The researchers said physcians could use the modified type of vancomycin without concern of resistance emerging.

According to some Reports approximately 50,000 people die per annum in USA and Europe because of the development of resistance against antibiotics.

Previous studies by the Researchers team showed it absolutely was possible to add two modifications to vancomycin, a drug they labeled “magical” as a result of its strength against infection, to make it even more potent and reduce the number of the drugs required to have a similar impact.This means that scientists will build a third modification which interferes with a bacterium’s cell wall in a very new way,with promising results. Combined with the previous modifications, this alteration offers vancomycin a 1000 fold increase in activity.

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