30 Health benefits of drinking lemon water

Health Benefits Of Lemon Water

Health Benefits of drinking lemon water

  1. Alkalinize Your body
  2. Asthma treatment
  3. Balance blood sugar level
  4. Caffeine replacement
  5. Brain Food
  6. Balance PH Level
  7. Fight Cancer Cells
  8. Dissolve Phlegm
  9. Detoxifies
  10. Heart Food
  11. Help Hydrate our lymphatic System
  12. Help Treat Scurvy
  13. Help Treat Constipation
  14. Improve EyeSight
  15. Improve Digestive Health.
  16. Help Improve Our immune system
  17. increase metabolism and support weight loss.
  18. Keep your body hydrated
  19. Kills Worm
  20. Kill Free radicals
  21. Lower Stress Level
  22. Prevents Bad Breath
  23. Reduces Uric acid and Inflammation
  24. It improves your skin quality
  25. Urinary Tract Infection Prevention
  26. Best For Liver Health
  27. Lower High Blood Pressure
  28. Treat Kidney Stones And Prevent It.
  29. It is a good source of vitamin C .Vitamin C may reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, and lower blood pressure. Research published in Stroke showed that people with low vitamin C levels.
  30. A Post workout drink.

Side Effects:

Apart From Benefits There are some Side Effects To be aware.

  • Lemon contains citric acid, which may erode tooth enamel (an ironic twist for people using lemon to help bad breath).
  • Heart Burn, GERD, And Ulcer: The acidic citric acid may stimulate heartburn in some people. Others may experience relief from heartburn since lemons become alkaline in the digestive tract.
  • It Can also Worsen Canker Sores
  • Frequent Urination.
  • Maybe a Trigger For Migraine Patients.

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