Important information about Vitamin C

It is water soluble vitamin and is also known as vitamin C. It is 6 carbon organic acid with structural similarity to glucose.Richest sources of vitamin C are lemons, black currants and other like tomato, green chillies, cabbage, potato and different vegetables.Apart from this human milk is richer in vitamin C ( 25-50mg/L) than cow’s milk.

Vitamin C therapy is essential in the prevention and treatment of scurvy, however, less florid manifestations of vitamin C deficiency are usually found, especially in the is rarely necessary to prescribe over 100mg daily except early in the treatment of scurvy.It is additionally employed in the treatment of anemia because it enhances the absorption and is often combined with ferrous is additionally used to Heal wounds and form scar tissue, Repair and maintain cartilage, bones, and teeth and Aid in the absorption of iron.

Vitamin C is tolerated well in usual doses.High doses given for an extended period of time will cause rebound scurvy on stoppage most likely because of the enhancement of its own metabolism or tissue adaptation. the danger of kidney stones could also be exaggerated.High dose may be cytotoxic once combined with iron preparations.

Severe scurvy causes gingival swelling and bleeding margins also as petechiae on the skin.This is, however, extremely rare and a patient with these signs is additionally likely to possess cancer of the investigation shouldn’t be delayed by a trial period of vitamin treatment.

The prophylactic dose of scurvy is 25-75mg per day and therapeutic dose isn’t less than 250mg in a divided dose.

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