Important Information about Carbimazole

Carbimazole belong to a group of drugs known as Anti thyroid drugs and is mainly used in the treatment of hyperthyroidism- a condition where in the thyroid gland is hyperactive. It is used to reduce the formation of thyroid hormones.This drug is used for hyperthyroidism either to prepare patient for throidectomy or for long term management.


It is quickly absorbed orally,widely distributed in the body,metabolized in liver, and excreted in urine primarily as metabolites. carbimazole acts largely by getting converted to methimazole in the body.

Mechanism Of Action Of Carbimazole:

This drug bind to thyroid per oxidase and prevent oxidation of iodide/iodotyrosyl residues, thereby inhibit oxidination of thyrosine in thyroglobulin and also inhibit coupling of iodotyrosine residues to form T3 and T4.


Do not take Carbimazole if you: are allergic to it or any other ingredients in the products.or if you have a serious blood disorder, have a severe liver disorder.It is contraindicated in severe blood disorders.Use with caution in patient with mild to moderate impairment and avoid in severe impairment.

Pregnancy and Breast Feeding:

Carbimazole cross the placental barrier and in high doses may cause fetal goiter and hypothyroidism.apart from this carbimazole is present in breast milk but this dose doesn’t preclude breast feeding as long as neonatal development is closely monitored  and the lowest effective dose.If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, think you may be pregnant or are planning to have a baby, as your doctor of pharmacist for advice before taking this medicine.

Carbimazole Side effects:

Most Common side effects includes: Headache,Skin rashes, Bruising, Painful joints,Taste disturbances, Blood disorders,Fever, inflammation of the blood vessels in the skin, Bleeding, Feeling sick, Dizziness, Itching, Stomach upset, Hair thinning, Liver problems (jaundice), Muscle pain, Hair loss, Swelling (angioedema).

Dosage Information

Carbimazole is given in a dose of 15-40 mg per day.Higher doses should be prescribed under the supervision of a specialist doctor.This dose is continued until the patient become euthyroid, usually after 4-8 weeks and then the dose is gradually decrease to 5-15 mg per day.Duration of therapy is 12-18 months.

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