How to treat a stye Naturally & Medically ?

How to treat a stye ?

A Red pimple on eye,a stye, is a small cyst that appears on the skin eyelids and it is not only painpul but is also very irritating and make you look ugly.The most common cause behind the stye is the blocking of eyes glands due to any reason.
Stye is more common in people who touch their eyelids with dirty hands and people with a history of a chalazion.But the problem is not a serious one.


Symptoms include,Red eyelid,Irritation of the eyelids,Pain,Watery eyes,and swelling of the eyelids.

Causes of Stye

Some of the causes are Hormonal changes,stress,use of low quality makeup,blockage of eye gland and some inflammatory diseases of the eyes like acne rosacea,blephritis etc

How to treat a stye Naturally ?

Most of the stye heal on their own with few days while some need home remedies to help them ease the pain and heal faster.

Rub your finger with your palm and then Hold that warm finger on your stye.The heat helps increase blood circulation to the area and promotes drainage of the gland.
Do it for atleast 5-10 times a day .

(2)Use of Teabags
Holding a warm teabag with your eye will help increase the flow of blood around the eye due to which your stye will disappear soon .Apart from this there are some antibacterial properties in the teabag due to which less bacteria grow in your eyes which in turn will help you heal your eyes.Do it for atleast 3-4 times a day untill your stye disappears.

(3)Aloe Vera
Aloe vera juice is one of the best natural remedy for healing stye.Place some aloe juice on your stye for 20 minute and then wash it with warm water and dry it with a soft cloth.

(4)Massage the area Around Your Eyelids
You can massage the area to promote drainage. Massage the area gently with clean hands. Once the stye drains, keep the area clean and avoid touching your eyes. Don’t do it if it hurt you.

(5)Warm Compress
This is one of the best natural remedy for stye .Soak a soft cloth in hot water and wring out the excess.Hold this warm, moist cloth on your closed eyelid for 5 to 10 minutes. It also helps reduce pain and swelling.
Repeat 3 to 4 times a day for 2 weeks

Take one pod of Garlic cut it and Hold the cutted surface with your stye for 2-3 minutes.This treatment should be done atleast 6 times per day until the stye disappear.Chane The Garlic after 2 hours.

How to treat a stye medically ?

  • If your stye is very painful, otc pain killer,such as ibuprofen,or paracetamol may help ease the pain.Keep that in mind If Your Stye is painful and affect your normal life its better to consult your GP.
  • Your doctor may give you a steroid shot to reduce swelling.Your Doctor may also prescribe an antibiotic cream for infections.
  • You can also buy over the counter ointments for your stye at your pharmacy.Avoid using topical steroids for your stye. They may cause side effects. Make sure that any product you use is made to be used in or on the eye. Some antibiotic eye drops also work for external styes.

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