Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony Review: Does It Work?

Are you looking for ways to achieve balance in your body’s hormones? Do you feel like stress and dietary errors have disrupted your hormones’ normal functioning, leading to poor health outcomes? If so, then look no further! The Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony is an excellent way to restore the perfect hormone balance in the body. This supplement has been developed with natural ingredients formulated to provide maximum benefits while helping you get back on track. In this Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony Review, I will discuss this amazing supplement in detail – its purpose, key ingredients, dosage instructions, and my personal experience.

Pros & Cons Of Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony

We Like;
  • The Happy Mammoth Hormone provides users with optimal and balanced doses of ingredients backed by scientific research for the most effective impact.
  • You can say goodbye to hormonal misery with Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony Ingredients. Enjoy the comfort of improved moods and reduced hot flashes, with no more bloating or water retention. Plus, it even helps you lose weight.
  • Their 60-day money-back guarantee means there’s no risk to investing. 
Don't Like;
  • This supplement may come with a hefty price tag–you must pay around 90 Australian dollars.
  • Shopping with Happy Mammoth can be a disappointing experience – their return policy needs to be more relaxed, leaving customers with the flexibility they deserve. 


Quick Hormone Harmony Review

  • Product Full Name: Hormone Harmony
  • Manufacturer: Happy Mammoth.
  • Potential Benefits: Hormonal balance, improved moods, and reduced hot flashes.
  • Best Price: 89.99 AUD (Bulk purchases can save you money).
  • Best Place To Buy: Official Company Website
  • Is It Worth It?: Based on the ingredients and customer feedback, it will improve your hormone balance. 

Detailed Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony Review

About The Company

Two brothers, James, and Matthew Murphy had a mission: to help people achieve holistic well-being as they age. Together in 2017, they founded Happy Mammoth, which provides natural products for good gut health and hormone balance. Assembling an expert panel of naturopaths, nutritionists and dietitians has allowed them to develop cutting-edge solutions like Hormone Harmony and Ultra Absorbent L-Glutamin that make it easier than ever before to manage complex conditions.

What is Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony?

Happy Mammoth’s Hormone Harmony is a natural health supplement created to help promote balance in the body. It is specially formulated with herbal extracts for our overall well-being, including Maca root extract, Ashwagandha, Chamomile flower, Ginseng, rosemary leaf, and Rhodiola Rosea, among others. This blend of ingredients works together to support your mood, balance hormones, and boost energy levels.

The Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony reviews show that customers have seen various positive results from this supplement. Many users reported feeling more relaxed overall, with improved well-being and less stress. They also experienced increased energy levels and improved concentration throughout the day. Additionally, some customers have found balancing their hormones to be easier with the help of this supplement.

Despite the natural ingredients in Happy Mammoth products, their questionable customer service and lack of return policy make it seem that this company cares more about its profits than providing a satisfactory experience for shoppers.

Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony Ingredients

Gelatinized Maca Extract—750mg

If you’re struggling with symptoms of menopause, this powerful extract might be your saving grace: Gelatinized Maca has been proven to reduce hot flashes, night sweats, and other conditions associated with the change of life by as much as 87% when taken for a full month – an even better response may be seen after three months. Unlike traditional forms of maca root, which can sometimes cause digestive upset due to their natural state.

Berberine bark extract

Berberine extract can also help you attain a healthy weight and maintain it, as well as elevate your energy levels. It is known to act like an appetite suppressant, curbing cravings while balancing glucose in the bloodstream for improved overall health. A 3 months study on obese individuals revealed that taking 500 mg of Berberine three times a day resulted in an average weight loss of 5 lbs and 3.6% body fat – promising results for those looking to slim down.

Chaste tree extract—375mg

For those looking for more natural options to manage symptoms related to premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and cyclic mastalgia, chaste tree extract could be a suitable alternative. While not fully supported yet by clinical trials, it has been recognized as an effective treatment in many countries. It may also provide some relief from other conditions such as amenorrhea, hyperprolactinemia, and menopause – though evidence of its effectiveness here is limited so far.

American Ginseng—250mg

Ginseng has been heralded as a memory-enhancing elixir with the potential to reduce stress and combat cognitive decline. With more research underway, this traditional remedy may soon reveal even greater benefits.

Gymnema Sylvestre Extract

This is a powerful yet natural health aid with many benefits. Not only can it help reduce sugar cravings by masking the taste of sweet foods, but it also has been shown to effectively lower blood glucose and support healthy insulin levels. Gymnema Sylvestre Extract is a natural ally to maintaining a healthy weight – it can lessen cravings and keep you feeling full, helping strike the perfect balance. Additionally, Gymnema Sylvestre boasts positive effects on cholesterol and triglyceride levels while reducing the risk of heart disease – all contributing factors in helping facilitate weight loss goals.

Rhodiola extract—170mg

Rhodiola extract is the secret weapon for a better mood and improved mental clarity! This natural supplement has been credited with reducing stress, alleviating depression, and boosting energy levels. With Rhodiola in your arsenal, you can combat those blues while elevating focus – unleash yourself to an elevated state of being.

Ashwagandha Extract—625mg

The ancient herb Ashwagandha is a powerful ally for those looking to reduce stress – it works by slowing down cortisol production, the body’s main hormone of stress. While beneficial in reducing anxiety and mood swings, its use should be done with caution as too much can lead to feelings of drowsiness and GI issues such as stomach pain or discomfort.

How Does Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony Work?

With the combination of its specially selected ingredients – from American ginseng and maca root to wild yam and rosemary – Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony works in Harmony with your body’s natural chemistry, promoting hormonal balance, which can lead to improved moods, digestion, weight control, and overall health happiness.

Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony Side Effects

Common side effects that have been reported include stomach cramps, headaches, body aches, and nausea. Some people have experienced more severe side effects such as dizziness, rapid heartbeat or palpitations, anxiety attacks, or panic attacks. Other less common side effects may include flatulence, cramping, or increased bowel movements.

It is important to contact your healthcare professional right away if you experience any of these symptoms while taking Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony. Your doctor can evaluate your individual circumstances and make sure the product is appropriate for you before continuing to use it.

Cost & Shipping

Shopping with Happy Mammoth can save a few dollars; however, their unique return policy requires customers to take 9 servings of the product and keep track of a specific diet for them to get refunds. Their 60-day money-back guarantee covers only 1 package/tub per purchase—but it’s worth considering if you’re looking for an all-natural option that could help support your hormonal health.

Where To Buy?

If you’re looking to purchase Hormone Harmony, the company’s website is your safest bet. Shopping from there ensures that you’ll get an authentic product and avoid any online scams – plus, it could even provide exclusive deals. Other stores, such as Amazon, also carry this supplement, so take your pick.

Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony Reviews

The Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony Reviews are overwhelmingly positive across various third-party websites such as Trustpilot and Amazon. On Trustpilot alone, they have secured 4.2/5 stars based on 640+ reviews. Customers have said that they felt relief from their menopausal symptoms within days of using the product and noted that it improved their energy levels as well as their moods. Other reviewers commented on how much better they felt after taking this supplement for several weeks and mentioned that it helped with balancing their hormones naturally without any adverse side effects. There were also some Happy Mammoth bad reviews on Trustpilot, but the company website has only listed positive reviews. 

Overall, it seems like Hormone Harmony supplement is a popular option among consumers looking for natural solutions to improve their hormonal health. It provides a great alternative to more costly prescription drugs or synthetic remedies with more potential side effects attached to them. This product appears to be highly effective at helping many people balance out their hormones safely and naturally with minimal side effects or risks involved.

Is happy mammoth legit?

The short answer is yes. Happy Mammoth is a legitimate company offering quality products at competitive prices. They are committed to providing excellent customer service and creating high-quality items that are both safe and effective. All of their products go through rigorous quality control tests, meaning you can trust the purchase from them will be reliable and durable.

happy mammoth hormone harmony reviews

Comparable Products

There are a number of high-quality alternatives to Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony that are available on the market. These include natural and herbal supplements, dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, and other therapies. Let’s have a quick look at the comparable products to hormone harmony;

Ovasitol— is a revolutionary women’s health supplement designed by Theralogix to optimize ovarian function and improve reproductive health. It promises regular menstrual cycles as well as healthy hormone levels so that you can stay in top form every day. Learn more about Ovasitol.

Alani Nu Balance—With the power of Alani Nu Balance, a woman can restore harmony to her body and mind by targeting all aspects of health. This supplement has been specially designed with ingredients that support emotional balance as well as neural and cardiovascular wellness. It increases essential hormones like estrogen while helping reduce depression, manage weight levels, improve skin clarity, and regulate menstrual cycles and fertility – not to mention better sleep patterns for more energy. Read our honest Alani Nu Balance review.

Provitalize—Better Body Co. has also released an innovative weight loss supplement, Provitalize, tailored to the specific concerns of menopausal women battling excess pounds. Empowering these individuals with a customized solution is pushing boundaries in terms of health and wellness – something not many other brands are doing today. Read our Provitalize Review.

Bottom Line—Happy Mammoth Hormone Harmony Review

If you’re looking for a more personalized and luxurious experience in your natural hormone supplementation, The Happy Mammoth may be the best fit for you. Their products are backed by science, and they use clinical doses of ingredients that have been shown to be effective. They offer a variety of product lines so you can find what works best for you within your budget. Have you tried anything from The Happy Mammoth? What was your experience?

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