Breast Max Plus Review [2024]: Legit Or A Trend?

The use of breast enlargement capsules has become increasingly popular over the years. They can help you achieve an attractive and realistic bust line without having to go through surgery, which is expensive and painful.

These supplements are safe for long-term use, so there will be no weight gain or side effects on your body. They may even make larger breasts look more natural by enhancing their perkiness factor from the top down rather than adding size all at once, giving them a rounder shape.

There are many breast enhancement pills and creams on the market, and most of them claim to increase breast size and make it more attractive. One such product is Breast Max Plus.

Breast Max Plus is a dietary supplement made from a blend of some natural herbs and vitamins. The product is aimed to provide adequate support for natural breast size development and enhancement without going through that painful surgery.

  • Product Name: Breast Max Plus
  • Company Name: Kimi Naturals
  • Best Price: $34.99 on the company site and $31.49 on Amazon.
  • Best Place To Buy: Amazon & Official Company Site
  • Is It Worth The Money: This supplement is formulated using natural and herbal extracts and might help you improve your health, but our #1 rated breast enhancement product is Total Curve. We will tell you why we prefer Total Curve over Breast Max.

In this Breast Max Plus Review, you will learn what it is and what you can expect from this supplement. We will also tell you if it is safe or not. So, keep reading this article.

We Like;

  • Breast Max Plus is made from all-natural ingredients.

  • Some of the ingredients have proven health benefits.

  • It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. This shows how confident they are about the supplement.

  • Other than this, the product is manufactured in a GMO-approved facility.

Don't Like;

  • The results could be more consistent among the users.

  • The product is expensive, and you will need to pay a lot.

  • Some of the ingredients may cause side effects, or they may interact with other supplements and medicines.

  • Lack of transparency in ingredients doses.

What is Breast Max Plus?

Breast Max is a breast enhancement product that claims to enhance breasts’ shape, size, and firmness without gaining weight and other side effects.

Breast Max Plus is a high-strength dietary supplement designed from blends of potent vitamins and herbal ingredients with strict safety standards in an FDA-certified facility that’s also GMP-accredited for quality assurance.

The supplement is a mixture of herbal extracts like Fenugreek Extract, Dong Quai Root Extract, Fennel Seed, Dandelion Root Powder, Blessed Thistle Root Powder, Kelp Powder, Watercress Powder, L-Tyrosine, and Vitamin E.

Breast Max Plus is manufactured and marketed by Kimi Naturals— a company responsible for selling these supplements and other health products online.

Breast Max Plus Ingredients

The ingredients present in this product are all-natural and obtained from herbs and natural sources. Here is a list of Breast Max Plus Ingredients;

  • Fenugreek extract
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Wild Yam
  • Fennel
  • Blessed Thistle Root Powder,
  • L-tyrosine
  • Kelp Powder
  • Dandelion Root Powder,
  • Watercress Powder, and
  • Vitamin E


Fenugreek is a commonly used herb in many sexual and breast enhancement supplements. There is some evidence that fenugreek can manage a healthy blood sugar level and improve testosterone levels. This ingredient also increases phytoestrogen, which stimulates breast tissue growth.

Saw Palmetto

Although this herb is excellent for asthma, chronic pelvic pain syndrome, colds, coughs, benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), migraine, prostate cancer, hair loss, and sore throat, there is no evidence to support its effects on breast enhancement. [1]


This plant is a source of vitamin E, which is known for the development of breasts. Vitamin E is a group of fat-soluble vitamins with antioxidant properties. Vitamin E can prevent or treat dry, flaking skin, reduce skin itching, prevent cancer, and heal wounds. Although this is a great vitamin, its effects on Breast enhancement are still unclear, and no single study proves its efficacy in this specific condition.

Wild Yam

Wild yam is a natural plant that produces phytoestrogens. It’s been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat menopausal symptoms like vaginal dryness and osteoporosis, among other things. In addition, it can increase energy levels among both genders and increase sex drive in women while boosting testosterone levels in males who eat the root.

Dong Quai

Also known as the female ginseng, Dong Quai is believed to promote progesterone production. This hormone has been linked with breast development in women and aids in menstrual cycles.

Damiana Leaf

For centuries, women have used Damiana as a sexual stimulant and general health supplement. Not only does it treat stress with its calming effects, but it also helps in treating depression or anxiety when taken regularly, which can be beneficial for all aspects of life. Studies have also shown that when taken with progesterone, it helps balance hormones for better moods or breastfeeding success rates.

Dandelion Root Powder

Dandelion root is another ingredient present in the breast max plus. It is a Chinese herb that helps with digestion and stimulates the appetite.

Experts believe that these roots treat acne, eczema, heartburn, gastrointestinal problems, diabetes, and even cancer. Research studies support some of these claims, but more research is needed regarding its efficacy in these conditions. The herb is also sometimes used for Increasing the production of breast cells & tissues. 

Kelp Powder

Kelp is Sea algae- full of healthy nutrients that can benefit your health and possibly even prevent disease. It is a type of seaweed used in many Asian cuisines for its nutrient content and has been found to have an antioxidant effect on cells — reducing oxidative stress, which could lead to cancer prevention. 


It is a common amino acid present in most nootropics and sexual products. It is mainly used to improve attention, alertness, and focus, improve mood, and may help treat depression. However, its inclusion in a breast enlargement product is still unknown.

Other ingredients include vitamin E, Watercress Powder, and blessed thistle root powder. These constituents also contribute to your health in one way or another. However, their role in breast enlargement is mainly unknown. 

How does Breast Max Plus work?

The team at Breast Max Plus claimed that they have created a formula that contains the most potent blend of feminine curve-enhancing ingredients on today’s market. The manufacturer also claims to stimulate the production of hormones responsible for increasing breast size.

Using science and clinical data, they formulated an advanced mix of all-natural breasts to help you safely & effectively increase bust size without invasive surgery. In addition, the unique recipe is designed specifically with your needs in mind, providing support from firmness and perkiness.

The revolutionary new breast growth supplement increases estrogen levels and stimulates blood flow to the breast and other organs. This preparation is necessary to prepare your body for significant changes, including augmented breasts that are fuller without weight gain or invasive surgery.

It also enhances the production of vitamins & minerals used in building up tissues naturally by stimulating phytoestrogens such as prolactin. In addition, this hormone helps boost growth hormones needed during pregnancy to have more prominent bouncing beauties than ever before while improving firmness AND perkiness.

But the question is, does it work?

I could not find any single study that supports the ingredients’ role in breast enhancement and improving tenderness. However, the customer feedback is mostly positive.

Cost & Where to buy?

The Breast Max Plus is on sale for $32.99. That’s a fantastic price, and you get free shipping, too — order your bottle today to take advantage of this deal.

Breast Max Plus is also available on Amazon and other such stores. But like always, I recommend the official site for purchase because you can avail of some discounts there.

The Price of this product on Amazon is $31.49. If you buy in bulk, you will get a discount. You can buy this product, but the Total Curve has outclassed Breast Plus Max because it combines cream and oral supplements. Second, we recommend it because of its money-back guarantee, exceptional ingredients, and thousands of satisfied customers. 

Breast Max Plus Side effects

We don’t think you will experience severe side effects while using this breast enhancement product – at least not if used according to directions.

Based on the manufacturer’s claims, this product is safe to use without causing significant side effects. But based on the ingredient list and customer Breast Max Plus reviews, here is a list of some common side effects of using this product.

  • Breast enhancement supplements contain saw palmetto, which is generally safe but can cause diarrhea, headache, decreased libido, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and vertigo.
  • Stomach upset, difficulty breathing, low blood pressure, drowsiness, increased bleeding risk, and low blood sugar can occur because of Dong Quai.
  • L tyrosine is safe to use, but high doses can cause nausea, heartburn, headache, joint pain, and feeling tired all the time.

So overall, the product is considered safe, and the customers report fewer side effects. But the question is, does Breast Max Plus work?

If you look at the ingredient list and customer testimonials, I think the product results will be mixed. For some women, it might work, while for others, it simply didn’t. It’s all because everybody’s metabolism is different and responds differently.

What Other People Think-Breast Max Plus Reviews?
According to the company website, women who have tried this product report having better luck with breast size. In addition, they mention that some clients say it helped their breasts become more voluminous and full after using Breast Plus Max for a few days.

There isn’t any discouraging user feedback posted on other websites besides Amazon.

However, we always add customer feedback from Amazon because they are unbiased and free from scams. Furthermore, Amazon doesn’t allow unverified customers to add a review, so these reviews are honest.

So this Amazon product has a 3.5 out of 5-star rating when the total reviews were more than 300. Of course, this can change over time because more people can add testimonials, so it’s better to visit their page frequently to see the updated reviews and prices.

Here is a look at some of the positive and negative Breast Max Plus Reviews.

Positive Breast Max Plus Reviews 

  • Robert Bailey says he loves the product, and it works great.
  • According to Teri—another amazon customer, this supplement has helped increase breast size.
  • Mars thinks it’s better than any other pills on the market.

Negative Breast Max Plus Reviews 

  • Heavenly Natty says the product promised a lot but is disappointed with the results.
  • Miranda Key also thinks I waited for it to work, but sadly, the Breast Max Plus didn’t work as promised.
  • Melanie Jimenez also feels it’s a waste of money, so save your money and go for augmentation.


If you are looking for breast enlargement surgery alternatives, you can try Breast Max Plus herbal pills or other products.

To wind up our Breast Max Plus Review, Here are a few things to know;

Breast Max Plus contains natural ingredients that may help you naturally enhance your breast size and perkiness.

Customer Breast Max Plus Reviews are mixed, and there are no clear conses among the customers, but most reviews were positive.

There are a few complaints about the products like the customer care could be more responsive, the product didn’t work for most consumers, and the supplement is expensive.

It’s up to you. After reading our Breast Max Plus Review, you still want to try. But I suggest you try Total Curve, which is a combination of topical cream and oral pills and works great for women who want bigger, curvier, and beautiful breasts.


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