8 Best Nursing Clipboards (Buyers Helpful Guide)

Nursing Clipboard is a simple and secure way to keep confidential documents and medical records. They allow nurses to write documents, protect important information, and simply store it until they need writing tools, tablets, and other basic care tools.

Some Nursing Clipboards even contains toolkits and/or reference materials that can be accessed instantly so that nurses do not lose pace while working. Nursing Clipboard can be an indispensable part of the daily life of the nurses.

Buying a clipboard for nurses or other medical professionals can be considered as a simple thing. There are many economic clipboards on the market and your dollars are not worth investing. With many manufacturers in the market today, however, it is easy to be fooled. If you are a nurse or a nurse to be, a high-quality Clipboard is mandatory.

If you buy a Nursing clipboard, I advise you should go for the quality. By quality, I mean a clipboard that can Provide durability as well as information without fading or getting deleted. This saves you from carrying many reference materials and at the same time increases your work organization. A high-quality card guarantees performance and longevity. However, many manufacturers find it very easy to land on a lower note.

Finding the best Nursing Clipboard can be a challenge. That’s why we decided to make a list of our favorite Clipboards. If you are looking for a well-prepared medical or nursing clipboard, be sure to read our 10 most important Clipboard for nurses.

List of 10 Best Nursing Clipboards

1. WhiteCoat Clipboard

The WhiteCoat Clipboard is made of lightweight aluminum material to significantly reduce weight for a more comfortable fit. It can be folded in half and contain up to thirty sheets of paper for those who want to maximize mobility and space without sacrificing the functionality of a traditional Clipboard.

It also protects the privacy of your patients and other sensitive information. Uses a HIPPA complaint model for the secure storage of medical records. Finally, it is available in a variety of colors, including pink, blue, orange, yellow, red, forest green, black, white, silver, purple, etc.

The Good

  • Lightweight
  • Protect Privacy
  • Holds 15 pieces of paper without creasing
  • Good quality and prints
  • Folds in half with ease to ½ inch
  • It can Holds 8.5 inches by 11-inch paper – letter
  • Long-lasting durability

The Bad

  • A little expensive

Best Nursing Clipboards in This brand are;

i. WhiteCoat Clipboard- Wine – Nursing Edition

Best nursing clipboard
Pic: Amazon

ii. WhiteCoat Clipboard- Teal – Nursing Edition

Best nursing clipboard
Pic: Amazon

iii. WhiteCoat Clipboard- Pink – Nursing Edition

Best nursing clipboard
Pic: Amazon

iv. WhiteCoat Clipboard- Black – Nursing Edition

Best nursing clipboard
Pic: Amazon

v. WhiteCoat Clipboard-Forest Green-Nursing Edition

Best Nursing Clipboard
Pic: Amazon

vi. Whitecoat Clipboard- Lilac – Nursing Edition

Best Nursing Clipboard
Pic: Amazon

vii. WhiteCoat Clipboard- Blue – Nursing Edition

Best Nursing clipboard
Pic: Amazon

viii. WhiteCoat Clipboard – Blackout – Nursing Edition

Best Nursing Clipboard
Pic: Amazon

ix. WhiteCoat Clipboard- Sports Silver – Nursing Edition

Best Nursing Clipboard
Pic: Amazon

Clipboards in Other Brands Include

2. Nursing Clipboard By Tribe RN

The Tribe RN Nursing clipboard is a great tool for nurses and students who need a simple clipboard with plenty of internal storage space for calculators, markers, paper, pens, and pencils, Certificates, medical scissors, and other medical aids. There is a medical reference sheet on the back of the clipboard for quick access to important reminders. Inside the device can store up to 50 sheets of paper or even a tablet. This clipboard is made of waterproof vinyl that protects your fragile papers and equipment from water damage and other chemical hazards. It is also available in different colors including black, brown, mint, pink and purple.


Best Nursing Clipboard
Pic: Amazon

3. Nursing Clipboard + Toolbox Combo by NRSNG

Nursing Clipboard + Toolbox Combo is made of resistant materials designed to protect your confidential documents. It has an internal memory for documents, notes, a calculator, scissors and other medical items, as well as a separate space for pens and pencils. It is an excellent note pack for busy nurses and students who have difficulty remembering medical reference material while on the move. This notebook is ideal for storing sensitive paper. If necessary, it can also be equipped with a standard size tablet. Locked lock prevents accidental opening of the clipboard. In front of the clipboard, there are brief notes on common medical procedures and terms.

Best Nursing Clipboard
Pic: Amazon

4. Prestige Medical 3309 Nurse Assist Clipboard

If you are looking for additional features in addition to the storage and Nursing information, the Prestige Nursing Assistance Notes may be ideal for you. It includes a clock, a timer, an alarm and a calculator that can be extremely useful for daily activities.  It presents a series of information on diagnostic references that can be useful for nurses as well as for other doctors and nursing students. The only color that comes in pink with black text, which could be a bit complicated, but if it works for you, this notebook will help you.

 Best Nursing Clipboard
Pic: Amazon

5. Officemate Slim Translucent Clipboard Storage Box

As the name suggests, the Clipboard maintains a low profile and are thin enough to fit in suitcases, backpacks, medical bags or bags of adequate size. This Clipboard has a built-in memory section for storing important documents, documents and files and a separate pen/pencil compartment for easy access to your essential writing elements.

Although not specifically designed for the medical sector, the Officemate Slim Translucent clipboard is a great paperweight that works well in a variety of environments, including offices, clinics, classrooms, and offices. To avoid damage to the cards, the paperweight is made of materials resistant to water and dirt for longer life. The Officemate Slim Translucent clipboard is available in 5 colors, including black, blue, purple, pink and anthracite, with integrated antimicrobial protection.

Best Nursing Clipboad
Pic: Amazon

6. Healing Hand Nursing Clipboard with a storage 

This Clipboard offers HIPPA compatible storage and concise information that is useful for Nurses. However, this model is equipped with positive, powerful and inspiring stickers that allow you to customize your new laptop and endure tough days.

The clipping equipment has a firm grip, so you do not have to worry about losing or losing documents.
What is especially useful for Healing Hands notes is that the reference sheet contains information for adults and neonates. This is ideal for nurses who perform clinical rotations.

Best Nursing Clipboard
Pic: Amazon

7. Nursing Clipboard with Quick Medical Reference Sheet (Flat Clip)

This Nursing Clipboard is simple but effective and ideal for a busy nurse who is constantly on the move.
This model is durable and easy to use. It is Made of durable and durable plastic, it is an excellent writing and storage medium. It can comfortably accommodate all of your necessary documents.

  • The information is organized in easy-to-understand tables, making it easy to find what you need.
  • You also get a fast medical referral card optimized for quick and easy access.
  • It includes General medical equations, conversions, general ICU drops, electrocardiogram interpretations, laboratory values, and other useful information are displayed at a glance.
Best Nursing Clipboard
Pic: Amazon

8. Medics Nursing Clipboard -Great for Clinical rotations (Pink)

It is an ideal Nursing Clipboard for long-term care, combined with a range of useful information on the usual nursing qualifications, both inside and on the back of the print.  Medics have therefore created a lightweight Clipboard that fits perfectly for this purpose.

Following are some features of this Nursing Clipboard;

  • It is lightweight
  • Have enough storage to keep your reports, scissors, cell phone, pens, etc
  • it comes with the color-coded cheat sheet.
  • Its water-resistant
  • Easy to Clean.
Best Nursing Clipboard
Pic: Amazon

How to choose The Best Nursing Clipboard?

Here are the most important features to consider when buying a Nursing clipboard;

  • Check for storage space because a Clipboard with enough storage space can also be used to house a tablet, medical bandage scissors and/or medical watch if needed.
  • Check for size and weight
  • Check for durability
  • Check for Reference material
  • Also, Check its Price whether it’s affordable or not.
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